Friday, March 20, 2009

Fall Out

There is one thing that the anti-gay seminar has done to me. Made me more militant. More committed to my cause, as it is.

Not the many lies that they told.

Not the frank hate that they espouse.

Those all contribute. Those are all part of the problem.

But it is the fact that, I have realised that I am not facing the likes and stupidity of Nsaba-Buturo and Ssempa. We are facing forces of evil wrapped in 'religion' and 'church'. So evil that they are prepared to advocate for my death in prison in the name of their agenda. Which has the blessing of their god.

I have been interested to follow some of other blogs about what has been happening here in Uganda. Kind of a gay west perspective on what the American visitors came to do in Uganda. I would like to point you to some of the articles.

Pam's House Blend

More Conservative "Christian" Scary Stuff Coming From American At Ex-Gay Conference In Uganda

A Ugandan Solution: Force LGBT People Into Conversion Therapy?

Box Turtle Bulletin

Exodus Applauds Schmierer’s Part in Uganda Conference

The writer of this one (Timothy Kincaid) has been following the conference from afar. And he has a good list of articles. Some very interesting reading. Browse through at least. It is at the bottom of the article above.


Leonard said...

For years I´ve been angry. Not just because I´ve always despised injustice (directed towards anyone and especially Gay people)or the vicious things people said about LGBT PEOPLE (when I was standing with them silently listening) and not just because of those extremist religious hipocrits who profess virtue and good ¨morals¨ but are more into abusing mankind and snooping into other peoples character than fostering brotherly love and peace. I hate them yet understand their desperation and great emotional neediness...they are terrorfilled, they´ll push anyone off the life raft in order to survive.

I lost my loved one because of a murderer. A murderer (or murderers) who will never be found...he/they performed a crime of hatefully final as hate can dear friend Jose was executed.

So, there I was, in shock, in grief (for more years than I thought I was in grief) and still strongly sincere in my belief that the God that I believed in didn´t kill my partner/dearest friend. I believe and believed that God still insisted that I be, and remain, the authentic version of me...the Gay, Homosexual matter what. Emotionally sick people/greedy/jealous people murder people, God doesn´t (I believe that to be true).

Somehow, I gained on clairty. I was to become a more accepting friend to the Homosexual in me...I became entirely comfortable with me, as me...I learned how to ¨just be.¨ And I learned, thorough grief, how to NEVER TAKE MY EYES OFF OF REALITY!

I noticed you just received the same message...being vigilant counts...ignoring potential evil and evildoers is in PRETEND is plain slothful and/or stupid.


Love to you and yours,

Leonardo Ricardo

gayuganda said...

Thanks for sharing that Leornado


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