Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Gay Closet; Uganda, and Germany

They've had a journalist infiltrate the Kampala gay community to try and ferret out what makes gay boys tick. It's not the first time this sort of thing has happened and the only thing that sets it apart is that this journalist has made a clumsy attempt to be balanced. That said, this journalist simply knows too much about the gay community for me to believe that he didn't get embedded deeper than he admits.And that is a great cause for discomfort.
The tactics the journalist are pretty basic and that he seems to be so successful merely attests to the humanity in all of us. But it is also a wake-up call for those Ugandan gay boys who seem unable to take the simplest precautions in this day and age when stalkers, blackmailers and malevolent people are on the prowl, with gay boys and girls as their target.
Indeed, for guys who are under pressure, the pressure of one of the most homophobic countries in the world, it is simply too easy to infiltrate us. And, it is possible.

Oh well....

To my friends out there, I must confess I am more paranoid than lots of people. I mean, I have aided connection and lessening of our isolation in more than one way. Yet I continue to be anonymous. I am gayuganda, gug. And that is who I want to be. Gay, and closeted, and damned shy! Some have more to lose than others. Maybe I am just a coward.

Yes, I know lots of people know who I am. But, not to the extent of opening up to people like in this journalist's expose.
Within a period of three weeks, I learnt that gay relationships are almost like straight ones. Those involved charm, seduce, deceive, try to manipulate with money and even plead with whoever they are interested in to give into them and yes, they also get cheated on It was a hot Tuesday morning and I was seated in front of my computer reading an online article about gays in Uganda. The page had a link to a website called
I clicked on it out of curiosity. It is probably one of the boldest gay things I have seen in this country. It’s a website that encourages gay people to come out and embrace their sexuality (thus the name icebreaker) and it connects gay people in Uganda. The website has a guestbook link where visitors of the site can update any comments or ideas on their mind about the website.
However, most of the comments posted on the website’s guestbook are announcements of gay people who want to meet other gays for mere company, sex or love. Consequently, this segment of the website has been turned into a “lonely hearts” of sorts for gay people. Some of the posted messages are darkly explicit and complete with e-mail addresses and phone numbers.
One of the posted messages on the website was an announcement for a gay party of sorts. It had a phone number attached to it.
Gay, in the closet, in Uganda? Why the recklessness of those who are gay in Uganda?

Because it is very hard to live in self denial; and sometimes recklessness takes the place of despair.

I was mourning about the closet in Uganda. We are not alone. The German national team, the one which did so well in the World Cup of football? Well, they are a 'bunch of gays' Ha ha ha ha ha!
I am not alone in my woes about the goodness of the closet. Says one former manager of the Bundesliga-
The whole issue of gay players in the Bundesliga is a sensitive issue in Germany. In March former football manager Rudi Assauer provoked outrage outrage by saying there is ‘no place' for gay players in football.
Assauer, who was boss of Schalke in Germany, said: "Perhaps they are OK in other sports but not in football.
"If a player came to me and said he was gay I would say to him: 'You have shown courage.' But then I would tell him to find something else to do.
"That's because those who out themselves always end up busted by it, ridiculed by their fellow players and by people in the stands. We should spare them these witch-hunts."
His outburst is set to enrage world footballing authorities who are making concerted efforts to rid the game of homophobia.
Asked whether he had ever met a gay footballer during his many years as both player and manager, 65-year-old Assauer replied: "No, never.”
Ugh, of course German football is so holy a spot that no gay people make their way into that holy of holies. Self deception at its best


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Logic IS relative

I am still feeling sick from the bombings. What is the death count now... 74 plus. All in the name of what? Fundamentalism and other kinds of isms.

Ok. The perceived lack of logic still irks me. I have to remember that 'logic is a perception'. Someone asked me about that.... well, my answer is, my 'logic' is someone else's illogic. I am sure the Al Shabaab guys from Somalia think it was very logical to kill 74 people from another country. Civilians watching a football match.

And, guess what, they must have knelt down and prayed to their god for a good operation. Those who wore the suicide vests believe that they are now holy martyrs?
The fact that they most likely faced Mecca for that last prayer is besides the point. I am sure there were Moslems amongst those who died and were maimed by the bombs.

Is their a sickness of mind greater than this kind of perversion? Ask the 74 who died.

To my usual fair. It is hard for me to believe that people can be friends with Martin Ssempa.
Friends with dear Ps. Dr. 'eat da poo poo' Ssempa?

That can be kind of hard, when you are aware of his abundant, less than Christian witness. He says it is Christian, and he is a celebrity and wowed in Uganda. But, his western friends have a bit of reconciling to do with the obvious lack of consistence in words and deeds. Or it might be the obvious fidelity of words to deeds in some....

A matter of opinion? Ssempa thinks that the Americans evangelists who run away from him are wimps. I am not American, and my interest in the American religious scene and cultural wars has not been much till the last nine months or so, but I do understand the less than nuanced difference between naked hate speech and what is politically correct. And, of course I am well aware of credentials tout 'HIV activism' with a rabid anti-gay stance.

What am I going on about? A friend of one of Ssempa's friends has terminated their co-operation because of the latter's association with Ssempa.
Understandable. If you are working with gay men on HIV issues, it would not be a nice thing to be friends with Ssempa who hates gay men. Here is the link.
Southern Nevada Health District severed ties with Canyon Ridge Christian Church over their support for Martin Ssempa
Kevin Odor, the senior pastor there, says Ssempa has been "misrepresented."
"His heart is not to kill people," Odor says. "He is a pastor of the Gospel that believes in redemption and his heart is to redeem people."
Odor says Canyon Ridge began supporting Ssempa's huge campus ministry, which preaches abstinence to college students, in 2007. Odor says he does not "personally" endorse the death penalty or life sentences for gay men and lesbians. Asked why he would support someone who does, he sighs.
"We want to help the AIDS problem in Africa, and we found somebody who is making a difference," he says. "So we support him."
Odor says in March — after Canyon Ridge leaders talked to Ssempa — the Ugandan minister reversed himself and now says he favors removing the death penalty from the bill, though he still wants to criminalize homosexuality. As recently as February, Ssempa told a television interviewer: "If you do not want the death penalty for pedophiles, what punishment do you want otherwise?"
Ssempa's turnaround satisfied Odor, and he sees no reason to condemn the minister. Nor does he think he should denounce the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.
"Why do we, as a church in America, need to say something about a bill in Uganda?" he asks.

Well, according to Canyon Ridge church, Martin Ssempa is a saint who has been grossly misrepresented. By the likes of people like gayuganda, who since they are gay cannot speak anything that approximates to truth, especially when it impacts a 'man of god'.
From Ghana comes a law professor's digestion of the law on 'unnatural sex' which Uganda, as a former British colony, shares with Ghana. All anal sex, [even heterosexual anal sex] is not 'natural'. Cheeky me would love to point out that even masturbation would be un-natural... uh?
Couples or any other consenting adults who have sex through any other 'route' other than through the vagina are flouting the laws of Ghana.
This was revealed by a lawyer and criminologist, Prof. Ken Attafuah, in an interview on Joy FM's Super Morning Show on Thursday.
He cited section 104 of the Criminal Code of Ghana which states that “unnatural sex”- sex through any part of the body other than through the vagina- is considered illegal.
“If two consenting adults engage in anal sex, under our law it is unnatural carnal knowledge; if married people do that, it is illegal,” he stated.
“Natural carnal knowledge is per vaginum. It is sexual intercourse between a man and a woman of adult, approved age but through the vagina. If it is through other places, then it is unnatural sex.”
That, he said, is a strict "old-fashioned" interpretation of the law.
He was speaking on the topic of homosexuality after a Joy FM documentary, 'Trapped In A Closet' explored in detail a topic which has been clouded with emotions, passions and morality.
Whilst homosexuality may also fall under unnatural sex, Prof. Attafuah maintains that the constitution guarantees the fundamental rights of the citizens, including sexual orientation, thereby creating a conundrum as to whether homosexuality is legal or not.
Seems apparent that the debate is happening in Ghana. But, compared to Uganda, it is much more balanced, and civil. Oh, Uganda is special; the un-naturalness of homosexuality is considered a truth that needs no debate... There is no other side to that discussion.

My take on this natural and un-natural sex is, let the government get out of the bedroom. That is a little too much, having police and government mandated to determine what is 'natural and un-natural' sex. Just get out of the bedrooms of consenting adults. I doubt even heterosexual married couples in Uganda would like Minister of Ethics/Integrity, Hon Buturo to tell them what to do or not to do in bed. [missionary position only, please...]

Hope your day has been good.

Be well


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Petty Peeves

Its not often that they seem petty, but they are. The concerns and things that trouble us, minute to minute, hour by hour.
So, should we change them and embrace more, bigger ideas to worry about? Not really. Because even that, especially when we embrace things like ideals and religious philosophy, we may be in for real life changing self deception.
The former coordinator of the U.N. Monitoring Group for Somalia says the al-Shabab militant group had planned attacks in other African countries, not just Uganda.
Bruno Schiemsky, now a security analyst, says, “The attack was organized by al-Shabab in Somalia out of one of their bases in Mogadishu and another base located near the Kenyan border. The al-Shabab wants to show that they can reach out across borders and hit targets when they want to.”
Somali conflict now regional
“From my perspective it has been a regional conflict for a long time, not because of the involvement and actions of neighboring countries, but also because of the presence of foreign fighters in Somalia, who provide support to the al-Shabab,” he says.
Schiemsky foresees closer cooperation among African countries on security

Take Al-Shaabab, the Somali insurgency group which is bent on killing off Ugandans... in what are without question, terrorist attacks.
Look here- the guys do not like football. Hey, I also barely tolerate the incessant buzz of the vuvuzela. So, I turn off the tv set. Or I avoid where the vuvuzelas are. When i cannot avoid it, why, I watch the guys who watch the football. That in itself is so entertaining a past-time, so fulfilling an occupation that i would not even think of killing football fans.

But, those guys did.
Of course they have been doing it in their country. Somalia. (Apparently, football is so decadent in their interpretation of Sharia that those caught watching it are given some remedial training. To become soldiers.)

But, because there are Ugandan soldiers in Somalia, they bomb Ugandan civilians, at a time when they were calculated to have maximum casualties. When the world cup final whistle was being blown.

Bad move. In my humble opinion. Very bad move.
Our African countries are not going to be swayed by that kind of pressure. Why? Because we the people have no reason to support or not to support whatever is happening in Somalia. It is something to do with the US. And, the games of high politics which are being played for the stakes of cozening up to the Americans.

So, public opinion in Uganda has been stand-offish. Why care when we cannot change that situation? Yes of course, Ugandan soldiers have been dying in Somalia. But, does the public really care about it? Issues which concern us, of daily bread, the rent, the higher cost of living... those cloud out other 'bigger issues'.

So, Al Shabaab decides to influence Ugandan public opinion?
What is on the ground is a sense of anger. Deep seething anger. People went out to watch a football match, the football match, and they were killed.
They were drinking, of course. They were happy with friends and relative. It was the final of the world cup. The first World Cup of football in Africa. And, the party was interupted with death and mayhem, and someone claims responsibility?

Hardly likely to change Ugandan public opinion like Al Shabaab, and the rest of the ilk. Very likely to push the government closer to Washington. And, that I predict.
And, will they succede swaying public opinion? Uganda is a violent country. Yes, we are. And, violence that is state sponsored has chances of cropping up, and being ignored, because Ugandans believe it is necessary. Especially when it is taken to be 'protecting' the people.

My petty peeves?
There was no electricity. The usual black outs. And, the internet speed is real snail pace. So slow that I am opting to stay off than on. Those peeves of mine seem not to matter in the face of death and mayhem in the Uganda.

Have a great day.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Bombs in Kampala...

World cup time. The final game, and, with Ugandans being as football
crazy as they are, the streets were empty. I know. I was one of those
who went to those places.

I was with my partner. Watched the march.

It was during the post football celebrations that the news got to us.
Must say I was in my confort zone. My partner went home (for other
reasons) and I remained at the bar, having fun. It was only much
later, when I got home, that I realised what a major attack that was.

Stunned. Then angered, then....

Gosh. Cant imagine why a person would do such a heinous act of
cruelty. No wonder it is called terrorism.
Only idealisms turns human beings into un-thinking automatons.
Fundamentalists, whether Christian, Moslem, or not... just boggles the

Have been listening to the news reports. More than 60 killed. More
injured. Overwhelmed hospitals... cant imagine what it was on such a
day to be turned into a war zone. Our health services are dire at
best. They could never handle such an emergency. The very pictures
from the sites are gruesome.
~The first explosion ripped through the Ethiopian restaurant in
Kabalagala at around 10pm, killing at least 13 people, many of them
foreign nationals, and injuring several others. More than an hour
later, an explosion ripped through a crowd of revellers at an open-air
screening of the game at Kyadondo Rugby Club, setting off scenes of
Less than a minute later, as the crowd scrambled for safety, another
explosion went off, ripping through the sea of humanity. Police
officers at the scene in Lugogo could not confirm the death toll at
the scene. However, a Daily Monitor photojournalist counted 32 bodies
at the scene.
What had earlier been a scene of joy and football celebration had been
reduced to a theatre of death and destruction. White plastic chairs
lay abandoned, save for about a dozen in the centre of the viewing
area which remained occupied – by dead revellers, their lives ended
abruptly, their bodies frozen in time. The angry sirens of police
pick-up trucks and hospital ambulances filled the air as the dead and
injured were ferried to the city mortuary and hospital respectively.
There were blood stains in the grass, amidst the abandoned bags and
shoes and half-drunk bottles of beer. Klaus Sanga, who survived the
blast at Lugogo, said: "There was blood all over. It was really scary.
There was just running and screaming. It was really bad. I'd never
expect something like this. I carried 15 people [to the ambulances]."
Another survivor who declined to give his name added: "I was coming
here because all my brothers are here. I came and stopped at Nakawa. I
don't know why; only God knows."

The excerpt is from the Daily Monitor.

Uganda attacked. Really, it is humanity attacked. Who has the gall to
be happy at such atrocity? Apparently, Somali insurgents are happy.
Because they are fighting African Union troops in Somalia, who have
stopped them from establishing an Islamic state under Sharia law. They
don't like football. It is from the decadent west. They would rather
train teens to be fighters than footballers. And, suicide bombers.

Yeah, I know it is a proxy war, the Taliban and al Qaeda on one side,
and on the other the US and their allies... the 'War on terror'. What
I see are country mates, human beings who were doing nothing worse
than watching a football match who were killed and maimed, in the name
of ideals that they may have no real thought about, actions that they
cannot control in the least.

Yeah, there is a disease, a failure at logic which is glorified and
called 'idealism' or 'fundamentalism', when the other person's well
being is tertiary to the 'purity' of one's idealism and thoughts.

Sad, sad, day.

Another sadness, it is almost impossible for me to access the net. The
speed has gone down to near zero. Oh well...!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Val in the US

You remember Val Kalende? She is in the US.
US hosts top Ugandan gay activist 
The US government is hosting self-confessed lesbian, Ms Valentine alias Val Kalende, as “Uganda’s most prominent human rights activist” to enable her gain more lobbying skills to promote the agenda of sexual minorities.
Ms Kalende is in the US on the International Visitor’s Leadership Programme (IVLP) and began her tour in Salt Lake City, Utah on Wednesday and is to proceed to Louisville, Kentucky state before concluding in Washington, D.C. next Thursday, the Department of State announced on Friday.
“This exchange experience is designed to provide her with an in-depth understanding of US government systems and political organisation at all levels; civil rights protections and equal opportunity laws in the United States; advocacy strategies adopted by organisations to influence policy and effect positive change,” the press statement reads in part.
This year’s IVLP, unlike the previous professional exchanges, will focus on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) advocacy.
I am happy for Val. She is a very brave woman. Hey, much braver than I am.... But, guess what, a Uganda government spokesperson couldnt fail to weigh in on the largesse of the Americans in allowing a self-confessed lesbian such a platform.
In Kampala, Information Minister Kabakumba Masiko said whatever Ms Kalende and the Americans are doing “is theirs”. “When she comes back to Uganda, the law is: marriage is a union between man and woman and anything else is unlawful,” Ms Kabakumba said.
“The laws of the US do not bind Uganda. The US would do the world better by telling gays they have a biological and psychological problem instead of hoodwinking them that [their sexual orientation] is natural.”
Oh yes, someone was not happy. But, this gay Ugandan is happy. The laws that the government of Uganda would like to make for such as Val and I mandate life imprisonment or death for us, life imprisonment for being married to my partner, and jail and a fine for my relatives and friends if I ever tell them that I am gay and they don't report me to police within 24 hours.

Oh well.

But, maybe sometimes it is best to tell these government spokespeople to kind of have a pad on their mouths err, a few times? Then I would not have the amunition to throw at them... but, they kind of put my country in a bad light, if you know what I mean....!

Hope your Sunday is ok.


Old vs New

An interesting review of the struggles between traditionalists and progressives in the Anglican Communion. I am not a church historian, and once saw this whole thing simply as an attack on my sexuality. Apparently that is a myopic simplification. It is a bit more than just about my sexuality; the Anglican schism. And, yes, this is a global village where the ideological struggles are not limited to the west, or the east, but also in our poor towns and villages in Africa.

From women, to homosexuals, and I bet there will be another focus of contention when that is resolved.

 The liberals were certain they were doing God's work by dragging the communion forwards, whatever the small print of the resolutions might say. But the conservatives were more convinced the future belonged to them. Christianity is growing fast all over Africa and it is widely claimed – without much evidence – that this is a result of theological conservatism.

Now, besides the ideological and religious changes in thought about gay sexuality, there has been an ongoing, more scientific update of knowledge ongoing. True, same sex attraction is no strange thing amongst all animals, a fact of life that disturbs only us humans, apparently. But, first the docs thought we were sick, then they discovered we were not, and then many of them were treating us because many of us want to change even when we know that we are not sick.

But, now, the science has swung so far the other way that it is agreed amongst many that, not only are we not sick, the posibility of change of sexual orientation does not occur, and, trying the various healing therapies is harmful. The treatment is harmful to the patient. So, British doctors are recommending that it makes no sense to use taxpayers money on 'conversion' therapies.
The annual meeting of the British Medical Association has declared that therapies to 'cure' gay people of homosexuality are harmful.
The body met in Brighton yesterday and more than two-thirds of doctors present backed a call for the Royal College of Psychiatrists and other mental health standard-setting bodies to reject the treatments and ban their use in codes of practice.
Health departments should also investigate alleged cases of conversion therapy being funded by the NHS, the meeting agreed.
What does that have to do with me in Uganda? Global village, you remember? And, it is sometimes funny to find that anti-gay activists blame us for 'importing' homosexuality, and then tell us we can be cured, from imported 'conversion therapy'. Oh yes, they do. What they copy of other cultures is okay, what they accuse us of copying is not... the myopia of self interest.

Actually, very similar to the hypocrisy of Uganda's pastors. Remember the Pastor wars? Ssempa and co accusing various other pastors in Uganda of not being anti-gay enough or being gay? I had not seen this article in the New Vision, and I am not aware of the latest news about that court case, but I am still amused at the lengths these good Chrstian leaders were willing to go to, in their anti-gay fervour.
A witness in the Rubaga Miracle Centre criminal trespass case has told court that Omega Healing Centre pastors, Robert Kayiira and Michael Kyazze, bribed him.
Herbert Tumukunde, a shamba boy at Rubaga Cathedral, said the pastors promised to give him large sums of money, build him a house and fly him to the US if he obtained incriminating information against Rubaga pastor Robert Kayanja.
Tumukunde told the Mwanga II court, presided over by grade one magistrate Esther Nakadama, that a stranger gave him Kyazze’s phone number, instructing him to call the pastor.
“Someone told me that Kyazze had a profitable deal for me to unearth acts of sodomy against Kayanja, so I immediately accepted. The offer was too big to refuse,” he narrated.
Now, to round up news of hypocrisies, LifeSiteNews, which specialises in news about Life, family and culture headlines an article, 'Why is Hillary Pushing Gay Rights onto Africa?'.

Now, I know that that article has been written by a Christian who 'loves' gay people. But, for all the love that this person has, I really prefer the love and actions Barack Obama, President, and Hillary Clinton, Sec of State showed when the Anti-homosexuality Bill was being pushed by my brothers and sisters (Christian) in Africa, mandating death and life in prison for me. Yeah, Hillary Clinton did ring up Museveni to push for my life.... that my country should not mandate death and jail for me because I am gay.

That, that was enough, and continues to be enough for me!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rights and Wrongs

The year is 2010, as we count it. July 2010- and a woman is scheduled to be stoned to death for adultery.
Because scripture says so. The Bible, or the Quaran says so. Many times it is almost impossible to reason with a person who believes in the fundamental interpretation of writings, whether they are laws, or scripture, etc. Fact is, no one will doubt that almost nobody lives with the same values that people used to thousands of years ago, when those scriptures were written.
International outcry -- and the pleas of a devoted son -- seem to have saved an Iranian woman from being stoned to death for adultery.
But while Sakineh Mohammedie Ashitani has been granted a reprieve, she is not the only woman sentenced to be stoned for adultery in Iran. There have been at least six sentences carried out since 2006, says Ann Harrison, an Iran expert at Amnesty International in London.
Adultery is the only crime that carries such a penalty in Iranian law, she said.
The accompanying analysis of why and when the Iranian authorities stone or do not carry out the stoning is kind of interesting- especially, if you kind of extrapolate how the apparent will of god is carried out, or flaunted, in the eyes of some.

Oh, just a reminder, in Nigeria's nothern states which have Sharia Law, the interpretation of that is that Homosexual sex carries a 'death by stoning' sentence.
Remember the Supreme court ruling in Britain that stated that people could get asylum in Britain because of persecution in their home countries for their sexual orientation? One of the guys who sued was from Cameroon. And, the country came out defending themselves... saying that there were no prosecutions nor persecution of gay Cameroonian. I happen to know that there have been a number of prosecutions, and that, in one particularly nasty case, a few guys were held in prison and one died, dragged to court while see, not getting adequate medical help. Yes, it was in Cameroon, and if I am not mistaken, the year was 2005. Their crime was that they were accused of homosexuality, and they were deemed too dangerous to be given bail. So, one lost his life.

But, because of the embarassment of this case in Britain, Cameroon decides to point fingers at gay asylum seekers. They just want the good life in Europe, and the US.
Cameroon's government has rejected the claim by a gay asylum seeker in the UK that he would face persecution if he returned home.
On Wednesday, the Supreme Court in London ruled in favour of the man, and a similar claimant from Iran.
Homosexuality in Cameroon is punishable by up to three years in jail.
However, Cameroon's communications minister told the BBC homosexuals were free to behave as they wished in private without any harassment.
"Homosexuality is forbidden by the law, there is not doubt. But what I can emphasise is the fact that no homosexual is persecuted in Cameroon"," Communications Minister Issa Tchiroma said.
He told the BBC's Network Africa programme that the claimant was simply using the law as an excuse to claim asylum in Britain.
"Do you think he is the only gay person in Cameroon?"
It is a matter of fact that this excuse is used quite often in our countries. Minister Buturo in Uganda taunted Victor Mukasa (and other gay Ugandans) to go to Europe and leave Uganda, because that is where our sexuality is okay. Just this year, dear Pastor Dr Martin 'eat da poo poo' Ssempa was regularly taunting us that Sweden was ready to accept us, because they were so unhappy at Uganda's anti-homosexuality bill. [Its funny, the taste of a man's Christianity might be how they treat enemies.... and Ssempa so regularly fails that test for homosexuals, I wonder why he deserves that label]

I would not really be surprised if Uganda came out and labelled gay Ugandan asylum seekers as only seeking for the good life. Of course we can be- but, it is a fact that fellow Africans are simply closed to the homophobia, hate speech and pain of 'living discreetly' in our closets.
But, in lighter news... this cute South African DJ played Pastor Martin 'eat da poo poo' Ssempa's signature clip on a South African radio. Some listeners were not amused, and he was suspended. He has apologised...

Mukwevho, according a listener, was heard "laughing hysterically" at the tirade and asked a gay colleague, producer Junior Dikwa, if he engaged in the activities mentioned by the anti-gay pastor in the clip.
It emerged that DJ Mpho Maboi had earlier also played the clip on her show.
YFM will be facing the Broadcasting Complaints Commission today following a hate speech complaint from the listener. The two DJS have been suspended pending the outcome of disciplinary hearings.
On Tuesday, Mukwevho apologised for the furore on Twitter: "I'd like to profusely apologise to everyone I offended during my show last month when I made reference to homosexuality. Sincere apologies," said the DJ.
Dikwa told the newspaper that his sexuality was no secret but he refused to comment on the matter.

Hi Dikwa, I know you are gay. Do you do the things that Dear Pastor Martin Ssempa of Uganda accuses homosexuals of doing? He mentions 'eating da poo poo', pushing the hand 'deepaaa' into da anus, and others.... do you, gug?”

Errr, dear Pastor, sorry, but your words are kind of offensive. Would you mind if I asked whether you masturbate? Do you go down on your wife??? I mean, like in giving her oral sex....
Is if offensive of me to ask you that? Is it? See how going into people's bedrooms can be quite embarassing? I don't want to imagine you having sex... the mental image is quite, err, disgusting.”

Have a good day, everyone.


Words weightier than Stones

Words have weight. And, they give insight into how we think, as human beings.
'Gay' and 'Homosexual'. Two words, same meaning... or they would be 'scientifically' but- a world of difference. I am gay, or a homosexual. But, I have learnt to identify as gay, because the word 'homosexual' is used as a perjorative.

No, it is not really an issue of language... using English, being westernized. My mother tongue does have a word for my sexual orientation. [Duh, do not believe the nonsense that it is a 'western' import!]. What I find funny is the fact that, I do sense the negative connotation whenever anyone uses it to talk about me and my partner. And, of course we call ourselves 'kuchus'. Most direct translation would be 'Queers'.

Why the play on words?
Because, words have meanings, and weight. And, a community, whatever community of human beings it is, would not feel proud condemning themselves in the words of 'others'. Of course, words can be liberated. 'Queer' was liberated. Seems no longer to carry the same weight as 'faggot' does it?

I have noted in Google searches that the search for 'gay' gives significantly different results from 'homosexual'. Good Right wing Christians cannot find it in their hearts to call us gay. According to them, because we are homosexual, we cannot be gay. During the anti-homosexuality bill campaign, Ssempa was using lots of other words. Sodomites, Homosexualites. And others. Oh, I am not lying. Not at all.

But of course, in this 'cultural war' where a war can be a war, truth is usually an early casualty. Makes me laugh, to find that good old proffessional Christians are not averse to embracing hate, but also lies, as long as the hate and lies are directed towards homosexuals.
There is a website, the person editing it is called David Virtue. And, he calls it Virtue online. Website is definitely anti-gay. What is most interesting is how a person who is proffesionally a believer in Christ wallows in hate. Don't believe me? Well, you can check it out and make a table of the positives vs the negatives about a particular class of people that he calls 'homosexuals'

I can throw stones at Christians.
When one point out that to me, I am too happy to point out that I am no Christian. You are a Christian? Then walk the talk. If you don't, why, I will point out the logs in your eyes....
Some good news, and thanks to some good, old fashioned, righteous outrage, Castor Semenya is not too much of a man, nor too little of a woman.

The African runner Caster Semenya has been given the all-clear by the IAAF over her gender tests and will compete this month, her agent says.
The 19-year-old has been out of the sport for 11 months after her gender came under scrutiny at the World Championships in Berlin last August,
Rumours spread about her masculine appearance and the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) demanded she undergo gender tests after she won the 800m in 1min 55.45sec.
She was banned from competing by Athletics South Africa until her results came back.
Although she has been cleared, the IAAF will reportedly not release any more details of her results, which would have included physical and chromosomal checks.
So, Castor does not fall in the good old boxes of male, or female. She hasnt for the whole of her life. But, she has to fit. Who will it benefit? Certainly not Castor. But, her competition. And, why the hell would an international body even think of releasing the 'results' of a person's gender tests? Asinine. Because we are different, are we not human enough to warrant privacy? No wonder Bahati in Uganda warranted forcing doctors, counsellors to report us to the 'authorities' anytime that we came out to someone... on pain of a fine and imprisonment.

That is why we gays, and lesbians, and queers so completely identify with intersex people. They are different, as we are different. And, sadly, the world would like to force us into its own concept of what is 'normal'. Whether it in our interest as human beings or not.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Gay Bishop of the Church of England?

So, it was not to be.

I was pushing, pushing, pushing in my own way... grin... but, what I did want was not to be. Sorry about that. Aluta continua. Yes, the struggle continues, whether it is in the field of politics, basic right to life, religion, and others.

Members of the Crown Nominations Commission, which includes Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, rejected calls for Dr Jeffrey John to be made the next Bishop of Southwark.
The Dean of St Albans, who is in a civil partnership with another priest, was on the shortlist for the post and was considered to be a front-runner for the job.
David Cameron had been made aware of his nomination and is believed to have been supportive of promoting the homosexual cleric.
However, a secret meeting of senior Church figures has decided to overlook Dr John amid fears that his consecration would have provoked a split in the Church.
There is some interesting insight in what occurred here at the Changing attitude blog.
Of course it is betrayal... ha ha ha. We will always fight that fight, and ask, beg, demand of our allies to treat us as human beings equal to every one else. Yes, even when we do differ in some things. Small things like our sexuality!!!!

Still with Britain, seems a Supreme Court ruling has decided that it is unconscionable to tell gay asylum seekers from countries like Uganda that they can weather the homophobia at home.

Don't know what to feel about that... except being glad. I know, many like MP Nsaba-Buturo taunt us that we should ask for asylum and leave their beautiful Uganda pure. That the anti-homosexuality bill was aimed at that more than anything else, to make sure that the country was untainted by us crazy people.... but, on the other hand, I am also a crazy person who despite all is determined to stay in this country of mine...
But, I am not all gay Ugandans. Nor would I be able to find anything but happiness that others who are like me are able to get relief in Britain when they are persecuted at home. Here is the story.
Supreme court judges predicted that "more and more" gay and lesbian refugees are likely to seek protection in Britain after a landmark legal ruling recognised the rights of asylum seekers.
Five supreme court justices said gay and lesbian asylum seekers should not be expected to "exercise discretion" in their home countries to avoid persecution. Their ruling met with cheers and applause from campaigners.
But the Home Office moved to dampen claims from anti-immigration groups that the ruling could lead to a massive expansion of asylum claims from "millions of people around the world".

For the sceptics, know why it would not lead to thousands claiming gay refugee status? It is because even when out of the country, we maintain links with home. And, one of the hardest thing to do is to come out as 'gay', especially in Uganda, and much of Africa. It means that few except those who are gay (and have burnt bridges homewards) would actually dare to risk being known as pariahs. Even with the confidentiality clauses in law cases.

Hope your day has been good.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gay rights. Gay equality

Sadly, people are still killed, judicially killed, in the name of god, for being gay.
It may happen in Iran. In Uganda, they wanted it to be qualified with 'aggravated homosexulity. But, it is still the same thing. Death, for being gay.
Iran: Homosexual young man sentenced to death
Monday, July 05, 2010 by Spero News
An Iranian youth in Tabriz has been sentenced to death by hanging for the charge of having homosexual relations.
Mohammad Mostafai, attorney for the accused announced that three other people accused in the case were acquitted of the same crime.
According to Iranian law, homosexual relations are against the law and given the death penalty.
Mohammad Mostafai maintained that Hamid Taghi, Ebrahim Hamidi, Mehdi Pouran and Mohammad Rezai were accused of having homosexual relations and were sentenced to death in the preliminary court. Mosatafai adds after appealing to the Supreme Court, three of them were acquitted while Ebrahim Hamidi’s death sentence was upheld.
I am a human being. The fight for gay rights is nothing more than an acceptance that I as a human being is not too evil... meaning that I am as good as the moralists who blame me for the world's ills. They are just hypocritical pharisees.
That is why, though I am not religious, I am very interested in the struggle for the affirmation of gay people in the Christian church. And, for one gay man to be made Bishop, because it is not consionable for him to be refused because of his sexuality. If this news is true, it is pure, sweet, honey.
The Church of England may be on the verge of promoting a gay priest to bishop, a step that would widen the split over sexuality in the global Anglican Communion.
If that happens, it would appear to be a significant turnaround for Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, spiritual leader of the Church of England and the world's Anglicans, who recently imposed sanctions on the U.S. Episcopal Church for electing a lesbian bishop.
According to newspaper reports, Williams is prepared to back the elevation of the Very Rev. Jeffrey John, who withdrew seven years ago from an appointment as a suffragan (assistant) bishop in the face of a heated controversy about his homosexuality. Williams' office will not comment.
"I think the strength of the opposition is much weaker this time," Rev. Canon Giles Goddard, the chairman of Inclusive Church, said Tuesday. His group was founded by people disappointed by John's failure to become a bishop in 2003.
John, who is now dean of St. Albans Cathedral, might be seen as a more acceptable candidate than the U.S. bishop because he has declared he is celibate — and therefore not in violation of church teaching.
The farce of celibacy is the fly in the cup, but,... it is not my religion.
Here is one very funny thing.

In Uganda, Ssempa shows gay porn in church and elsewhere without any consequences. But, when DJs elsewhere dare show his rant.... why, Ssempa is not that palatable...!
Two YFM DJs are under fire for playing a homophobic rant by a Ugandan minister on air.
'Mukwevho poked fun at a gay colleague on air'
Each of the two aired the clip, on different days, and listeners heard the chairman of the National Task Force against Homosexuality in Uganda, Pastor Martin Ssempa, fuming about "sodomy and homosexuality being forbidden in Uganda".
YFM will have to face a tribunal of the Broadcasting Complaints Commission tomorrow because a listener has complained about the "hate speech" that Mukwevho - best known as MacG - was "promoting" when he played the recording on his MacG Unleashed show.
After playing the clip, Mukwevho poked fun at a gay colleague on air, repeating some of Ssempa's bizarre and unprintable statements.
The unnamed listener wrote that Mukwevho was "laughing hysterically".
"The colleague is obviously at this time infuriated, because of the lies this guy was saying, and MacG proceeded to laugh as he asked his colleague, producer Junior Dikwa, if he performed the acts spoken of by Ssempa," wrote the listener.
Dikwa, who said his homosexuality was "not a state secret", declined to comment, saying it was a "sensitive issue" and he had not received permission from his managers to speak to the media.
Though the complaint related to Mukwevho's playing of the clip on Monday, Mpho Maboi is also under fire because she had played it on her show previously.
Ssempa's video has had more than 2million views on YouTube.
In it, he talks to journalists about the "banning of homosexuality and what homosexuals do in the privacy of their bedrooms."
The Times has learned from YFM insiders that Mukwevho faced a disciplinary hearing on Tuesday and has been taken off air.
Maboi was also suspended and will hear her fate in a separate hearing tomorrow.
Both DJs refused to comment, saying they "could not speak to The Times until the station had given [them] approval".
Station chief executive Kanthan Pillay confirmed that the complaints commission hearing would be tomorrow.
"It would be entirely inappropriate for us to comment on these matters prior to their being heard by the tribunal," Pillay said.
"YFM will be formally responding to the complaint at the tribunal on Friday."
Hey, what country was that?

South Africa, I believe. At least, the website is South African.

Have a great day.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hate Speech in Uganda, and elsewhere.

Does it matter?

Once I was seated at home, our living room. There is a group of our neighbours who meet at a shop nearby in the evenings, enjoying the local gossip, alcohol and company. And, for some reason they were loudly discussing homosexuality. Yeah, I know that some of them know that I am gay.
One of them, in a raised voice (alcohol laced, I am sure) cursed gay people loudly. They should all be killed, he said. Yes, I did hear him, and of course listened harder to the conversation which was not exactly private.

No, I didnt rush out to defend gay people.

Ugandans are in a bind. There are few countries in the world where it is politically correct to gay bash. Okay, they are many. But, Uganda may be one of the concrete leaders. The political leadership. Social, and religious leadership of course. It is an 'incontrovertible truth' that to be gay is to be evil.

So, does such a high level of prejudices and bigotry matter?
It is funny that, the very people who say those things are the ones who think that they don't matter.

MP David Bahati wrote the Anti-homosexuality bill, and he is convinced that he loves gay people. In the bill, he advocated for death and life imprisonment for gay people. He is a born again Christian, and he says he wrote the bill in defence of country and family.
MP Odonga Otto says he would kill a son or daughter of his who is gay. Simply because they are gay. Ssempa jumps up and down, and uses his considerable charisma to charm and tell people how we are impossible, 'eat da poo poo' and thus in defence of the laws of 'nature, god, and culture' he would love to have us in prison and dead. The bishops of the Church of Uganda, and Seventh Day Adventists were happy with the bill, the only thing which irked them was that the death penalty was too final. At least life imprisonment would allow for 'healing...'!

As the one at the other end of that stick, to me it is hate speech. But, those guys believe that it is not. And, they are merely being morally upright and courageous.

Ssempa's moslem friends believe that the Holy Quaran's Sharia law should be applied to us sinful homosexuals. Death by stoning. It is a fact that, in all the times that I have heard them say those things, advocating for the death penalty and stoning for us, I have not heard Ssempa as a Christian try to rein in his Moslem brothers. Not when they were advocating for anti-gay vigilante groups. And, yes, I have heard that they were actually drawing up 'lists' of gay-friendly activists. In case the bill doesnt become law....!

Does hate speech matter?

Of course it does. From the rhetoric of Nazi Germany against the jews and homosexuals, to the anti-Tutsi rhetoric and exhortation to 'go and kill the cochroaches', hate speech does matter. When MP Benson Ogwal calls me a gay pervert 'because the Bible calls me so'- me pushing it into his mouth only makes him realise that it actually does matter.

Of course it matters. But, will a 'good and upright' Ugandan Christian, set on 'loving the sinner but hating the sin' ever have this ability to differentiate the stones dropping from their mouths? Not really. Because their thoughts are in a rut. Gay is evil, for the bible says so. And, is there anybody who can challenge a 'scriptural' truth? Certainly not a gay person. Nor a gay-friendly person. Because one is the sinner, and the other loves sinners. Quite apt, don't you think?

If you are a real Christian, that is the point when you will draw out the bible and point out that Jesus ate with sinners, and the Pharisees did castigate him for that.

Shows that things are not always clear cut, are they?


PS. What started this whole hate speech post was the reports of an LGBT advocate who was recently beheaded. In this post, I was careful to note that I could not confirm the motivation behind he death. I mean, the gruesome facts were on NTV. The beheaded remains of a man were found a few weeks after his disappearance. Was he an LGBT activist? Was he kuchu? Was he killed because he was kuchu? I don't know.
BUT, at the same time, I am very careful to note that it is almost impossible in Uganda to confirm the motive behind a murder. Because, relatives will deny that the dead person was gay. Hey, it is not good to talk bad of the dead. So, it may be 'rumoured' etc. But never officially confirmed.

Yet I have to remind all kuchus that we have to be vigilant.

And, as a mere statistical note, I would like to ask you, if you are a kuchu in Uganda, how many suspicious deaths of kuchus have you heard of in the last 6-9 months? I don't know whether I am being paranoid, or sensational, so I do have to hang lots of cautionary marks around these, my observations. These are the deaths that I remember in that time span.

  • Indian guy who used to cross dress and hang out at Rock Garden. Was reported found dead in a room in 'Tourist Hotel, Kampala' Report was in the red rug.

  • An expatriate mzungu found murdered in his house in Bunga. Was a teacher or administrator.

  • One guy, a student, Kenyan (?) found stabbed to death in his rental room, I believe that was in Ntinda suburb, though I might be mistaken.

  • Woman in Gulu, burnt in house in Dec 2009
Again, I have to be cautious. Play devils advocate. I am not sure what the motivation in these deaths or actions might have been. I may simply be paranoid- and in that case, I am not sorry. I live in Uganda- adequate paranoia for a kuchu is a survival skill. We have no place where we collect and document all these incidents. Most of the time we might here of them and dismiss them out of hand. But, we do live in a dangerous society. Whether we accept it or not.

Constant Vigilance, Kuchus.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Life goes on..., and Murder most foul

The world doesnt sleep, even when I sleep.

The oil spill in the gulf of Mexico is a deluge. There was a tremendous explosion of an oil tanker in the DRC, with hundreds of casualties. Seems as if the world is full of news, like a river, sometimes flowing fast, sometimes slow, but always flowing.

I am told that I am a fair advocate of gay rights [uhhhh, someone from the 'other side' once told me that this site is a 'gay recruitment site'. I was flabagasted.... but, at that particular point I was wondering what they meant by 'recruitment. Guess I got the definition]. In truth, I write more about what happens in my skull and to me than going out and, err, 'advocating'.

Of course I am fascinated by the fascination that the rest of the world has for my sexuality...

Ok. The Church of England is in a snit about a gay bishop. Seems as if there is one particular gay man whose colleagues feel he should become a bishop. First time he stood down. But, some other colleagues of his believe that just because he is gay, that does not stop him from becoming a good shepherd. A bishop.
So, again they nominate him. It is very interesting. (image from the Guardian)

Now, there are others of the 'Church' who say being gay is being a sinner... however they define it. So, they are threatening to secede.... if he becomes Bishop in the Church of England.
Conservative parishes in the Church of England could seek alternative leadership from abroad if a gay man is appointed as bishop of Southwark, clerics warned today.
The argument over homosexual clergy in the Anglican communion was reignited at the weekend when it was disclosed that Dr Jeffrey John, the dean of St Albans, is among nominations for the post vacated earlier this year by the Right Rev Tom Butler. In 2003, John was forced to stand down from his appointment as suffragan bishop of Reading because of his sexuality after protests from traditionalists.

No. I don't need to point out that, this is the very reason why we think we are discriminated against. We gay people.
One man is so suited for the job that he is suffered the nomination a second time, though he had to step down at one time, because of his sexuality. His colleagues nominate him. Apparently he is suitable. But, for his being gay. That, that is prejudice. In whatsoever book you read it.

It doesnt have to be as obvious as in Malawi, Zimbabwe, or in Uganda.
THEIR crimes were “gross indecency” and “unnatural acts”. Their sentence was 14 years’ hard labour: one intended, said the judge, to scare others. He has succeeded. A court in Malawi last week horrified many with its treatment of Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga, a gay couple engaged to be married. The two men are the latest victims of a crackdown on gay rights in much of the developing world, particularly Africa.
It does not have to be as blind as bigoted as in Uganda.
I came across this article that quoted Nsaba-Buturo's words. I admire the man (yeah, he is so brave to utter such stupidities....!). He is well read, and has had a bit of exposure in the world. No, he is not one of those people (like Bahati) who are simple village boys in the guise of men of the world. But, here are Buturo's thoughts on homosexulity in Uganda. Remember, he is a Minister in the government, and these are the thoughts that he and most, most, Ugandans have of us homosexuals.

is a robust man with a warm smile, a soft voice and a firm handshake. He is a strong supporter of the anti-homosexuality bill and vehemently denies that the Americans had anything to do with it.
"I find that total nonsense," he said of the suggestion that Lively inspired the bill, adding that he would have been in a position to know about it if that were the case.
"We know from the bible that homosexuality is an abomination. We don't need to be told by Americans that it's an abomination.
"The resentment, the anger, the . . . way this matter is looked at is cultural. It's not something somebody has brought in from elsewhere."
Buturo says the new legislation is needed to safeguard the Ugandan way of life. The current law does not make it a crime to recruit people to the homosexual lifestyle and distribute gay-friendly literature, he explained.
"Thirty years ago in your country, there was no homosexuality . . . .Today, it's a powerful lobby. Today, they control government. They control institutions around the world. That's why they intimidate, they threaten. They are growing in numbers. Five years from now, they could be the ones in control. So where do you get children from? What becomes of our civilization?" he asked.
Homosexuals are bringing their message into Ugandan schools and communities, particularly targeting young people, saying that theirs is a lifestyle as good as any other and encouraging people to try it, Buturo said.
"Everything we stand for, everything we are, revolves around our ability to produce children, to have children. It comes down to that. Anything that runs counter to that arrangement is dangerous. And in our part of the world we don't believe, for a moment, that people are born homosexuals."
"If someone is born that way, why do you then spend huge sums of money attracting people to that lifestyle?" he asked.
"My office has over 60 former homosexuals who were recruited initially, but they have abandoned that practice. And they are the ones telling us the horrendous, horrendous experiences they go through that are . . . an unhealthy risk."
Gay sex has health consequences that the system is not set up to deal with, Buturo said.
"The anus isn't made for sexual intercourse, for God's sake. The anus God created for a unique function and man is choosing to assign it another function," he said, explaining that anal intercourse sometimes results in ruptures and diseases. "Unlike you in Canada, we don't have a system that can cope with the dangers that we associate with that."

Ignorance. Bigotry. Lies. Sheer desire not to believe anything that is contrary to one's set beliefs. He is a shining example of prejudice that we all have. Yeah, all of have it.

Lately, I got interested in Harry Potter fanfiction. You know, Rowling's work is a classic. I just love them. And, this being this day and age, others have taken a liking to it and kind of expanded on the themes. One of those is the sheer prejudice... muggles vs wizards, wizards and magical animals, etc, etc. Browsing through this fanfiction site has been revealing.

Yeah, we all have our prejudices. Doesnt mean that our misconcepts are not hurting to the people that we conceive as 'bad' or 'dark'. And that the 'white wizards' of our lives are free of the very logs that they assume the dark wizards have in their eyes.
I have seen the reports of an LGBT advocate whose gruesomely beheaded body was found after missing for a few weeks. Box TurtleThrockmorton  and Changing Attitude.

Ugly. Very ugly.

I cannot confirm the motive for such a horrible act. On the one hand, my country mates sincerely believe that I should be killed because I am gay. That is a sentiment that is widespread, and very, very concrete. And, with the likes of Minister Buturo, and respected religious leaders supporting the evilness of gay people, and the anti-gay Tabliq moslem squads and lists of gay people that I have been hearing ….

Yes, of course I am worried. I would be stupid not to be worried. The anti-gay hatred like in Uganda is not only in 'official' circles.

But, I cannot at the moment confirm or reject anti-gay motivation for the murder. Maybe, just as a favour to me, if you are anti-gay and love to assert how evil we gay Ugandans are, you would read the blogposts above and temper your words a little? Please?

Hope your day is ok. Be well


Monday, July 5, 2010

Conversations with Ssempa

Now, now, now, I couldnt leave this jab out.

No, it was not me conversing with Pastor Dr 'eat da poo poo' Ssempa, though I was a bit suprised that he actually did understand what someone was getting too..

BUT, this conversation is hilarious. Please go read it.

Pastor 'eat da poo poo' was invited as the main speaker to a conference in America. Here, the conversation goes on. Read, and have some laughs.!
From the the moment I first heard the delightful little Martin Ssempa demonstrating the peaceful and rational expository for which Ugandan Biblical Conservatives are now famous I knew we needed to invite him to head the lineup at this years St. Onuphrius’ Conference. Indeed, when I suggested Ssempa’s name to my Ministry Team, Bishop Quinine became positively incontinent with excitement, begging me to do everything within my power to get the man now known around the world as “Mr. Eat Da Poo Poo” to appear as our star speaker. Or to at least send his famous audio-visual presentation for closer study.
Go on, follow the link!


PS. I hope my tendency to try on new clothes is not throwing you.... [pout, pout]

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

A friend reminded me yesterday that today is the American Independence day. Happy 4th of July to my American friends. I am informed that it is an important public holiday in your land.

Some reflection- the whole anti-gay sentiment in my own country has kind of had an effect on my thought processes. On the one hand I was being accused of being evil because I am gay, and not being African or 'patriotic' enough because I insist on flaunting my sexuality-, and the righteous indignation of my country mates-
I am being long winded. Suffice to say that the whole concept of patriotism has taken a very health blow in my mind. Of course I am an African, and a Ugandan. I am what I am- am also gay.
So, now I embrace my humanity above other things. Suspect identities to me include my ethnicity, nationality, and of course religion....!

But, Happy Independence to my US friends.

There is humour and then there is humour.
Imagine, in one country, some people want to send their queer country mates to Uganda.... Ha! Uganda is infamous.
The country is Bulgaria. Of course, sending their queers to Uganda is not really to compliment them in anyway. Here is the story.
Anti-Gay Bulgarian Nationalists Want to Send 'All Queers to Uganda'
"All Queers Go to Uganda" reads one of the slogans of the some 100 Bulgarian nationalists who rallied against the 2010 Sofia Pride gay parade. Photo by BGNES
Around 100 Bulgarian nationalists have gathered to protest against the “Sofia Pride” gay parade Saturday.
The nationalists have been carrying posters saying “Gays want death for Bulgarians”, “Homosexuals out of Bulgaria, to keep our children pure”, “Bulgaria is a place for normal people – gays should go to jail” and “All the gays, go to Uganda”.
According to the organizers of the protest, about 10 nationalist organizations have participated.
Just rubbing in my point- now you understand why I would feel more connection to the queers of Bulgaria, a country where I have never been!!!!
I am a self confessed Ssempa basher.
Sometimes I remind myself to reign in... It simply would not do to be what I hate. And, I just don't like the man. But again, I have to remind myself again and again why the guy is bad... a liar, unchristian, using his gifts of charisma to lie and hate, etc, etc. Yeah, I do have to do that, or else I will forget how dangerous the man is. And, of course I have to be thankful to the guy...
I'm also especially proud of how our gay sex brings out the crazy in anti-gay zealots everywhere. NOBODY is as obsessed with how gay people have sex as the people who claim to be disgusted by it. Thank God for people like Pastor Martin Ssempa, whose "eat da poo poo" rant lifted from Vanguard's "Missionaries of Hate" episode on Current TV went instantly viral.
But one thing which amuses me is the way the internet has kind of spread his perfidy far and wide. He is the face of Uganda, and African gay bigotry and prejudice. Christian gay bigotry and prejudice. And, I keep coming across new mentions of Pastor Doctor Martin 'eat da poo poo' Ssempa every now and then. Makes for fun reading. Sometimes. Many times.
But, in the comments here, a markedly racist person is in 'debate' with another person and the other kind of comes up with this comment.
Your degree is just as useful as Martin Sempa’s PhD, as is your reearch, because you justify your bias based on your limited knowledge about the other. Your argument is just as intelligent as ‘they eat the poopoo’
The next time you wonder where people like Martin Sempa come from, or how they’re formed, look in the mirror.
Ugh... that is below the belt, surely? Bigotry, prejudice is markedly similar, whether it is aimed at sexual orientation, 'foreigners', race, etc. When I did follow the line of commentry, I found that it had flown way past the other persons understanding. Yes, Logic is a perception. Kind of like a belief. And, some people embrace their logic with religious fervour... and it leads to some very hilarious results.

Duh, I will end with a quote from Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo. From the US, he went to Ireland. He has been on a speaking tour, and has done much for many to put a face on the homophobia that there is in Uganda, especially amongst the Christian circles. [no... I am not mistaking him for Ssempa]. Maybe the statement should be that, Uganda produced people like Ssempa (and Idi Ami, etc), but it would be prejudicial to say all of us Ugandans are just shit. Like any prejudicial generalisation, it simply wouldnt be correct.

Ssenyojo has been lionised and has been preaching in churches and talking about being gay supportive in Uganda. That is in the west, where his witness is being received.
In dear Uganda..., well, he is not allowed to preach. Because of his stand, he is vilified, by the denomination that he served for more than 40 years of his life. He was thrown out of his church, was requested not even to put on his robes. Yeah, I did see that letter, which was addressed to him by his surname, with not even the courtesy of his proffessional and academic titles. Here are the observation of the Vanguard documentary 'Missionaries of Hate' reporter about Ssenyonjo.
MvZ: There was interview with a retired Anglican Bishop who’s been maligned for the work he does ministering to gays in Uganda. His church has essentially ostracized him and ahead of one of these anti-gay rallies, people hung posters for the event outside of his office. It’s silly, but when you see people taunting an old man you can’t help but feel bad.

"… they [homosexuals] may be different, and they are, but we should live with differences.” He went on to call for education because, "I have found that a lot of the prejudice against LGBT people comes from ignorance."
He concluded his sermon at Christ Church Cathedral Dublin on Sunday with the prayer. "Almighty God, we believe that in Christ there is no discrimination against race, colour, gender or LGBT people. We pray that you guide us with your Holy Spirit so that all hate campaigns including those against LGBT people may be transformed into peace, justice and reconciliation. Amen."
And, yes- despite much of the bad and evil that there is in this world, there is also good. Love as opposed to hate. Good as opposed to evil. And, we can always pick out the difference, even when hate tries to mascarade as love.

Have a very good day.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lies. In the name of God

Remember the time that I used to rant that Ssempa lies?

I know. I am gay, and I am not really silent about that fact. In Uganda, since I am gay, few believe that I can be a moral person.  That is why a person like Pastor Dr. Martin Ssempa was able to use his charisma, and his standing before the community and start telling lies about us gay people. When the anti homosexuality bill came out and Christians outside Uganda who had read the bill recoiled in disgust, Ssempa, Bahati and others justifying the bill in the name of their god took up arms to tell lies.

That the bill did not want death for gay people. It does. Read its text...

That we gay people where whinging and lying about the good Christians of Uganda....

That we gay Ugandans were hateful and recruiting and... etc, etc.

We are gay. translation= evil.

Well, we were lucky that Ssempa, the chief supporter of the bill was caught out in his lies. Yes, they were, and are lies. But, like a good politician, he never turned them back until we started telling everyone to get a copy of the bill, to read it and find the facts.
Now, I know that one of the characteristics of religious fundamentalism is a siege mentality. You must be the one blessed with truth. Not anyone outside your group. No one sees like you do. No one.
For that reason, it took some time before people could actually believe that Ssempa et al were actually lying through their teeth to have the bill become law. But, with lots of help from friends inside and outside the country, the lies and gimmicks seemed to catch up with them.

It is a matter of fact. The extreme homophobia and hate speech in Uganda was, and remains, a Christian phenomenon. Christians were, and continue to preach HATRED. Ugly hatred.
This has nothing about the politics climate. But, a seething, purulent, ugliness that was revealed as deep seated, and malignant.

Anyway, Ssempa revealed lost lots of friends. And, one of the positive effects was soul searching on the part of many Christians outside (and maybe inside the country)
But, there are still others- many who hold to the myopia. They cannot believe that, because we are gay, and are crying wolf about the hatred and lies that their Christian brothers preach in the name of god... even at this point in time, they still believe we are lying... and they cannot believe what we say. Or even what others, fellow Christians say. Because, if one has compassion for homosexuals, can that person be really Christian?

Am mad.... angry, arent I? Rather, it is the reality of our being. Values, Christian values seem to be very good... till you remember that they are just values.

[Parallel, but illustrative case, when the Catholic church was lambasted for its connivance to hide sexual abuse cases, the initial cry was- they are homosexuals. they want to stain the church]

Anyway, there is a mega church in the US which has been highlighted as supporting Ssempa. And, why does it support him? Because who can believe what comes out of the mouths of homosexualists and the liberal media? We, of course want to tarnish the name of the good Christian brothers and sisters.

Well, this article about Ssempa and the US Church that supports him is from a Christian who has refused to believe the naked lies in the name of God.

Pressure is mounting on a Nevada megachurch to end its financial support of one of the key backers of Uganda's notorious "kill the gays" bill. But so far, the Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Las Vegas is standing by Martin Ssempa, who has said that gays like to "eat da poo poo" and boasted of his efforts to "make sure that sodomy and homosexuality never sees the light of legality in this land of the pearl of Africa."
Canyon Ridge's resistance comes even as the Willow Creek Association, a massive global network of evangelical churches that includes Canyon Ridge, distances itself from Ssempa. The WCA bestowed a "Courageous Leadership" award on Ssempa's Kampala-based Makerere Community Church in 2007, but on Thursday, the group said that it no longer has a relationship with Ssempa and that it wouldn't have honored his church had it been more fully aware of his views.
But Canyon Ridge, which considers Ssempa a "mission partner" and helps pay for staff at his Kampala church, is digging in its heels. After promising in early June to review Ssempa's involvement in Uganda's anti-gay movement, pastors Mitch Harrison and Kevin Odor said last week that they "do not believe Martin Ssempa to be the man the media and others have portrayed him to be."
It is actually very sober reading. Go through the whole of it. And then follow it up with this post from Box Turtle Bulletin which clinically details all the available evidence which has to be forced down the throats of these Christian brothers and sisters.....

Fact. Sometimes, many times, the very siege mentality and blind faith in ourselves that make us pigheaded enough to chase ideals make us forget the sanctity of the very ideals that we face.

So, I, a non believer truthfully call out the lies and hypocrisy of Christian leaders and pastors..... What beautiful Christian witness they are burdened with....!

Of course I am not perfect. Of course...
Yet in the frailty of my imperfection, the very stains which I am accused of having seem to pale in the face of Christian hypocrisy....

Uh, Jesus had a simple, telling, compelling comparison. Pharisees.