Thursday, December 3, 2009

They are feeling it...!

The pressure. Well, they are.

Major indicator, Minister Nsaba Buturo has come out with a statement. Good. And know what he says? After defending corruption in the Government, (an argument which no Ugandan above the age of 16 will believe... Fact. None of us IS that gullible), he then tackles the 'Kill Gay Bill'.

Apparently, Uganda is a democratic country, which has a democratic process, which allows the orderly presentation of a bill to kill some of her citizens. As long as they were born homosexuals, that is. And, the world must look on, and respect our sovereign sovereignty!

Had to beat. So, World, you must look on. As you looked on in Nazi Germany. Kosovo. Rwanda. Kenya. Cambodia.

We are a sovereign nation, and, you must respect our sovereign right to kill some of our citizens. Anal sex has no rights. These are just homosexuals. And, if you want to take our your money, then, well, why dont you...

US, continue giving us the PEPFAR dollars. Sweden, Norway, we deserve this money. Well, we have the children who are dying, and we have the women who have no antenatal care. And, you need to give us that money. But YOU MUST NOT DENY OUR SOVEREIGN RIGHT TO KILL OFF AND IMPRISON THOSE OF OUR CITIZENS WHO HAPPEN TO BE HOMOSEXUAL.

That is a worse sin. It is called neo-colonialism.

[Derisive sneer. Of course, when you mention such a thing, they will run off. They are wedded to political correctness]

Ok. I have now to link to the Honourable Minister's Statement. I dont know whether he is still the official government spokesperson, but, this is definately a statement from the government. So, let us read and understand it. And the nuances. Including the undesirability of the homosexual, evil, sinner. But I am repeating myself...!

Here is the link.

Maybe, most notable is what the Honourable Minister KNOWS Ugandans think of homosexuality.... I am tempted, and I succumb, let me deposit it just below.

 The people of Uganda believe that practicing anal sex at the expense of heterosexual sex is not a normal practice. Ugandans know or believe that homosexuality involves practices that are dangerous and high risk to the human body which is designed for heterosexual functions. Ugandans also believe that anal sexual intercourse, foreign objects used in sexual intercourse and promiscuity do not deserve to be defended at all. Having said that, it is clear to many of us that the over reaction so far is not surprising to us. Uganda accepts that in some countries it is normal practice for men to sleep with men and women with women. It is often defended that imperatives of human rights defend this practice. We do not believe so in Uganda. Majority of Ugandans hate to see the promotion of illegalities that they consider as dysfunctional, abnormal and unhealthy.

Wow, here is one Ugandan who doesnt think so... Well, of course he is mad, and one of those that you want to send to prison. I had forgotten.

I agree, they are feeling the Heat.

The pressure is being felt. In other places. And, I have to say that it is important. For those Christians who havent yet spoken out to oppose this law, I invite you to look at it. It says everything for itself. And, you will then tell me, in un-parsed words, why a Church, that espouses love, goes ahead to, have no comment, or actively support it.

Let me see

Don Schmierer signed onto the Exodus statement. He is the guy from Exodus, one of the Three Musketeers, who came to teach Ugandans the virtues of hating homosexuals. Sorry, what the Homosexual Agenda was, and how to resist it. He came this year, and had a quite succesful three day conference. So succesful, that his acoylytes are going ahead to wipe out homosexuals from Uganda. Sigh, he is sorry????

And, International Healing Foundation, the organisation to which the Second Musketeer (Brundbridge) belongs, has issued a non statement.... English is not my first language. I am puzzled whether they condemn or support the bill. But you know what, I have some common sense. Say, these guys read the bill, which is freely available. Even here. And, then gave a non-statement statement. Even I can understand that. Check them out at Box Turtle Bulletin.

And, please, continue the outing of the Family. We dont believe it in Uganda. Of course. How can our Dear Leader be dancing to foreign tunes? Only the reviled homosexuals do.
Out them, from that closet. We shall know who we are fighting. And, they are also in Rwanda. Out them. For the good of.... me, of course! Rachel Maddow is going strong on that.

Thanks, from a happy Gay Ugandan. You have made my day. At least, they will stop accusing ME of being 'foreign influenced!' Of course, the war doesnt stop here. Way to go. And, it is good to know how far they extend.

As for Warren and the Hatred Driven Life. Continue the pressure. Let him feel it. I dislike hypocrites, especially of the religious kind.... Bite me, I am on MY blog, and it is MY life that is at stake. I dislike hypocrites.

What is Extreme Prophetic? Why are all things fundamentalistic Christian featuring in this mundane anti-homosexuality bill no 18 in the Ugandan parliament? Anyway, this group, Extreme Prophetic is connected to one of the Three Musketeers. I am getting quite confused at the number of the Crusaders that crusaded on this cause. Sorry, I think I made a mistake. But, forgive my confusion. These are American groups, not Ugandan, and, I am told it is a huge continent, but it is thousands of miles from my little bit of the jungle. What the hell do they have to do with my sexuality in Uganda????

Sigh. Pardon the yell. Extreme Prophetic, they are here. I am bewildered.

Here is a pic of the Three Musketeers, with the guy who invited them to Uganda. In the name of... No. I will not blaspheme.

Image from 'The Way I see It'

Which reminds me, I do have some pics of the 3 at the anti-gay conference, in the preparatory phase of the 'Kill Gay Bill'. No. I am exhausted...!

Something I had forgotten. Most Christians in Uganda are Catholics. And, the Catholics have a fairly 'progressive' view of homosexuality. At least, they should not want to kill us.
But, the Catholic Church in Uganda is absolutely quiet. Studying the Bill. Letting the Protestants kill themselves off?

I would like to see some pressure on the Catholic Church. To stop their hypocritical silence. See here, a Catholic Cardinal overstepped the statements, expressing his homophobia.

Homosexuals and transsexuals will never go to heaven, says a leading cardinal.
In his comments, Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan said Roman Catholic Church still regards homosexuality as an ‘insult to God’, and added people were not born gay, but chose to embrace homosexuality of their own free will.

“Transsexuals and homosexuals will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven and it is not me who says this, but Saint Paul,” the Telegraph quoted Barragan as saying.
“People are not born homosexual, they become homosexual, for different reasons: education issues or because they did not develop their own identity during adolescence,” the 76-year-old added.
He said perhaps they aren’t guilty but by acting against the dignity of the body they will certainly not enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

And, know what, the Vatican comes up with a slap on the hand. A rare one, because, well, they are promoters of homophobia also. [If they are not, why havent they come out to say ANYTHING in Uganda when what is happening is so much against THEIR doctrine?]

Anyway, they come up with this statement.

Cardinal draws Vatican rebuke for anti-gay talk
A Roman Catholic cardinal has drawn on an unusual rebuke from the Vatican
The comments prompted a response from Vatican spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi, who said the Web site to which Lozano Barragan spoke should not be considered an authority on Catholic thinking “on complex and delicate issues such as homosexuality.”
Current Catholic teaching acknowledges that some people have innate homosexual tendencies but that homosexual acts are “disordered.”

Question, why havent they come up with a statement on Uganda? Doesnt that Bill, the Kill Gay Bill, deviate from their doctrine and teaching? Why are they giving the impression that they are wholly behind the bill? Speak up, or shut up. From a non-believer. Again.

Why? Because these guys will stop the path to kill me in the name of your God. It is as simple as that. Speak up, you churchmen.
I will end here.

My love is pining away. His feet are in my crouch. Suggestively, and he has quite given up thinking that I will respond. At least let me give him a kiss, and that may do for the time being....!

[bow, bow, bow]

Have a good day!



Leonard said...

Scott Lively certainly looks hung-over in this photo...I read of him telling folks how he was ¨saved¨ from his alcoholism and is now thanking God for lifting his addiction by redirecting his obsession...lucky homoseuxals get to absorb the poison of his ¨stinking thinking¨ ...since, God also lifted my addiction from active alcoholism 30
+ years ago (DOS 12/13/78) I am continuing my life by living in some sort of rechanneled self-destruction...but, Scotty I´m NOT. I was drinking myself to death because I sometimes believed the filth that people like you said about people like ME, sometimes I just plain felt sorry for myself for being discriminated against, sometimes I had fear of being brutally assaulted (afterall my beloved was murdered because of crap like you SPEW bit God helped me through my fears and grief) doubt, like you, Lively/Deadly, I was a vulnerable to alcholism...prone to alcoholism for some genic reason or another (maybe our great granddaddies were related...hope not but I am of English decent which probably accounts for the lushful vileness of it all *it* at some level of genetics)...but, back to my observation...Scott have you been secretly drinking? Are you a active alcoholic? You appear to need lots of help as you have gone far astray and some might even say your Pink Nazi novelette is quite a ¨piece¨...well, you know what they say, it´s best to keep your side of the street clean, dear Scottie, and you´ve been making quite a mess everywhere you go.

BBJ said...

May God be with you and keep you safe in these times. As an American, I am ashamed to see my countrymen promoting hate and homophobia. I'm thrilled to have discovered this blog, and will be reading it in the future.

Best wishes from California

Celia Harrison said...

I am from Alaska where one of the biggest idiots in the right wing movement is from, Sarah Palin. The L/G/B/T community here is fighting for their civil rights as are many in a lot of our most backwards states. Please be safe. Is is possible to move to another country while this blows over?

planet trans said...

My god I am prying that the American Episcopal Church sends a powerful message. As of now there has been none.
Please be well my friend and I will do everything I can from Dallas to help end this insanity.

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about Uganda, but heard about your struggle on the Rachel Maddow Show. Best of luck to you all and keep fighting the good fight.

Ede said...

Just wodering !!!!!..... there is some thing about you that that is allien to the uganda community and this is the price you pay for it..
its like trying to drive on the wrong side of the road and the cars are all going in the opposite direction, you will end up crashing or try with all the friction against your way and you will just wear out and not get far!.. my advice to you is simply change and just be like the majority and to me this sounds like democracy where the majority decide on what counts.... just hoping you be like one of them

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