Monday, December 7, 2009

Round Up: Update

A Story from Spain. Is this what is coming to Uganda?

In 1976, at the age of 17, Mr Ruiz, from Valencia, told family members that he was gay. At the time homosexuality was still banned and when his parents confided in a Catholic monk, he denounced their son to the authorities.
He was sentenced to three months in prison and was then banished from his home town for a further year.

Not even cockroaches? From a Reverend of the Church of Uganda. Here is the story....



A senior member of the Anglican Church has thrown support behind the government move in a bid to phase homosexuality out of the country.

Rev. Michael Esakan Okwi said on Friday that not even “cockroaches” who are in the “lower animal kingdom” engaged in homosexual relations.

“What about the human being who was made in God’s image?” he asked at the funeral service in All Saints Cathedral - Kampala for Tom Omongole, the former Resident District Commissioner of Bukedea.

Rev. Okwi also lectures Theology and Philosophy at the Uganda Christian University. The law prescribes a seven-year jail term for gay sex and a death penalty for certain types of offences like homosexual rape.

Know what, the Episcopal Church wants another gay Bishop. Good for them. Know who comes up against this, within 24 hours? Cantebury. A few people wonder why the support of the COU for death of gays is not condemned, after more than a month, but, well,.... Hypocrisy? I will not comment. But, check out Ekklesia. And, commentary on the issueHere too. And, why not. A leader is supposed to lead. When they dont, or are hypocritical, why then, you point it out.

The not even Cockroaches thing has made me lose my blogging strength. Go off to something else more productive. Rather than being so angry that some 'man of god' thinks I am shit.

I am not. So, I am ok.

Not even Cockroaches? Know what they Hutu who killed the Tutsi in the Rwandese genocide used to call them? The rallying cry was to go out and 'kill cockroaches'. Dehumanise, then it is easy to do something that is despicable to a human being. Because, they are no longer like you.


PS; How many times have I mentioned here that the COU officially has no position on the bill, but unofficially is preaching homophobia these Sundays?


spiralx said...

Actually, Okwi is not only being an offensive little git, he's also being an ignorant, offensive little git.

Same-sex behaviour in animals is extremely widespread, and yes, it includes cockroaches.

But as New Scientist points out in this week's edition with an article on the subject, we don't need comparisons with animals to support a case for basic human rights.

Nils said...

You are not a cockroach. You are a beautiful creature of God.

gayuganda said...

I am no Cockroach. I am a human being...! And, true, that man of god is a prime reason why I am not a believer in any faith. Kind of a hell of a heaven that they promote.

spiralx said...

New Scientist article, with link to their editorial beneath:

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