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Spiralx drew my attention to this article on George Oundo

Last Updated: March 30, 2009

By Nthateng Mhlambiso (BTM Managing Editor)

UGANDA – 30 March 2009: A confession by George Oundo and his claim that he has abandoned homosexuality seems to be nothing more than him trying to get back at the LGBTI movement in Uganda since he accuses the leaders of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) of neglecting him and his friend when they were in need.

The outraged Oundo has accused the LGBTI movement in Uganda of lack of transparency, greed and hypocrisy in their work.

He said that things started to go wrong after Victor Mukasa left SMUG and that the present leaders misuse the money that could be used to look after other activists.

“Even though they put us at a hotel after we were arrested, after that the leaders of SMUG neglected us. They left me and Brenda at a station in Matunge with nowhere to go.”

He also said that when he tried to talk to the LGBTI movement in Uganda about his grievances, people ignored him.

Oundo also said that the other eight men who confessed are people who also have grievances with the LGBTI movement in Uganda.

Asked whether it is true that he has abandoned homosexuality and whether his confession was not just a way of getting back at the LGBTI movement in Uganda Oundo said “No one can change someone when the heart is still there.”

Oundo is one of the nine men who have confessed to recruiting school boys into homosexuality in Uganda.

He shocked parents and the LGBTI community in Uganda when he said that he used to supply pornographic materials in a form of books and compact discs, showing homosexuality to young boys in many schools as part of a programme to promote the practice in Ugandan schools, something that the Ugandan LGBTI movement denies any knowledge of.

While Oundo announced that he is now a born again Christian who has abandoned homosexuality, he continues to baffle the LGBTI community when he says he is still an LGBTI activist at heart and that “even now living like a man is very difficult because of what I am.”

Frank Mugisha, Chairperson of SMUG said that George Oundo expected too much from the LGBTI movement.

“It is bad that he is using his sexual orientation for selfish gains. When his demands were not met by the LGBTI community, he sought a new tactic. We believe he has not changed he is still gay and will always be, it is a matter of time before we will all find out that he is lying”, Mugisha concluded.


What if- I lose my job?

George Oundo and the FLN are naming names. fm stations. Press conferences, etc, etc.

Things have been pretty good this year, job wise. But there is a good possibility that I am on the way to being outed.

I am gay. And I am one of the leaders. And it seems the Stephen Langa juggernaut is rolling in that direction. Being outed is of course a nightmare. Somehow, I cannot take back my being gay… some people seem to think it is so easy. If you may be outed, why not pay that price and deny being gay? Why not humble myself and shamefacedly ‘come to Christ’ and say I am no longer gay? I will be given a table near Langa and Ssempa. I will be feted, as one of the chief apostates saved. I can continue my life on a downlow. They don’t need to know, do they?

I am gay, and proud. Putting a foot out of my closet, however microscopically I have done, is something which I will not reverse.

Society? I will, can and throw the finger. Pretty independent.

Clan? They are a problem. But to date, they seem reconciled to leaving me alone. Will that last?

So, what if I am outed? The job matters. Of course. It matters a lot.

Multi-job person that I am, I am confortable with some of my employers. They did stand by me the first time…! But that was before I was accused and taken to be guilty of ‘recruitment’. My defense holds not true. After all, I am gay. So I cannot speak the truth, right?

Clients. The people that Langa is calling on, whose ire he has raised are being told to imagine what it would be like to be ministered to by a big, bad homosexual like me. And then he is telling them where we work. One guy, a headmaster, was accused of sodomizing children. On national TV. The New Vision dared not print his name. Apparently it has been in the works for a long time, that part of the agenda. And since some of us are politicians, doctors, teachers, lawyers, etc, we are going to be exposed. The huge popular righteous anger of the populace is going to be poured on these homosexual individuals.

Of course, being homosexuals, we cannot be fruitful in any vocation. That is a clear cut thing. If we are doctors, or lawyers, it is clear we must be ostracized and cast out, all in the name of Jesus and family values.

Many know who I am, in my many disguises. So, it is something that I have to think about, rationally. What if I can no longer work?


Will have to cross that bridge when I get to it. Some people do tell me that I am good at what I do, so, maybe it will survive the revelation that I am a homosexual. But, the lingering question, what if I lose…!





You cannot recruit people into homosexuality

Hey, the Monitor did publish MY letter. Remember the conversation I once had with them? I am tempted to ask what has changed...  But gift horses are not to be questioned.

Here it is.

You cannot recruit people into homosexuality

As a homosexual, I am very concerned about the allegations made by Mr George Oundo and the Family Life Network (FLN) about gay Ugandans. Mr Oundo has confessed to recruiting children, which is a very serious matter that the police should follow up.

I am gay but I have never engaged in recruiting children into homosexuality. Mr Oundo’s allegation that he has been recruiting children is something I find simply ridiculous because it isn’t possible to change one’s sexual orientation. Are straight people recruited into being straight? In the same way, homosexuals are not ‘recruited’.

Oundo and FLN allege that huge amounts of money are being spent on ‘recruitment’ in schools and universities. From the amounts quoted, I think gay organisations would be the biggest, strongest organisations in Uganda. They would be donors! Being gay may make be different but I am not evil.




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Treatment of Homosexuals

One thing that continues to amaze me is the fact that anti-gay people take concrete scientific reasoning and throw it on the floor.

See, they sneer in derision they are gay! And of course, in their view, this discredits the information. Fact is, if all of these proffesional people were gay, we would be the strongest, most resoursefull minority in the world.
Anyway, this is what the proffessional people actually talk about 'conversion' therapy. Someone went and did for me what I was looking for for some time. The record of what proffesional communities say about 'healing of gay people'.

Missing, of course, is the fact that since 1994, the WHO says we are not ill.

This is the proffesional point of view which is thrown down, trampled on, in the name of faith. This is what you have to contend with to believe that I am sick and need treatment. But of course you can choose not to believe it. Your right? to stupidity!

But it is a matter of fact that quite a number of doctors also do not believe it. Check this article. So, would you rather that I am treated by quacks for your sake? 
Damn, I mean, I am not ill. Why do you want me ill? For your sense of ....!

Ex-gay? No way, the experts agree


Despite all scientific evidence to the contrary, many religious conservatives insist that gay people can and must become heterosexual, since they think homosexuality is a sinful choice rather than a human variant.

Ex-gay "reparative therapy" or "conversion therapy" proponents assert that counseling, prayer and sometimes aversion therapy, exorcisms, fasting and lipstick-application seminars for lesbians are sufficient for flipping sexual orientation.

The scientific community, however, resoundingly agrees that sexual orientation cannot be changed, and such "therapies" may in fact be harmful.

The American Medical Association stated, "Most of the emotional disturbance experienced by gay men and lesbians around their sexual identity is ... due more to a sense of alienation in an unaccepting environment. For this reason, aversion therapy ... is no longer recommended."

The American Academy of Pediatrics warned, "Therapy directed at specifically changing sexual orientation is contraindicated, since it can provoke guilt and anxiety while having little or no potential for achieving changes in orientation."

The American Psychiatric Association went further: "There is no published scientific evidence supporting the efficacy of 'reparative therapy' as a treatment to change one's sexual orientation." And again, "The potential risks of 'reparative therapy' are great, including depression, anxiety and self-destructive behavior."


The American Psychological Association agreed: "Medical and mental health professionals also now know that sexual orientation is not a choice and cannot be altered. Groups who try to change the sexual orientation of people through so-called 'conversion therapy' are misguided and run the risk of causing a great deal of psychological harm to those they say they are trying to help."

The "ex-gay ministries" answer these bristling position papers by carefully parsing their definition of success. Rather than sexual orientation transformation resulting in, say, heterosexual marriage, they define success as the ability to resist homosexual urges. Critics see this as temporary suppression of one's sexuality, nothing more.

Also, these groups curiously keep no long-term follow-up records to scientifically validate their success rates, relying only upon anecdotal evidence. That has been problematic, though, as many founders, successive leaders and clients of these organizations have first claimed to be sexually reoriented and then reverted to homosexuality. Such persons often denounce "conversion therapy" as quackery.

But there is evidence that "ex-gay" proponents are becoming even more extremist.

Exodus International, the largest of these groups, was represented by its president, Alan Chambers, and a board member, Don Schmierer, at an anti-gay hate conference in Uganda this month. The conference promoted such human-rights abuses as forced "ex-gay therapy," life imprisonment for people convicted of homosexuality and the creation of an organization designed to "wipe out" homosexuality in Uganda through police action, forced re-education, life imprisonment and vigilantism. The conference also featured one Scott Lively, who blamed both the Holocaust and the 1994 Rwandan genocide on gays.

Neither Exodus International representative spoke up at the conference to protest any of the recommendations, nor did they denounce the Holocaust revisionist.

Another increasingly shrill and extremist proponent is James Dobson, co-founder of Focus on the Family, a conservative religious ministry. Over the years, Dobson has become obsessed with gay people and believes that one can simply "pray away the gay."

But according to "ex-gay" watchdog group Truth Wins Out, "In the past year alone, Dobson has conflated, purposely misconstrued or cherry-picked research from at least six esteemed academic scholars, who have publicly condemned him for misusing their work." In October 2004, he actually told the The Daily Oklahoman, "Homosexuals are not monogamous. They want to destroy the institution of marriage. It will destroy marriage. It will destroy the Earth."

Yikes! Not only are they unscientific, these people are downright scary.


I would especially implore the parents of gay kids everywhere to heed the advice of respected, science-based professionals and avoid exposing your child to the psychologically dangerous "reparative therapies."


Your child may differ from you, but is not broken and does not need repair.

Videos of the Anti-Gay Campaign in Uganda

Saw this.

Wanted to link to them, you get an idea of what is being said in our backwater. Problem is that with our poor internet connections, it is almost impossible to watch it in the country.

Here is the link to the link....!

Box Turtle bulletin here has some transcription of the tapes. Interesting really. This is the truth, that labels us child abusers, molesters, rapists. These are the allegations which Langa and Co are making to label and run a campaign of falsehoods.

On the one hand I wonder how a sane rational person can believe this. Despite the fact that I am gay, I dont think I would take these blanket conclusions, allegations and outright lies as fact, even if I was no gay.

So, why do people believe them?

My real problem is that they do. Ready to condemn me before I can even present a defence!


Anti-Gay Agenda


Langa is on phone to some of us. Requesting for meetings. Should we meet him?

And he is on a roll. A campaign, telling people how bad we are, how we recruit, outing people.

Funny thing. We take our closets for granted. When we are threatened, anger at the person doing that (in love) can become an exceedingly bad thing. You see, we are homosexuals. So, the good, Christian people are justified saying and doing anything, in the name of ‘stopping’ the gay agenda.

Yes, the situation is tense. I have been informed that Langa is advocating the arrest of LGBTI leaders on some fm radio stations. What have they done? They have done all that he has accused them of. He is a popular guest, talking left and right about the horrible ‘homosexual agenda’, and what parents should do to protect their children.

He hits a chord. Here are these ‘homosexuals’. They are big, bad, and ugly. They are funded from outside the country. And they are preying on the helpless children.

Our communities are reacting with anger.

We are the big, bad, gay people. We are the recruiters of their children, the corrupters of their young ones.

For those of us who are known to be gay, hostile reactions. Suddenly, services and goods are not available. Hostility. Abuse.

Uganda is a good step on the road to becoming a Jamaica, thanks to Stephen Langa and his campaign. Did his American friends know that they were stirring up this kind of hatred and hate mongering? They will throw up their hands in helplessness. They never planned this, they will say, with wide eyed innocence.

Planned for the month of April is the gathering of signatures, to convince members of parliament of the people power behind this spontaneous hate movement. A mass rally (anti-gay) in one of the stadia, and getting of more signatures. Then a match to the Parliament, to deliver the signatures for a bill.

Nsaba-Buturo says he wanted a bill which outlaws being gay. Fact.

So, my very act of being is a clear and present danger. Except in prison, maybe.


So, what do I do in face of this mounting, ‘popular’ anger? I can say that I didn’t do the things I am accused of. I can point at their stained white ‘christian’ clothes. I can shout. I can rage. I can….!

It is a steam roller, ready to crush me.

Oh yes, it is pretty personal. And pretty directed.

The strongest weapon in my arsenal? Truth. I am just not as evil as I am painted. Problem is, the Jews who were caught up in the holocaust died, even when they had truth on their side. So did the gays, and the gypsies, and any enemies of the Nazis.

Fact is, life is hard. And knowing it does not make it much easier.



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 From BTM

Last Updated: March 25, 2009


By Nthateng Mhlambiso (BTM Managing Editor) and

Nomancotsho Pakade (The Link Programme Coordinator)


UGANDA – 25 March 2008: The gay community in Uganda says that a confession by George Oundo, that he recruited school children as part of a programme to promote the practice in Ugandan schools, is the first step of a strategy by anti-gay groups to destroy the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) movement in that country.


This community believes that Oundo has been “compromised” by Family Life Network (FLN), which organised an anti-gay conference in Uganda recently, to spread false rumours about the movement, as part of FLN and Uganda Joint Christian Council’s campaign to curb homosexuality in higher education institutions.


In an article by Paul Kiwuuwa of Uganda’s New Vision on 23 March, George Oundo told parents that funders gave him “much money” and offered him training abroad so that he could recruit school children into homosexuality.


He also claimed to have supplied pornographic materials in a form of books and compact discs, showing homosexuality, to young boys in many Ugandan schools.


“I met George in 2007 at the World Social Forum in Nairobi and he introduced himself to me as Georgina, the ‘the young girl’”, Victor Mukasa, whom, in his confession, Oundo said initiated him to homosexuality at the age of 12, revealed.


Mukasa, an LGBTI human rights defender who presently works for International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) added that Oundo played an activist role and seemed dedicated to advancing LGBTI rights in Uganda.


“I have never understood how one can be recruited into another sexual orientation and I was not aware that George was recruiting the youth into homosexuality. Perhaps it was his individual agenda but definitely not that of the gay rights movement in Uganda”, Mukasa said.


Meanwhile Frank Mugisha, Chairperson of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) said Oundo might be confusing seduction with recruitment in his confession statement.


“If he was seducing straight men into being his partners, he was pushing his individual agenda as Georgina, not as part of SMUG and he must not confuse seduction with recruitment”, Mugisha said.


He added that he met Oundo in 2006 and that, at the time, Oundo was already a gay man.


“At the time he was homeless and the LGBTI community helped him sort out his rent because we felt he was part of the community. We did not know that he was pretending.”


“Even after I heard that he was compromised by anti gay groups, I asked him and he told me that people were telling lies about him, that he was a woman, will always be woman and will never change.”


Mugisha also dismissed allegations by Family Life Network, broadcast on Uganda’s local television station WBS, that SMUG received 1.2 Billion Ugandan Shillings from IGLHRC and other organisations in the UK to promote homosexuality in schools, as blatant lies.


Mukasa vowed that even though Oundo “has become another anti-gay activist”, he will not stop the struggle for gay rights in Uganda.


Several efforts to contact Oundo were unsuccessful as he let his phone ring.

Zambia: Elsewhere in Africa


Last Updated: March 24, 2009

Source: Enerst Chanda (Sunday Post)


ZAMBIA – 24 March 2009: Vice president George Kunda on Friday charged in parliament that the government was aware of some people who had married to hide their homosexual activities.

Answering a question from Chadiza MMD member of parliament Allan Mbewe during the vice president’s question and answer session, on what government was doing to curb homosexuality in the country, vice-president Kunda said the laws available were stiff enough to punish such people.


When vice president Kunda stood up to answer the question, many members of parliament burst into laughter especially those from the executive’s side.

Vice president Kunda responded with a constant smile as more laughter and running comments resonated in the house.

Zambia is a Christian nation and it shall continue to be so because it is part of our constitution. And acts such as homosexuality are not part of the Christian norm. In 2005, this house passed stiff laws against homosexuality. For people having carnal knowledge of each other against the order of nature the punishment is a minimum of 15 years imprisonment. If you have carnal knowledge of an animal you serve a minimum of 25 years”.

Vice president Kunda said, as a good number of parliamentarians said “yes, yes “ “ I know there are some prominent people in our society who are practicing homosexuality, some of them are engineers, some are lawyers and some are journalists.”

At this point there were shouts of “shame” and more laughter among many parliamentarians, including the vice president himself.

“If you have information about such people, report them to the law enforcement agencies. There are also some people who are bisexual and they marry to cover up their activities, but at the end of the day we know them,” said vice president Kunda as the laughter increased in the house.

Punch Drunk



You know we are

scared when

the usual watering holes

we avoid like

the plague-

like they are slicked with

repellant oil.


the week has not

been kind;

adverse headlines

ridiculous accusations


banged, blamed, hit

without reply.


We are punch drunk.


©gayuganda 28 Mar. 09

Friday, March 27, 2009

Uganda government to “act” on homosexuality promoters

First published: 20090326 8:39:15 AM EST

The government has threatened to take stern “action” against promoters of homosexuality and lesbianism in Uganda.

The State Minister for Ethics and Integrity, Dr. James Nsaba Buturo said today that the government is working on stern modalities to fight homosexuality especially in schools.

This follows a petition by parents under the Family Life Network NGO claiming that homosexual promoters are very active in Uganda and are luring students into the practice with cash gifts and promises to needy students from unstable or poor families.

The Executive Director of Family Life Network, Stephen Langa told journalists in Kampala that many children had been psychologically tortured and traumatized by experiences of homosexuality which the group described as unnatural and anti Christian.

Dr. Buturo says the government is going to act swiftly to stop what he calls “moral corruption” of vulnerable Ugandans, especially children into homosexuality.

He says the practice of same sex relationships is illegal in Uganda and unacceptable to the people of Uganda. The minister did not however specify which stern action was to be taken, given that the High Court ruled last year that all Ugandans, including homosexuals and lesbians are accorded the same rights and freedoms by Uganda’s constitution.

Study Finds Shrinks Still try to “Cure” Gays

Of course the study was not in Africa... Sniff. In Africa, homosexuals are supposed to be cured.

ex-gay therapy. Conversion treatment. 

Why the interest? Scott Lively mercifully offered ‘gay cures’ to Ugandan gays, in place of life imprisonment. He seemed very ‘rational’ to Ugandans. He has a cure for homosexuality. And he was pedalling it, in his best selling books. But does his cure work?

Well, first remember that the World Health Organisation says homosexuality is no disease or disorder. Remember that this is since 1994. It has been removed from the Diagnostic Statistical Manual 4 and the International Classification of Disease- 10. (I am showing off, of course!)

Also remember that President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa, and his medic Health Minister believed that HIV was not the cause of AIDS. And that beetroot and garlic could cure AIDS.

What is the commonality in all this?

Scott Lively, like Thabo Mbeki and his Health Minister are a fringe group that believes a different version of the truth. Their own truth. Scientific and popular proofs may show something else. Indeed, they show an opposite point of view. But for some reason, these people BELIEVE, and their belief triumphs everything else.

Scott Lively would never have been able to sell his belief in his own country. USA. But in poor Uganda, he sold it as truth. As fact. Reality.

And of course when I protest that that is not truth, he flings back at me; I am of a reprobate mind, a homosexual so mired in sin that I don’t want to change.

Well, here is some peer reviewed material. If you dare whine that it is not ‘African’ I will dare you not to take any ‘western medicine’ for your next bout of malaria. Not even a panadol. Okay? It is not African after all. We will be quits, you and I.




March 26, 2009

(ChattahBox)—A study just published today by BMC Psychiatry, an open access journal for mental health professionals, based in the UK, disturbingly found that a significant minority of practicing psychiatrists and therapists still try to “cure” their homosexuals patients.

Researchers from the University College of London and St George’s, University of London, snail-mailed out questionnaires to over 1,400 mental health professionals, posing the question; of whether they would attempt to change a client’s sexual orientation if requested. A surprising 17 percent admitted to trying to “treat” homosexuality with therapy, despite the mental health profession finding such treatments ineffective and substantially harmful.

In response to the significant number of health professionals treating gay patients as if they have a disease that can be cured with therapy, the researchers launched a new website to chronicle the stories of gay patients who have been subjected to this quackery. Many of therapists who attempted to cure gay patients had negative feelings towards homosexuality, thinking it perverse and against God.

In other words, some health professionals are using discredited therapies that are widely known to hurt rather than help their patients. They are breaking their medical oaths of “do no harm,” because of their own religious or cultural feelings towards homosexuality.

The researchers want to raise awareness about the dangers and harm caused by so-called homosexuality treatments. Researchers say competent mental health professionals should value their gay patients as people, help them adjust to their situation, and help them see that there is nothing pathological about their sexual orientation.

Gay right’s activists are pleased that the researchers are making it clear, to health practitioners, that homosexual cures are widely discredited, misguided and do real harm to their patients.


Another Review of it from Eureka

Therapists still offering treatments for homosexuality despite lack of evidence

A significant minority of psychiatrists and therapists are still attempting to help lesbian, gay and bisexual clients become heterosexual despite lack of evidence that such treatment is beneficial or even safe, according to research funded by the Wellcome Trust.

The research, published today in the open access journal BMC Psychiatry, coincides with the launch of the website The website gathers together oral histories from lesbian, gay and bisexual people who have undergone treatment as well as from professionals who developed and conducted such treatments.

Researchers from UCL (University College London) and St George's, University of London, question over 1,400 mental health professionals on whether they would attempt to change a client's sexual orientation if requested. Although only one in twenty-five (4%) said that they would do so, one in six (17%) reported having assisted at least one client to reduce their gay or lesbian feelings, usually through therapy. Therapists were also asked in what year they had conducted such therapy and there was no sign of a decrease in recent times.

"There is very little evidence to show that attempting to treat a person's homosexual feelings is effective and in fact it can actually be harmful," says Professor Michael King from UCL. "So it is surprising that a significant minority of practitioners still offer this help to their clients."

Professor King and colleagues found that a number of reasons were given by the psychiatrists and therapists for offering assistance, ranging from the counsellor's own moral and religious views about homosexuality through to a desire to help patients who were stressed by discrimination. There was also a degree of ignorance about the lack of evidence surrounding such the efficacy of such therapies – in particular, that no randomised control trials have ever been conducted that show that the therapies are effective.

Comments from the counsellors who offered assistance included:

"Where someone had a strong faith, then working to help the person accept their feelings but manage them appropriately may be the best approach if [the] person felt they would lose God and therefore their life was not worth living."

"The individuals I have worked with have all been very unhappy about their sexuality and wish they were heterosexual. This has been because of responses from friends, family and the local community – which outside London is still very homophobic."

"Children and young adults are more likely to be confused about their sexuality and to jump to conclusions (correct or otherwise) if unable to talk through their concerns."

"Although homosexual feelings are usual in people, their physical expression, and being a person's only way of having sexual relations is problematic. The physical act for male homosexuals is physically damaging and is the main reason in this country for AIDS/HIV. It is also perverse."

Professor King believes that it is important to raise awareness amongst both therapists and the wider public about homosexuality and its so-called treatments.

"The best approach is to help people adjust to their situation, to value them as people and show them that there is nothing whatever pathological about their sexual orientation," he says. "Both mental health practitioners and society at large must help them to confront prejudice in themselves and in others."

The researchers have launched a new website,, which aims to help raise awareness and collect oral histories from both mental health practitioners and the people they have treated.

Commenting on the research, Derek Munn, Director of Public Affairs at the gay and lesbian equality organisation Stonewall, says: "So-called gay cure therapies are wholly discredited. The conclusions of this research are a welcome reminder that what lesbian and gay people need is equal treatment by society, not misguided treatment by a minority of health professionals."

And the Study Abstract is here

And, you can even get the Provisional pdf.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Media Frenzy starts; or Continues-

Ugandan Parents concerned on homosexuality

First published: 20090325 12:09:27 PM EST

Ugandan Parents speak out on homosexuality

Parents in Uganda have expressed concern over the increasing levels of homosexuality, defilement and sexual harassments of children.

The parents under the Family Life Network (FLN) says that information revealed from several reliable sources indicates that many children in schools are facing horror, frustration, mental and psychological torture for being cajoled into homosexuality.

FLN’s Executive Director, Langa Steven say that there are agents involved in recruiting children into homosexuality and lesbianism.

Langa says that these suspected groups take advantages children by using deception, manipulation and coercion.

Pastor Joseph Male who addressed a press conference in Kampala with Langa also says that findings show that immorality groups are recruiting children into homosexuality. He says these homosexual promoters hide behind human rights organization and claim to be protecting sex minorities Uganda.

Pastor Male claims that these groups spend about 2,000,000 per week to recruit university students into homosexuality and lesbianism.

Wataba David, a concerned parent in Kampala says that other effective tools used to break the resistance and defenses of children is pornography shown to potential victims

The parents condemned Amakula film festival for showing homosexual films to young children through their annual shows in the country.

The parents said they are going to write to the President Museveni showing their discontent at what they call the increasing immorality levels in the county so that the government can reverse the trend.

Bu some organizers have blamed the parents for persecuting children who are naturally transgender or attracted to people of the same sex. While pro gay activities argue that it is a natural phenomena, anti gay activists say homosexuality is an acquired behavior which promotes sexual unions against the order of nature. Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda.

From the New Vision

Eight denounce homosexuality

Wednesday, 25th March, 2009        

By Moses Mulondo


EIGHT more men yesterday confessed involvement in homosexuality and gay activities, which they said they had abandoned. Speaking to journalists at the Grand Imperial Hotel in Kampala, the youthful men described homosexuality as abnormal and anti-Christian, and declared war against it.


The tough-talking men were accompanied by George Oundo, who earlier in the week denounced homosexuality and confessed recruiting school children into the practice.


“We have been involved in recruiting homosexuals, spreading the gospel of homosexuality, and we know the operations of homosexuals,” said 27-year-old Emma Matovu, who took to homosexuality 13 years ago. “We shall do all it takes to eliminate the practice in Uganda.”


Matovu, who said he abandoned the practice two weeks ago, asserted: “Homosexuality is dangerous and dehumanising but is growing fast in Uganda.”


He urged the Government and all concerned citizens to “wake up now before this abnormal practice is made to appear normal as the case has been in the West”.


Another former homosexual, Charles Asiimwe, said the practice had spread to government offices, churches, schools and hotels. “Many business moguls are involved,” Asiimwe said.


Oundo said the eight men would fight the vice because they were victims with a tormenting experience.


“We shall expose those who refuse to abandon the practice and we shall not be intimidated because we are protected by Jesus,” he asserted. “We know their operations, including a restaurant in the city centre where homosexuals wait for clients from nearby hotels.”


He urged his former partners to abandon the practice, saying Uganda should become a role model in fighting the “barbarism”.


He called on Juliet Mukasa, the head of the Sexual Minorities in Uganda (SMUG), Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo, a gay rights activist and headmaster Kisule (other name withheld) to abandon the practice.


SMUG brings together lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and intersex activists in Uganda.


Addressing the press conference, Family Life Network chief Stephen Langa read a statement from parents and concerned citizens, urging the Government to establish a probe to assess the prevalence of homosexuality in Uganda.


“We want a confidential platform to be provided for abused children to speak out without being stigmatised,” the parents suggested.


Langa said his group would move around the country convincing parents to sign a petition to be handed to the President and Parliament on April 7. He said the petition will demand urgent steps to be taken against homosexuality in Uganda.

Outed. By one once Our Own


Time is almost 9 pm. Ten minutes to the top of the hour.

I have been receiving phone calls, panicked actually, that there are more revelations from George Oundo, on TV. Apparently, at 9, on NTV, there will be some news. Prime time news. Nothing to do but to wait, and know what exactly is being said. Seems as if we are well and truly into having a gay witch hunt happening soon! Oh, I got a preview, so I will be just write what is happening.


Kind of shivery. Waiting for this shit to happen. I mean, what is really happening? Names? Or the hysteria about ‘recruiting’? What is recruiting?

I cannot say whether or not I know what it is. The definition by George Oundo was something disgusting. I mean, I studied in Ugandan schools but I never came across any homosexual recruiter. But I am still a homosexual.

And, I have worked for gay rights for long. And I have not recruited.

Hold. Someone commented that this blog is also a Recruitment Agency.


Headlines on NTV, Cant keep up. Is also on UBC, and WBS. 

Ok, I cannot keep up. Will just pick the points.

Family Health Network held a press conference, urging parents to unite and confront the evil of homosexuality. George Oundo featured as a speaker.

Major point, Homosexuals are recruiting youths in Uganda. And the parents have to stand up to this. We need a tougher law against homosexuals. And Stephen Langa has a book, which he is promoting, to counter homosexual propaganda to children.


George Oundo, he is in his element. Very brave, confessing to being a homosexual, and a pedophile. He says 2 Million Uganda shillings a day (that is about 1,000 US Dollars) is being spent on recruitment of students by homosexuals.

He is mentioning names.

The major group is Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) which Oundo says is a coalition of 5 groups. He mentions the groups. And the leaders. Including Bishop Ssenyonjo! Well, that is not true. The bishop is not gay... Has said so too many times.

Oundo is going ahead, saying that god has saved him from being a homosexual. (and a pederast) and now he hopes to get married one day- to a woman of course. Repeats that homosexuals are made, not born. (Recruited???) And that anyone can change. And that more than 10 homosexuals have changed because of his example.

The television stations cut off to some of the homosexual activists. Yes, filmed last year when the Victor case was being given.

Oh well,

Our nice, confortable closet is well and truly blown apart. In a homophobic country, our anonymity is torn up, and we are being accused of the most heinous of crimes. We are recruiting, and teaching children homosexuality.

Damage control now is a necessity. What will follow?

Is funny that the lies and sensationalism has so caught up everyone that it is impossible for us to insist that these are lies. The lesson of history. Tell a lie about a small unpopular group, and you are able to sustain the conversation with bigger and bigger lies. Think the Hutus in Rwanda. Jews in Germany...! Stretching the point? Am I?

A witch hunt. Very possible.

Some interesting outings? Possible.

How long will I be able to continue blogging? How safe is my blogging?

But we have survived adversity before now. We will survive even this. Will kind of mean that some of us will have to stand up and take the heat. Problem may be jobs and other things. Can we beat the taint of evil? Homosexuals recruiting! Oh well.

Tough days ahead.

The papers tomorrow will be interesting. Watch this space.

 (Remember some prayers for those who are outed, whether or not they are gay!)



A bit of Veritaserum

A previous brush with the press. George Oundo soon before he met and embraced Ssempa.

I will not dare comment. Of course I am biased. But I will note that this article from the red rug appeared Oct. 08 just before Oundo got saved... And he does refer to the arrest charges as 'Recruiting Homosexuals'... Sigh, another definition of that it seems.

It is all public knowledge anyway


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Is it true? Homosexual Recruitment

It is hilarious, isn’t it?

I don’t know whether it was a slow news day at the New Vision or not. But I am being forced to respond, mainly because of the comments on the last post.
Homosexual recruitment. It seems such a huge, recruitment issue (for the anti-gay movement). Why?

Think of children being in danger of these homosexual monsters. Think of young minds corrupted. Think of this menace, unfolding, un-checked.

And think of a populace without the basic knowledge and understanding of human sexuality. A populace very ready to believe in myths, especially about big, bad homosexuals.

Think of a newspaper wanting to sell badly. Put the words ‘Homosexual admits’ on the headlines, and you have the hysteria, the belief, the stirring up of homophobia.

Langa has won? Oh, I know he will think so.

But curiously, with all this flowing out and the mood definitely ready to lynch the homosexual, I will say that Langa is losing. Because he is a wolf hiding in a flock of ignorant sheep.

This big, bad, reprobate, an unrepentant homosexual to boot, is going to use truth, and logic, to punch holes in the article. (And how best to shame Christians when they hate by showing that they in truth hate and tell lies?)

Homosexuals recruiting? Wow, how horrible! How shameful! How horrible! How completely, absolutely unbearable!

Take a deep breath, heterosexual, straight you. In. Out. Take another one. And answer this question.

Were you recruited into being a Heterosexual?

The answer seems to be very obvious.
That is, if you think that both homosexuals and heterosexuals are human beings with similar drives. So, where you recruited into being a heterosexual?

I am a homosexual. So, since I cannot speak for heterosexuals, I will not bother to say that I think I know the answer. Were you ‘made’ a heterosexual?

As I said, I am a homosexual. A Ugandan, living, working, in the country. I grew up here, studied in our schools, and I work here. Hell, I am a Ugandan, through and through.

So, was I recruited into being a homosexual?

The simple, and passionate answer to that is DO NOT INSULT MY INTELLIGENCE.
I may not be as clever as I would like to be, but I know enough of myself to know that I was never recruited. I am a homosexual.
Err, someone by my side is also incensed. My lover says he knew he was a homosexual when he was very young. But his first contact with a man in any sexual way was when he was into his mid twenties.
Recruitment? It seems the logic of the anti-gay people is that only homosexuals are recruited. Others have free will in their sexual orientation.

What about George Oundo?
I know the guy. Georgina, we used to call her. Sorry, him now. He is ex-gay, or at least he claims to be. Big, buff, and very jolly. I thought he was confident in his sexuality. And yeah, he was one of the wild ones. Of us big, bad homosexuals. Now he is a saint.

Was Georgina ‘recruited’ into homosexuality? Don’t insult my intelligence. (Sorry for the strong words. I know you do want to know.) I don’t believe he was recruited.

Is Georgina no longer homosexual? Last year, he had some problems, and the gay community started shunning him. Check out past issues of the Red Pepper. He did get another front page article. Ssempa approached him, and apparently he is now convinced he is anti-gay.

Conversion therapy has been around for years. The anti-gay conference was not the first time it was advocated. What Ssempa fails to tell people who go there is that it will hurt them. Confuse them. And in the long run, they are not healed. It is a big, fat, lie, propagated by ex-gay therapists like Langa, and Ssempa, and Scott Lively. Go into it, you are in for the worst kind of self deception that you will ever have.
Ask the World Health Organisation why they don’t sign onto it.

Anyway, that was an aside. Georgina was Georgina until about 6 months ago. Or less. Now he is healed. Or so he says.
Frankly, I don’t believe him. But that is his business.

And the recruitment he swears to? I would advise Ssempa and Langa to embrace this gingerly! Just a case of buyer beware.
I am a ‘bigger’ homosexual than George Oundo. I will swear to having never been ‘recruited’. Hell, the struggle that I had was trying to erase these feelings, when they were completely unsought!

I don’t recruit. Well, I have a live-in-lover, for the past eight years. Yes, I stray, sometimes. Recruiting? No! and don’t insult my intelligence.

And the big moneys that George Oundo speaks of? Well, maybe it is because I have never been a ‘recruiter’ that I don’t seen them. All this money from ‘Homosexual International’. Why am I missing out on it? Will someone give me some of this money? Please? I mean, I am stealing this time off work, and I will have to pay for it. I just don’t like people telling lies about me unchallenged.

Conferences to train recruiters?
I like WildeY’s response below. Oh well, Nairobi, Kenya seems to be a great and good place for training homosexuals. WildeY, do you need to train me more? I mean, I think there are somethings that I have been missing out here!!!!!!
Brother, any more comments on this? That East African Institute for Recruiting Homosexuals! You make lots of money, don’t you, you Kenyans! Well, your entrepreneur spirit is to be lauded.
Ok, it is a bit more laughable than I would like. Why the hell do logical thinking people believe this shit?

I believe George was at a pretty international conference in Nairobi, Kenya. It was called something like the Peoples Forum? The World People's Forum. And he gave a speech, about being gay in Uganda! I think that is where he intimates he was given a 'post graduate course' in recruitment.
Dont know. I was not there. But, there were many Kenyans there, and it did make waves, huh! That was in Nairobi.
Wouldnt it be funny for George Oundo to be err, questioned about this training? Preferably under Veritaserum...!

Sorry Human Rights Watch, for spreading the gay agenda. You have been pinned, haven’t you?!!!!! Apparently, you sprung a homosexual recruiter from jail. Government should note. The guy is still free!

Victor Mukasa. Your case has been used by anti-gay people. Funny that it is so clear cut, but they don’t seem to get the point. I have referenced the case here for a long, long while. Bottom line, a Ugandan’s privacy was invaded because the Local Council Chairman suspected them of being ‘Lesbian’. Stripped to prove their gender!
Victor went to court. Victor won the case. The Lady Justice was very clear, a wrong was done by the government. And there was no justification to invade a persons privacy because one was suspected of being ‘gay or lesbian’. Oh, I know, Ssempa and church members picketed the court. They were not there for the ruling. They have not read the ruling. Poor them. If you want a copy of it, I will send it to you. Just ask me!

As for SMUG?
You the umbrella organization of recruiters? I don’t think SMUG is that stupid. But, I am not surprised if people believe this shit.

the rest of the things cited in the article are what has been rumoured, and written as truth, as we are smeared.

Friends, I am gay.

I may be of a ‘reprobate’ mind, according to the beloved, caring, loving Pastor Martin Ssempa, but I do have a little intelligence.
Hit me, but hit me with the truth. I am very willing to face you with the truth, as I see it. If it is wrong, then correct me.

But when you come out with lies, however wrapped, I will hit back. Err, with truth. That is fair is isn’t?

And if you are still wondering about the myth of ‘recruitment’ I will ask again.

Were you recruited into being a Heterosexual?


Shock! Homosexual Recruiting Prooved!

Headlines and article from the New Vision this morning.

Homosexual admits recruiting students

Homosexual admits recruiting students

Monday, 23rd March, 2009

Oundo addresses parents at Hotel Triangle Kampala where he confessed to recruiting students

By Paul Kiwuuwa

A man shocked parents on Sunday when he confessed to recruiting school children into homosexuality as part of a programme to promote the practice in Ugandan schools.

George Oundo said funders gave them “much money” and training abroad and that he would target mostly the needy children who had problems of tuition and pocket money and “others who like outings.”

Oundo warned parents to know their children’s friends. Homosexuals, he added, were targeting mostly children “because they are easy to initiate and they like easy things”.

Oundo said he got seriously involved in promoting homosexuality in 2003. “I was taken to Nairobi for training,” he said. “I used to supply pornographic materials in form of books and compact discs showing homosexuality to young boys in many schools,” he explained.

The training, he said, was facilitated by Gay and Lesbian Coalition. “I also got the pupils’ telephone contacts. We used to meet with both girls and boys in schools during ceremonial parties,” he asserted.

He said he only stopped his activities after becoming a Born-again Christian. He told all this to about 50 parents attending a seminar at Hotel Triangle, Kampala on Sunday. It was organised by Family Life Network, a local charity which promotes family values.

Oundo said he got saved at Pastor Martin Sempa’s church, the Inter-Faith Rainbow Coalition against Homosexuality, based at Makerere University Kampala.

Oundo asserted that he had been a renown gay and lesbian activist for five years and had operated under the umbrella group, Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG). He said he had taken on the female role and his name was Georgina.

“Praise God. Recently I realised that I have been victimising young people into devilish ways,” Oundo said. “I confess before the parents of the victimised children and they should forgive me.”

He hoped to go back to his former school, Muyenga High (Jinja), where he recruited many students and repent.

He said he was initiated into the vice at 12 by friends like Victor Mukasa, a gay activist, after his parents separated and he was being raised by a single mother.

“I was brought up in a poor family. Lack of parental care, love and the loneliness may have led me to join gay activities,” he added.

Oundo said he experienced a transgender transition because he “wanted to be a woman”. “Just go to the Internet and Google the name Georgina and you will see how I have been defending gay activism,” he explained.

Oundo said homosexuality was spread by international human rights organisations. He said after he denounced the gay activities, he received threats from a gay activist who accused him of betrayal.

George ‘Georgina’ Oundo and another gay activist, “Brenda” Kiiza, were arrested on September 10, 2008, for “recruiting homosexuals”. But they were released on September 18, 2008 after their lawyer and the international human rights organisation, Human Rights Watch, protested.

In July 2005, local government officers raided the home of Juliet Victor Mukasa, the former chairperson of SMUG. They seized documents and arrested another lesbian activist. Mukasa sued for torture and court awarded her damages.

Gay rights activists have become more vocal in their campaign for recognition and have featured prominently at international conferences, particularly relating to HIV/AIDS.

Last year, education minister Namirembe Bitamazire announced an investigation into homosexuality in schools following complaints by MPs that the illegal activity was rampant in schools.

The Uganda AIDS Commission chief, Kihumuro Apuuli, also noted at the time that schools had become a breeding ground for the vice, which targets youth aged between 15 and 24. He said parents and guardians had a big responsibility to inculcate African values into their children.

Sodomy is a crime under the penal code and the Constitution prohibits “marriage between persons of the same sex”.

Pastors of Pentecostal churches last week called for a commission of inquiry into allegations of sodomy and homosexuality in churches.

Other pastors yesterday told journalists in Kampala the war against sodomy would be long and challenging but must be fought.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Prison Freedom

I am free;

an outcast

from my world.


I live a world of freedom

hidden beneath a surface

of thorns, hate



I swim. Free

but for the cage

of thought,

defining my freedom

and the hostile

active passive hate

of my mates.




These prison wall will

fracture, Inshallah;


meantime I will swim

free in a freedom

of unhindered thought.


©GayUganda 23 Mar. 09

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Raped and killed for being a lesbian: South Africa ignores 'corrective' attacks

Many times, one cannot comment on some of the things that happen in our beautiful world. One of the things the anti-gay agenda has reminded me is the fact that homophobia is not isolated.

You may just want to 'heal' us, or send us to prison, or make the law tougher, or take away our sense of pride and dignity. You may compare us to Nazis, blame us for the Rwanda genocide, and in the same breath swear vehemently that you do love us.

It is all the same thing. You hate us. As much as those men in South Africa who are putting us at risk. Who are raping, and killing, and defiling us.

You hate us. Same emotion. Same justification. Because we are gay.

Duh, the camoflage of religious, Christian, etc does hang thin and too transparent.


• Women living in fear of brutal assaults by male gangs

• Country's 'macho politics' lead to lack of action

Annie Kelly, Thursday 12 March 2009 17.49 GMT

The partially clothed body of Eudy Simelane, former star of South Africa's acclaimed Banyana Banyana national female football squad, was found in a creek in a park in Kwa Thema, on the outskirts of Johannesburg. Simelane had been gang-raped and brutally beaten before being stabbed 25 times in the face, chest and legs. As well as being one of South Africa's best-known female footballers, Simelane was a voracious equality rights campaigner and one of the first women to live openly as a lesbian in Kwa Thema.

Her brutal murder took place last April, and since then a tide of violence against lesbians in South Africa has continued to rise. Human rights campaigners say it is characterised by what they call "corrective rape" committed by men behind the guise of trying to "cure" lesbians of their sexual orientation.

Now, a report by the international NGO ActionAid, backed by the South African Human Rights Commission, condemns the culture of impunity around these crimes, which it says are going unrecognised by the state and unpunished by the legal system.

The report calls for South Africa's criminal justice system to recognise hate crimes, including corrective rape, as a separate crime category. It argues this will force police to take action over the rising violence and ensure the resources and support is provided to those trying to bring perpetrators to justice.

The ferocity and brutality of Simelane's murder sent shockwaves through Kwa Thema, where she was much known and loved for bringing sports fame to the sprawling township.

Her mother, Mally Simelane, said she always feared for her daughter's safety but never imagined her life would be taken in such a way.

"I'm scared of these people that they are going to come and kill me too because I don't know what happened," she said. "Why did they do this horrible thing? Because of who she was? She was a sweet lady, she never fought with anyone, but why would they kill her like this? She was stabbed, 25 holes in her. The whole body, even under the feet."

The Guardian talked to lesbians in townships in Johannesburg and Cape Town who said they were being deliberately targeted for rape and that the threat of violence had become an everyday ordeal.

"Every day I am told that they are going to kill me, that they are going to rape me and after they rape me I'll become a girl," said Zakhe Sowello from Soweto, Johannesburg. "When you are raped you have a lot of evidence on your body. But when we try and report these crimes nothing happens, and then you see the boys who raped you walking free on the street."

Research released last year by Triangle, a leading South African gay rights organisation, revealed that a staggering 86% of black lesbians from the Western Cape said they lived in fear of sexual assault. The group says it is dealing with up to 10 new cases of "corrective rape" every week.

"What we're seeing is a spike in the numbers of women coming to us having been raped and who have been told throughout the attack that being a lesbian was to blame for what was happening to them," said Vanessa Ludwig, the chief executive at Triangle.

Support groups claim an increasingly aggressive and macho political environment is contributing to the inaction of the police over attacks on lesbians and is part of a growing cultural lethargy towards the high levels of gender-based violence in South Africa.

"When asking why lesbian women are being targeted you have to look at why all women are being raped and murdered in such high numbers in South Africa," said Carrie Shelver, of women's rights group Powa, a South African NGO. "So you have to look at the increasingly macho culture, which seeks to oppress women and sees them as merely sexual beings. So when there is a lesbian woman she is an absolute affront to this kind of masculinity."

A statement released by South Africa's national prosecuting authority said: "While hate crimes – especially of a sexual nature – are rife, it is not something that the South African government has prioritised as a specific project."

The failure of police to follow up eyewitness statements and continue their investigation into another brutal double rape and murder of lesbian couple Sizakele Sigasa and Salome Massooa in July 2007 has led to the formation of the 07-07-07 campaign, a coalition of human rights and equality groups calling for justice for women targeted in these attacks.

Sigasa and Massooa were tortured, gang raped and shot near their homes in Meadowland, Soweto in July 2007, shortly after being verbally abused outside a bar.

Human rights and equality campaigners are hoping that the public outrage and disgust at Simelane's death and the July trial of the three men accused of her rape and murder will help put an end to the spiralling violence increasingly faced by lesbians across South Africa.

Despite more than 30 reported murders of lesbians in the last decade, Simelane's trial has produced the first conviction, when one man who pleaded guilty to her rape and murder was jailed last month.

On sentencing, the judge said that Simelane's sexual orientation had "no significance" in her killing. The trial of a further three men pleading not guilty to rape, burglary and murder will start in July.

In Soweto and Kwa Thema, women seem unconvinced that Simelane's case will change anything for the better.

Phumla talks of her experience of being taught a "classic lesson" by a group of men who abducted and raped her when she was returning from football training in 2003. She says that "practically every" lesbian in her community has suffered some form of violence in the past year and that it will take more than one trial to stop this happening.

"Every day you feel like its a time bomb waiting to go off," she said. "You don't have freedom of movement, you don't have space to do as you please. You are always scared and your life always feels restricted. As women and as lesbians we need to be very aware that it is a fact of life that we are always in danger."