Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Conflicting signs.

Am not sure how to read this. Have been on the news bulletin, which I usually don’t watch. NTV. But, I am a bit confused, seems as if there is multiple motion on the anti-homosexuality bill.

Nsaba-Buturo held a press conference. Says the govt is not going to ‘bend low’ because of donor pressure. But, the churches have demanded that the death penalty for aggravated homosexuality is changed to life imprisonment. How Christian of them…

Thing is, I thought Nsaba-Buturo had taken a vow of silence not to say anything about the bill? Did he read the report of Museveni's assurance to the Americans? Or is he going rogue? That is kind of dangerous, even for a minister....

Then there was a demonstration, with Ssempa and his pastor friends leading the way. From the news broadcast, what I could pick was that they were pressing the govt to have the bill  as it was? Or, was it to change the ‘death penalty’ to life imprisonment?

Well, they held a demonstration, telling Obama to take his hands off Uganda’s legislative process. That was done. And then, the good pastors went to parliament and were received by the Deputy Speaker, who handled their petition.

I think that might be the nth petition that Ssempa and co are handing to parliament, to pressure MPs to pass a comprehensive law against homosexuality. I am just observing. Anyway, the Deputy Speaker was noted as saying that, the law that was current demands life imprisonment. So, the question was, what would tougher laws….

Confusion. Maybe the papers will have better information.

Thing is, the pressure is on going. And, the government is caught in the middle. They did whip up the hysteria. Will be interesting how they deal with it.



Leonard said...

Does Nsaba-Buturo jump on every possible smidge of publicity filth in order to bolster HIMSELF? Really, he looks vulnerable to me, the Churches that support such madness look plain vile (except of course for ++Henri Orombi´s almost silent cult...he still has the occassional wacked-out bloodthirsty preacher to contend with who speaks to the press...Nsaba-Buturo preached blame-shame parenting for LGBT citizens at The Anglican Church a couple of weeks ago)...interesting, you may not know this but in order to deliver a HOMILY (such as Nsaba-Buturo did at the Anglican Church) he most likely had to have special permission from the bishop of that, who would that be?

I don´t know anything about your REAL politics but it seems to me that President Museveni's ¨compassionate¨ yet ¨firmly reassertive¨ actions may be very good press...very good at showing everyone who, is, in fact, sane and able to run the Country with a frim, nothing at risk because of the previous laws, HAND! The man is going to make a GRAND SLAM (and the dorks will know they´ve been outfoxed by the fox...already Ssempa has made some very bad, slanderous choices in regards to brother of the Archbishop of York, Lord of York. Way out of his league and now he attacks Rick Warren...what´s this guy on?

Erp said...

I'm not so sure. The accusations against the half-brother of the Archbishop of York may mean that if the ABY comes out against the bill he will be accused of trying to protect his brother, that he has an ulterior motive and is not doing what a 'true Christian' should do.

Erik said...

A true Christian knows that Jesus was gay. He certainly never said anything about gays, did he? What he did say was love thy neighbor and judge not lest you be judged. And he was admired by 12 other dudes. Come on. It's ridiculous to make law out of old story books.

This is about getting Africans to kill themselves, about control and power and Colonialism and Imperialism and it sucks. Let's just hope it can be stopped.

If you really wanted to be Christian, follow an example of love, not hate.

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