Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gay rights. Gay equality

Sadly, people are still killed, judicially killed, in the name of god, for being gay.
It may happen in Iran. In Uganda, they wanted it to be qualified with 'aggravated homosexulity. But, it is still the same thing. Death, for being gay.
Iran: Homosexual young man sentenced to death
Monday, July 05, 2010 by Spero News
An Iranian youth in Tabriz has been sentenced to death by hanging for the charge of having homosexual relations.
Mohammad Mostafai, attorney for the accused announced that three other people accused in the case were acquitted of the same crime.
According to Iranian law, homosexual relations are against the law and given the death penalty.
Mohammad Mostafai maintained that Hamid Taghi, Ebrahim Hamidi, Mehdi Pouran and Mohammad Rezai were accused of having homosexual relations and were sentenced to death in the preliminary court. Mosatafai adds after appealing to the Supreme Court, three of them were acquitted while Ebrahim Hamidi’s death sentence was upheld.
I am a human being. The fight for gay rights is nothing more than an acceptance that I as a human being is not too evil... meaning that I am as good as the moralists who blame me for the world's ills. They are just hypocritical pharisees.
That is why, though I am not religious, I am very interested in the struggle for the affirmation of gay people in the Christian church. And, for one gay man to be made Bishop, because it is not consionable for him to be refused because of his sexuality. If this news is true, it is pure, sweet, honey.
The Church of England may be on the verge of promoting a gay priest to bishop, a step that would widen the split over sexuality in the global Anglican Communion.
If that happens, it would appear to be a significant turnaround for Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, spiritual leader of the Church of England and the world's Anglicans, who recently imposed sanctions on the U.S. Episcopal Church for electing a lesbian bishop.
According to newspaper reports, Williams is prepared to back the elevation of the Very Rev. Jeffrey John, who withdrew seven years ago from an appointment as a suffragan (assistant) bishop in the face of a heated controversy about his homosexuality. Williams' office will not comment.
"I think the strength of the opposition is much weaker this time," Rev. Canon Giles Goddard, the chairman of Inclusive Church, said Tuesday. His group was founded by people disappointed by John's failure to become a bishop in 2003.
John, who is now dean of St. Albans Cathedral, might be seen as a more acceptable candidate than the U.S. bishop because he has declared he is celibate — and therefore not in violation of church teaching.
The farce of celibacy is the fly in the cup, but,... it is not my religion.
Here is one very funny thing.

In Uganda, Ssempa shows gay porn in church and elsewhere without any consequences. But, when DJs elsewhere dare show his rant.... why, Ssempa is not that palatable...!
Two YFM DJs are under fire for playing a homophobic rant by a Ugandan minister on air.
'Mukwevho poked fun at a gay colleague on air'
Each of the two aired the clip, on different days, and listeners heard the chairman of the National Task Force against Homosexuality in Uganda, Pastor Martin Ssempa, fuming about "sodomy and homosexuality being forbidden in Uganda".
YFM will have to face a tribunal of the Broadcasting Complaints Commission tomorrow because a listener has complained about the "hate speech" that Mukwevho - best known as MacG - was "promoting" when he played the recording on his MacG Unleashed show.
After playing the clip, Mukwevho poked fun at a gay colleague on air, repeating some of Ssempa's bizarre and unprintable statements.
The unnamed listener wrote that Mukwevho was "laughing hysterically".
"The colleague is obviously at this time infuriated, because of the lies this guy was saying, and MacG proceeded to laugh as he asked his colleague, producer Junior Dikwa, if he performed the acts spoken of by Ssempa," wrote the listener.
Dikwa, who said his homosexuality was "not a state secret", declined to comment, saying it was a "sensitive issue" and he had not received permission from his managers to speak to the media.
Though the complaint related to Mukwevho's playing of the clip on Monday, Mpho Maboi is also under fire because she had played it on her show previously.
Ssempa's video has had more than 2million views on YouTube.
In it, he talks to journalists about the "banning of homosexuality and what homosexuals do in the privacy of their bedrooms."
The Times has learned from YFM insiders that Mukwevho faced a disciplinary hearing on Tuesday and has been taken off air.
Maboi was also suspended and will hear her fate in a separate hearing tomorrow.
Both DJs refused to comment, saying they "could not speak to The Times until the station had given [them] approval".
Station chief executive Kanthan Pillay confirmed that the complaints commission hearing would be tomorrow.
"It would be entirely inappropriate for us to comment on these matters prior to their being heard by the tribunal," Pillay said.
"YFM will be formally responding to the complaint at the tribunal on Friday."
Hey, what country was that?

South Africa, I believe. At least, the website is South African.

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