Friday, March 6, 2009

Day Two. Triangle Hotel

I didn’t tell you what happened, day two at the seminar, did I?

Just that Ssempa set me off. He is very tough to stomach, or ignore. And he realy loves to hate, even when he clothes that in some nice sounding phrases.

Day Two, Triangle Hotel.

Langa was the first to take the floor. A harangue. Uganda is going into total moral collapse. It is worse and more serious than economic collapse. Soon, the world will turn inside out and upside down, and homosexuals will be presidents….! You get the gist, hey? Rallying up the troops. Making sure that people get the message.

Don handles prevention of homosexuality. Lee is the ex-gay, and Scot is the guy who handles advocacy. And Langa rallies everyone up. In apocalyptic, fire and brimstone terms. Question- it gets old when I am blamed for the worlds ills. So, thanks, but no thanks.

And by the way, volunteers wanted for the formation of Homosexual Prevention Clubs in Uganda. Any takers?

Since we learnt the other day that homosexuals are made, not born, now we go on to knowing how a good family life prevents the making of homosexuals. [ps. I hear T.D Jake’s son is a homosexual. What happened there?]
A ten point programme was given. Will not bore you with the details. But the point is, loving your child to death will not produce homosexual pathology. Hear, hear, hear…!

Ever heard of the film ‘the way out’? of homosexuality of course. Im my fly on the wall persona, I was interested in the discussions. Agreed, homosexuals are bad. No question about that. Now the issue is, love them to death, or make it much quicker by hating them to death? You know what was also taken for granted? Homosexuals must change. Period. So, to death is the answer, whether by love, or by hate, or whatever. Homosexuals must change.

The ex-gay-guy gave his testimony. I listened, my eyes shaded. I shook my head. Brother, this is my gut feeling. You are certainly still homosexual. It will be hard for you to come out of life not feeling like Ted Haggard. Or Larry Craig for that matter. I am not-a-homosexual Larry Craig.
This fly-on-the-wall is truly happy that it is gay. I am very happy that I am gay, more than just homosexual! Gay, and proud.

The questions rained on him. And he answered, you know, describing this woundedness caused by his delinquent family life, and how he went out to search for a father figure. Incidentally, he made the point that homosexuality is not just the physical sex. Much more than that. And know how the guy has been defusing the other needs? Getting guys in bed to hold?

Ha ha ha!

this homosexual would be too tempted. I would have liked to ask when was the last time he backslid, the brother. Someone asked him whether, needing all this tender loving care from Daddy, and feeling that this was the cause of his homosexuality and same sex attraction, does it mean that all these homosexuals are seeking Daddies, and if they get their daddies into bed...!! I am kind of paraphrasing. You will forgive me, you know. I was a fly on the wall, fly on the wall.

What would you want me to say?

There was this church counselor who came up with this question. So, he used to play the role of the woman? Does he still have those wounds???? Physical ones, he implied.


Talk about ignorance and a lack of sophistication!!!!! Maybe he wanted the poor guy to go ahead and explain all these issues. And I understand where he is coming from. Ssempa and colleague go around saying we homosexuals walk around in pampers... And the faithful lap up that info. Without question. I have ever stated that me and my lover have great sex, for the past 8 years. But none of us uses pampers. But then, I am a lier, so no one may believe me...!

And he then went ahead and described the steps to take in the Reparative Therapy. Much counseling, touching, listening, backsliding and some casting out of spirits.

Were there any doctors present? I am not very sure. But what about the World Health Organisation, and the International Classification of Disease 10, and the other professional societies? Why don’t they advocate for this wonderful reparative therapy? Note this. We are talking of a fringe organization. But know how they dismiss mainstream knowledge? Those are gay doctors!

ha ha ha. I think we had one doctor whose article I put on this blog. Protesting this kind of thing. Reason, he must be gay. And all the WHO doctors must be gay. And of course, the doctors of the different proffesional societies must be gay...!

What nonsense. I will try to trace the American proffesional opinions. They are on the web, as a matter of fact. Imagine, they are dismissed that they are all gay! Remember Mbeki and his HIV/AIDS denialism? Stupid, hillarious, but very serious stuff, that.

So, what has come out of Day Two?

I hate this soft power thing. It sounds so reasonable. So persuasive, so logical. Bring it face on with the reality of life and it unravels, like so much falsehood.

Being a reasonably well read gay man, I can dismiss the pseudo knowledge. But I know that my homophobic country men are going back convinced that they are getting so much great knowledge.

And, I would like to demand of my American Visitors, why the hell dont you rein in your hate spewing friends if you do have this love thing?

Okay, fly on the wall.

Don’t you blow your cover. Remain seated. Remain hanging on. On the wall, on the wall, on the wall.

PS, apparently, Ssempa still reads my blog. So, he gave me honorary mention. I didnt get it, but someone did. Here!

I expect flamers. He made me famous....! Yeah, dudes, bring it on, or dare to be educated.


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