Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shock! Homosexual Recruiting Prooved!

Headlines and article from the New Vision this morning.

Homosexual admits recruiting students

Homosexual admits recruiting students

Monday, 23rd March, 2009

Oundo addresses parents at Hotel Triangle Kampala where he confessed to recruiting students

By Paul Kiwuuwa

A man shocked parents on Sunday when he confessed to recruiting school children into homosexuality as part of a programme to promote the practice in Ugandan schools.

George Oundo said funders gave them “much money” and training abroad and that he would target mostly the needy children who had problems of tuition and pocket money and “others who like outings.”

Oundo warned parents to know their children’s friends. Homosexuals, he added, were targeting mostly children “because they are easy to initiate and they like easy things”.

Oundo said he got seriously involved in promoting homosexuality in 2003. “I was taken to Nairobi for training,” he said. “I used to supply pornographic materials in form of books and compact discs showing homosexuality to young boys in many schools,” he explained.

The training, he said, was facilitated by Gay and Lesbian Coalition. “I also got the pupils’ telephone contacts. We used to meet with both girls and boys in schools during ceremonial parties,” he asserted.

He said he only stopped his activities after becoming a Born-again Christian. He told all this to about 50 parents attending a seminar at Hotel Triangle, Kampala on Sunday. It was organised by Family Life Network, a local charity which promotes family values.

Oundo said he got saved at Pastor Martin Sempa’s church, the Inter-Faith Rainbow Coalition against Homosexuality, based at Makerere University Kampala.

Oundo asserted that he had been a renown gay and lesbian activist for five years and had operated under the umbrella group, Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG). He said he had taken on the female role and his name was Georgina.

“Praise God. Recently I realised that I have been victimising young people into devilish ways,” Oundo said. “I confess before the parents of the victimised children and they should forgive me.”

He hoped to go back to his former school, Muyenga High (Jinja), where he recruited many students and repent.

He said he was initiated into the vice at 12 by friends like Victor Mukasa, a gay activist, after his parents separated and he was being raised by a single mother.

“I was brought up in a poor family. Lack of parental care, love and the loneliness may have led me to join gay activities,” he added.

Oundo said he experienced a transgender transition because he “wanted to be a woman”. “Just go to the Internet and Google the name Georgina and you will see how I have been defending gay activism,” he explained.

Oundo said homosexuality was spread by international human rights organisations. He said after he denounced the gay activities, he received threats from a gay activist who accused him of betrayal.

George ‘Georgina’ Oundo and another gay activist, “Brenda” Kiiza, were arrested on September 10, 2008, for “recruiting homosexuals”. But they were released on September 18, 2008 after their lawyer and the international human rights organisation, Human Rights Watch, protested.

In July 2005, local government officers raided the home of Juliet Victor Mukasa, the former chairperson of SMUG. They seized documents and arrested another lesbian activist. Mukasa sued for torture and court awarded her damages.

Gay rights activists have become more vocal in their campaign for recognition and have featured prominently at international conferences, particularly relating to HIV/AIDS.

Last year, education minister Namirembe Bitamazire announced an investigation into homosexuality in schools following complaints by MPs that the illegal activity was rampant in schools.

The Uganda AIDS Commission chief, Kihumuro Apuuli, also noted at the time that schools had become a breeding ground for the vice, which targets youth aged between 15 and 24. He said parents and guardians had a big responsibility to inculcate African values into their children.

Sodomy is a crime under the penal code and the Constitution prohibits “marriage between persons of the same sex”.

Pastors of Pentecostal churches last week called for a commission of inquiry into allegations of sodomy and homosexuality in churches.

Other pastors yesterday told journalists in Kampala the war against sodomy would be long and challenging but must be fought.


the antipop said...

Now that's just wrong!Gug, have you ever been aware of such goings on?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The only thing this Oundo fellow is guilty of doing is being recruited and recruiting people into the Movement to Promote Dumbassery. What a dick! (pardon the language).

Taken to Nairobi for training? Yeah right because Nairobi hosts the East African Institute for Recruiting Homosexuals! (dripping with sarcasm).

Does anyone seriously believe him? I wonder how much money he's been given by the anti-gay group to give credence to their weak arguments?

normzo™ said...

been reading that..and am thinking, if its true...then thats not right.

Anonymous said...

shock indeed.....this is serious....the good thing is he is out of it Halleluyah...i hope many will follow and get out of homosexuality

Anonymous said...

Wilder come on, you can do better than that. Gay people confess all the time for feeling incomplete until the accept they are gay and denounce the life before that. If he was recruited trained and practised and woke up and realised he was straight after all why are u taking offence. You dont have survillance on Nairobi to know what goes on where neither do you on Uganda. Would u have preffered he said USA, UK, Venice. The man was gay its not news that school kids are recruited, its stale we just never had anyone confess to it. So Surely dont sit there and act suprised
Its gays they discriminate when they is a negative story about their activities its a lie trying to make them look bad.
Children are recruited and brainwashed into terrorism all the time, gay movememnst can. Paedophiles take young girls and boys and brainwash them into not returning home dont take offence just concetrate on kicking out the bad sheep from your flock who spoil your cause.

Anonymous said...

Copy and pasted story HUH...

i thank George for coming out...TRUTH ONLY

Anonymous said...

This is unbelievable...Georgina,"toliina na nsonyi kitalo". As we stay hopeful that the lgbt movement is growing, starting to earn some respect and have dialogue on lbgti issues across the continent, such utterances are a huge setbacks..."kyewunyisa kubanga"....In Kamapala and Nairobi there is no recruitment agency, actually i have never heard of any institution with objectives to recruit lbgt people, that is too shallow.

Georgina should own up to his mistakes if he engaged with minors and stop this nonsense that he was sent to recruit. Am sure as individuals we all have goals in life and its sad that we will never know what Georgina had in mind. If selling pornography was his speciality, he should say so and not pin it on the lgbt community.

Its sad when you tarnish someone's image by saying that you were initiated by Victor at 12yrs, this is bullshit given that Georgina might be in same age group with Victor. In future people should set there facts straight before storming out in the quest for fame.

Judging from this, I strongly feel that there is need for sensitization on sexual and reproductive rights and that people should understand that sexuality is fluid. If this is the turning point for Georgina,we accept that and it is not necessary to have cover stories for this. People should stop making lgbt issues jokes and rather focus on how best they can get to understand these issues, this includes policy makers and the religious gurus who with all due respect should be preaching "World-Peace" rather than animosity....Concerned Ugandan Activist....

gayuganda said...


Interesting, the different views, isnt it?

My comments are in the next blog post. Didnt want to bias you with my dratted opinion.

But sure as hell do have an opinion! Do check the next blog post.


Anonymous said...

This is Hogwash.Aren't there some laws this man is breaking? He should be arrested..It's a frightening thought that some sick #$@& is recruiting our little boys into such things..It's one thing to be become Gay due to various social factors(one is not born Gay, lets stop being ridiculous! just like how one is not born a peadophile but certain things mess up your upbringing and voila! you are one) But to recruite children to let them suffer discrimination and all the other things that come with being Gay is just wrong!! We should wake up as a society and do something about this!! i've always been passive about such issues but today i've woken up....

Anonymous said...

Can the government of UGANDA arrest this George ‘Georgina’ Oundo for me please, showing school children PORN and RECRUITING them this is serious Crime. You are such a Devil, HOW CAN YOU BLAME LGBT COMMUNITY.

Anonymous said...

But seriously, how do yu dip yo thing in someone's sh*thole.
Aint it muddy down there?

Anonymous said...

Kudos to George, mistakenly branded "Georgina" by those spreading gender confusion dressed as 'gay-rights'. It's human to come to realisation that the path you are treading is wrong. The function of the nose is "to breath". When the nose is used to ingest food, it's invariably a sign of serious sickness needing one to be in intensive care. George just recovered from all this. Leave him to become the man God created him to be.

gayuganda said...


Do these comments deserves some comment? They are interesting indeed!

Anon 1
George Oundo might have confessed to some crimes. Since it is on the front page of New Vision, I will keep an ear to the ground and learn..!
But since I am gay, maybe I am not thinking of the same laws broken, huh?

Anon 2,
same as Anon 1 I guess, huh?

Anon 3
errrrrr, errrrrr...!

Come on, you are making me blush! And, may I point out that most anal sex is amongst heterosexual couples? Simply a matter of logic! Heterosexuals outnumber homosexuals by such a large amount.... [blush, blush, blush]

Anon 4
seems commentators are not decided on what to do about George. Hero or Villain, aint it?

Yeah, he is seriously in need of prayers. I will join my hand to yours. Lets pray...!

Anonymous said...

I am shocked, stunned and amazed... that anyone is actually giving this story any credence!

Reading this, my face contorted into its best "Bitch, please" expression.

You can't recruit anyone into changing their sexual orientation, any more than you could decide that tomorrow you're going to have two heads, hooves and a tail.

Methinks that it could actually be an elaborate scam. First, he tells us that THE GAYS are recruiting children. Ooh, scary! Then he asks for donations to set up a counter-offensive. Money comes pouring in, things go quiet for a while, and then he vanishes without a trace.

Seriously, anyone who believe this should get in touch with me. I have this amazing idea for turning charcoal into gold that just needs a little bit of funding...

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