Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gay Agenda

there’s no

‘Homosexual Agenda’-

to that I’ll swear:

figment of the mind

Conspiracy theory

beloved by our haters

justifying their hate.


there is a

Gay Agenda-

that I swear

and I’m sworn to;


[if not there,

I will make it

milking desert sands

for life giving,

flowing waters.]


this is my

Gay Agenda:

respect for me as human

even when you hate;

Hands off my happiness

No lies told to hurt,

love to my love

No prison

No hate

No crime-


that is my agenda

the Gay Agenda

that I swear to.


© GayUganda 12 Mar. 09


Skorrdal said...

The REAL gay-"agenda" is FREEDOM, EQUALITY and RESPECT. But who doesn't deserve that?

Why should we be treated as inferior? Why to we NOT deserve RESPECT? Who has the RIGHT to judge us? The Christians, who "beleive" that they should "Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against one of your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD."

Why should we even trust a word of those who think they are christians - and judge us? But, we should forgive them, because, "they do not know what they do..." Or what?

I hope you will never falter- never give up! Never stop being who you really are. That's how you were created, with or without religion - that's who your are! Never stop being who you are; that's truly against nature!

spiralx said...

Maybe you, SMUG, et al. should be sending copies of the real 'gay agenda' to all the newspapers, radio and TV stations in Uganda?

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