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The Bulk...

Of Christmas sermons in Uganda were about homosexuality. As expected, they were condemnatory.
The article is in the Monitor here. If it ever gets shifted, well, it is also here.

So, what does homosexuality have to do with Christians on Christmas? Uganda is at war. And, the Christians are fighting that particular battle. Against us big, bad, well funded, evil homosexuals.

Remember the message from the Catholic Bishops of Uganda? I intimated that the Vatican forced them to produce it. And, well, I am not about to change my mind about that. Not when the dear Catholic Archbishop takes on the guise of double speech... Condemning.... Sigh, of course that is what I should have expected. They dont support the bill. As a matter of need. They cannot support the bill and be the Roman Catholic Church. But, they condemn homosexuality.

Religious leaders yesterday condemned homosexuality as they led thousands of Christians in prayers to mark Christmas Day. Bishop of Kampala Archdiocese Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, who led celebrations at Rubaga Cathedral, told hundreds of Christians that homosexuality is immoral and forbidden.
“The Catholic bishops of Uganda applaud the government’s effort to protect families and the church teachings remain clear. Homosexuality acts are immoral and evil and are against the divine laws of nature,” he said.
He added: “The church condemns homosexuality because we were created in God’s image and we must remain that.”
The archbishop attacked donors whom he accused of forcing their harsh positions onto Ugandans desperate for aid.
“We shall not allow acts of homosexuality to be promoted in the country and we shall not accept the donors’ positions,” he said.
 [Just at this moment, I am listening to Bahati talking on the need for the Anti-homosexuality bill.... Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Capital Gang, on Capital FM. Am told Sylvia Tamale is on it too, Hopefully the debate will be fair. My lover is listening in. Me, that becomes too much. I have donned ear muffs. Seriously!]

And, the Church of Uganda? The same. Drawing standing ovations.

At St. Paul Cathedral, Namirembe, Bishop Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira urged the faithful to oppose all external forces seeking to promote homosexuality in the country, adding that it is against the order of nature.
“We know what we want as Ugandans and we shall not be intimidated to accept homosexuality because it is against the order of nature,” he said, drawing a standing ovation from the congregation that included Prime Minister Apolo Nsibambi.
Rev. John Bosco Sendagala, of Christ the King Church, Kampala, said everyone should fight homosexuality. The same call was made by the Bishop of Ankole Diocese, the Rt. Rev Dr. George Tibesigwa.
Toungue in cheek, they writers note that the only dissenting voice is from Archbishop of York Sentamu. In the safety of England of course,,, ha ha ha! Well, he is Ugandan.
What I cant believe is that he believes that the Church of Uganda, Anglican is going to come out against the bill. Impossible. Not when they are receiving standing ovations when they preach against homosexuality. Of course, they might be telling him something else. That is the kind of double talk, the kind I call 'LIES' that is happening.

Someone has just pointed me to an article which explains the nuanced position of the Catholic Church. They are against the Ugandan 'Kill the gay bill', but, they are not against full decriminalization of homosexuality. Nuanced position indeed! Here is that article, from Catholic News.

I love the insatiable Nsaba-Buturo. 'Killing the gays might not be helpful' he notes. And the world gasps at his blood thirstiness. Maybe life imprisonment. Maybe.
Just for laughs, here is a Christmas message to the girls and women of Uganda from the Honourable Minister of Ethics and Integrity.

The Minister of Uganda for Ethics and Integrity, Dr. James Nsaba Buturo has warned women in Uganda against poor dressing. He says some women, dress so indecently.
Buturo says indecent dressing is responsible for the escalating crime rate in Uganda, Africa and the world at large.
He says some girls are putting on mini dresses. Buturo says provocative dressing causes insecurity to a woman’s life. The Minister said this while in Kampala.
He says some women are fond of wearing mini skirts and blouses, which leave the back and stomachs of a woman uncovered. Buturo says indecent dressing is immoral.
Raped and defiled. He advises girls and women to dress clothes, which do not expose their thighs to people.

What next? A morality law on women's dressing. With 'aggravated dressing' drawing what, life in prison?

Anne Mugisha analyses what has been happening. And, comes up with this. It is a long article, worth reading, actually. But, what I liked most was this.

It turns out that the gay community can relate totally to persecution of gay people anywhere in the world because the only family they have is one another. They have experienced rejection in their churches, families, schools and communities; and so they have huddled around one another to form a ring of defense against the outside world. This minority whose members are hanged, beheaded, beaten to death and constantly humiliated in all corners of the world has created strong cross-cultural bonds to look out for each other. And it is that strong bond, borne of being ostracized and rejected; that has created one of the most powerful lobby groups in the US.
I know that the bill is terrible. Anyone who reads its text cant fail to come up with that. It is here. Everyone, except Ugandan supporters, of course.
I have been kind of amazed at the fury which has been happening across the ocean in the US. That is where the real battle can be won. And, they are definately fighting it on my behalf. But, why would gay groups in the US fight my battle for me? It is because they can totally relate to the persecution that my Ugandan countrymates want to codify in the law. "It turns out that the gay community can relate totally to persecution of gay people anywhere in the world because the only family they have is one another". It is a small world, and a big world, at the same time.
Stephen Langa, Ssempa call it the gay agenda, the homosexual agenda. I see it as something else. Less sinister, more heartening. My gay brothers and sisters from across the world are looking out for me.

My heart felt thanks, gay brothers and sisters from accross the world. Thanks for what you have done. The battle is still on. Thanks for what you have done. But, we are not yet through.

Does Museveni support or not support the bill? Politics. Of course he does. He does support the bill. Fact. Here is some analysis on his double talk....! Uh, UPC, and, apparently, even FDC, the political opposition in Uganda are waking up to the fact that this bill may be against them. Oh yes, they are waking up. Not too late. And, the political gains for this support is vanishingly small.

So, here we are, gay Ugandans. The bulk of in country public opinion continues to be against us. Simply, it is suicide to come out and defend us.

But, we still are. We gay Ugandans, we are.

Enjoy the rest of the day.



Tobias said...

The devil is riding those so-called Christian pastors and bishops. Their real name is anti-Christ. No doubt they are the children of Beelzebub. And they show it shamelessly.

Leonard said...

The anti-Homosexual VOCALISTS at Church are a shame...if they would LISTEN instead of yammering on and on (about individuals they have grouped together into a huge heathen hump) they might be surprised...however, NOW, they, including Archbishop Henri Orombi has brainwashed his ¨skirt chasing¨ self, into such hysterical beliving that it is they who have become a demented cult...imagine the standing up a clapping against LGBT Christians at Church on Christmas Day...I tell you, the feardriven laity of Uganda will NEVER be able to protect themselves against EVIL that way...marking huge bloody x´s on other human beings is sickness, it´s not loving thy´s not loving the God that insists upon TRUTH (personal and collective)...the anti-lgbt disease is still on the rampage, and those who pontificate and encourage such emotional/spiritual illness have not yet seen the HELL they will have to´s either OPENING themselves to enlightenment regarding the REAL lives of the brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and friends or PRETENDING ¨life¨ is vile and needs to be purged (purged by them, we know how that story always ends, it is them that will run for cover, cowards that they are, in the end).

On Christmas. Really. Religious Sickness unwrapped for all to see (with glee).

Very dangerous self-deceiving/beliving.

MrK said...

I can't help the suspicion that all of this is a US rightwing attempt to drive a wedge between Blacks and (White) Gays, to prevent them from standing together against the right.

It worked with the No On 8 spin, that it was the 6% of the population of California that was somehow responsible for defeating the bill.

Now it is this anti-gay nonsense, sponsored by The Family.

Uganda under it's current leadership is in the pocket of the West, with it's support for what is going on in the Eastern DRC.

We should not allow ourselves to be distracted about what is really going on, which is the theft of natural resources from the people of Uganda and the DRC.

And they are backed by the same corporate interests. It are those corporate interests that are the problem.

Anonymous said...

These are not Christians. They have no Christianity in them, no charity, no idea of the beauty of mankind. If they'd see that all humans are beautiful, they'd stop ranting and raving about homosexuality and fix Uganda's real problems. There won't be any of "God's Children" left to be immoral if everyone dies in a war.

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