Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gay activists in US speak against anti Gay Conference in Uganda

First published: 20090305 4:42:26 AM EST


An American researcher, Warren Throckmorton says that Uganda antigay conference is not being supported by all conservative Christians in the US.


Family Life Network, a local Ugandan Non Governmental Organization has organized the first international anti gay conference in Uganda with key speakers from the United States of America.


But Throckmorton says that he believes it is a big mistake for these US people to go to Uganda and discuss prevention of homosexuality when they are not scientists and have no training to discuss these matters in a reliable or factual manner.


He says people who are involved are not qualified to speak about the causes or change of homosexuality.


“None of them have any research on the topic or scientific qualifications to understand the research on the subject. They will be spreading old ideas about homosexuality which even Christian psychologists in the US and Europe have dismissed as without support,” he says.


He says that one of the presenters has a significant problem with credibility. “Caleb Brundidge is affiliated with Extreme Prophetic here in the US. He leads groups to mortuaries to attempt to raise the dead!


He believes God drops jewels and gold dust on worshippers but refuses to gain verification of these claims. He also claims he was gay and changed. Given his other claims, it is difficult to take any of his claims seriously.


I also believe it is dangerous for those who might struggle to admit their struggle in Uganda when it might land them in trouble with the authorities,” he says in a commentary sent to our reporter after we broke the story of the Conference.


“Mr. Schmierer is a board member for Exodus International and he should not be promoting questionable theories of prevention in a country where just admitting being gay can lead to serious consequences,” he adds.


Although scientists believe that it is scientific to be gay, Conservative Christians believe that it is an abnormality and that it is sin according to the Bible. They say that it is the reason Sodom and Gomorra were destroyed by God and that God created a man for a woman and vice versa.

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