Monday, March 9, 2009

Bad Taste in the Mouth

Scott Lively;

so much bigotry spewed,

cesspool opened, stink in the air

you leave me feeling



in need of a bath.


And wonder of wonders, it is me the evil gay man who feels like so!


Indeed it is like a sewer line burst open, in the middle of the taxi park… Stinking to the high heavens. Where does one begin to mop it up? Can one even dare do that?

Wait. There is a remedy. A good, god given, cleansing rain. Truth. It will wash away the stink, even from the air.

Its funny, ironical, that against people like Scott, we evil gays pushing the Homosexual Agenda have nothing but the truth as the most effective weapon. Put his allegations and hate speech against the light of day, and it whimpers off like mist touched by sun.


There is no Homosexual Agenda. Fact.


We are an often disorganized, quarreling, fractious disadvantaged minority which will remain a minority. We want to address some historical injustices. Of course. But to say that we have a laid down agenda is good fiction, worth of the best of the Conspiratory Theories. But it is a bad one!


Think of it this way. There is a Feminist Agenda. Not so? And an anti-Feminist Agenda. (Think of all the men, spearheaded by Princes of Saudi Arabia, the Imams of the Talebans ganging up to, well, stop the Feminist Agenda. They justify women with no schools, no right to representation, education, and to enforce that, they throw acid in the face of school girls. Uh, that is one good Conspiratory Theory. Does it pass muster?)


There is an Anti-Gay Agenda. Fact. Listen to or read Scott Lively for details about that.

The Anti-Gay Agenda is justified by the presence of the Homosexual agenda. File it under the "Scott Lively Theories; the Gospel according to Lively".

If you dont believe, then you are an unbeliever. If you doubt and say so, you are in denial. Of a reprobate mind, consumed in sin.


I think our ‘guests’ are gone back. Don’t know. Didn’t follow them after. Needed some time off. Though I know in some of the churches Sunday, it was sermonizing and testimonies about the homosexual agenda, and our moral decadence.

And, as for me, I will be looking at tearing down the cobwebs that they leave here.

yes I will. Yes I can.

Just have to use truth.

I will be devoting a few post to doing exactly that. But for now, I am resting!

be well, everyone.


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Leonard said...

I updated my blog with some of your remarks today and a link to the rest of them...I´m so sorry that you´ve been visited by the American Bigot of Death Society...they, honestly, represent such ugliness they make me feel sick too...these demented thugs represent the ¨hard right¨ and wish us doubt the ¨retraining of Gays program at Church and School¨ is a commerical message which would promote his fellow travelers who specialize in brain washing for money...let´s hope the Ugandan Parliment doesn´t sign a ¨cure-the-fag¨ contract with this little lynch mob (dressed up to appear Holy).

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