Thursday, December 31, 2009

Debunking lies: Aggravated Homosexuality equals Aggravated Defilement 2

Someone read this blog post and was concerned. He was worried that I had my references wrong. That Bahati and Ssempa didnt lie.

This is what the guy wrote;

I just read your latest blog post in which you make reference to the penal code.
Question: Which penal code are you referring to? The one I have says:
129. Defilement of girl under the age of eighteen.
(1) Any person who unlawfully has sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of eighteen years commits an offence and is liable to suffer death.
(2) Any person who attempts to have unlawful sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of eighteen years commits an offence and is liable to imprisonment for eighteen years, with or without corporal punishment.
In this version it explicitly refers to girls below eighteen. Is the version of the penal code that I have an old one? Have a look the full pdf attached. You might need to check your/ Tamale’s sources, just so that your critics don’t hound you over it.
He sent me a copy of the Penal Code Act which he had. I am posting it here.

Hey, I was worried. Really worried. But, I do trust Dr Tamale as a source. So, I sent off an email to Dr Tamale, praying for confirmation that I was right, and that Bahati and Martin Ssempa are lying.

Meanwhile, as I waited, I inserted a note of caution into this post. Hey, I do really dont want to grovel at Ssempa's feet, asking for forgiveness.

Dr Tamale delivered. Magnificently. Here is her reply

Hi (gug),
Yes, that's an old version of the Penal Code.  The section that I sent you the other day was an amendment that was added in 2007.  You will find it in the Penal Code (Amendment) Act, 2007 (Act No. 8 of 2007).

And, Here I go yeah!!!! YEah, Yes!

That is the perfect Old Year Present for me. Proof that Martin Ssempa and David Bahati are lying and that they know that they are lying. It is so good that I have to quote them again. Here is what they say.

Bahati: Just in a second, just to emphasize what Pastor Ssempa has said, that actually there has been a lot of distortion, er on the clauses within the bill. Er, the pro-gay community picked on the death, the word death, in the bill, and just turned it around to attract sympathy in their country. We are not providing for death penalty for two adults, we are providing for death penalty to be consistent with the Defilement Act that we passed in 2007, er where an adult, engages, rapes, a minor of 18 years and below… (Ssempa: a girl) and when that adult has HIV/AIDS, or you are a guardian, you are a parent, you want to rape the kid that you are looking after, this is what we are proposing.
Now, David Bahati is a member of the 8th Parliament. The last elections were in 2006 (or 07?). But Bahati became a member of the 8th Parliament then. He was one of the members of parliament who passed that particular ammendment to the Penal Code Act. He MUST have known that the old penal code didnt cover 'defilement of boys'. And, that the new one does, and very, very comprehensively.

To recap, Bahati and Ssempa say that the 'aggravated homosexuality' provision is to make the law more complete, because in the current law (here they cite the old, defunct act), there is no provision for the defilement of boys.

So, they lie that the law does not cover the defilement of boys.

Then they lie that they only want the death penalty for the defilers of boys. Not other homosexuals like me.

Poof. There go those lies.

I am glad that I was not mistaken.

And, I am glad that it is Ssempa and Bahati who I have caught in that lie. Oh, Ssempa is a very good liar. He gets  a bit of the truth, and then builds a huge lie on top of it. So big that you wonder that, most likely the guy cannot be crazy, but he is telling the truth.

Yes, I will go into the New Year singing that. Ssempa and Bahati are lying.

And, I will not let them get away with it. Not when they are threatening my life.


A Long post to Wind Up the Year 2009

It is the very last day of the year.

Must say the day is cool. Cold. I don’t remember an end of year with so much rain. Overcast, grey skies, cool in Uganda means 16C. Told you this is a beautiful country, with beautiful weather. I know, some people are suffering with freezing weather. And, they would believe this is summer if it was this hot….!

[Cheeky grin]. I love this country. For its good weather, its beauty, for all the pleasures of being, even when it is tough. I know, many people don’t understand something like that. Being content, feeling good when I should feel bad. Why do I?

Life is a dream. One day, we shall wake up. For the moment, let me dream on.

Yesterday was a day of thought. Not about any new year resolutions. Don’t usually do those. But, the red rug article.
I noticed a few things, like the change of focus from ‘foreign promoters’, to in-house promoters. Of a sudden, we promoters of homosexuality have become rich, ‘city tycoons’…. Able to fund trips abroad, and support the cause in Uganda with our monies. We are rich, we are strong, we are ugly. That is the message from the Ssempa anti-gays.

I have a niggling thought that this blog is a thorn in their side. That, that little fact makes me love to continue. Dude, I love being the child pointing out that nakedness of the Emperor…! [Hans Christian Andersen; The Emperor's New Clothes]

I have not yet received the 20Million US Dollars from Homosexual International. I even went to my bank manager to make sure that the money was really not on my account. I will have to go to Minister Nsaba-Buturo. He was in on the secret….

I am given to understand that Bishop Ssenyonjo of Integrity Uganda has affirmed not receiving that money. Maybe SMUG received it and is holding out on us? I need to ask the guys at SMUG…!

But, I have a better idea. We have some rich ‘city tycoons’ that are funding Homosexual Uganda as we await monies from ‘Homosexual International’. You saw the article, didn’t you? It is in the red rug, and, I had to put it here. Apparently, there are some very rich guys who can tide me over. Of course it will be a loan (but most likely they will not feel the pinch). Who are these rich guys?

They are all in the red rug article. Let me see-

There is an organization called LGBT (if you don’t know that, it’s the acronym for this huge international funding organization Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender). I swear, I am not lying. These guys have money. Lots and lots of money. But, if I understood well the article, they are some of the people who might have sent the 20Million that I am waiting for. The Swedes, well, they have to first pass the Anti-Homosexual Bill in parliament, then the Swedes will cut off aid, and, presumably line our pockets. [Sigh, the new year plans to be extremely rich! The bill will become law. You watch this space]

But, there are some rich local folks that I can rely on. They should be willing to tide me over. In the name of homosexual international cause, of course. And, when the money comes, of course I will refund them.
The Manager with Bata, and, what about the rich, high profile doctor? That one surely? Shelling out a few miserly shillings to tide over poor gug. (Some people say I should be able to migrate from Google’s blogspot, with all that backing…!). There is also the rich city ‘image’? The guy from a rich communication company. Should be a top echelon officer that. He funded a trip to Nairobi.

I am pretty sure God and Kar should be able to help.

Except that I thought god was supposedly in heaven?

ha ha ha ha!

Sincerely, some of this stuff should be put in a thriller. Set in Uganda, like the ‘Last King of Scotland’. I am pretty sure we can win some more Oscars. I think the star should be Paul Kagaba, the enstranged Gay Uganda spokes person.

Hey, why Gay Uganda spokes person? I thought Kagaba was ex-gay? Oh, I am pretty sure that he is. So, he is the one spilling the information? Careful, careful. I am warning the Red rug about Kagaba. Of course I know the guy. How much was he given for the story? How much is he being bank rolled for being ex-gay and a happy father now? Careful, careful. Because, I think Kagaba and Oundo have the same thing in common. Figure out what that is, Ssempa!

ha ha ha ha ha!

Of course I am gay, and a lying pervert.

Let us turn to less hilarious news. (I do know, many people believe the things that are written in the red rug as gospel truth….!) But, that stuff is ‘reader beware stuff.’ No more comments. My mouth is zipped.

The Ssempa crusade against homosexuality, a Million person march on Kampala is being announced. Tonight, I might take a chance and peek into Namboole. I bet Ssempa will be there. I bet he will promote the March against Homosexuality. Here is the Monitor article. (And, if the article is moved, I am not putting it anywhere else. I don’t know how to solve the case of the disappearing Monitor articles.) For those who don’t know, there is a huge new year’s day programme in Namboole Stadium. The faithful gather there, and, most likely they will today. Even the president cant help attending, this eve of an election year…! I bet there might be upto 60-80 thousand Ugandans packed in that stadium tonight. I know, it is only a 40 thousand seater, but I am pretty sure I am making a conservative estimate.

Someone pointed out to me that this article on Debunking lies may not be gospel truth. I am pretty sure of the source, but, I am checking….
[Sniff, it will be very highly embarrassing for me to say that Ssempa is lying, and then it turns out I am the one who is mistaken…!] Anyway, I deal in truth. That is my major weapon. And, because of that, I may lose this fight but will win this war. So, just a word of caution. I am so sure that it is right, that I am actually leaving it up. Posted. If it is proven wrong, I will announce it, out to the world, that I lied, and Ssempa didn’t. It will be very sweet victory for him.

And, I hadn’t seen this article putting pressure on MPs to vote for the Bahati Bill. Vote or be voted out. We have become the American Right. But, of course I am mistaken...!

Now, that stuff is out of the way. Good.

Today, the last day of the year, this is what I plan.

To lie down and rest and look up at the skies, especially when they clear in the afternoon. I plan to go out and watch the fireworks. If you hear of me at Namboole, why, I am a famous dude. Imagine me, one in the middle of that mass of humanity. One of sixty thousand. Ugh! Only problem is if they can identify me. That can turn pretty deadly. But don’t you worry. I have the power to turn invisible, at a whisk of my deadly, venomous, homosexual tail. I will fly out over them, and they will be oblivious of me.

Hey all, this year has been eventful. Next year plans to be very interesting. The demonstration against homosexuality is on the 19th of Jan. (Or 20th?). I love you all. I really love you all.

Please do enjoy this last day of the year. People here in Uganda cannot wish one a happy new year until one is into the new year. A superstitious thing, that, but that is what society is built on.

So, from me, gug, do wind up this year in peace, in love, in laughter. Welcome the new year with lots of fire and funfare. Be good, (like I would never, ever be…!) And, enjoy the last minutes of the year roll by.

Have a very fantastic roll back of the old year. May it ripen and burst into the flower of a New Year for you.

All the best


PS. Uganda is a very, very unique country. Can you imagine all the sermons on Christmas day being dominated by the vice of Homosexuality? And, this was only in the city.

I reported it here.

But, Box Turtle Bulletin reported it more completely here, with video clips etc. [Shake my head in wonder], I dont know what evil spirit has descended upon my very religious country people. It is simply incredible to believe what is happening. A gay panic sweeping the whole nation. Indeed!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Yeah, yeah, yeah....

Should have expected the Red Pepper to weigh in with its favourite game.

Of course, in the highly charged atmosphere regarding gay issues in the country right now, this is red meat before a dog. I will not comment anymore.
Here are the Red rugs scans. Incidentally, the link to the red rug is lacking. Seems they have not been paying their bills. Maybe this will boost their circulation more. I hear they were slapped a huge fine for libelling Gadaffi...


No comment.




Paul Kagaba is an ex-gay. He goes around telling some tall tales, for which I will make sure that he is confronted.  He is not, and HAS NEVER BEEN a spokesperson for gug. For me, imagine. [seems people are quite determined that I am an organisation!]

But, once, sometime ago, he was fronting as spokesperson for Ex-Gay Uganda... Me, I am very proudly gay, and Ugandan.


PPS; Why do I smell the foul stench of Ssempa's hand in this?

Debunking lies: Aggravated Homosexuality equals Aggravated Defilement

Woke up feeling good, with my lover in my hands. It is a wonderful thing, this thing we call love.
No, I don’t plan that this ecstasy is denied me. Not in any way. Not by the law, not by the constitution, not by anyone. I am a simple, normal human being, and love is my right. One of those simple human rights…!

Inalienable rights of human beings. Please laugh with me….

[Glare] You don’t?

But, to more serious stuff. From Dr Tamale, here is the relevant section of the Uganda Penal Code that has been refered to again and again in the making of the Bahati Bill. It is in connection with ‘aggravated homosexuality’- the one that leads to the death penalty.

I got it from Dr Tamale.

Here's Section 129(3) and (4) of the Penal Code in full:

Any person who performs a sexual act with another person who is below the age of eighteen years in any of the circumstances specified in subsection (4) commits a felony called aggravated defilement and is, on conviction by the High Court, liable to suffer death.

The circumstances referred to in subsection (3) are as follows-
(a) where the person against whom the offence is committed is below the age of fourteen years;
(b) where the offender is infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV);
(c) Where the offender is a parent or guardian of or a person in authority over, the person against whom the offence is committed;
(d) where the victim of the offence is a person with a disability; or,
(e) where the offender is a serial offender

And, in comparison to the Bahati, Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009, Here is the comparable quote. The text of the Bahati Bill is here.

3. Aggravated homosexuality.
(1) A person commits the offense of aggravated homosexuality where the
(a) person against whom the offence is committed is below the age of 18 years;
(b) offender is a person living with HIV;
(c) offender is a parent or guardian of the person against whom the offence is committed;
(d) offender is a person in authority over the person against whom the offence is committed;
(e) victim of the offence is a person with disability;
(f) offender is a serial offender, or
(g) offender applies, administers or causes to be used by any man or woman any drug, matter or thing with intent to stupefy overpower him or her so as to there by  enable any person to have unlawful carnal connection with any person of the same sex,
(2) A person who commits the offence of aggravated homosexuality shall be liable on conviction to suffer death.
(3) Where a person is charged with the offence under this section, that person shall undergo a medical examination to ascertain his or her HIV status.

Now, Hon. Bahati says that no, you have taken him out of context. That, he does not plan to kill gay people. He says that the section on aggravated homosexuality deals with only that sex with minors. And, that it is completely in accordance with the Penal Code. The existing law in Uganda.

I beg to differ.

I really beg to differ. It seems as if there are some superficial similarities. I am sure Bahati did read this part of the Penal Code as he was drafting the bill.

But, there are some major changes to what Bahati is suggesting, and Ssempa and other supporters of the bill are suggesting. They decided to 'improve' on this part of the penal code which very, very specifically deals with sex with minors.

Check out these things, which he must have considered. Remember, this is his document. (The text is here) These are his thoughts.

  • For aggravated defilement, the Penal Code specifically refers to minors, those under 18 for the aggravated defilement clause. It is very, very specific.

    The Bahati bill, for aggravated homosexuality, for which the penalty is death, expands from sex with a minor, to include consensual acts of sex amongst legal adults. Legal language is pretty specific. 

  • Check out the instances when adults having consensual gay sex would be liable to death, when you compare with the penal code.

    • When one of them is HIV positive

    • When one of them is disabled in any way.

    • When one has had a previous conviction for any homosexuality related offence. (as a ‘serial offender’, which again is well defined in the Bahati Bill.

    • When one of them is ‘parent’ or ‘guardian’

    • When  one is in ‘authority’ over the other.

In my view, and, I remind you, I am a Ugandan, this is not an issue with the language. With English. The Penal Code very, very specifically restricts the provisions for sex with a minor, defined in Uganda as one under 18 years. The Bahati Bill also clearly sidesteps and expands the issue ‘aggravated homosexuality’ to include consenting adults. No, it is no mistake. At least, I don’t believe it is.

There are other differences, which you may note. I have chosen to deal with this alone this time.


For now, I am not commenting about the fact that sex with minors is adequately catered for in this section of the penal code. I mean, the issue of equal protection of the ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ child. I have dealt with that elsewhere.

For now, I am debunking the ‘Aggravated defilement’ is Equal to ‘Aggravated Homosexuality’ lie. It is a lie.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gay marriage

Why do gay people want to get married?

Because we are human beings. Because we do fall in love. Because it is not just about sex, though [sex is good]. It is about our humanness.
No, we dont want to upset the people who sincerely believe that we are a threat to them. We dont want to make them unhappy. Indeed, for most of us, we cannot fathom how a commitment to love one another, between two consenting adult human beings is so upsetting that we need to be arrested because we did so. Get married, that is.

I reported on the gay wedding ceremony in Uganda here. It was not the first. Indeed, less than 2 months ago, there was another one. We are human beings, and we crave recognition by our communities that we fall in love. Imagine, those guys in Uganda, they risked all and had their ceremony. And, if the Anti-Homosexuality bill becomes law, they would be risking life imprisonment.

A couple in Malawi made the news. From what I gather, they had an engagement ceremony of sorts. A dignified promise to each other that they would be partners. And, their community has arrested them. For 'Gross Indencency'

Homosexuality is punishable by 14 years in jail in Malawi
Two gay men arrested in Malawi after getting engaged are to be charged with gross public indecency, police say.
"We arrested them because they committed an offence; homosexuality in Malawi is illegal," police spokesman Davie Chingwalu told the BBC.
Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza held a traditional engagement ceremony over the weekend - believed to be the first gay couple in Malawi to do so.
Homosexuality carries a maximum prison sentence of 14 years in Malawi.
The pair are being held in separate cells in Blantyre until their case is heard, Mr Chingwalu told the BBC's Network Africa programme.
They are due to appear in court on Wednesday.
The BBC's southern Africa correspondent Karen Allen says Malawi is a deeply conservative society.
But some voices in government have started to call for more openness about homosexuality as the authorities try to tackle high rates of HIV/Aids, she says.
 I am pretty certain that most likely, this couple is just two people in love. That, to me is the simplest explanation of what they did. I know, other people will be incensed. Tradition has been broken, and this indencecy has been made public. They should be punished. That will be the excited cry of many. Why punished? I will speculate.

But, I dont need too.

I have been with my partner almost nine years now. Gosh, yes, it is almost nine. [Problem with Christmas and New Years is that our anniversary is always too near those holidays! Guess what that does to the pocket!] I bravely promised that on our tenth anniversary, we would make it a proper wedding. Err, a proper celebration, since we cannot be wed in Uganda...! Constitutionally impossible, it is only the Bahati Bill (text here) which would add on life imprisonment to that prohibition.

When we had the wedding ceremony, my partner and I were flabbagasted. Couldnt imagine doing that sort of thing at this particular time of the year. Matter of fact, most leaders in the kuchu community were invited, without having an inkling that they were going to a kuchu introductory ceremony. It was as simple at that. Maybe it was better that way, because, if I had been asked my opinion, I would have counselled NO. Very vigorously.

But, we are human beings. And, I laud the couple in Malawi, as I lauded the couple in Uganda.

May you pass through the current troubles. May you have a good, a great life together.


PS; In other news, Some presumed gay men in Senegal were arrested on Christmas eve. Most likely spent the holiday in jail. Poor homosexuals in Africa.

And, the Daily Monitor in Uganda had out an editorial calling for calm amidst the homosexual debate. There are two things which strike me... One is the fact that those who are saying they are being threatened are actually the ones who are threatening. I mean, it is quite funny if a person starts debating with me on whether or not me and my partner should go to prison, or be put to death. That, like the BBC, 'Should homosexuals be put to death', that is not a debate at all. That is pure madness. And, I do understand a person who losses his cool. A gay Ugandan who loses his cool on that kind of debate.

But, another thing that makes me sceptical is the fact that, I have personally been accused of plotting to kill some of the principles. That was news to me. Which I quickly debunked. Since it is a curious false accusation, I am tempted to believe that, the people who are saying these things are actually trying to get sympathy, and paint us big bad homos as evil...! Of course it is.

Debunking lies: Protecting the ‘Boy Child’

 This I got from no authority other than Dr Sylvia Tamale. You remember, she wrote and gave this speech at the Dialogue.

It is not true that the Penal Code provision on "Aggravated Defilement" does not cover abused boys.  S. 129(3) clearly says: "Any person who performs a sexual act with another person who is below the age of eighteen years... commits a felony called aggravated defilement".  It does not limit it to girls.

Where do I catch out Ssempa and Bahati lying about that? Here we go.

The Broadcast that was taped and put on Box Turtle Bulletin. I have read through the transcript, and something like this springs out.

From Ssempa, it is muddled.

From Bahati, the same thing, put in more succinct language.

Bahati: Just in a second, just to emphasize what Pastor Ssempa has said, that actually there has been a lot of distortion, er on the clauses within the bill. Er, the pro-gay community picked on the death, the word death, in the bill, and just turned it around to attract sympathy in their country. We are not providing for death penalty for two adults, we are providing for death penalty to be consistent with the Defilement Act that we passed in 2007, er where an adult, engages, rapes, a minor of 18 years and below… (Ssempa: a girl) and when that adult has HIV/AIDS, or you are a guardian, you are a parent, you want to rape the kid that you are looking after, this is what we are proposing.

I am crossing out the unnecessary parts of that quote. Living the ones that are relevant to this post. I am debunking the lies one by one, this time I am focusing on the ‘protecting the boy child myth’. The law of the country, of Uganda, currently protects both boy and girl children. 

There is no deficit on the law about that.

Again, I will state it. Ssempa and Bahati say that their bill is providing providing equal protection for the boy and girl child. It is a matter of fact that the current law on ‘defilement’ or sex with a minor in Uganda covers both the boy and girl child.

Here is a letter that Ssempa wrote to Warren Throckmorton

The law was discriminatory in that the rape/sexual violence of a boy was not accorded the same legal protection as that of the girl.
This law simply provides for equal protection of the girl and the boy child.
Here, he repeats the same lie in his letter to Rick Warren. The text is here on the Throckmorton blog. And, here are the same words.
This time, this provision intends to provide equal protection of boys, among others.

The quote from Dr Tamale again. The proffesional opinion of a Ugandan Associate Proffessor of Law, at Makerere University in Uganda.

It is not true that the Penal Code provision on "Aggravated Defilement" does not cover abused boys.  S. 129(3) clearly says: "Any person who performs a sexual act with another person who is below the age of eighteen years... commits a felony called aggravated defilement".  It does not limit it to girls.

That is a favourite Bahati and Ssempa lie. It is a lie. SSEMPA, BAHATI, STOP LYING ABOUT THE BILL YOU WROTE.

How can they get that message? Again, it baffles me why Ssempa lies. It is a continuous, predictable thing with him. He lies, and lies, and lies. But, he is a 'man of god'. Why does Ssempa lie? I dont know.

Oh, dont tell me that he didnt know this fact. I was there in the dialogue when Sylvia Tamale presented her deconstruction of the bill. And, he wrote those things, has said them. It is his responsibility to fact check the things that he says so many times.


Some Sanity...

Joachim Buwembo, writing in the East African, calls for some sanity from anti-gay mad Ugandans.

Indeed, the country is in the grips of a gay panic. First, for your information, Ssempa wants a 3 million people march on Kampala. The aim, to support this bill. Here is the text of the bill.

And, where did Ssempa plan that Million People March on Kampala? Here are his words.

Ssempa: …meat, can be another man’s poison. So they want us to eat their poison of homosexuality, we are saying no. So, we want people to show how they feel because I don’t know how they underst… so, on January 19, there’s been a task force that met, of religious leaders, and we realise it’s Christmas time, but we have to send a message, a strong message out, and we did yesterday, thanks for the coverage, but there was an agreement, people were saying, ‘no! I have to show that I support my president, that I support my Parliament, that I support my culture’, and so… on January 19, we are going to have a couple days where Ugandans are going to show how they feel about this issue of homosexuality. So, we are going to have people coming from all over the country, converging on the city, even other cities there’s going to be shows of expression of support. So, we are expecting more than 3 million people to show up that day, maybe 5… but this is, this is an issue that people feel very deeply and passionately about.

What is the aim? What will be the result? Aim is pressure on the government. Result, whip up anti-gay hysteria.
So, the call for calm seems very sober indeed.

Today, A Ugandan cannot run away from giving an opinion about homosexuality, after the national parliament was petitioned in a formal motion to prescribe draconian measures including the death penalty for the act.
Of course a penalty, whether light or maximum, presupposes a crime.
The gravity of the prescribed penalty also indicates the seriousness of the offence in relation to other offences.
So according to the framers of the Bill, a girl who prefers a girl is more dangerous to the society than officials who robbed millions of dollars meant to treat aids, malaria and tuberculosis patients in 2004. Only four of the over 100 suspects were sent to jail with light sentences.
And we are yet to see a conviction of any of the few men who stole most of the $200 million meant for the 2007 Kampala Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting, turning ‘Chogm’ into a vulgar world in Uganda.
But here we are, required to have an opinion on an ‘offence’ which we are neither predisposed nor qualified to understand.
In my many years of existence, I first recognised a homosexual only three years ago. I say ‘recognised’ and not ‘identified’ because I only have her claim as ‘proof’.
In a normal situation, the sane thing would be to refrain from commenting on things we do not understand.
But not when it is a matter of life and death.
The good Christians who love us to death insist they still love us. Indeed. To death.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Debunking lies; The Death Penalty

I have been lax. Very lax.

In fighting the Bahati bill, (Uganda’s Bill No 18, the Anti-Homosexuality bill) I have to fight with the truth. That means, I have to continuously point to the text of the Bill.

Remember, this bill was tabled in parliament at the first reading. It then goes to the different committees, where it is debated, there are public hearings, and recommendations are made from each committee. As far as I know, the text of the bill does NOT change. If I am correct, the text of the bill will change when there is a second reading. Or third reading, when it is finally voted on to be passed, or rejected by parliament.

That is to make sure that people don’t lie, especially those who are supporting the bill.

And, there are lots of other lies being given about it. By Ssempa, Bahati, Nsaba-Buturo. The latter seems not to tell consistent lies, as far as I see. Apart from promising that I have 20 Million USD in the bank, which I haven’t yet got. (Christmas holidays, I think. The banks were closed. Possibly it is on its way.)

But, Bahati and Ssempa, despite writing the bill, and knowing exactly what is in the bill text, are going around saying one lie after another. Things that they are pretty sure are not in the bill.

I have not been systematically shooting down those lies. Well, I am starting to do that. So, this post is ‘Debunking Lies One.’ Others will surely follow. Fact check me, sometimes I might be wrong. But, I will try not to be….!

Okay for the first one.

Bahati, and Ssempa are very angry with the world media. They say that the world media has taken them out of context. That the death penalty is not for the homosexual male consenting couples.

Here is Bahati, and Ssempa, as they were on UBC, the government television station. Text from Box Turtle Bulletin. You can watch the video too.

Bahati: Just in a second, just to emphasize what Pastor Ssempa has said, that actually there has been a lot of distortion, er on the clauses within the bill. Er, the pro-gay community picked on the death, the word death, in the bill, and just turned it around to attract sympathy in their country. We are not providing for death penalty for two adults, we are providing for death penalty to be consistent with the Defilement Act that we passed in 2007, er where an adult, engages, rapes, a minor of 18 years and below… (Ssempa: a girl) and when that adult has HIV/AIDS, or you are a guardian, you are a parent, you want to rape the kid that you are looking after, this is what we are proposing.

THAT IS A LIE. Oh, we shall first tackle the statement about the death penalty.
We are not providing for death penalty for two adults,

Here is what the Bill that Bahati wrote says, regarding the death penalty.

Aggravated homosexuality.
(1) A person commits the offense of aggravated homosexuality where the
(a) person against whom the offence is committed is below the age of 18 years;
(b) offender is a person living with HIV;
(c) offender is a parent or guardian of the person against whom the offence is committed;
(d) offender is a person in authority over the person against whom the offence is committed;
(e) victim of the offence is a person with disability;
(f) offender is a serial offender, or
(g) offender applies, administers or causes to be used by any man or woman any drug, matter or thing with intent to stupefy overpower him or her so as to there by  enable any person to have unlawful carnal connection with any person of the same sex,
(2) A person who commits the offence of aggravated homosexuality shall be liable on conviction to suffer death.
(3) Where a person is charged with the offence under this section, that person shall undergo a medical examination to ascertain his or her HIV status.

So, Bahati is actually lying. I, as a gay Ugandan, one who is above the age of majority, and the age of consent would suffer the Death Penalty in these cases, which are very, very clearly laid out in the Anti-Homosexual Bill 2009. I get death if-

  • My partner is a minor.

  • I have HIV and have homosexual sex. Yes, that is what the bill says. Don’t believe the lies.
    In fact, as soon as I am arrested, according to that bill, I will be forced to have an HIV test. If that test comes back positive, I will be charged with a crime for which the punishment is DEATH. Bahati should stop lying.

  • I am the parent, or Guardian of my partner.

  • When I am ‘in authority’ over my partner. That means lots of things. But, if I have gay sex with a partner that I employ, I am in ‘authority’. It doesn’t matter whether the person consents. No sorry. It just doesn’t. What matters is that I have been proven to have had gay sex with a person over whom I am in authority. So, the punishment is DEATH. Again, Bahati, STOP LYING.

  • My partner is disabled in ANY way. Physical, mental, etc. If my partner is disabled, then, even when they are my lovers, consenting lovers, I suffer the DEATH PENALTY. Unless, you assume that people who are disabled don’t have sex….!
    Again, Bahati, STOP LYING.

  • If I am a ‘serial offender’. This is absurd. A serial offender is well defined in the bill. That is just English. If I am arrested and convicted of having had gay sex, well, that is my first offence. (Sentence is Life imprisonment; the Bahati Bill). If I am convicted again, then the punishment is automatic. Death.
    Bahati. STOP LYING.

  • If I rape someone.

What I want to drive home is that, the guy who wrote this bill, Bahati, ably assisted by Martin Ssempa, is lying, repeatedly, even when the bill is out there in the world. It is a public document. It is here.

But, Ssempa, and Bahati, continue to lie as to when they have mandated a gay person like me is to receive the death penalty.

Send a message to Bahati. Tell him, STOP LYING. That is simple English. I bet you he will understand it.


Ssempa and Buturo

Plots to kill Ssempa and Buturo.

Did I get your attention? That was the intention. To get hold of your attention, and to hold it.

No, I dont plan on killing Ssempa and Buturo. And, I am not inciting anyone to kill them. Not at all.

Ssempa thinks that I wanted to kill the two of them. Me and my evil gay friends. He has written to me, asking about this. And, I told him off, because he was taking a conversation between out of context. But, dear Ssempa, ever elastic with the truth, as long as it serves him, continues with the disinformation.

True, I would have said, 'Ssempa lies, again'... But, I have already posted that!

Where does he say I and fellow homosexuals wanted to kill him and Buturo? In these videos here. I have not watched them. Internet connection here is not that good. But, there is a helpful transcript, and I am picking here

Ssempa: Ye… Oh! My friend! You know, these homosexuals, there was one, we were discussing about carrying guns… hm? … to come to attack me. And I had me and Buturo and Bahati… And I said, ‘you people! you are discussing about killing us!? you guys are evil!’ and then they say, ‘oh no no no, we’re just joking! what what’ …but you know, 
Ok, and another instance, he asks, through a third person. The conversation was ongoing, and, he sent over some material, from my blog actually. He was asking this other person why I, gug, wanted to kill him.
Here is that e-mail. The subject line had this. Gay Uganda homosexuals plotting to murder Pastor Ssempa/Butuuro?

Dear Gay Uganda, 
Would you care to explain why you and your friends are plotting to shoot me and Hon Nsaba Butuuro?  Here is you and your friends discussion.
Mr. WWWWW could you help explain how Christian is this?
Dr. Martin Ssempa
 And, what was the episode when we were planning to kill Pastor Martin Ssempa and the Honourable Nsaba-Buturo? I hope you are still with me in this kind of tortured retelling of the story. Here is the piece quoted by Ssempa.

Well, we have some kind of fanatic breed here. That is both a good thing and a bad thing. Imagine if you had a no-compromise freak like Ssempa and Buturo on your side. You'd ... have only me left to fight. :o)
Now, on the BHH thing. Well ... I am the only one who carries a gun. The revolutionary, you know ...
    But still. It would be kind of good, because you know ... you will have to show up one day. In this here UG Blogger community, you may find allies. You also need them, you know. We have voices. Collective big voice.
GayUganda..  Come to think of it, that is too much anger displayed. But the fact is, if I bottle it up, I will over boil into something nasty. Have to stay normal and sane, despite the raging insanity outside of me.  Comrade 27th, keep your gun at home. I may be there. But I will keep the element of uncertainty. I may not!
And, that is the proof that we were planning to kill Ssempa... and Minister Buturo, and that was in September 2007. Are we still together?

Now, for an explanation of the episode. Which occurred here, all in cyber. Our virtual, presumably safe world.

Back in September 2007, I had just restarted this blog. You can see all the blog posts. I was a new kid on the block, and, one of the blogger friends, Sasha from Kenya, asked me why I thought the gay debate was so explosive in Uganda. Here is the post.  I do mention Nsaba Buturo, and Ssempa. I have done that on this blog. Many times. I have just read through. Kind of interesting, what we used to think and write and say then. Very interesting.

One Ugandan blogger, (27th Comrade) who is not gay, welcomed me to the Ugandan bloggers community. Oh, you dont see many Ugandans commenting on this blog, and, if you check out the comments below the post above, you will understand why. Initially, most of the comments were flames. I handled them. [shrug, comes with the territory] But, 27th was different. He did welcome me.

27th insisted that, I was a Ugandan, and part of the community, and, he invited me to the Uganda bloggers Happy hour (BHH). A monthly meeting which I am not sure is still happening...! I told him that I actually feared for my life, and, he kindly offered to bring his 'gun' to protect me at the Ugandan bloggers meeting. Here is the relevant comment link.

I went for the meeting. But, I didnt introduce myself.  I am glad I didnt, because I am sure some of the bloggers would have been happy to report me to the police as a real, living homosexual.

But, it is mention of that 'gun' by 27th Comrade that is taken as proof that we were planning to kill Ssempa and Buturo.
To me, the assertion is ridiculous. I informed 27th, and he sent me back a good belly laugh. And, he went on bragging that he will celebrate his sudden fame. Well, Communist is that way. Irreverant humour.

Still, this is important. Because, I am being accused of escalating this debate to wanting to kill Ssempa and Buturo. Far as I know, they want to kill me, using the Anti-homosexuality bill to rid Uganda of homosexuality. Far as I know, I have never even intimated that I would like to kill them. This is a typical Ssempa lie. Take the truth, twist it a little to mean what you want it to mean, and, tell the whole world the big lie, which is believable because he will shout it out.

Well, let it be known that

  • 27th Comrade is not gay. At least not as far as I know

  • That conversation is currently still housed on this blog. the posts are here.

  • To me, the conversation is quite clear. It does contain my opinions of Ssempa and Buturo. I dont believe any of those opinions show that I wanted, or was planning with 27th to kill the two.

  • I believe the misinformation by Ssempa is not a case of mistake. I think he just wants to paint me and any friends as 'evil homosexuals'. To perpetuate the myth of me being bad because I am gay.
Any other thing I should point out? Dont know. Maybe I have, maybe I havent. Maybe I should also point out that I have not yet got the 20Million USD that Buturo spoke about. You never know, the banks were closed. Long holiday and all that. But, I checked my account, and it was not there...!

Why does Ssempa lie? I dont know the answer to that question.


Miscellaneous Happenings

The morning is grey. Grey, overcast, cool to cold.

No snow of course, and the birds are in the air, singing. The cool breeze is bracing, invirogating.

Couldnt leave bed early. Wanted to listen to the bird song, but my lover insisted on wrapping himself around me. And that is what we did, hold and hug one another. It was nice, it was warm, it was heaven. I appreciate being in love, and being able to hold onto the person I love.

My world is not perfect. But whose world is perfect?
I am imperfect. So is my lover. But, that is life.

Last evening, we went out and I was happy to see other kuchus. Holiday season, and some who have been lost for some time come out of the woodwork. They were not as many as I expected, but, we were quite a number. We had fun. I had fun, especially because my love had decided to put aside the suspicion that I will walk off with the next kuchu I speak to too closely.
Ok, not an unreasonable expectation... [grin], but, it kind of doesnt make for a happy evening when he is hovering over me...!

When I got out of bed, I decided to listen to the bird song. And read a poem. Ended writing more than I read. Its that kind of day. Stirring to the creative juices.

I dont see much in the day's news, though I might have missed much. Maybe notable, you remember Bahati's cousin who I was very quick to note that I knew nothing about [paranoia, paranoia, you know], the Red Rug apparently has another sensational story. The red chilli, I mean. It is a rug of paper that outed us, and I swore never to link to them again.
In this story, (I guess I have to warn you, if a story is in the red rug, that means it is most likely not true), MP Bahati's cousin, who got lost over Christmas was kidnapped and offered humongous amounts of money to frame the dear MP that he is gay.

Likely story. But, I know a few of my country people will be very willing to believe such nonsense.

WAIT a second. There is precedence to this. Remember the Pastor wars, when Ssempa and co. were accusing one other pastor, Kayanja, the one who is brother to the Archbishop of York? Well, the police investigation concluded that the boys, the accusers (they are men), had been given lots of money to come up with the accusations.

So, maybe there is some lurid truth to the story... But, I wouldnt believe it. Not really.

'Killing them might not be helpful.' I saw the clip on TV when Nsaba Buturo says that. I dont know whether the MP knows that he is actually talking about people. Human beings. Not animals, cattle, chicken. Indeed 'killing them might not be helpful.' He is very sincere about it. Impassioned. He believes that killing us may not be helpful, but it is reasonable, and has logic, says Buturo, to have counselling forced on us. So that we are rehabilitated. And, he adds, he sees logic in that.

Beggars belief. And why should I be angry at that? [shrug], that is what my country mates believe of me.

It came to me that, I dont think that any of these guys have ever really had a talk, a chat with someone who is as terrible, as evil as a gay person. They dont want to. They just want one thing. Kill and imprison them. Rid Uganda of the homosexual perversion. Be a leader of the world.

In corruption. And moral cleanliness from homosexuality.

I hear Focus on the Family, the Dobson empire, has condemned the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Well, Rick Warren called it anti-Christian. And, the good pastors of Uganda, led by Martin Ssempa were so incensed that they demanded a 'biblical' apology within 7 days. I think those days are up. Will be interesting to see the next salvo from Martin Ssempa.

'Un-Christian'. There is a revulsion from outside Uganda about what the Christians in Uganda want to do to the evil of homosexuality. They claim sovereign rights to self determination, the Christians outside Uganda are shaking their collective heads. They are disgusted, and unhappy.
And, do you really want to know what is happening?

Ugandan Christians, and I mean mainline denominations and the Pentecostals, they all believe that anyone, anyone who is not in support of the bill to 'wipe out homosexuality from Uganda' is a pro-homosexual promoter. So, as soon as the Archbishop of York speaks out, he is quickly, decisively branded a homosexual promoter.

The Christians in Uganda are not listening to the reasons WHY other Christians find the bill so abhorrent. To them, you are either for the bill, or not. For or against Uganda. No middle ground.
As fantastic as that is, that is the attitude in the country. And, Bahati and Ssempa are going around fearlessly articulating that. Of course, that is what is happening in the churches.

Want to know why the bill is so un-Christian? Well, read it. It is here, as tabled in the 8th Parliament of the Republic of Uganda. Do not be 'told' what is supposed to say. I find Uganda's Christians less than credible when they articulate what is in the bill, that which the rest of the world doesnt understand.

Hey, I bet you dont believe me, do you? Box Turtle Bulletin has some very good intelligence! They have video of Ssempa and Bahati discussing the bill on the UBC, the state owned broadcasting television. Here is the link. It is worth watching those, and fact checking the claims of Bahati and Ssempa.

And, you know what, I do realise how good it is that, at long last, the lies, the duplicity of Uganda's Christians is being given the world stage for examination. Dont mistake me, I am a Ugandan, and I am furious that my country is being ashamed. But, my patriotism can only go so far, when supposed representatives of my people are debating a bill to have me killed. And lying about it.

Oh, by the way, did you think that I was joking when I said Ssempa alleges that I wanted to kill him?

Apparently, he alleges it again. I am posting about that in the next post.

Keep tuned.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Forced Conversion Therapy

Just been reading an email from a friend who was in a discussion about me and my blog.

Apparently, I gug cannot be a Ugandan. Because I am gay.

Preposterous. Some believe that I am getting billions to be gay. Others believe I cannot be Ugandan, because I am gay. Some accuse me of 'recruiting' their children to the gay way. Others say my blog is based on my 'feelings'. Somehow, they seek to deny me, what I am. Because what I am is very unconfortable for them.

So, they have written a bill to put me in prison for life, or kill me. And, when the world protests, they, as good religious people label the world 'promoters of homosexuality'. All the religious leaders from accross the world who have protested in my name have been labeled homosexuals, or homosexual promoters. There is no stopping the juggernaut of the Ugandan fight against homosexuality.

There is a shift. They, the good, nationalist, upright and moral Ugandans believe that it is not okay to kill me now. As Minister Buturo puts it 'Killing them may not be helpful'
Now, I am hearing voices raised for 'reparative' therapy.
They no longer believe it is okay to deal with the homosexual Ugandan by killing him off. That would be too much. And, it would make them less loving and Christian, they reason. So, they will opt for life imprisonment. And counselling. Indeed, 'killing them may not be helpful.'

It sounds like a big bad dream. A nightmare from which I will wake, some day.

But, will I?

These people are really determined. They dont know much about me. They shun any information about me. They deny what I am, and say they will kill me. All in the name of God.
They, they, they.... They are my countrymates. And, the threat is to me, and my lover. Because we are what we are. Gay, and Ugandan. Diluting their moral purity.

They have not actually consulted medical science about their 'healing therapy'. But, they speak with the supreme confidence of ignorance. Anyone who dares to correct their misconceptions, even with solid science is a liar, and a pro-homosexual sympathiser. There is no middle ground. Either for or against. No middle ground.

What to do in the face of such hate and bile?

It is depressing. Very depressing.

Telling my story helps. It draws out of me the bitterness. It makes me see hope, try to arrange my thoughts, try to make sense of the gay panic that has gripped Uganda. It is a collective hysteria. I cannot be right, because I am wrong. The humor of the moment, the zest, the challenge to fight for my life becomes wearing. Because it is my people that I am fighting. I can be ruthless, but how far do I take the ruthlessness? They are still my people, even when they want me to die because they dont understand me.

They fear and abhor me, because they dont understand me. I am right in the middle of them, and they deny me to my face. They .....

A friend suggested that we should all declare ourselves ex-gay, once the law is passed. I refused. Unequivocally. I have denied who I am before. I am not going to do that again.

Forced conversion therapy.

We become ex-gay, when the bill becomes law. Because we cannot be gay, and Ugandan. Or, they will decide that we have to get mandantory counselling, once we they catch us. Of course, that may be in prison....

Why do Ugandans hate what I am so much?

One of my brothers, he invited family to his home to celebrate Christmas. He didnt invite me. My partner and I went to see my mom and she asked whether we would be at the family gathering. I was with my lover. Oh, mom definately knows about us. Nine years now, remember?

Anyway, mom asks whether we would be at my brother's.

Pregnant silence. I try to say, diplomatically, that we had other plans.

My lover is more forthright. He butts in, forcefully. We didnt know about it. We were not invited.

Mum looks down. Lover looks me in the eye... he knows I dont usually want to stir up that particular stew. And, it is my brother that we are talking about. I shrug.

Maybe, maybe I do have brothers who would report me to the police because they know I am homosexual. Maybe. Like MP Bahati who would arrest his own brother and report him?
Dont think so. As I said, the bond of brother to brother is strong. But it was tough to know that I was to be shunned because I am gay. Me and my partner are, hey!

Enough ruminations about my woes.

Seems the clouds and rain over the last two-three days are kind of lifting. Afternoon is cool, restive, gentle breezes dancing in the trees. Was reading some poetry on the roadside, listening to birds sing, and feeling the sun on my skin.
This little country, this little piece of the world is really beautiful. Truly beautiful.

Fact is, it is us humans who murk up the ruthless beauty of earth.

Have a very lovely day. Hope you are enjoying the Christmas holidays.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Bulk...

Of Christmas sermons in Uganda were about homosexuality. As expected, they were condemnatory.
The article is in the Monitor here. If it ever gets shifted, well, it is also here.

So, what does homosexuality have to do with Christians on Christmas? Uganda is at war. And, the Christians are fighting that particular battle. Against us big, bad, well funded, evil homosexuals.

Remember the message from the Catholic Bishops of Uganda? I intimated that the Vatican forced them to produce it. And, well, I am not about to change my mind about that. Not when the dear Catholic Archbishop takes on the guise of double speech... Condemning.... Sigh, of course that is what I should have expected. They dont support the bill. As a matter of need. They cannot support the bill and be the Roman Catholic Church. But, they condemn homosexuality.

Religious leaders yesterday condemned homosexuality as they led thousands of Christians in prayers to mark Christmas Day. Bishop of Kampala Archdiocese Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, who led celebrations at Rubaga Cathedral, told hundreds of Christians that homosexuality is immoral and forbidden.
“The Catholic bishops of Uganda applaud the government’s effort to protect families and the church teachings remain clear. Homosexuality acts are immoral and evil and are against the divine laws of nature,” he said.
He added: “The church condemns homosexuality because we were created in God’s image and we must remain that.”
The archbishop attacked donors whom he accused of forcing their harsh positions onto Ugandans desperate for aid.
“We shall not allow acts of homosexuality to be promoted in the country and we shall not accept the donors’ positions,” he said.
 [Just at this moment, I am listening to Bahati talking on the need for the Anti-homosexuality bill.... Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Capital Gang, on Capital FM. Am told Sylvia Tamale is on it too, Hopefully the debate will be fair. My lover is listening in. Me, that becomes too much. I have donned ear muffs. Seriously!]

And, the Church of Uganda? The same. Drawing standing ovations.

At St. Paul Cathedral, Namirembe, Bishop Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira urged the faithful to oppose all external forces seeking to promote homosexuality in the country, adding that it is against the order of nature.
“We know what we want as Ugandans and we shall not be intimidated to accept homosexuality because it is against the order of nature,” he said, drawing a standing ovation from the congregation that included Prime Minister Apolo Nsibambi.
Rev. John Bosco Sendagala, of Christ the King Church, Kampala, said everyone should fight homosexuality. The same call was made by the Bishop of Ankole Diocese, the Rt. Rev Dr. George Tibesigwa.
Toungue in cheek, they writers note that the only dissenting voice is from Archbishop of York Sentamu. In the safety of England of course,,, ha ha ha! Well, he is Ugandan.
What I cant believe is that he believes that the Church of Uganda, Anglican is going to come out against the bill. Impossible. Not when they are receiving standing ovations when they preach against homosexuality. Of course, they might be telling him something else. That is the kind of double talk, the kind I call 'LIES' that is happening.

Someone has just pointed me to an article which explains the nuanced position of the Catholic Church. They are against the Ugandan 'Kill the gay bill', but, they are not against full decriminalization of homosexuality. Nuanced position indeed! Here is that article, from Catholic News.

I love the insatiable Nsaba-Buturo. 'Killing the gays might not be helpful' he notes. And the world gasps at his blood thirstiness. Maybe life imprisonment. Maybe.
Just for laughs, here is a Christmas message to the girls and women of Uganda from the Honourable Minister of Ethics and Integrity.

The Minister of Uganda for Ethics and Integrity, Dr. James Nsaba Buturo has warned women in Uganda against poor dressing. He says some women, dress so indecently.
Buturo says indecent dressing is responsible for the escalating crime rate in Uganda, Africa and the world at large.
He says some girls are putting on mini dresses. Buturo says provocative dressing causes insecurity to a woman’s life. The Minister said this while in Kampala.
He says some women are fond of wearing mini skirts and blouses, which leave the back and stomachs of a woman uncovered. Buturo says indecent dressing is immoral.
Raped and defiled. He advises girls and women to dress clothes, which do not expose their thighs to people.

What next? A morality law on women's dressing. With 'aggravated dressing' drawing what, life in prison?

Anne Mugisha analyses what has been happening. And, comes up with this. It is a long article, worth reading, actually. But, what I liked most was this.

It turns out that the gay community can relate totally to persecution of gay people anywhere in the world because the only family they have is one another. They have experienced rejection in their churches, families, schools and communities; and so they have huddled around one another to form a ring of defense against the outside world. This minority whose members are hanged, beheaded, beaten to death and constantly humiliated in all corners of the world has created strong cross-cultural bonds to look out for each other. And it is that strong bond, borne of being ostracized and rejected; that has created one of the most powerful lobby groups in the US.
I know that the bill is terrible. Anyone who reads its text cant fail to come up with that. It is here. Everyone, except Ugandan supporters, of course.
I have been kind of amazed at the fury which has been happening across the ocean in the US. That is where the real battle can be won. And, they are definately fighting it on my behalf. But, why would gay groups in the US fight my battle for me? It is because they can totally relate to the persecution that my Ugandan countrymates want to codify in the law. "It turns out that the gay community can relate totally to persecution of gay people anywhere in the world because the only family they have is one another". It is a small world, and a big world, at the same time.
Stephen Langa, Ssempa call it the gay agenda, the homosexual agenda. I see it as something else. Less sinister, more heartening. My gay brothers and sisters from across the world are looking out for me.

My heart felt thanks, gay brothers and sisters from accross the world. Thanks for what you have done. The battle is still on. Thanks for what you have done. But, we are not yet through.

Does Museveni support or not support the bill? Politics. Of course he does. He does support the bill. Fact. Here is some analysis on his double talk....! Uh, UPC, and, apparently, even FDC, the political opposition in Uganda are waking up to the fact that this bill may be against them. Oh yes, they are waking up. Not too late. And, the political gains for this support is vanishingly small.

So, here we are, gay Ugandans. The bulk of in country public opinion continues to be against us. Simply, it is suicide to come out and defend us.

But, we still are. We gay Ugandans, we are.

Enjoy the rest of the day.


Yes, We are...

Good morning!

Grey skies, bright morning, I am awake and refreshed, and he seems determined to go on sleeping....! And I promised to tell you more about the fact that we are. We kuchus are.

But, first a word of explanation.

Very early this morning, I felt I needed to post this alarming post. Why?

I am like a child playing, jumping in a busy street. Cars are wheezing past me in both directions, I am seemingly oblivious, jumping, dancing, laughing. I seem to lead a charmed life, a gifted existence. Indeed, I am.
But, I have to remember that I am playing with fire. If even one of those speeding cars deals me a glancing blow, my fragile body will be severely injured. Or even dead.
I am tweaking Ministers, Members of Parliament, the government. I am laughing out in the world at some pretty big people in Uganda. I know that. It is not safe, not at all. Recently, a Minister in the government accused me of receiving humongous amounts of money to 'spread homosexuality'. Of course I laughed at such  open lies. Why shouldnt I? But, I have to remember that, inside the country, most of my countrymates believe that I, as a gay man, am the worst kind of demon. They believe him. And even my plea that he is lying will not be heard.

So, when I see a headline like this- 'MP Bahati fears as Cousin vanishes', I am apprehensive. I am one of those big, bad homosexuals. My voice is out there in the world. I am supposed to have lots of money, some billions of shillings in Ugandan terms. In the atmosphere that Uganda is at the moment, an accusation that I have threatened the Member of Parliament can have me lynched. Swiftly.

So, I have to be careful. And, I have to shore up my defences. One of them is the fact that I can speak out. Fragile, but, it is part of my defenses.

So, what happened to MP Bahati's cousin? Me, I dont know. But, here is the story.

MP Bahati in fear as cousin vanishes
By John Tugume & Ismail M. Ladu  (email the author)
Posted Friday, December 25 2009 at 00:00
Mr Bahati had in an October 29 letter requested the Minister of State for Internal Affairs, Mr Matia Kasaija, to provide him with personal security saying “since I moved the private Bill on Anti-Homosexuality, I have received threats against my life”.
Ndorwa West MP David Bahati, who has sparked a worldwide debate after tabling his Private Member’s Bill criminalising homosexuality, now fears for his life following the disappearance of his cousin and alleged death threats against him.
Mr Bahati says his cousin, Emmanuel Mabonga, working with Shore Associates, disappeared from their home in Upper Konge Makindye Division, a Kampala suburb, on Sunday.
Police alerted
“I reported the case at Central Police Station - Kampala but hopefully the boy is in safe hands,” Mr Bahati told Daily Monitor yesterday.
The Kampala Metropolitan CID boss, Mr Paul Kato, confirmed that Mr Bahati had reported the case but refused to delve into the details referring this reporter to the Police spokesperson.
Although Ms Judith Nabakooba was reportedly out of office, her deputy, Mr Henry Kalulu, told Daily Monitor: “We have circulated the message of the missing person to all our units across the country. We are carrying out inquiries and we want to appeal to anyone who knows of his whereabouts to report to us.”
Mr Bahati had in an October 29 letter requested the Minister of State for Internal Affairs, Mr Matia Kasaija, to provide him with personal security saying “since I moved the private Bill on Anti-Homosexuality, I have received threats against my life”.
Pressed to describe the kind of threats he was getting, Mr Bahati quoted one anonymous SMS saying: “You [Bahati] moved the Bill for the first reading but the second reading might be post-human.”
When contacted yesterday, Mr Kasaija said he was sorry for delaying to provide the special security and added that he would follow it up with his personal assistant whom he tasked to sort out the matter.
“I am terribly sorry, I must apologise to him for the delay,” Mr Kasaija said. “I am right now away for a short leave.”
Though he did not give the exact date as to when he will resume office and have the matter sorted out personally, the minister promised “swift action”, adding that special protection is a right that can be extended to any Ugandan who feels their life is being threatened.

Humongous.... My lover comments that the guy is threatening judicial death for many other Ugandans because they are gay. And, the state has to protect him, and not us...! Of course, I maybe terribly mistaken and paranoid. The full article is here, again.

[By the way, I am wondering what it is with the Daily Monitor? I mean, the links keep on being shifted, and the stories disappearing. Of late. Before it wasnt like that. For example, I looked for that MP Bahati cousin story, searched and failed to get it. Now, well, I have got it from somewhere else, but, I am wondering about the vanishing acts of these Monitor stories...]

So, is the MP's life in danger?

I am unqualified to make that assesment. Of course, we are fighting a losing battle, us gay Ugandans. It is a guerrila war fare. ?Assymetric warfare? Our enemies are huge, big and strong. And, we have literally no voice. Not in the country. What we are sure of is the fact that we are in danger. Is the other side in danger? Maybe. I mean, in Uganda, a gay Ugandan MUST be hidden. Closeted. The MP may be angering and condemning some people close to him who may be murderously angry. Hey, that was one of the reasons I started this blog. To siphon off my personal anger. Sadly, it still boils over, once in a while.

Dont know whether the MP is really in danger. Dont know whether it is simply a gimmick to make sure that we gay Ugandans continue being demonised in the country. All that I know is that, that kind of accusation may bring the police knocking on my door in the middle of the night. After all, threatening an MP with violence is a serious thing. Especially when the accused is a homosexual.

To gay Ugandans out there, if you are reading this post- no. That is not our way. Dont do it. [Shrug], Personally, I think we can do without violence. It will not solve anything.

Now, back to we are.

The Saturday Monitor reports that most of the Christmas sermons in Uganda were about homosexuality. The news headline is 'Homosexuality draws the bulk of Christmas sermons'. And, of course, all were condemnatory. Lashing out at the 'donors' and outside forces that dare to interfere with Uganda's legisaltive effort. And, they were very popular. Very popular.
Here is one excerpt from the article.

At St. Paul Cathedral, Namirembe, Bishop Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira urged the faithful to oppose all external forces seeking to promote homosexuality in the country, adding that it is against the order of nature.
“We know what we want as Ugandans and we shall not be intimidated to accept homosexuality because it is against the order of nature,” he said, drawing a standing ovation from the congregation that included Prime Minister Apolo Nsibambi.
That needs more looking into. No, not the standing ovation. We homosexuals are the worst of the worst. The Churches in Uganda are fighting us, and, the populace, this Christmas season, is whole heartedly behind the governments efforts to fight homosexuality. That is fact.

But, it is true. We are. Yes we are.

So, you can imagine, most people do go to Church on Christmas. And, they did yesterday. Despite the rain, the low skies. It was Christmas. And that was that.
The kuchus listened to those depressing sermons. And came back to ruminate in privacy at home.

Yesterday in the evening, we decided to go to a bar where we expected kuchus to be. He was reluctant, I was adamant. I find that the accusations and proclamations of our badness makes me more defiant. I am what I am, and I am not going to cower and vanish. I will not hide because others think I am bad.

There were not so many kuchus at the place, as I expected. But, we were many.
And, we are always gay. We are happy people.

We talked, laughed, danced. Flirted, touched one another up... (homosexual touches galore, life imprisonment in the Bahati 'Anti-homosexuality' bill), and, my mind was happy.
We cannot deny what we are. The world, our community is currently in the grips of a 'gay panic'. But, we continue to meet and have fun. Meet even strangers, have fun, connect. It makes me feel good, being together with other kuchus.
Of course, they are human beings. Some just want fun. Others, sex and disappear. Most of us are personally very immature, and uncertain of our sexuality. We are in hiding. It is a bad situation.
But, we are gay people. And, we are gay when we meet one another. And, we are very happy.

It was fun.

Came back late, tired, drunk. We were at barely talking terms.... Oh, jealous, you know. I was talking to kuchus, he was not too happy about that. Usual problem. And of course, he was ready to leave much earlier than I was. So, I insisted on staying...! Hey, it was Christmas day!

But, I did realise that, despite everything, we are. We kuchus, we gay Ugandans are.

It is a realisation that belies reality here. We do exist. We are. And, we are in Uganda.

Hope your day was fantastic. Hope today is good for you as you recover from yesterday's excesses.

Have a good day