Saturday, December 26, 2009

We are....

Hey, it is past one. AM.

I have just come back from a bar which was effectively gay when I left. ie, it was a gay bar, because most of us patrons were gay and proud and happy, celebrating Christmas.
Put me in a meditative mood, remembering that we are. BUT.

First things first. There are brutal realities to face.

One of my safety strategies is being as forthright and truthful as possible. Now, as I was going out today in the evening, I saw a headline in the Monitor newspaper intimating that Hon. Bahati was in hiding or something to that effect. That he was fearful because he had tabled the Anti-Homosexuality Bill and it had led to lots of hate mail to him. The headline in the Monitor implied that Bahati's cousin had disappeared. I havent read the article.

Now, I have been accused by Ssempa of planning to kill him. That is fact.

I also know that, we gay people in Uganda are too disorganised, and too much in the closet to pose much danger to the Honourable MP Bahati.

But, in case of any adverse happenings to me, if I disappear, or am arrested, or in any way become incommunicado, well, just know that I am claiming that I have not threatened the Rt. Honourable Bahati at all. I am quite frank about the fact that part of my protection is being very frank! Adverse effects happening to me, I hope questions are asked.

Of course, that is very, very, outlandish an accusation. But, this is Uganda, I am gay, and the Anti-Homosexuality Bill has been tabled in parliament. And, the GayUganda blog is one of the very few voices of dissent IN UGANDA to that monstrous bill.


Ok, that is out of the way.

I was thrown into thought by the fact that, we are. We kuchus, we gay Ugandans are.

Mind if I finish that thought in the morning? The philosophy will hold, hopefull till I awake. At the moment, someone will mind a lot if I dont join him in bed in the next few minutes. And, I dont aim to finish the rest of this year banished from our bed.....

Have a good day, hope Christmas was really good, as it was for me


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unused said...
capricious and paradoxical isn't it?

As for the Bahati's their actions continue to confirm that Jesus is miles away from their stench, I can get some joy and validation that slowly my religion is getting debunked from this disgrace of a legislation/legislators. Where do people get off? I mean how low does one need to sink!

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