Monday, March 30, 2009

What if- I lose my job?

George Oundo and the FLN are naming names. fm stations. Press conferences, etc, etc.

Things have been pretty good this year, job wise. But there is a good possibility that I am on the way to being outed.

I am gay. And I am one of the leaders. And it seems the Stephen Langa juggernaut is rolling in that direction. Being outed is of course a nightmare. Somehow, I cannot take back my being gay… some people seem to think it is so easy. If you may be outed, why not pay that price and deny being gay? Why not humble myself and shamefacedly ‘come to Christ’ and say I am no longer gay? I will be given a table near Langa and Ssempa. I will be feted, as one of the chief apostates saved. I can continue my life on a downlow. They don’t need to know, do they?

I am gay, and proud. Putting a foot out of my closet, however microscopically I have done, is something which I will not reverse.

Society? I will, can and throw the finger. Pretty independent.

Clan? They are a problem. But to date, they seem reconciled to leaving me alone. Will that last?

So, what if I am outed? The job matters. Of course. It matters a lot.

Multi-job person that I am, I am confortable with some of my employers. They did stand by me the first time…! But that was before I was accused and taken to be guilty of ‘recruitment’. My defense holds not true. After all, I am gay. So I cannot speak the truth, right?

Clients. The people that Langa is calling on, whose ire he has raised are being told to imagine what it would be like to be ministered to by a big, bad homosexual like me. And then he is telling them where we work. One guy, a headmaster, was accused of sodomizing children. On national TV. The New Vision dared not print his name. Apparently it has been in the works for a long time, that part of the agenda. And since some of us are politicians, doctors, teachers, lawyers, etc, we are going to be exposed. The huge popular righteous anger of the populace is going to be poured on these homosexual individuals.

Of course, being homosexuals, we cannot be fruitful in any vocation. That is a clear cut thing. If we are doctors, or lawyers, it is clear we must be ostracized and cast out, all in the name of Jesus and family values.

Many know who I am, in my many disguises. So, it is something that I have to think about, rationally. What if I can no longer work?


Will have to cross that bridge when I get to it. Some people do tell me that I am good at what I do, so, maybe it will survive the revelation that I am a homosexual. But, the lingering question, what if I lose…!






Anonymous said...

You coward I am a proud gay in hiding. I want people to accept me in hiding. URGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

spiralx said...

Try googling yourself, and see what comes up...

spiralx said...

Also found this on the BTM site just now:

UGANDA - 30 March 2009: A confession by George Oundo and his claim that he has abandoned homosexuality seems to be nothing more than him trying to get back at the LGBTI movement in Uganda since he accuses the leaders of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) of neglecting him and his friend when they were in need.

The outraged Oundo has accused the LGBTI movement in Uganda of lack of transparency, greed and hypocrisy in their work.

He said that things started to go wrong after Victor Mukasa left SMUG and that the present leaders misuse the money that could be used to look after other activists.

"Even though they put us at a hotel after we were arrested, after that the leaders of SMUG neglected us. They left me and Brenda at a station in Matunge with nowhere to go."

He also said that when he tried to talk to the LGBTI movement in Uganda about his grievances, people ignored him.

Oundo also said that the other eight men who confessed are people who also have grievances with the LGBTI movement in Uganda.

Asked whether it is true that he has abandoned homosexuality and whether his confession was not just a way of getting back at the LGBTI movement in Uganda Oundo said "No one can change someone when the heart is still there."

Oundo is one of the nine men who have confessed to recruiting school boys into homosexuality in Uganda.

He shocked parents and the LGBTI community in Uganda when he said that he used to supply pornographic materials in a form of books and compact discs, showing homosexuality to young boys in many schools as part of a programme to promote the practice in Ugandan schools, something that the Ugandan LGBTI movement denies any knowledge of.

While Oundo announced that he is now a born again Christian who has abandoned homosexuality, he continues to baffle the LGBTI community when he says he is still an LGBTI activist at heart and that "Even now living like a man is very difficult because of what I am."

Frank Mugisha, Chairperson of SMUG said that George Oundo expected too much from the LGBTI movement.

"It is bad that he is using his sexual orientation for selfish gains. When his demands were not met by the LGBTI community, he sought a new tactic. We believe he has not changed he is still gay and will always be, it is a matter of time before we will all find out that he is lying." Mugisha concluded.

gayuganda said...

That confession is something, isnt it?

Frankly, Oundo is a buffoon. He has been ringing us telling us those things. As I said earlier, with him Ssempa and Langa are on very slippery ground. But that is up to them...!

I will lift that post from BTM

Mr Anonymous, I salute your excessive courage.


Brian said...

Dear GUG,
I just found your site by googling "Uganda gay" in the google news site. I hope that you are safe. The LGBT community in the USA supports you. I hope that with my own blog and social networking, I can raise awareness of the situation in Uganda. Next week I plan on going to protest the American bigot Scott Lively who has exported his hate to your country. He will be speaking in Southern Caliornia. I hope to shame the organization that has invited him as a speaker (an ultra-conservative wing of the party of George Bush). I'll be thinking of you and the Ugandan LGBT community while I do it.
In solidarity,

AfroGay said...

Read my lips: Oundo is NOT going to name anyone who sent him to schools to recruit boys. What he is claiming is tantamount to suggesting that there is a gay pedophile ring operating in Uganda and you and I know that this is palpable nonsense.

I have put in my two cents' worth on Oundo ( and my feeling is that likely this whole Oundo drama is about money. He is trying to get it from wherever he can get it and right now Langa seems like the best gravy train in town.

As for Eseza ... likely she is not a mother. For mothers know that they have no control over what their children become (enda muwogo; ezaala abalungi nababi, the Baganda say) and that is why women are more accepting of gays. If Eseza is a mother, she is setting herself up for egg on her face since her son or daughter could very well turn out to be gay. Ouch!!

Katende said...

Kati guy, I see your efforts look like they will soon pay off. Refer to Brians comment. Mugambe while he is at it akufunire yo ka visa. Lets face it. Your blog isnt targeting Ugandan readers. Gayi oli sharpu wabula. Banakampala temugwayo

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