Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Yeah, yeah, yeah....

Should have expected the Red Pepper to weigh in with its favourite game.

Of course, in the highly charged atmosphere regarding gay issues in the country right now, this is red meat before a dog. I will not comment anymore.
Here are the Red rugs scans. Incidentally, the link to the red rug is lacking. Seems they have not been paying their bills. Maybe this will boost their circulation more. I hear they were slapped a huge fine for libelling Gadaffi...


No comment.




Paul Kagaba is an ex-gay. He goes around telling some tall tales, for which I will make sure that he is confronted.  He is not, and HAS NEVER BEEN a spokesperson for gug. For me, imagine. [seems people are quite determined that I am an organisation!]

But, once, sometime ago, he was fronting as spokesperson for Ex-Gay Uganda... Me, I am very proudly gay, and Ugandan.


PPS; Why do I smell the foul stench of Ssempa's hand in this?

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Leonard said...

PPS; Why do I smell the foul stench of Ssempa's hand in this? gug

Because the guy deals in trash and this is trash and it rotted before it hit the press...Ssempa propped up another ¨healed queer¨´s all part of the pagentry leading up to his big ¨Let´s kill em¨ march on Kampala in a nice man of God...I tell you, he´s a raging lunatic.

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