Saturday, December 19, 2009

Stop Lying....

Someone tells Ssempa to stop lying.

Well, he is a Christian, and, he is more refined than I am. So, he is really flabagasted by what is coming out of Uganda.
Ssempa and co. wrote the Bill. It is in English, Uganda's official language.

And, it is a public document now. Anyone who wants to read this bill can do so. Why, I have been posting links to it on every blog post, for that very reason. And also because the framers of the bill are going around saying things which are lies. Saying that one thing or another is not in the bill.

Ssempa wrote a letter to Rick Warren, a response to Rick Warren's letter to the Ugandan Pastors. He says a lot of things, does Ssempa. But, he is not being candid. He is lying.

Ssempa always tells lies, with respect to homosexuals. That is matter of fact. It is no suprise, it is no new thing. Here is Ssempa's Letter to Rick Warren. And, here is where the bill and the letter compared. The lies, to what is in the bill.

Why does Ssempa lie, especially with regards to homosexuals? I mean, he is a Christian pastor or minister or whatever. He should know that this homosexual is one who will call him out on that. I have been doing that for a long time... And, in his rabid defence of the bill, he has been going around shifting goals, forgetting that the bill text is public. Why does Ssempa lie?

I dont know.

Nor do I know why Ssempa has this deep need to hurt gay people.

Anyway, so does Bahati. Yes, Bahati has also been lying with regards to the bill. Check out this BBC interview, where he was quoted saying 'We are not after the sinners. We love them, we are after the sins'. How sweet!
First point is, not all of us are 'sinners'... He, MP Bahati represents me as a Ugandan, not as a Christian. I am not a christian, so I am not a sinner, so he shouldnt be pursuing me in my house to look for what he calls a sin. That is why I am not Christian. Gosh!

And, he also says that the death sentence would be for defilement only.

Well, I checked the text of the bill, as it is here and as it was gazetted. And, I would face the death sentence for any of these instances, if I am arrested for having homosexual sex someone.

  • if my partner is below 18 years
  • if my partner is disabled in anyway
  • if I am HIV positive
  • if I am arrested for a 'repeat' offence as a 'serial offender' under the anti-homosexual bill to become law.
  • I am the parent or guardian of my partner
  • I am in any way in 'authority' over my partner.
  • In cases of rape.
So, there we are. A plain, bold faced lie.
And by the way, having sex with my partner, if we are caught, and none of us is HIV positive (death), then, the state will incarcerate us for life. That is what the bill says.

But, the Rt. Honourable Bahati has been repeating it again and again, whining about the issue that the bill has not been understood. Why does he lie? Well, one would have to ask him. The bill was written in English. I, who is no lawyer, needs no interpreter to read it. And, it is helpfully in point form.

There are many such areas in the bill. It is odd that I, the gay pervert, am the one who doesnt have to lie. The good, upright, practicing, proffessional Christians, they are the ones lying about me. With the hope that they can rid Uganda of me. Ssempa helpful told one of us that Sweden is waiting for us. To seek for asylum.

Here is an Assistant Bishop being quoted helpfully saying that the parts having the death penalty are just so that they are equal to the rest of the law...

Rt. Rev. Dr. David Zac Niringiye, assistant bishop of Kampala in the Church of Uganda.... The second thing I need to say is that it is important to understand that the section on the death penalty seeks consistency in the law. The law on rape in this country (and I am not stating a position, I'm stating a fact) has a maximum sentence of death, particularly if it is rape of a minor. Therefore, there is the idea that the law that is proposed needs to be [consistent] with other laws on the books.

What can I say to such a bold faced lie? Ok. Say it is no lie. And look at all the instances when I can get the death penalty. For now, forget the life imprisonment. All those sections when I can be killed....

Lying, murderous Christians.

No, I dont feel any need to hold back when supposed 'men of god' lie and try to wizzle themselves out of this. Let them be held accountable for this law. They wrote it. Let them defend it as it is. Let them stop lying.

Anyway, Pastor Ssempa, in his zeal to have the bill passed, and his desire to answer dissenting Christians in the west, he says they have not 'understood' the bill text. Which, of course is a lie. To most of them, English IS the first language, if not the only one.... Shame upon you, Ssempa. Shaming my country. Stop lying. You are less than candid, to your dear Christian brothers and sisters in the west.

Funny, I thought they wouldnt do this classic mistake. They are acting like children. Deeply disappointing. This is a case of collective stupidity like I have never seen, in which I am involved! Embarrassing!

In other news, the US state department holds a press conference about the Anti-Homosexuality bill. I think it is reflecting a failure of diplomacy. They have had their contacts with the government in Uganda, and the govt is not going to heed them. So, they want to pacify their own constituents that they have tried their level best. Huh.

Notice what the President is said to have said?.... Interesting.

Ever heard of Deconstruction of news? From this analysis, or deconstruction, the Bahati bill is something to deal with politics of suppression. Of course it is. But, I didnt say so.

Know what, this could be a nice thriller movie. What I dont like is being caught up in the middle. I would love my quiet life, unencumbered by activism....

In other places, has the BBC apologised for asking people whether homosexuals should be killed? Pretty daft of them. We are having the conversation in Uganda, but I am very glad that BBC got the backlash it did. Humanity is humanity. The collective stupidity in Uganda should be seen as that, by the rest of the world.

Some do argue that it was good. The debate as an awareness raising thing.

Rwanda, well, they also want to criminalise homosexuality. Not the death sentence, of course. But, well. Here is the story....

I am kind of tired of analyses of the bill. But, people still want to hear them. Some are coming new to the discussion. And, yeah, dont blame us. We gay people. That we came out, and caused this backlash.

Yes. Yesterday, at Hotel Protea, there was a discussion about the bill. We were there, but ran out when we thought that we were not safe.

Ok. I am chicken.

I was not there. My friends were. Presented a statement. And, got out when they thought they were not safe. Call us chicken, but, we are like little birds waiting for a stone to be thrown. Soon as we think the arm is moving, swinging, we take off in protest.

Ssempa told one of us that they are waiting for us in Sweden. To give us asylum. Arrogant man.



Anonymous said...

I like it.

Paul said...

You say that this Bill is "in English, Uganda's official language" but the interesting thing is that some of it is in English spelling while some is in American spelling, which makes one wonder who was looking over the shoulders of Ssempa & Co while they were writing it. The arm of the American missionary is long indeed...

Harry834 said...

Thank you for this. Have read some of bill. I wrote a few thoughts (which I have posted here and there):

The bill is linked below. It is 16 pages. I got the link from blogger at Gay Uganda.

Read pages 7-9. You'll see when they define "homosexual" "gay" and "lesbian" there is no mention of age or underage - that means they can conceptualize the difference between homosexuality and pedophilia. Now read the definition of "vic...tim": "any person who engages against homosexual acts against his or her will". This definition means that the bill writers also can conceptualize the difference between consenting and non-consenting homosexual sex. So really they are after criminalizing consenting adult sex.

The bill:

natt said...

Sorry if the following question is offensive to God-botherers (not really).
why can't we all be atheist? We'd all get along so much better.

Anonymous said...

I can't say I blame you for 'flying like a little bird'-- It's terrible what they want to do, appalling! You can't can't help being gay, you were born that way.
Stay safe, and seek asylum if you can. It's truely sad that you should have to fear for your life because of bigots.
Wendy Banks

Anonymous said...

Gug, I believe this will boil down to mass production of "conversian therapy centers" business sweeping Africa. Like war for oil on US tax payers. This is Lively, Ssempa, Schirmer and co. trying to build a conversion empire, and dont mind in the least that some queer blood may be spilled in the process. Ssempa is trying to protect his multi-million dollar PEPFAR pipeline. Many have a lot of money at stake here. Big business cloaked as religion. Wendy

Anonymous said...

Call us chicken, but, we are like little birds waiting for a stone to be thrown. Soon as we think the arm is moving, swinging, we take off in protest....

If Sempa is a liar, you are not any different. You portray this country as a homosexual hunting community yet we have them all over in happening places doing their stuff openly. You need to understand that the community you are asking for acceptance still can't have heterosexuals,even when married, kissing infront of the parliament. To me, what homosexuals have been asking for is not acceptance, its recognition. In this country we have polygamists, we are yet to see them come out to be addressed as polygamists. We all know them and some get teased and abused and attacked in the media about it. But they are not ranting about it on blogs.

gayuganda said...


I am lying? Oh well. then, of course I am lying. I am Ssempa, I am lying.

I have no death penalty hanging over me. Someone has not just threatened me on the blog... me and my partner. Of course there is no bill in parliament criminalising me touching my partner....

of course I am lying. Lying through my teeth.

You know anon, i will always be lying to you, because, even when i ever cry out with you ready to kick the bolt so I hang, you will say my cries are fake. And, of course they will be fake.

May the Almighty bless you in your perception of truth.

Anonymous said...

This is an example of truly toxic Christianity. It is poisonous and dangerous and seems to be on its way to controling Uganda and Ugandans. This is not the love of Christ not is it his teaching. Ssempa and Warren are interested only in power for the sake of power. History has shown those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere, and I suspect the Southern, that all too often Christians are intolerant and hateful and that Christ is not in them. Hang in there, Buddy!

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