Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The anti-gay Agenda in Uganda: Part 1

The anti-gay campaign is ongoing after the Lively-Langa seminar. I have been hearing of ‘Youth Conferences’ in churches, (Omega Churches); where some of Ssempa’s ex-gays are giving testimonies, of healing? Problem is, we do know some of these people. And, this homosexual is sad because he definitely believes not in the myth of their healing.

I have taken a lot of time to wail and rant. Now, I will say why that has been so. I am not a very effective ‘ranter’ you will agree. But, I can at least try to say why I do rant about the work of Lively/Langa/Ssempa and company in Uganda.

Uganda is a homophobic country. From Museveni the sitting President, ‘Let the CID (Criminal Investigation Department), arrest them.’ (1999), through the Mufti Mubajje ‘Maroon them on an island in Lake Victoria till they die’, Ssempa ‘Of course you cannot give them an HIV prevention programme. Homosexuality is illegal. You don’t do HIV prevention with them.’ and of course the Director General of Uganda AIDS Commission, ‘Gays are one of the drivers of the (HIV) epidemic. But we will not tackle them.’ Yeah, Uganda hates its gay population.

The Minister of Ethics and Integrity has lashed out at us for a long time. ‘Let them get out of the country.’ ‘What was the police doing, not arresting them’, ‘We know them,’ and at the moment, he wants a tougher law, a law which will outlaw being gay. On the statute books is one which specifically punishes homosexual act with 14 years to life in prison. It is a weak law, according to the minister of morals. Because I continue to crow that I have lived with my lover 8 years. And the law has not caught up with me.

So, yes, Uganda does not love her homosexual citizens. Are you asking yourself what our American friends are doing here loving us to death, associating with the likes of Ssempa and Langa who want us in prison and dead of HIV? You ask them that question.

In such an atmosphere they come, to preach their version of god's love for homosexuals. To me it sounds like hate, but I am biased. I am gay, a homosexual.

These American friends have a fair situation for gays in their country. Those who attack homosexuals have a fair chance of being punished for it. Blatant hate speech is questioned, frowned upon. Gays in their country have progressed from a point where they are seen as second class citizens, to the point when at least they can demand equal treatment. Equal treatment, as citizens under the law. I know, all is not perfect and rosy. But, the state of gay rights in the US as compared to Uganda is light years apart.

Lively, the gay lover, lauded Uganda, and Africa in general for resisting the gay agenda. 'Please clap for yourself.' I was on the wall. I gave him the finger, he didnt see it!

So, what have these people who say they love us gay people actually come to do in Uganda? In company with the same people who have been routinely uttering the utterly hateful statements above?

Their intentions were very clear in the advert for the seminar, calling upon parents, legislators, and other influential people.  This is the meeting that they came to promote, these guys who come from the ‘Land of the Free and the brave’

the seminar will aim at providing insight on the causes and treatment of homosexuality and provide practical tips on how to prevent homosexuality behavior in youth. It will also expose the homosexual agenda, their tactics, strategy and methods of recruitment and provide information and guidelines on how to respond to the homosexual agenda in an organization, community or nation.”

We gay Ugandans have lots and lots of problems. But, another burden is being added to the arsenal of our detractors. Conspiratory theories.

A Gay War is on going. The church on one side. Homosexuals on the other.I know Bolton, Leornado and other friends will not be happy about this, but- my anti-pathy to Christianity was in part due to the push of the Homophobic agenda. For a church that preaches love, for some to preach blatant hate of me and mine, well. Suffice to say that I can and will hit back. With truth as I see it.

A Gay Agenda. The Homosexual agenda. Recruitment. We recruit young people into homosexuality. We don’t want to stop until the whole world is homosexual. “He says that several homosexual groups are active in Uganda and are busy recruiting school boys and girls at an alarming rate using a variety of methods with support from within and outside the country, have well trained activists, who have a clear vision, an agenda and are determined to accomplish their objectives.” 

I have so often heard of this ridiculous assertion that we have this agenda to recruit youths that I am weary of saying we dont. Will it convince Langa and Ssempa when I say we dont? He accuses us of homosexual rape in schools. It is like accusing all heterosexuals of defilement. Are all heteros guilty of defilement in the country? Why is it in their minds that all homosexuals (or gays as we proudly call ourselves), are guilty of homosexual rape of children, pedophilia and Why do you accuse us of those heinious crimes? According to Lively, Homosexual and Paedophile are in the same breath. They are one and the same. (and he says he has friends who are gay!)

We gay Ugandans want freedom from persecution. We dont want the police and local councils to raid our homes simply because we are gay, (the case that we won which has become a rallying call for anti-gays.) Those are the abominable things which Scott, Ssempa and Langa are commited to opposing. Equal rights for gay Ugandans as other Ugandans.

A well funded, well organized homosexual machinery. [My foot!] well funded and well organized homosexual machinery is taking one country after another by de-criminalizing homosexual practices in those countries and legalizing gay marriages in some of them.

Look, Langa, Ssempa and Co. Stop demonizing us. When I ask that I am not sent to jail because I make love to my lover, when I ask for an HIV prevention programme so that I remain free of HIV, when I ask that lies are not told about me and my sexuality- that is not an unfair thing to do. That is basic, down to earth thing. Rights of human beings, which secular humanity would have even my enemies to have.

When these gentlemen from America come to Uganda to fan the fires of anti-gay propaganda, they are simply throwing petrol on fire. The atmosphere in the conference room was incideiry. Some of the good pastors were wondering why the seminar was not advocating for mass arrests, extra-judicial killings, etc. To wipe out the homosexual threat. That is a fact. And the message from the Americans was, well, not so radical. We can do it in a more ‘humane’ way.

Friend, it doesn’t matter how you wield the axe to try to kill or injure me. Either way, I will end up dead. So, the law is a good thing (life in prison for my eight years with my gay lover…) but maybe once we get life in prison, we should also go through some ‘healing’ for our homosexuality? We want our prisoners not to be homosexuals, even when they die. For their moral good.

However much you may want to paint it different, these are supporters and propagators of the only real agenda here. The Propagation of Homophobia Agenda. Propagation of hate for Gay Ugandans.

Yet all these things barely touch the validity and truthfulness of what they are actually teaching. For that I will have to search the net.




Anonymous said...


Isn't it a hoot: first they blame Ugandan homosexuality on "foreign, Western interlopers" and then they bring in "foreign, Western interlopers" to attack African homosexuality.

Oi vay!

Anonymous said...

It's the usual hypocrisy and double standards we always see in any political ideologue - Left or Right. Communism, fascism, religionism, all the same!

When will people come down to realising that basic human decency - or if you like, basic Christian (and Islamic. And any other ideology you could name) common sense, is the best way to go?

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