Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

A friend reminded me yesterday that today is the American Independence day. Happy 4th of July to my American friends. I am informed that it is an important public holiday in your land.

Some reflection- the whole anti-gay sentiment in my own country has kind of had an effect on my thought processes. On the one hand I was being accused of being evil because I am gay, and not being African or 'patriotic' enough because I insist on flaunting my sexuality-, and the righteous indignation of my country mates-
I am being long winded. Suffice to say that the whole concept of patriotism has taken a very health blow in my mind. Of course I am an African, and a Ugandan. I am what I am- am also gay.
So, now I embrace my humanity above other things. Suspect identities to me include my ethnicity, nationality, and of course religion....!

But, Happy Independence to my US friends.

There is humour and then there is humour.
Imagine, in one country, some people want to send their queer country mates to Uganda.... Ha! Uganda is infamous.
The country is Bulgaria. Of course, sending their queers to Uganda is not really to compliment them in anyway. Here is the story.
Anti-Gay Bulgarian Nationalists Want to Send 'All Queers to Uganda'
"All Queers Go to Uganda" reads one of the slogans of the some 100 Bulgarian nationalists who rallied against the 2010 Sofia Pride gay parade. Photo by BGNES
Around 100 Bulgarian nationalists have gathered to protest against the “Sofia Pride” gay parade Saturday.
The nationalists have been carrying posters saying “Gays want death for Bulgarians”, “Homosexuals out of Bulgaria, to keep our children pure”, “Bulgaria is a place for normal people – gays should go to jail” and “All the gays, go to Uganda”.
According to the organizers of the protest, about 10 nationalist organizations have participated.
Just rubbing in my point- now you understand why I would feel more connection to the queers of Bulgaria, a country where I have never been!!!!
I am a self confessed Ssempa basher.
Sometimes I remind myself to reign in... It simply would not do to be what I hate. And, I just don't like the man. But again, I have to remind myself again and again why the guy is bad... a liar, unchristian, using his gifts of charisma to lie and hate, etc, etc. Yeah, I do have to do that, or else I will forget how dangerous the man is. And, of course I have to be thankful to the guy...
I'm also especially proud of how our gay sex brings out the crazy in anti-gay zealots everywhere. NOBODY is as obsessed with how gay people have sex as the people who claim to be disgusted by it. Thank God for people like Pastor Martin Ssempa, whose "eat da poo poo" rant lifted from Vanguard's "Missionaries of Hate" episode on Current TV went instantly viral.
But one thing which amuses me is the way the internet has kind of spread his perfidy far and wide. He is the face of Uganda, and African gay bigotry and prejudice. Christian gay bigotry and prejudice. And, I keep coming across new mentions of Pastor Doctor Martin 'eat da poo poo' Ssempa every now and then. Makes for fun reading. Sometimes. Many times.
But, in the comments here, a markedly racist person is in 'debate' with another person and the other kind of comes up with this comment.
Your degree is just as useful as Martin Sempa’s PhD, as is your reearch, because you justify your bias based on your limited knowledge about the other. Your argument is just as intelligent as ‘they eat the poopoo’
The next time you wonder where people like Martin Sempa come from, or how they’re formed, look in the mirror.
Ugh... that is below the belt, surely? Bigotry, prejudice is markedly similar, whether it is aimed at sexual orientation, 'foreigners', race, etc. When I did follow the line of commentry, I found that it had flown way past the other persons understanding. Yes, Logic is a perception. Kind of like a belief. And, some people embrace their logic with religious fervour... and it leads to some very hilarious results.

Duh, I will end with a quote from Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo. From the US, he went to Ireland. He has been on a speaking tour, and has done much for many to put a face on the homophobia that there is in Uganda, especially amongst the Christian circles. [no... I am not mistaking him for Ssempa]. Maybe the statement should be that, Uganda produced people like Ssempa (and Idi Ami, etc), but it would be prejudicial to say all of us Ugandans are just shit. Like any prejudicial generalisation, it simply wouldnt be correct.

Ssenyojo has been lionised and has been preaching in churches and talking about being gay supportive in Uganda. That is in the west, where his witness is being received.
In dear Uganda..., well, he is not allowed to preach. Because of his stand, he is vilified, by the denomination that he served for more than 40 years of his life. He was thrown out of his church, was requested not even to put on his robes. Yeah, I did see that letter, which was addressed to him by his surname, with not even the courtesy of his proffessional and academic titles. Here are the observation of the Vanguard documentary 'Missionaries of Hate' reporter about Ssenyonjo.
MvZ: There was interview with a retired Anglican Bishop who’s been maligned for the work he does ministering to gays in Uganda. His church has essentially ostracized him and ahead of one of these anti-gay rallies, people hung posters for the event outside of his office. It’s silly, but when you see people taunting an old man you can’t help but feel bad.

"… they [homosexuals] may be different, and they are, but we should live with differences.” He went on to call for education because, "I have found that a lot of the prejudice against LGBT people comes from ignorance."
He concluded his sermon at Christ Church Cathedral Dublin on Sunday with the prayer. "Almighty God, we believe that in Christ there is no discrimination against race, colour, gender or LGBT people. We pray that you guide us with your Holy Spirit so that all hate campaigns including those against LGBT people may be transformed into peace, justice and reconciliation. Amen."
And, yes- despite much of the bad and evil that there is in this world, there is also good. Love as opposed to hate. Good as opposed to evil. And, we can always pick out the difference, even when hate tries to mascarade as love.

Have a very good day.


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