Saturday, December 5, 2009



So, here I was this morning, with no internet connection. But, I also realised that it was a blessing in disguise. I am too involved in this mess. And, when I pull back to relax, I realise that when it passes, life will be much, much harder. And, my very life, and that of my partner depends on it.

So, I work myself into a depression and hopeless funk. And, I have to relax. But I cant. Untill, well, the blessing in disguise. No internet, for some time.

But, I have to thank some people.

The Episcopal Church in America has come out to denounce the bill. Officially. Good of you. Great of you. And please, stop reacting to the 'colonial' card. Call out your Ugandan brothers and sisters to their very, unChristian behaviour. Yes, you can influence them. Because, your humanity is contrasted against their hate and inhumanity.

Thanks, Episcopal Church. Thanks, Presiding Bishop.

Now, someone there, give Cantebury a nudge and tell him to stop reacting to the plain old colonialism and racist card. Call your brothers and sisters to heel. And, remember that, your influence does not need to be making your brothers withdraw the bill. There are other benefits! Check this analysis.

Shame them. Like here. The Gospel according to hate. Know what, it is a matter of fact that, the holier than thou attitude of these people is very nicely punctured by their support of this horrible bill. Because, now that they have the time to read it, they know it is horrible. But, crucify them. Wrong choice of words. Just nail them on their own....!

The US State department has released a guidance. Why are strangers kinder to me than my own people?

The despicable Scott Lively has justified trying to force me into treatment, and, the genocidal tendencies of my country people. No. I am not linking to him.
Basically, he says that, since, long ago in medieval times, the death penalty was dealt out by a despotic, demi-god status king, we modern day Ugandans are simply following our real feelings. I would use the same rope to hang Lively and Ssempa. No need to clean it, between the hangings...

Hey, I dont need to pretend to be Christian to Christians who are acting barbaric, do I?

Well, Bahati has gained fame. Or, infamy?

He has an editorial dedicated to his powers of deduction. In the Guardian of UK. Uganda; Unjust and Infamous. I will celebrate the editorial, while being patriotic enough to cry at the bashing in the international press that we are getting. For nothing other than our stupidity. Bite me, it is my country....!

Sigh, once upon a time, I thought we were perfect. Proud of being Ugandan.


I will cring. But, remind you all that no country is perfect. Mine, at the moment, seeks to kill me. I will make it as hard as possible for them. But, it still is my country.

And, to hell with the Buturos who demand that we go out of the country. I will continue shaming them.

I am taking a breather. I will not have internet access for a number of days. Dont know how long. So, I may not be posting as regularly as I would love to.

Please keep up the pressure. Yeah, I am burning down, and out, but, I will come back. Keep up the pressure. And, thanks for all that you are doing on my behalf.



Anonymous said...

I am writing this from Ireland, I recently heard about this propossed bill, the international community are outraged about this homophobic bill. not sure what we can do but i am contacting Amnesty International and other contacts to see if we can help from Europe, I cant believe people can be so predjudiced in this day

Dan Leveille said...

Thanks for covering this! It's great that we're getting more attention to this ridiculous bill!

I've created a Facebook page against it too!

gayuganda said...

Thanks guys


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