Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nigeria gay activists speak out

This is the kind of thing the anti-gay agenda speaks out FOR.

A fact, I have lived with my man, the man I love, for 8 good years. I hope to go on living with him for as long as I draw breath. Of course we make love. We do have sex, as frequently, as hotly as we can. Why not.

This is what the kind of thing which the Nigerian Legislative assemblies want to criminalise. My act of making love is criminal, in Nigeria, as well as in Uganda. But, because they cannot break down my door and arrest me, catch me red handed as the law requires, they want to use other means. Check out the quotes I am picking from the article below.


  • any of our friends who knows that we live together would be subject to punishment. For knowing that my lover and I have lived together all this long, in love and harmony. They have ‘aided and abetted’ our love.

  • Our friends would actually have tougher jail terms than me. For aiding and abetting me and my lover.
  • The definition for gay marriage is “as gay people living together”. So, there you are. A new definition. Just living together. Not having sex. Not caught kissing. Gay people are plain not supposed to ‘live together’
  • Any gay organisation is criminal. Period. Told you once that gug is a criminal, didn’t I?


I cannot look with any respect to religious figures who support this sort of invasion of my privacy. In the name of ‘god’, ‘family’, etc they see my love as an attack on them. I am the charitable one here when I look them in the eye and declare that I truly despise them. They hate me. They want me in prison, in the name of love. Yes they do. And in the most hypocritical of ways declare they are full of love for me. Pharisees.

Check out the statements of support from Church and Church related groups for this invasion of the privacy of any gay Nigerian.

This is the kind of draconian thing the Scott Lively, Ssempa, Nsaba-Buturo and Langa are after. Bet you Nsaba Buturo is anxiously picking up points. A new law is soon coming for gay Ugandans.

Now, my lover is telling me that my dinner is getting cold. He loves me. And he does care about this stupid legislation, coming up in Nigeria. It will occur in Uganda, soon. But for now it isn’t. And my dinner is getting cold. So, let me put aside my ire and anger and enjoy the love that I have with my companion and love. At least, for now, I can enjoy it.

For now.




 The article from BBC

Nigerian gay rights activists have told the country's lawmakers that a new bill to outlaw same sex marriage would lead to widespread human rights abuses. The new law would mean prison sentences for gay people who live together, and anyone who "aids and abets" them. The plea by activists was made to a public committee of the National Assembly which is discussing the bill.

It is already illegal to have gay sex in Nigeria but the new law would extend police powers to arrest suspects. "This bill is not necessary, we see no reason why people should be criminalised," Rashidi Williams, 23, of the Queer Alliance of Nigeria told the committee. "I did not choose to be gay. It is trial enough to live in this country, we should not create more laws to make us suffer," he said. Under the new law anyone who has "entered into a same gender marriage contract" would be liable to be jailed for three years. The bill defines a same sex marriage as gay people living together.



 If you are not careful and allow the institution of the family to break down, the consequences will be on all of us  Mayor Eze Nigerian National Assembly member

Anyone who "witnesses, abet and aids the solemnization" of a same gender marriage would face five years in prison, or a fine. Activists say the law does not make sense because anyone who aides and abets people to live together would face a tougher sentence than the couple concerned.

The law would make it easier for the police to arrest suspects, and criminalise anyone working in a human rights organisation that dealt with gay rights, they say.


Church groups spoke in favour of the bill, saying that gay marriage risked "tearing the fabric of society". "In the Bible it says homosexuals are criminals," Pius Akubo of the Daughters of Sarah church told lawmakers. Rev Patrick Alumake told the National Assembly the top leadership of the Catholic church in Nigeria supported the bill wholeheartedly. "There are wild, weird, ways of life that are affecting our own culture very negatively, we have people who either by way of the media or travelling around the world have allowed new ideas which are harmful to our nation and our belief," he said.


The bill's sponsor, House of Representatives member Mayor Eze, said the bill was necessary to protect the family. "If you are not careful and allow the family institution to break down, and the consequences will be on all of us," he said.

Children wearing T-shirts that said "Same sex marriage is un-natural and un-African", and "same sex marriage is an abomination" stood in the aisles of the committee room. Ekaette Ettang, of the Daughters of Sarah church who provided the T-shirts, denied they were inciting hatred against homosexuals. "We don't hate gay people, but this is the public's opinion and we have the right to speak," she said.


Activists say gay people in Nigeria face violence from their families and neighbours every day. Two years ago, a woman went into hiding in the northern Kano State after reports that she had organised a wedding for four women - which she strongly denied. Also that year 18 men were arrested in the northern city of Bauchi and accused of participating in a "gay wedding". A Sharia court dismissed the charges and they were charged with the lesser offence of vagrancy.

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