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Want to know the mood in the country? Kind of funny...!

First, you remember Andrew Mwenda's article last month, aptly titled, Bahati dont usurp God's power. It generated lots of interest. Still is, far as I can see. I blogged about it here. Wow, that was eons ago. Now, The Hon. Bahati has written a defence, which Andrew kindly publishes in the Independent magazine. The comments are starting to flow in, here. It is a reiteration of the things that have been said over and over again- Uganda is under attack, the Homosexual International, Uganda is leading the world, recruiting gays, etc, etc.

Bahati believes, I dont know how much, in what he says. He doesnt seem like a stupid man.... Guy has an ACCA or equivalent, and is an MBA, unless I am mistaken. But, his reasoning leaves a lot to be desired. And, he is still convinced that he loves poor gayuganda. I really wish he hated me. Maybe I wouldnt then have to bandy words with the guy!

Anyway, remember that Andrew Mwenda's article would be banned under the new law. For 'promotion of homosexuality.' Of course, this blog is sinful, and it is being funded by the western homosexuals to be used for recruiting the poor savage Ugandans.

Remember the Pastor Wars? Eons and eons ago. There were 5 pastors, who accused one pastor of being a homosexual.
The accused is Pastor Robert Kayanja, brother to Archbishop Sentamu, of York, second in the Church of England. Soap opera, this one. One of the accusers is Pastor Martin Ssempa, the great friend of Rick Warren.

Anyway, Kayanja dealt the others a numbing blow. And overturned their accusations. And, instead had them before court for trying to tarnish his character. They allegedly hired the boys who accused Kayanja of Sodomy. Dont want to go over that again. Just check out the summary, the Pastor Wars, here.

Well, seems as if the saga continues. Here is an update in the New Vision.

Tuesday, 1st December, 2009          

FIVE pastors who accused evangelist Robert Kayanja of engaging in homosexual acts are to be probed over tarnishing his image.

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in October instructed detectives to investigate Kayanja’s accusers, Solomon Male, Michael Kyazze, Bob Kayiira, Martin Ssempa and Felix Ssemujju. The DPP’s letter was copied to the office of the President.

Kayanja, who heads the Rubaga Miracle Centre, was yesterday scheduled to record another statement at the CID headoffice in Kibuli, Kampala. However, he had not gone to Kibuli by press time, sources told The New Vision. Kayanja insists that the allegations were a ploy to damage his reputation.

Kyazze and Kayiira recently appeared in court over charges of trespassing at Rubaga Miracle Centre where they had reportedly gone to pick footage of the alleged deeds.

The born-again fraternity was earlier rocked by allegations that Kayanja sodomised six boys years ago.
However, the alleged victims later claimed they had been given money to make the allegations.

That is kind of a distraction.

Have to remember, that part of the push behind this bill is power play between the Pastors in the country. Kayanja is a big fish they wanted to pull down. They failed. Now, they are in hot water. So, why not make a law which will ensnare him. Matter of fact, if this bill had been law, Kayanja would be behind bars. Contemplating the death penalty. I am writing facts.


Some allies are becoming intemperate, and moving out of 'diplomatic' gear. See, this bill is not about Uganda only. That is why it has managed to capture the attention of almost the whole world. A judicial genocide of gay Ugandans is being solemnly, democratically contemplated in a small backward nation on our globe. And, other gay citizens of the world find diplo-speech a bit to nuanced.

So, they can hit out, and hard. Imagine these Euro MPs. They were seated at the table, with guys who are preparing to carry out a genocide of those like them. They approached the subject, guys claimed sovereignity. And some tempers flew off the handle.

I guess by now, being politicians and diplomats, they may have already regretted this press release. For me, I have it, so I publish it...!

Media release from the European Parliament’s Intergroup on LGBT rights
1 December 2009

"Africa Caribbean Pacific-EU Assembly: the European Union speaks up against the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill"

The infamous Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009 was vehemently discussed yesterday in Luanda, Angola, during the 18th session of the ACP (African-Caribbean-Pacific)/EU (European Union) Joint Parliamentary Assembly.

In his opening speech to the plenary, Louis Michel, former Development Commissioner and Co-President of the Joint Parliamentary Assembly, denounced the draft law as attacking human rights, and called for the separation of religion from politics and mutual respect.

During the discussion with the European Commission, and despite some ACP delegates insisting that they could do "what they wanted" in their own countries, Development Commissioner Karel De Gucht recalled that they had obligations under the Cotonou Agreement, as well as under International Conventions. Following a negative response from an Ugandan delegate, this was echoed by other Members present, including Michael Cashman MEP, Co-president of the European Parliament's Intergroup on LGBT Rights and Member of the European Parliament Development Committee.

"It is quite clear that this issue of state-sponsored homophobia has been building up for years, and now it is finally out of the bag. We should have faced this down years ago, but now we can ensure that such homophobia is never endorsed by our silence", said Michael Cashman.

"Things are changing, it will take some more time, but this clock is never going to be turned back. We are all equal in this world and it is high time LGBT people are granted their full human rights, wherever they live", he continued

The proposed legislation includes provisions to punish those alleged to be lesbian, gay or bisexual with life imprisonment and, in some cases, the death penalty; any parent or teacher failing to report their LGBT children or pupils to the authorities with a fine equivalent to $2,650 or three years’ imprisonment; and landowners providing shelter to LGBT people with seven years’ imprisonment. The legislation would apply to Ugandan citizens both inside and outside of the country.


Representatives of European Parliament's Intergroup on LGBT Rights:
Co -Presidents: Ulrike Lunacek MEP (Greens/EFA) and Michael Cashman MEP (S&D)
Vice-President: Sophie In't Veld MEP (ALDE)
Vice-President: Raül Romeva i Rueda MEP (Greens/EFA)
Vice-President: Sirpa Pietikäinen MEP (EPP-ED)

For further information from the Intergroup, please contact Bruno Selun, Secretary to the Intergroup via, or on +32 (0) 228 37 759.

What should gug add to that?


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