Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pressing for the Anti-Gay Bill to become Law in Uganda

I love this article. Pulling out the stops.

Kind of went for the jugular about what is happening in Uganda.

LOL, not the chaos of Ugandans being arrested and beaten and tear gassed for walking to work. That is something else. It is about Ssempa's latest campaign to 'Have the anti-gay Bill become Law in Uganda..

I am going to pick and choose and extract some of the choicer things in the article.
They entered through Parliament's gates, an eclectic group. Their leader, the Rev. Martin Ssempa, wore sunglasses and long black robes embroidered with matching red crosses and two campaign buttons. One said, "Debate Our Bill Now!" and the other, simply, "No to Sodomy."
To many here, Uganda's gay population does not represent a sexual minority advocating for its rights, but an underground threat promoting a cancerous vice. They accuse gay men and women of recruiting children in secondary schools, and maybe giving them H.I.V.
Nicely captures Dear Pastor 'eat da poo poo's' pomposity..... He lays it on, does the guy. And, yes, the badges from the church, they were saying exactly that. And, those are the things that dear Ssempa was saying again and again. I mean, his message. We spread HIV, and the bill is an HIV prevention measure. They are protecting 'the Family'. It is a clear and present danger, is Homosexuality in Uganda. And, it over-rides all other concerns. At least to Pastor 'eat da poo poo' and his friends.

But with Parliament closing next month, Mr. Ssempa, a leading religious figure from an independent sect of Christianity, made a last-ditch push last week, bringing a coalition of religious leaders, civil society organizers and two self-described former homosexuals to meet directly with the speaker of Parliament, Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi. They presented him with a petition containing what they said were more than two million signatures in support of the bill.

Yep. that was the day. Maybe what they didnt talk about are Ssempa's slide shows... NO. He has learnt his lesson. Not porn this time. But, of how there was scientific proof that us homosexuals spread HIV. Did I tell you that Ssempa is an HIV activist? With lots of accolades, and lots of clout in the Ugandan Ministry of Health and Uganda AIDS Commission.
Mr. Ssempa, reading from the petition, began the meeting by saying he was "distressed" that the bill was being "deliberately killed" by "undemocratic threats" from Western nations, and called the political bullying "homocracy."
A bag was passed around with "Debate Our Bill Now!" and "No to Sodomy," pins, before it came to rest in front of one of the so-called former homosexuals.
"These young people," Mr. Ssempa said, pointing toward the two young men, sitting stiffly across from him in front of the speaker, "will share their experiences having been recruited into homosexuality and coming out. And that is why we are here."
Bishop Julius Oyet, sitting beside Mr. Ssempa, tried unsuccessfully to pin Speaker Ssekandi with the two "Debate Our Bill Now!" and "No to Sodomy" pins before speaking passionately on the "dire need" to "save the nation."
"We are facing a defining moment, Mr. Speaker, in our nation, when we cannot allow one of the top pillars of our culture and civilization to crumble," the bishop said.
Julius Oyet. He has been an almost invisible force behind the Bill. But, he is there. and a man to note. Because, if anything, he seems to have much more influence than the grandiose and flamboyant, but shallow Ssempa. Oyet seems to play the role of ideologue. A powerful one.

"There are more concerns about what happens in Sweden and what the Americans are saying, but the two million Ugandans are here saying 'help us,' " argued Bishop Oyet. "Democracy demands that the people debate the issues of the people."

And, the witnesses. LOL. Georgina. I believe am right in using that name again. And Kagaba. Poor Georgina, George Oundo.
Mr. Kagaba, 27, went first.
"For me, I was lured into homosexuality by a headmaster of a primary school, who recently died," said Mr. Kagaba, speaking of the recently killed Mr. Kato. "He was our neighbor," Mr. Kagaba said, "and we embraced him."
Mr. Kagaba said that Mr. Kato offered to pay his school fees, and soon Mr. Kagaba, 17 at the time, moved in. One day, Mr. Kagaba claimed, Mr. Kato bought him chicken and two Guinness beers, and raped him that night. The next morning, Mr. Kagaba says, Mr. Kato gave him $130.
Other gay activists have vouched for Mr. Kato's innocence, and Mr. Kagaba himself said he became an outspoken gay activist for six years, until his family held an intervention and he met Mr. Ssempa. Now he says he counsels others at the pastor's One Love clinic in downtown Kampala, where they preach sexual purity and sing a cappella.
Kagaba has to be admired. He is a more reliable mouth piece than Georgina [LOL], and more willing to come up with lies.
130 USD. Good gods in heaven. In Uganda, that is a veritable load of money. In Ugandan shillings it is almost 300,000 shillings. God in heaven. That is about school fees for a couple of terms for many Ugandan students. I doubt that headmaster Kato had that kind of money. Seems as if everyone believes that us homosexuals have lots of money. But, for comparison, think of Georgina lured to parliament, because he was going to be payed 42 USD. That is believable. The 130 USD is frankly unbelievable. Not in Uganda. We simply do not have that kind of money. I mean, sex workers sell their services for 5,000 Uganda shillings.... that is for comparison! 2 bloody dollars. Yet, a school boy was given 130USD.... must have been a very rich headmaster, Mr David Kato.

But, Kagaba is like that. Told you about the time that he said that he had a gay marriage with another friend of mine. Far as I know, the affair had not progressed to him living with the guy.... But, hell, chickens do not become eagles. He is an admirable Ssempa lieutenant. And, he sprouts the filth. Recruitment, etc, etc. Even the International NGOs doing the 'recruitment'....!

Then comes poor Georgina. It is so interesting. The fact that Georgina did what he has been doing back with us. Saying the things that are put in his mouth, and then saying something else in private. Poor Georgina. Really poor Georgina.

Here is the 'Official version'. George Oundo.
Mr. Oundo, 26, a transgender person who used to go by the name Georgina, went next.
"I used to call myself the Queen Mother and Lady of the City," Mr. Oundo said. "I was recruited into homosexuality many years back, when I was 12."
"When I joined Mr. Ssempa, I told him all my problems," he said. "I had to come out and join the struggle.
"Please help us; let the bill pass," he said.
Got that? Now, contrast with this person. This is the person I know.... but, they are actually the same person, not so? Here is the 'Real Version' Georgina. Former Queen Mother and Lady of the City.

But an hour later, in a quiet hotel, Mr. Oundo recanted much of what had been said at the meeting.
"David Kato was murdered; it was a plot," Mr. Oundo said. "I don't support the bill."
As for being a "former homosexual," that, too, was not true.
"I've always been gay," Mr. Oundo said, in a timid but growing voice. "I didn't choose it."
"David Kato was the first one who taught me to protect my human right," Mr. Oundo added.
Mr. Oundo said that his presence alongside Mr. Ssempa at Parliament had been to "protect" himself and that he had been contacted only that morning by Mr. Kagaba about the meeting and offered about $42 to attend.
Poor Georgina.
Lying is part of the deal for him. Many times. Well, it is partly a survival factor. We have to always lie that we are not gay, it becomes second nature. But, some are more fluid than others.... LOL. I think he also wants to make amends to the community.

Which kind of means that the monetary incentives of Ssempa are running out. What incentives?


He said Mr. Ssempa had offered him about $2,000 in 2009 to repent and switch sides in the debate, but later reneged. Either way, Mr. Oundo became a poster-child for Mr. Ssempa's anti-homosexuality movement.

Uh, time to remind you that, Pastor Dr 'eat da poo poo' Ssempa is currently in court, accused of offering and giving money to some other men to accuse another prominent Pentecostal Pastor, Robert Kayanja.

The very things that he accuses us of, those are the things that he does. But, he is a 'man of god' so, of course we are the liars, and he is pure, driven snow. LOL.

But, it is good that they got him like this. I mean, trimming this lieutenant, Georgina from under him. I wonder how much money was he offered to go to the radio talk-show? I heard that he was there... as George Oundo. For some reason, Oundo is more believable and credible than Kagaba. Kagaba is consistent, but his lies are kind of transparent. Like the un-belivable 130 USD above. He is a consistent liar, but rings hollow, somehow.

But, some very poignant moments from Georgina.
But he said Uganda's gay population was full of "natural-borns," like himself.
"If I live or die, I am gay, and if I am buried, bury me gay," he said.
And, this one.
Across the table, Mr. Oundo, wearing a T-shirt with an American flag on it, seemed to have misty eyes, the bag of "No to Sodomy" pins spilling onto the table in front of him.

Gosh, I didnt believe that I will write all this.

Been some time since I had such fun. But, it is a wonderful article. 

And, the title is apt.

Have a great weekend.


Friday, April 15, 2011

David Kato should Share Blame for HIS OWN MURDER

I am willing to be pulled out of retirement.
Blaming the victim for the murder.
Gosh, and double gosh.
You know who thinks so?
One of the Ugandan Ambassadors. I think he is ambassador to the EU.
Guess it is a logical expression of the Ugandan thinking that gay people deserve death.
And, of course it is a logical extension of the Gay Panic Defense.
Here is the link to the letter. Yes, the gentleman put it in WRITING!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Bahati Anti-Homosexuality Bill

This belongs to the cartegory 'While you were sleeping'....

For various reasons, I have not been able to blog. But, am alarmed.

Friend of mine, an anglican, comes back from church this morning, with a curious tale. Had a visitor in church this Sunday morning. Dude was given 30 minutes to give a message. The message? The Anti-Homosexuality bill should become law in Uganda.

Apparently, when the topic became clear, the speaker was cut off... after five minutes. But, he was not stopped from handing out badges and fliers demanding that the anti-Homosexuality bill is debated in the parliament, and now. That it becomes law.

Yes, while we were asleep, a huge anti-gay campaign in happening.

The anti-gay pastors handed a 2Million signature petition to parliament just this week? Yes, they did. And, Pastor Martin 'eat da poo poo' Ssempa has been in parliament with slide shows. Not of gay porn, but, apparently to showcase the fact that the bill will help in preventing the spread of HIV. Because it is going to stop homosexuality in Uganda.

No. I am not kidding you.

And, speakers are fanning out all over the country. Schools. FM stations. And TVs.

What is happening?

That infamous bill was presented in this parliament. The international reaction was strong, and, it led to the government withdrawing support for the bill.

Now, elections for a new parliament happened. And, Bahati would have to present the bill again, in the next parliament, if it lapses in this parliament.

So, Bahati and co are doing a campaign. Pressure the outgoing parliament to make the bill law.

And, they are stirring up lots of dust. And, they have the strength of numbers.

This parliament has until May to conclude its business.

Should I be worried?

Well, the bill demands the death penalty for such as me. Serial offenders. Of course, life imprisonment when caught on a first offence. And, of course, this blog is a promotion of homosexuality. Which the bill criminalises.

They are telling the usual lies on FM stations and the media. We are recruiting. 800K UGX per recruit, apparently. Where is that money coming from? That we spread HIV. That we are recruiting in schools, etc. The usual effect of that is to stir up the anti-gay feeling. Of course, we gays are to blame for it.

But, rubbish the lies of us having bundles of money. Where is the money coming from for this apparently well coordinated, huge campaign? The anti-Homo campaign?

While we were sleeping.....!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ssempa is still an Irritant.

Anti-gay activists call for passing of Bill against homosexuality
By Sheila Naturinda  (email the author)
Anti-homosexuality activists have presented a petition in Parliament, calling for the passing of the anti-gay Bill. The petition, signed by two million people countrywide, was presented to the Speaker of Parliament, Mr Edward Ssekandi, yesterday by anti-gay activists led by Pastor Martin Ssempa.
"We are not here to hang the gays as people have speculated but to protect young men and girls being recruited into the practice," Pastor Ssempa said. They also listed 19 organisations which they claimed are promoting homosexuality in the country.
Mr Ssekandi promised that the Bill would be debated.
"The mover of the Bill (David Bahati) is still a member of the 9th Parliament and even if the current Parliament doesn't debate it, the new Parliament will do it," Mr Ssekandi said.
He added: "Since the Bill was tabled, I have received numerous calls from the international community to throw it out but I always tell them that I don't have those powers."
Mr Ssekandi also told the team that their petition would be considered by the committee.
The Bill, tabled in Parliament by Mr Bahati as a private members Bill in 2009, seeks among others to imprison for life anyone convicted of "the offence of homosexuality," punish "aggravated homosexuality" and offences like having gay sex while HIV-positive by a death penalty upon conviction.
It also forbids any "promotion of homosexuality" and incarcerates gay-rights defenders.
Pastor Ssempa said there were allegations of huge sums of money being brought into the country to influence people against passing the Bill.
The Bill is still before the parliamentary Committee on Legal and Parliament Affairs although the committee chair said government Bills before his committee take precedence.
Alleged recruitment
The petition comes a day after Makerere University student leaders said in a meeting with the chairman of the committee handling the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, Mr Steven Tashobya that recruitment of gays was rampant at the university campus.
The students told Mr Tashobya that each of their colleagues who join homosexuals is paid a monthly salary of Shs800, 000.

OK. So, Ssempa is still alive, and continuing the anti-gay crusade. He has not slept......!

You know, if a new homosexual recruit is given 800,000UGX [Wow!!!!. that huge sum is only about 370 USD, but a considerable sum of money for Ugandans.... Hey, most of us live on less than a dollar a day.

I declare, I should be worth something like 4-5 million Uganda shillings a month.. Dont you think?

Does the homosexual international have all this money floating around? Could someone please, please, please, just help me with a share of that? I mean, I get tired of being promised all that money, and actually having to wake up everyday and go to work and to earn a non-living wage....!

Please, your know my inbox....

I need some of that money....!


Friday, April 1, 2011

Exodus and the Apple iPhone App



I am very glad to quickly break my own hiatus.


LOL, that must have been  the shortest that there was. Since I put it up less than 24 hours ago.

Remember, it is April the First. Fools day…..


But, there was this thing about Exodus International and Reparative Therapy to post.


In my opinion, efforts to promote and provide so-called reparative therapy cross the boundaries of protected speech under the first amendment at this time in history, especially when it comes to children and minors. From a medical and scientific perspective, homosexuality is not a medical or mental health condition. Based on the findings of multiple investigators from various disciples over decades of research, a powerful case can be made that claims to cure or change sexual orientation are patently false. The American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Academic of Pediatrics, the American Counseling Association and other professional organisations have found such practices to be unwarranted, ineffective, unethical and harmful, and have opposed them in no uncertain terms.


According to the Roman axiom, caveat emptor (aka "buyer beware"), adopted into British-based common law, competent adults who seek unorthodox treatments to repair "broken sexual identities" may do so at their own risk. However, where children and vulnerable adults are involved, caveat emptor does not apply; and the burden of proving that treatments are safe and effective shifts to adults who should know better.


This may explain why groups like Exodus International have kept my work in their sights. Without scientific grounds for their stand on the treatment issues, such groups have either taken pot shots at seminal research that is incompatible with their practices or have twisted the findings to suit their own purposes.


Adolescent sexuality and its health implications have been the central themes of my research in pediatrics and adolescent medicine. When the work began some 25 years ago, "homosexuality" and other versions of the diagnosis (for example, "ego dystonic homosexuality") had recently been removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychiatry. The existence of homosexual children and youth was barely recognised; and homosexuality was widely believed to be an adult phenomenon. Children and youth who said they were gay were considered misguided, delusional and in need of psychiatric attention.


Early studies done with colleagues in pediatrics and public health were among the first to involve youth with well-established gay identities. They chronicled the normal processes of sexual orientation development in childhood and adolescence. They described the impact of isolation and stigma on the occurrence of medical and psychosocial problems. Based on what was learned about adolescent sexual behavior, the spread of HIV/Aids to adolescents was anticipated at a time when the illness was known only as an adult "gay-related immune deficiency". The research led to the establishment of the Youth and Aids Projects, one of the first HIV/Aids service organisations for young people. Beyond HIV/Aids, the research has uncovered evidence of other significant healthcare disparities related to sexual orientation and suicide, substance use, tobacco use, eating disorders and other problems of public health significance.


At the risk of sounding self-congratulatory, these works are mentioned as the basis of actions taken to stop distortions of research and harm to vulnerable children and youth. I wrote to Apple asking that the corporation remove an app from the iPhone because it misrepresented our findings and used them in support of erroneous claims that adolescents are confused about sexual orientation and that they can be changed. As I wrote then, and still believe now, associating my work with these claims was "professionally injurious and grievous


Uh, these are the people who some of the proponents of the Anti-Homosexuality bill in Uganda, aka Buturo, Bahati want to bring in Uganda.


Oh, I know that Stephen Langa and others are busy doing cure of homosexuality. Buturo says he has a cohort of over 60 cured homosexuals….. He knows it works.




Poor Uganda.


It is very interesting. The fact that they are nothing but fakes, those people at Exodus. Nothing but…..!