Thursday, December 24, 2009

"Killing them (gay Ugandans) may not be helpful", different in Rwanda!

A case for compassionate hate....!

"Killing them may not be helpful"

That was the Rt. Honourable Minister of Ethics and Integrity, Nsaba-Buturo. I guess he should have kept his vow of silence. Because such a statement from a Christian, a born again Christian like the upright, moral, and right Minister Nsaba-Buturo is very, very, Christian.

So, the bill is going to be softened. That, you see, is Christian compassion.

Hey, I am not uttering any hate speech here. I dont allow it.... It is my blog! But, from the same article, someone does call the bill hate. Legislated hate.

On Wednesday, the main global grouping of Christian churches published a letter it had sent to Museveni urging the former rebel leader to bar the proposed legislation.
The Kenyan general secretary of the World Council of Churches (WCC) said the bill would run against basic Christian teaching by promoting hatred.
"From the experience of many nations, it is very clear that if such a bill is enacted into law, it will leave a lot of room for manipulation, abuse, blackmail and oppression of people," wrote the WCC chief, Samuel Kobia, a Methodist.
The WCC groups Protestant, Anglican, Orthodox and other churches representing more than 560 million believers in some 110 countries. Although many members are critical of homosexuality, none are known to support the Ugandan bill.
It is a beautiful letter. Sniff. Very personal. And, must have taken lots of talking, lots of negotiations to come up with. Read the full text here. Sniff. When I am thinking of losing my faith in people, something comes up to shore it up. Sniff.

I was in conversation with Martin Ssempa, Phd as he signs himself. He is angry that I keep sending him unsolicited e-mail. See, I am in a kind of fix here. I wouldnt like contacting him, but, he is one of the principles, if not the principle, force behind the bill. (Before I forget, the bill text is here.)

And, of course, contacting him has yielded some results. Like mention in the letter to Rick Warren. Such fame is priceless. Thing is, let him take his hands off my life, and I will gladly never, ever mention him. Even on this blog. Promise.
Anyway, we discussed sins and how weighty they are. He is un-impressed by my arguments. Threatens me with Google, which of course I have to respect. (Sigh, when that 20 Million USD arrives, I will have some leeway and freedom.) Martin says that my arguments are thin and steeped in emotion. Ok, exact quote is this,
 I am afraid I find your discussions very shallow and only seeped in your "feelings".
But, it is a matter of fact that dear Martin was on TV in Uganda, NBS it was, and he gave us his email address and also his phone number. The phone number was to send him money, for fighting homosexuality. I took advantage because, well, I wanted to give him a balancing view of things.....! Yes, I have got the post. It is here. His e-mail address is I was very selfish. I didnt post his number because I figured it would not be good to send him more money to fight homosexuality. Sigh....!

Speaking of Christian love and hate, I find it a bit odd that, most Christians in Uganda are so for the bill, and many Christians out of Uganda see it as hate distilled, crystallised. There is no doubt that, those two parallels are ongoing. And, it is the time of Christmas, the time of charity.

So, who is correct?

Is born again Christian Minister of Ethics and Integrity in Uganda correct when he says that the government will reduce the proposed kill the gay bill to only 'imprison the gay' bill? See, killing them may not be helpful. But, the government is determined that...

Speaking of the government, I thought this was a 'Private Member's Bill' so a Minister in the Government was not supposed to interfere in the 'independent' working of the government? Curious, curious. But then, I am a gay pervert who cant get my impressions right. Sniff.
One outraged person, (homosexual no doubt) sees this more 'compassionate hatred' unbelievable. Check out this blog post.

More Christians who are not happy with the bill. This time Lutherans from North America.

You would think that Christians in Uganda would be isolated in support of the kill the gay bill. And, they are more influential. From my point of view, of course. They, of course have some Christian support. Like this from Wales...
[I forgot. They are pushing for imprisonment. Life imprisonment, or at least 20 years, from Ssempa.]

Here are the Russian Orthodox coming out against criminalisation and persecution of gays. Notable, because it is coming at this time, when the Uganda hullabaloo is happening. And, because, we have some Orthodox Christians who are pressing for the bill to go on. If I am not mistaken, the spokesperson in this communique from the Uganda Joint Christian Council was orthodox. But, I may be.

But, it is more important to also note that the Russian Orthodox was notable for its anti-homosexual message. I am happy for those who are like me in Russia. And, for Russia herself.

Image from Novosti.

The Russian Orthodox Church condemns discrimination against sexual minorities, but treats homosexuality as a sin, Patriarch Kirill said on Wednesday.
Meeting with the secretary general of the Council of Europe, a pan-European human rights body, in his office in the Christ the Savior Cathedral in central Moscow, the Russian church leader said: "We respect the person's free choice, including in sex relations."
But Kirill said "the religious tradition of almost all nations has treated homosexuality as a sin."
"Those who commit a sin must not be punished... And we have repeatedly spoken out against discriminating people for their nontraditional sexual orientation," Patriarch Kirill told Thorbjorn Jagland
"We would not like the Council of Europe to declare millions of Russian Orthodox believers and other believers across the world as people sharing religious superstitions," Kirill said.
Let us balance such positive news with more from Christians in Uganda. From the letter Ssempa wrote, the west, (and now east) has been overwhelmed by the homosexual agenda. That insiduous, powerful force that is a precedent to the fall of civilization. Not so Uganda, from which is going to rise and rise a new, more powerful, god obedient civilisation. This is a quote from our Minister of Ethics and Integrity, the Honourable Nsaba-Buturo.

Ethics and integrity minister James Nsaba Buturo does not mince words. He recently sent a clear message to those who enjoy anal sex when he said: “God was not a fool when he assigned each part of our bodies a specific function!” Pressed that donors might isolate Uganda, the minister quickly added: “Uganda wants partners in development but not partners in promoting a practice which they know to be illegal by our laws, abnormal by our cultural standards and religious values and therefore unacceptable.”

 But, it is not only donors that are horrified by this law. Up standing Christians, who actually say that homosexuality is a sin, they have come out again and again to denounce this law. The World Council of Churches, Lutherans, Russian Orthodox, Catholic church, both in Uganda and the Vatican, influential Christian leaders in the rest of the world, they all seem to have major, voiced problems with this law.

Even born again Christians, of course. Pentecostals like Buturo, Bahati, Ssempa.

Huh, do we still believe that it is the 'homosexual international' that is influencing Rick Warren et all? Bahati thought so, and, I have not been given any reason to think that he believes otherwise. Check this out, from his interview with the Voice of America.

He (Bahati) described Pastor Rick Warren’s ... condemnation of the bill as unfortunate. “It’s unfortunate that a man who has inspired millions of people around the world for a long time would be blackmailed to disappoint them. It’s a pity that he has opted to please the world instead of God.”
In Uganda, we are quite determined to please God instead of the world, thank you very much. To damnation with dissenting Christians from other parts of the world.

Someone at Africa Rising 2010 articulates the bewilderment of the rest of the world with Uganda. This fight is just not worth fighting. But, we seem to be in need of putting our erstwhile allies in a tough position.

Responsible opponents of homosexual acts do not hate homosexuals or support legislation that equates them with rapists or turn their friends and colleagues into snitches. Those in America who oppose homosexuality and support Museveni now face a dilemma. At a time when they are fighting against the legalization of gay marriage in America, a Ugandan friend appears to support a hateful piece of legislation that simply cannot accept.
If Museveni fails to oppose this bill, he will surely lose the support of American friends even though they still share stands on many issues. How that will play out in terms of aid remains to be seen, but they certainly have to distance themselves from an approach that risks disaster in a country that has seen the face of holocaust before.

Ugandans are irresponsible opponents of the homosexual acts. Indeed, we follow God, not the world.

By the way, the Archbishop of York, number 2 in the Anglican Hierarchy, Archbishop Sentamu has broken his silence. Remember, the guy was born in Uganda. He is Ugandan... by the way we think of those things. So, he is a very influential man. He said at first that he would NOT comment. Then, he comes and says something else. He expects his Anglican brothers in Uganda not to support the bill. Really? Ssentamu, I would say, just tell them not to make their Christmas messages to the faithful all about the homosexuality. I know that is what is going to be talked about...! Anyway, have just been told that. Havent been able to link to the clip, but happened on BBC Radio 4, at around 8:35 GMT

And, Afrogay is going out of the way to dig in at the bill. He promises us a transcript from his interview on Radio. Here is his report.

I am scheduling this to post letter. I am an internet addict. Will be posting throught this time of holidays....!

Just want to wish everyone a fantastic Christmas season. May it be fun. And, dont you be worried about me. I will be fine. At least, so I hope!

Good day, and a fantastic Christmas holiday with family and friends.


PS. Another shocker from Rwanda. Those people from across the border are definately more, err, 'purpose driven' than Ugandans. Not only are they not going to NOT make another law against homosexuality, they think even the current one on the Penal Code is not good.

Rwanda: Lawmakers seek to scrap article on homosexuality

Good Gracious me!

Ssempa will say, homosexual international. Me I will say, thanks, thanks, thanks! Damn me but, we Ugandans are stubborn stupid! And, for your information, I am Ugandan...


Skorrdal said...

This is a "hate"-bill - and nothing else, my dear iFriend! I hope you don't delete my comment, because I use the word "hate" - but that is how I have seen it from the start!

On a different note: Happy Holidays, and I hope that you and your partner have a wonderful time together, over the holidays!

With love and respect, from far, far away (or maybe not so far...)

leliorisen said...

Thanks for referencing my blog post on the story.

Yes, I am gay. I am also an activist. I am doing my best to post about this ongoing story on other progressive mainstream American blogs, so that we can keep the pressure on Uganda, and not let them do this in the shadows.

For the record, I also link to your blog in my links section, so that people can come here and keep up-to-date on what's happening.

If I can help you out in any other way, just let me know.

spiralx said...

....ooh look, I can email Ssempa...

Leonard said...

My favorite part is the GREAT WAVE of Homosexual Conversion Money and TEAMS that seem to be covering the Earth...where do I sign up, who trains us, where is the big Devilworshipping headquearters? Do you think those wicked Gay people will send us a check to help them fight discrimination and being demoralized, will we get paid to stop murderers and abusers? If so, we ought be VERY RICH men know, wealthy like Ssempa (the young/old goat parson)...truly, seeing these guys starting to face REALITY instead of yammering on and on about stupidities is amazing...I can´t wait to see where the Orombi former ¨skirt chasing¨ Archbishop doubt upright and attentive on his cloven feet as the Archbishop of York has paved the way for a happier, yet don´t give them a inch, landing...he might have been left on his own to pontificate with those lunatic gringos he´s hired to write his stuff and send all that Godless money...really, if it weren´t so potentially deadly the WHOLE MATTER would be a huge joke (they are making Christianity into a joke)...meanwhile the Bishop of Rome covers up more Irish pedophile messes and goes on to poke around at the American Nuns confess their progressivity. Forget the Archbishop of Canterbury, he´s busy pushing for non-penal punishment that he has carefully worked out in his fogged up head...he gonna fix things good!

I think we ought join up with the REAL MONEY makers and become part of the anti-Homosexuality campaign...well, nah, no, maybe not...we have morals and we don´t want to comprise them (religious or not)...besides the avalanche of hatred is on it´s way out...sure, there is tough times ahead but it beats thousands of years of being burnt at the stake for these religious lunatics who can´t control their OWN SEXUAL behavior.

Merry Christmas to your partner and Happy Holidays to you too...sniff!

Leonard said...

Also, Archbishop Orombi is NOT a good ¨listener¨ and this a blatant lie (coming from the Archbishop of York no less, Lord of York who makes up lyrics humiliating LGBT/Ingetrity and sings them...Lord of Dork is more like it). Orombi is a bordercrossing, disrepectful (to the Primates of TEC and Canada) meathead. Even the U.S. Supreme Court refuses to listen to the sound of his creeping persecution of LGBT people by poaching on TEC Parish properties...they ALL, every court, has thrown the bloke out! Some listener, some face saving...if he had a brains at all he´d immediately start working on the LOVE THY NEIGHBOR and THOU SHALT NOT STEAL ¨part¨ is Orombi who ought resign, York ought remain in hiding (except when he grandstanding and jumping out of aeroplanes) and Canterbury simply must stop playing the snide professor and ALSO get his butt down to earth and stay the hell out of ROME!

Anonymous said...


Happy holidays to you and your friends in Uganda!

-An American

P.S. I'm sorry you have to put up with dickweed American evagelicals exporting their bigotry to your country. We're fighting 'em here too.

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