Friday, March 6, 2009

Day One, Softening Up

The Kampala Pentecostal Church auditorium is full. A couple of thousands, plus. Youths mainly. Ready to learn about the Homosexual agenda in Uganda. The three visitors from America are on stools on the stage. Ready to give their testimonies. Outside, a couple of volunteers from the Family Life Network are armed with pamphlets, ready to give the faithful some of the information that is being condensed in the live event.

Wish I could be a fly on the wall. It is free, you know. But I actually fear being in that place, not with all the fervor in god, and the potentially explosive subject of homosexuality in Uganda.


The seminar event was not so well attended. Not free, at 25k a day, three days. But, a number of people did fork out the money. And listened. And learnt.


Question is, what did they learn?


Let us assume I am a fly on the wall. Listening in. Of course as a fly, you will not accuse me of writing the official report. You will not accuse me of being present, of signing the attendance record, will you? If you do, that will be your problem.

And, you will not accuse me of being accurate in my reporting. I will give you proof that I was elsewhere when all these things were happening.

According to the organizers, there are some ‘Practicing homosexuals’ attending. One of the organizers, and a few others, are ‘Non Practicing Homosexuals’; Don’t know how true that is, but well, let us take it that it is politically correct true. You know what I mean. If I was present, I would be one of the practicing homosexuals.


So, any abuse thrown? Unless you assume that facts have to be substantiated. And the gay agenda has to be verified.

I mean, it is taken for granted that homosexuality is bad, evil and a sin. A problem. Did I hear someone ask whether it is a problem? Pariah. It must be a problem, isn’t? Someone was incensed enough to ask about the accusatory, condemning tone; ‘they’- those homosexuals. But that was the only really bright moment.


So, what is the cause; of homosexuality of course.

Langa believes it is money. The big homosexuals in the west recruiting, and recruiting and recruiting. I have heard this before. Since I was not recruited, and I am a homosexual, I must have been recruited. Cyclical reasoning.


One of his American visitors disagrees. Family. That is the key. How I was brought up. There must be some family pathology which made me a homosexual.

Now, now, now. That can be rich grounds for the search for cause. I mean, cant say my family life was that exceptionally brilliant and non-pathological. (See, I have caught the language to use.)

But, (and a big but), I am the second son of 13 siblings. And, far as I know, I am the only one who suffered my environment and became homosexual. And, all the other sibs are not gay, err, homosexual.

Lets stretch it to the whole of Uganda. Who has been brought up in the ideal conditions of these visitors? It is very interesting that the whole country is not homosexual (or the world). Holes in logic, why am I punching them in too easily?


There are other causes to consider. Incest, Physical and Psychological abuse, molestation. Someone protests? Well, then he or she is in Denial. With a big D. So, the problem of the causes of homosexuality have been adequately addressed. The causes of my (homo)sexuality.


I try to think that I am a logical thinker. Can one point out the illogical and cyclical illogics that are being thrown around? My head is spinning, trying to connect the dots. I am almost outing myself. Why the hell shouldn’t I?


Wait. Hold on. I am in denial. I am not a homosexual. Truly. Only my lover is.


So, that is Day One. Some softening. Little red meat. Since I am a normal, unrepentant homosexual; and a bit old to boot, I must say that I am left with a weird feeling. Un-asked questions. (the texts are not here), and the fact that I have actually read up on the issue of my sexuality, makes me feel very funny. Facts are not facts. Feelings and theories graced by the mighty word of print, implied, or not. Those are the facts.


I am a fly on the wall. Bet you the walls might be fumigated overnight. Day Two might be about the mighty homosexual agenda. But I may never know…

Me, I am going to brush up on critical thinking. You know, how I escaped the trap of knowledge versus belief. Ever heard of the Skeptics Dictionary? Google it, and fly through its pages. Maybe entertaining.


We have already decided that homosexuality is bad(good). No debate on that, only some spirits caught up in the net of denial, who will be swamped by the weight of (un)belief tomorrow. [Ever heard of Sigmund Freud? But then, why should you have? Problem is, the organizers are not very willing to give him due credit, it might embarrass him. He was from dddddaaaaa nnyo. In Ugandan lingo, parlance. Too old a reference.]




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Leonard said...

Good for you...stay safe, the lunatics will not listen and they will act-out as they define the enemy more carefully through fear and hate-mongering.

Is Orombi attending, or is he afraid of soiling his bloody hands with this grimy little gang of religious hoods?

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