Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Greetings to all Men and Women of Good will. Peace and love to everyone on earth!

I am feeling good. Very good. Very, very good.

Why? It is Christmas Day, I woke with my lover in my hands, and it is beautiful....

And, well, there was so much good news and good wishes when I opened the e-box. First and foremost, remember the report I had of the vanishing Catholic Church in Uganda condemnation of the bill? Box Turtle Bulletin has the scoup. The total one, with everything that I was missing.

See, the 20Million that Nsaba Buturo promised is not yet here, and, I do not have all the wonderful things that would make. But, but, but,.... I can still point at the BTB things! Here, first of all, the Catholic Archbishop did have a statement condemning the Bill. At long last. I reported it here.
And BTB has exclusive video of the statement.

And, most wonderfully, they have the statement. Here.

Why is it so wonderful? Because, with the Catholic institution, you have to learn and read what they say. Don't say what they seem to say. Read them. Otherwise, you will be like Hon. Bahati who accuses the whole world of not understanding English.

I love the concluding part of the statement. See, I dont like all the things about condemning me, etc etc. I have read them, but, I zeroed in on the necessary things.

The criminalizing of such reaching out is at odds with the core values of the Christian faith.
Additionally, in our view the proposed Bill is not necessary considering that acts of sodomy are already condemned under section 145 of the penal code.
Starting as we, the Catholic Bishops of Uganda, and signed, Cyprian K Lwanga, Archbishop of Kampala.

Know then that, from the camp of Ssempa defects, officially, and decisively, the biggest of his allies. I would really love to get that statement and post it to Ssempa and co. Sadly, sadly, I cannot do that act of Christian Giving. But, someone else can do it for me, cant they?

Here is the text of the Catholic Church in Uganda statement, again.

Ok, what about the Church of Uganda, Anglican.... They are supposed to have no position. Of course they do have, but, they are like so.
Someone else examines their lack of 'position'. And, is doubtful that they dont have one. Here are the posts at Episcopal Cafe that Leornado pointed to in one of the comments below. One, two, three.

Church of Uganda, Anglican... They continue supporting the bill. In the face of their Christian brothers opposition. But, but, but,

I am happy at some victories.

I dont remember an overcast Christmas day, but today is.

Doesnt take away from it. No, no, not at all.

Have a beautiful, wonderful Christmas day



+JN1034 said...

Dear One: The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Uganda is Cyprian LWANGA. The Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Uganda is Jonah LWANGA. Do you know if these two men are related by blood? This would be an interesting connection. Enjoy your Christmas, for both of you.

gayuganda said...


They are most likely not directly related. Lwanga would be a sort of clan name, shared by many in the same clan, and of course that means they are from the same ethnic group or tribe. But it doesnt mean a direct relationship.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this blog! I only just found it, but am very happy to see it. Happy holidays!

spiralx said...

Given that another two Catholic bishops resigned today in Ireland over the cover-up of decades-long child sex abuse by Catholic priests, maybe Bah-Hate! would like to come up with an Anti-Catholic Bill to present before Parliament?

No? Thought not...

Leonard said...

HAPPY CHRISTMAS from America´s sunny, it´s lovely, the birds are singing the firecrackers have been going wild since last midnight...even +Henry Orombi may be happy today as he finds his way to some kind of sane statement from the Anglican Church of Uganda (the Church he has drug through the mud with his American cronies both in Uganda and Stateside).

Anyway, enough politics´s a FEASTDAY of the GRANDEST SCALE (and I better start preparing it)!

+JN1034 said...

Thank you for explaining the clan name of Lwanga. Of course, you are in our thoughts daily, and our prayers, which means our hearts overflow with great emotion for you, and all we can do is cry out to the universe to watch over you and all people in Uganda. Your newest post ("We are...") is important and your safety is a priority. We'll be visiting your blog more often to be sure we hear your voice online, and that you remain a free man. Bahati should be fearful and be in hiding since all humanity would, and rightly should, send him to an island in the middle of Lake Victoria.
With respect, as always,
-Seven anonymous Greek Orthodox clergy

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