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Round ups

Hey, sorry, was not on the net for a while yesterday. That tends to mean, well, I am not up to date, on the posts. But, I do aim to be.

After the wedding, introduction ceremony, I must say first thing I do is to check out the most lurid local tabloids to see whether they got the news. Bukedde is government owned, so, maybe they will not publish anything about  homosexuality. The red rug, that is something else.

Saw one of the grooms yesterday. I was anxious about their health. He assured me they are fine. I asked about other kuchus knowing and he says it is okay. The security blackout was for before the ceremony. Now, there was none. It was not necessary.

Of course, they are in hiding. Necessary. And, the other groom cant be home, 'cause that is where the ceremony was held, and, rumour is they are being sought. But, there are always rumours. Like some of the people who found themselves at a gay wedding ceremony suddenly demanding money to keep their mouths shut. Sad. Very sad, instead of appreciating attending a once in a life time event, they ....!

Coverage of the bill continues. And, agitation in and outside the country. I know that the anti-gay people are moving. Ssempa made quite some strides at the end of the week, which I want to examine. Seen this passage from Monsters and Critics
Meanwhile, a mass demonstration in favour of the new law is planned for Tuesday in Kampala, by the major evangelical Christian churches in Uganda.

Someone asks in an American article. Do pastors share the blame for Uganda? Yes, they certainly, most definately do. Americans, and MY Ugandan countrymates. They cannot be absolved of their hate preaching. In Uganda. In America, the bullwark of protection from hate violence is so good that, hate speech can be. Not so in Uganda. And, they do claim to be Christians.

Uganda may soon rival Saudi Arabia in a few things. Apparently, we have oil. And, soon, maybe, a death penalty for gay people.
Friday, at the conference for the bill, I hear Hon. Bahati was throwing this into the faces of the diplomats. I think he was acting like a child. The donors did give of their taxpayers wealth to Uganda when Uganda was poor. Very, very childish to start throwing insults back just because it looks as if we are going to become rich. Very, very childish, honourable legislator. Definately un-African, being rude to invited guests in their presence.

Ssempa's humongous letter to Rick Warren, well, it has lots of play in the papers.
If I was Ssempa, I would withdraw it, with apologies to Warren, and go hide. But, I am not Ssempa, which means that I will not withdraw it. But, I have to apologise on behalf of Uganda for the absolute stupidity of that missive. Errr, if you havent read it, here is a link to Ssempa's letter to Rick Warren, where he accuses him of not being anti-gay enough. Of course that translates into to be, or not to be, Christian. Wowwwwww! Christ is turning over in the grave...! Sorry, for the blasphemy. But, you get the gist!

And, Ssempa being Ssempa, he has a new coalition to fight the allegations from the dirty west. The very dirty west....! Here it is.

Task-force Chair: Martin Ssempa PhD
The taskforce represents
The National Fellowship of Born again Churches
The Seventh Adventists Church
The Uganda Joint Christian Council which also represents:
The Orthodox Church in Uganda.
The Roman Catholic Church in Uganda
The Islamiic Office of Social Welfare in Uganda
Born Again Faith Federation 

They sent a long letter, like the one before. It is here. And, they say that I, gayuganda, am an organisation that was formed by the evil west and my sole purpose is to 'spread homosexuality'
Well, damn me but....!

Maybe I should thank Martin Ssempa for the recognition. But, why does it come with the usual lies? And subterfuge? Why does Ssempa lie?
I dont know that. But, I will continue calling him out on him.
We have been in contact with dear Martin. He knows a lot about me. He has been following this blog, for a while. So, he tells lies about who I am? Shame upon him. Sigh....!

Another thing, one reason everyone has to remember, why it is so crucial for Christians to take back the definition of what is Christian, and defend it, here is what is being planned, in the name of Christianity in Uganda.

Christians in Uganda are organizing nationwide demonstrations and fasting to protest US President Barack Obama and growing international opposition to a proposed anti-homosexuality bill.
They say that homsexuality is not only unChristian but it is inhumane and therefore are against anyone who protects it..
"No one should intimidate us against withdrawing the anti gay bill" said pastor Solomon Male of an organization called Arising for Christ. To us homsexuality is unacceptable. We will demonstrate to show the world that we are totally against homosexuality."
And, time to call them out. They again come up with the same lies, and lies, and lies. About what the bill is about. If you want to read the text of the bill, it is here. It is simply not enough to be told lies by some 'Christian' men of god that the death penalty is for only knowingly infecting someone with HIV. That is not what the bill says. And, no, these guys still have the same bill. Dont you take in their lies. Here is the text of the Bill. According to the bill, as soon as someone is arrested for any crime of 'homosexuality' including touching. Yes, there is the homosexual touch which is criminal too.... When one is arrested, an HIV test is mandantory. And, if it is positive, and you are convicted of having homosexual sex, the bill says you face the death penalty.

I dont like open faced lies.

But I love truth. Like this, which Ssempa is threatening all members of parliament with.

Pastor Sempa has warned members of parliament who will not support the bill, saying efforts will be made to have them thrown out of parliament in the 2011 elections.
Sempa said, "Obama and other donor state are threatening Uganda but we are against homosexuality. We will carry out demonstrations throughout the country country to show solidarity against homosexuality."

And, it is very effective. Remember what Lukwago said? He has problems with the bill, but, hell, cant speak. It is too incediary. Lukwago is the Shadow (opposition) Minister for Justice, or such fancy names.

One thing that I would welcome with whoops of joy, and declaration of victory, is the report that twice, American diplomats have talked to President Museveni, and he has assured them that the bill will not pass. It is in DC Agenda.
So, why am I not closing the blog at this particular moment?

Fact, Museveni is the THE man in Uganda. The dictator, I wanted to say, but, I will be accused of sedition. But, lets speak facts. He is.
If Museveni had been in anyway against the bill, it would not have had any birth in the ideas of David Bahati's mind. It simply would have been still born. But, it was conceived, written, debated, and is now in the national parliament. For those countries which have real democracies, you would say that is ok. But, I am a Ugandan, living, working in Uganda. This bill has Museveni's blessing. And, his assurances to the US State department, well, IF THEY ARE TRUE, then we have won the fight. If, and if, THE DEAR LEADER IS CANDID.

And, that would not be a doubt. If this bill does not become law, we have won the fight. Against improbable odds.
So, pessimistic me, I am very, very cautious. We need to see the bill killed. And, killed as in killed. No revivals etc. Here is an excerpt.

U.S. officials have received assurances from the Ugandan president that he would work to block a harshly anti-gay bill from becoming law in his country and would veto the legislation should it come to his desk, according to the State Department.
Jon Tollefson, a State Department spokesperson, told DC Agenda that Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has pledged on several occasions to the top U.S. diplomat engaged in Africa that he would stop progress on the anti-gay bill.
Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Johnnie Carson received this assurance from Museveni on Oct. 24 during an in-person meeting with the president in Uganda and again during a phone conversation with Museveni on Dec. 4, Tollefson said.
I must say I also loved this.

Tollefson also detailed work the State Department has done to help block the legislation from going forward and said Carson has made clear to Museveni that — in addition to rejecting the measure — the United States expects full decriminalization of homosexuality in Uganda.
“He made very clear that we will not accept simply the removal of the death penalty or some of the harsher aspects of the law,” Tollefson said. “We expect full decriminalization of sexual acts between adults. There’s no hedging on that.”
Good for them. And, thanks, all out there, for your pressure on YOUR governments. Because, that is what is shifting, and would shift the Uganda governments opinion.

Hey, a link to the text of the Bill. Here. With the usual caution. It is unsavoury reading. Very. X-rated. Definately not for the weak stomach.

and, think it is time I posted and went off to do some other work.

Have a good day


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