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Uganda's Anti-Gay Agenda: Part 3

I have been silent. Some updates on the anti-gay agenda. Told you a meeting was going to be held on Sunday, didnt I?

It was held. And here are the notes of one of the attendees on the way forwards for the Anti-Gay Agenda. Remember, these are not my notes...

They are interesting. In as much as they happen to show the wolves face clothed in the sheep's fur.

UGANDA: FLN Comes out Strong on Homosexuality

Family Life Network - FLN Comes out Strong on Homosexuality in Uganda

To follow up the anti – gay training in Uganda from 5th to 7th March 2009. Family Life Net work – FLN, organized a follow up meeting on Sunday 15th March 2009.

The meeting attracted an audience of over 60 people, mostly parents who included civil servants, government workers, researchers, journalists, activists and students. The assistant director FLN gave a brief back ground of Family Life Network that FLN deals with restoration of family values.


Participants who attended the the previous anti - gay seminar  where asked to give a recap. After that, the audience gave testimonies of their encounter with homosexuals in Uganda and that the movement is  strong hence the need for strong forces to deal with the gay movement in Uganda.

The assistant director FLN then introduced the director family Life Network Stephan Langa as the main facilitator of the day.

In his opening remarks, Stephan Langa said the Gay Agenda is controlling the debate, so it is time for the family to take over and start controlling the debate. He also emphasized terms like “Sexual Orientation and told participants not to allow such terms in our vocabulary, that these are terms or words introduced by homosexuals to full fill their agenda. He warned participants that homosexuals in Uganda want the constitution to include none discrimination based on “sexual orientation” , he urged participants not to allow it.

Stephen Langa further said he has been doing counseling for young people since 2002, and that he has counseled over 300.0000 young people in over 700 schools.

Presentation  “Homosexuality in Uganda.” By Stephen Langa

What cause homosexuality.

In his presentation Stephan Langa said homosexuality is not about sex, it is about the search for a fatherly or motherly figure. Children with bad parenting end up becoming homosexuals as they search for mother’s or father’s love.

He also mentioned another cause of homosexuality as child abuse; he said that the homosexuals he has counseled have been abused as children. He sited broken families as another cause of homosexuality.

He mentioned domineering mothers and abusive fathers as another cause of homosexuality, as well as negligent father who are emotionally off with children. Exposure to pornography as another cause of homosexuality.

He said some people are lured into homosexuality by money and other social favors 

Rebellion, he said some children become homosexuals because they want to be rebellious, noting that homosexuality is some kind of rebellion.


He also said same sex attraction is a disorder and quoted: Richard Cohen MA. He emphasized the point that all homosexuals can change since all disorders can be changed.  Homosexuality is not genetical, it is a learned behavior and what is learned can be unlearned. (Richard Cohen MA.)


He talked about Henry Garber, who was a German American soldier in 1924, that Henry Garber sodomized Champ Simmons and Champ Simmons Sodomized Harry Hay. Then Harry Hay started the whole gay movement that gays follow to date. Source: The PINK SWASTIKA – Dr. Scott Lively.


  • Utopia meaning, the gay agenda has no sexual restrictions and they what the entire world to adapt to this trend of life.

  • That homosexuals want total acceptance

  • That homosexuals want to over throw the marriage, family values and the moral base of society.


Homosexuals have redefined homosexuality as in- born and that it is gender irreversible.

They focus on who they are and what they want.  They are after your children

The homosexuals shift the talk from ethics and psychology to politics, human rights and social injustices. In this they emulate the pattern of civil rights movement.

They create passive language, thereby influencing the public opinion to support their cause, words like gay, have been hijacked by homosexuals, “There is nothing gay about being gay” , they are not happy, ‘gay means happiness’.

They want to make new laws and repeal old laws that conflict with their agenda or goals.

They portray the homosexual community as natural and normal

They organize public demonstrations and events

They promote education about homosexuality as a normal alternative life style

They promote homosexuality through education systems and structures.

 They normalize homosexuality through entertainment and the media, they use mind controlling tactics, they pay friendly reporters to report pro – gay news.

They don’t care about you adults they want your sons and your daughters.


NOTE: Stephen Langa  gave these points to note:

  • The life expectancy of a homosexual is half to that of a heterosexual, the homosexuals do drugs and have a lot of disease so they die at early age.
  • The biggest hindrance to gays is the gay agenda, it is so organized and hard to break.
  • If you let the homosexuals win Uganda then they shall take over the whole of Africa and that is their agenda, he gives example of Burundi where the bill on homosexuality was rejected by parliament and states that this was because of donor and human rights pressure, he therefore calls upon Ugandans to make sure the bill on homosexuality is passed when the time comes.

Recent Developments in Uganda on gay agenda

  •  Gay activities have increased

  • Increase in the gay pornography

  • Legal personalities involved in advocating for homosexuality

  • There is a lot of pressure from donor community, embassies and some international human rights organizations to legalize homosexuality.

  • The Ugandan homosexuals have achieved a lot of logistics and funding, they are trained in Nairobi and South Africa.

  • They are very many and they are every where in Schools, churches and high places, they recruit students.

  • They are winning court case.” He gives the example of the court case won by Victor Mukasa.


End of presentation


They show us a documentary film by Family Life Net work: About an ex-

lesbian girl.


Reactions from the Audience


We should investigate homosexuality in Uganda

Gay movement is also alive in Churches

Should raise awareness in Uganda about the dangers of homosexuality

Recruit people to become activities against homosexuality, in this case people with in the audience volunteered to be members.

Homosexuality is of a certain culture which is not Ugandan and that it has been over emphasized in Uganda, by gay activists.


Find the root cause of homosexuality, since it is far beyond this era , it is traced from the early days of the Bible.

Find out what or who is making homosexuality prominent in Uganda.

There are many dangers and anti – social behaviors  in schools which are not talked about. This was mentioned while refereeing to head teachers / teachers who are homosexuals. An emphasis that homosexual teachers should be stopped from teaching.

Participants emphasized life career developments and moral uprightness in schools The need for a strategic plan to train, teachers to identify children practicing homosexuality. The laws on homosexuality are weak, hence the need to strengthen these laws.

Parents were encouraged  to participant in law making decisions in Uganda so that to strengthen the laws on homosexuality

To establish a unit at Police to deal with homosexuality

Homosexuality is an abomination; it is evil and should be dealt with strongly

During the reactions a prominent pastor also said that they have been talking with an ex gay activist who has given them a five year plan for

the gay agenda in Uganda.  And they have submitted this plan to the ministry concerned, that they await reactions.

Another participant told the audience that parliament is drafting a new law that will be tough on homosexuals.

 A participant asked a liberal question on issues of sexuality: You have associated homosexuality with all evils, defiles, child molesters etc don’t you think that also heterosexuals defile or molest our children why don’t you address this issue as well. He was answered: We are here to talk about homosexuality, do not divert us. After this question he was intimated, almost thrown out of the meeting.

Way Forward

  • Formation of a task force to deal with homosexuality

  • Volunteers to educate children on the dangers of homosexuality

  • Fund raising to facilitate the volunteers

  • Collect signatures from Ugandans door to door to request parliament to tighten the law on homosexuality.

  • Get information and knowledge about homosexuality

  • Government should note  gay funders, and scrutinize the funding  or stop the funding for gay movements in Uganda.

  • Rehabilitation of gays, we were told that a curriculum on rehabilitation is being developed and will be out in the next 3 months.

  • To deal with homosexuality at local level and involve local councils


Follow-up meeting on Sunday: 22nd March, 2009. People pledged to fund raised funds for follow-up meetings.


End of meeting.


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Goodgrief...Mr. What´s his name does go on and on...I wonder where he gets his filthy thoughts about LGBT people (yet sifts out the heterosexual pervs)? Do you think he thinks all this popularly spewed fear/hate filled anti-humanity shit is reasonable to regular human beings? This sensationalized anti-lgbt slime is really dangerous although it seems more like a bad script for a D HORROR MOVIE...I may say, as a White Anglo American that only the White Supremists HATERS discharge this kind of fear and hate in not-so-public places...this trash is usually reserved for attacking non-whites, you know, BLACKS, BROWNS, ASIANS, JEWS and´s the same old story the same old sickness but if you really want to LISTEN to a healthy Black Heteroseuxal American speaking on the subject of LGBT citizens please go to this link IMMEDIATELY for a speach given by the Chairman of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) may have heard his name before, he´s not some second/third rate queer hating scumbag for profit (who is whipping up a LGBT ¨cure¨ program to sell Uganda in three months:


An excellent and moving speech by Julian Bond the Chairman of the NAACP at a Human Rights Campaign dinner held in Los Angeles. This is the civil rights movement of this generation.


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URL at YOUTUBE: Julian Bond

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Or here at ¨Just another Black Sheep¨ Blog (life on the outside of the Herd)


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