Thursday, December 17, 2009

Round up time?

That is what I do, when I come to the blog...

Afrigay put an interesting comment on my post reminding people not to blame themselves for the bill becoming law. I wondered why he was keeping his head in the sand, or whether he knew something I didnt know. He explains himself. Here.

I think it just reflects different persons, different characters. Well, we all handle things differently. I really hope the bill does not pass. Really, truly, would pray, were I any kind of believer. But. There is the but.

And, I was told by a lawyer that our President doesnt need to sign the bill. If he doesnt sign, after a suitable, constitutionally mandated wait, the bill becomes law. Simple.
And leaves him with the option of looking up and saying, you see, the government is not responsible. It is the legislature.



The Fellowship is against the bill. And, they are lobbying to have their friends in Uganda stop it. Apparently they are quite influential. How deeply so? Well, I cannot do anything but report what I see. It is happening some two, three oceans removed.... But, it concerns Uganda.

You think with the world united in opposition to the bill Ugandans would also do so, right? Wrong. People on the ground love hate homosexuals. Period. It is visceral. Check out this letter, which is in the Observer.

Bravo Buturo for snubbing gay cash
I say “bravo” to Dr. James Nsaba Buturo, the Minister of Ethics and Integrity, for telling off the evil donors who want to shove homosexuality down Uganda’s throat! If only the donors had the same moral courage to clearly see right from wrong, then they would stop handing over their taxpayers’ money as donations to a government that is riddled with corruption and rigs elections! Show them the way Nsaba Buturo!
Paget Kintu

Guy doesnt like the govt. But, he hates homos worse. So, bravo, Buturo. Go, go, go, go. Uganda is an independent country. We deal with the homos now, and, the corruption. Later, maybe.
Very good example of the feelings of most of my country mates. No wonder none can speak out.

Why arent Catholics in Uganda speaking out against the bill? Why? Because they back it. Simple.

But, err, Catholic theology says something completely different. Doesnt it? Someone tries to look at the Ugandan catholic support for the bill, and the fact that official Vatican Theology doesnt support it. They parse the words, try to think the best of the African Catholics... Well, they are also Catholic.

It is increadible how far we will all go to assume the best of another person. Of another group. It is good will, the expectation that a person is not that bad. It works for us, as human beings. But, it also blinds us to the faults of the other person. So, irreverent me, I dont want to hide behind my wish for the good intentions of other people. I live with my countrymates. Most of them are Catholic. They do support the bill. Unreservedly.

But, it is still important to think the best of people. So, let us give the Catholics in Uganda some cover. Why dont they speak up? Let us rationalise their silence. Here is the article.

Of course, I have detailed another such thing, cover for the protestants, the Anglicans in Uganda. Blaming the 'death penalty' clauses on a 'Moslem Majority' in Uganda. Poppycock. Uganda is majority Christian. And, most are catholics. And, the framers of the bill are all Christian. Committed, evangelical Christians who have formed a broad coalition with all the religious groups in the country.


Should gays receive the death penalty? I saw the BBC online debate. Of course I was deeply offended. So was the Parliament of Great Britain.

But, wait a bit, this is exactly what the representatives of my people in the Parliament of the Republic of Uganda are debating.

Fair debate? Well, maybe. Somethings are deeply, deeply disturbing. It is funny that the rest of the world is having this debate, and in Uganda, this debate is simply not happening. Because, most of the people would unequivocally say, 'Yes of course.'

Pink news reacts. I agree. And, the BBC apologises.

Sigh, at least it makes sure that more people are aware of what is happening. And, they are making their opinion heard. I have to hand it to Ugandans. When we act stupidly, we let the world know. And, stand by our actions for a stupidly long time!

I wish we were not having this debate. I wish this bill was not in Parliament of Uganda. But, it is.

This is no longer about Uganda. Not really. All gay people all over the world see themselves as Ugandans. As one of my friends (oh, we quarreled, still smarting, me.) says, we are all homosexuals. We are all under attack.
So, the Arcbishop of Canterbury took a very long time, and was pinned and prodded until he came out with a statement. Guess who was deeply worried. Not Ugandan Anglicans. They have been resistant to his good wishes. But, British Anglicans were not sure about the Archbishops commitment to them, and to Uganda.

About the parliamentarian, the legislator that I was conversing with? Well, there is more.

But, not for now.

Have a good day.


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