Monday, December 21, 2009

Christian Support

For the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda. Here.

Posted by: Craig Young
In Wales, militant fundamentalist Stephen Green of the extremist Christian Voice antigay pressure group has endorsed capital punishment for lesbians and gay men, one month after Uganda proposed its infamous Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which endorses the same.
Green claims that:
* Gay people who have sex knowing they are HIV positive should be given the death penalty because they have “committed murder”;
* Capital punishment is “acceptable” because it is “ordained by God” in the Bible;
*Britain’s laws “promote perversion” because they do not make homosexuality a criminal offence.
In Pen-y-Bont, a small Welsh village near Carmarthen, Green said: “As a Christian I agree with the death penalty and I don’t see why infecting someone with HIV should be treated in any other way than if you killed someone with a knife. It is extraordinary to think it is OK to infect someone else with HIV and get away with it.”
Christian Voice wants other fundamentalists to “support the Ugandan people in their determination to rid their nation of foreign homosexual proselytisation”.
Green claims LGBT westerners are travelling to Uganda to “convert” Ugandans. [And fundamentalist westerners aren’t?!!-C] “This law is an understandable reaction to the pressure from human rights activists and homosexuals who are coming to the country as sex tourists.”

well, it might not be the kind of support that Ssempa wants, but, he is having a problem attracting Christian support for the bill in the west. But, he doesnt need it. Not really. All he needs is Christian support in Uganda. And, of that he has more than enough.

It is very easy to demonise a human being. I dont like Ssempa. [shrug], he doesnt like me. Me, I point out that I have no moral obligation to like him.

But, I always think that it is important to know a person as powerful as Ssempa. Check out this laudatory article in the New Vision.

And, hope your day was good.


PS. Just read this article. It is a personal story of being gay and not being able to acknowledge it. It is a story of personal anguish, fight, fear, and, ultimately, triumph. The story of British Lions' Rugby legend Gareth Thomas. Well, kudos to him. He did do it, turn around his life, and live up to the truth in it.
Its a very beautiful, very personal story. No, I didnt know anything about the guy before. Dont, even now. What I know is that, his story could have been mine. Or, that of many gay people in Uganda. Except that we never,  ever have the option of coming out.


spiralx said...

That they have a confirmed nut-job like Green rooting for them really speaks for itself.

If they're wise, they'll distance themselves from his right-wing extremism. It may have been part of the American political landscape for far too long, but it was never part of the European one.

(But then, if they had a working brain-cell to rub between them, they'd never have pushed this hysterical nonsense to the kind of religious fratricide they're still advocating, now would they...).

Erik said...

Never part of the Eourpean one? What about the fascism that swept Germany and Italy a few generations back?

The U.S. has its religious fanatics and the racist and neo-nazi fringes ... the Southern Law Poverty Center keeps tabs on them. And we had the Regean and Bush Administrations ... I am so sorry about all that. We also have a lot of mainstream supposedly righteous people who worship the almighty dollar. They partner with multinational corporations and exploit differences as a way of distracting from real problems such as massive environmental destruction and political corruption.

The world so needs cooperation right now. Not hate. Not bigotry. Not division. But working together to solve problems like climate change and economic inequality.

Religion is part of the past. Humans are doing far more than any gods could do to destroy the planet. It's time we organize and start electing people who have solutions, not more problems.

Insanity, after all, is repeating the same thing and expecting a different result.

Erik said...

Excuse me, above I meant The Southern Poverty Law Center, as in

Erik said...

Oh, and I wasn't apologizing about the Reagan and Bush administrations because I voted for them -- I didn't, and even worked to try to prevent them, but because the U.S. population has a history of being suckered by our own religious fanatics and Bush did so much damage that we are feeling the consequences now.

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