Monday, November 26, 2018

The lies they tell about us: We "recruit" ; Police in Mombasa, Kenya arrest NGO staff on rumours of “recruiting”

Of all the despicable things that are told about us queer human beings, there is nothing that is meant to make us hated by the public like that we 'recruit'.

What does 'recruiting' mean?

I think they mean that we make straight people gay. Thats what I understand. Am (very) open to correction.

Anyway, big question. Do we, queer people, make straight people queer? Can we make a person queer?

We have our own super powers. We are gay. We are fabulous. We trend. We..., are..., beautiful. Hey, we cant help being beautiful.
But, one thing the Creator denied us is being gods. In as much as the Creator granted us the gift of being gay, we were not given the ability to make other people gay.

LOLEST. We cant. Because we are plain human beings. We are not gods!

Back in the days when I was not sure that I wanted to be fabulous gay, I tried my best to be straight. I even had sex with women....! Fortunately, those beautiful women didnt make me straight. They were just normal human beings. They couldnt "recruit me" into heterosexuality.

Same thing. We cannot recruit straight people into homosexuality.

Of course you, a queer human being, can have sex with a straight person. They might like it. I bet you they wont fall in love with you, or do it again because they are attracted to you...! Even young people. They may 'experiment' as they grow up. It doesnt make them gay. Tying labels on them is really bad. But, ignorance makes people start pointing fingers and whispering.

Its boring to say that we are just normal human beings who cant turn others gay.

Unfortunately, we are very often accused (and condemned) of having the supernatural powers to turn straight people gay.

Here is a very good example.

In Mombasa, Kenya, police raided an NGO, arrested and interrogated 2 staff members. Because there were 'rumors' that the organisation was 'recruiting' into homosexuality...!!!

Continued here.


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