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Now, I tell you, absolutely, this is a true story.

It is about the bill. The Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

Yesterday, I wrote about the fact that there was some movement in Uganda, movement which I didnt understand. Here. It was kind of confused, with claims and counter claims being made. As a watcher of the tea leaves, I was aware something was happening. But not quite aware...

Today in the morning, first things fast, check the papers. Headline in the Monitor, the breaking of the Museveni story. The assurances to the Americans that he would block the bill. I dont think he is happy that that particular cat is out of the bag. And, I am not suprised that the Monitor didnt submit this particular story for the next days news round up. The Monitor presses might have caught a mysterious fire in the middle of the night...!

Anyway, the rest of the story has been on this blog for some time.

But, the most amusing, the most flabbergasting and hilarious piece of news was at the end of the article. Here it is.

Ethics Minister Nsaba Buturo yesterday named three civil society organisations allegedly promoting homosexuality activities in Uganda. He said Sexual Minorities Uganda, Integrity Uganda and Gay Uganda had been given $20m to promote the practice.
 Good god in heaven.

So, this being Uganda, I have to correct some of the mis-information. Of course it will not get out there into the press, but, what can I do? Since I got the fame, and became infamous enough to be mentioned by the Honourable Minister, I have to cover a few of my tracks, and fast.

  1. I, gayuganda, I am a single human being.
    Sorry, but my English fails me. This is not a group, or a family, or a cabal or whatever. This is one human being, a Ugandan, living, working in Uganda, who happens to be gay. I am certainly not a Civil Society Organisation. IS THAT CLEAR?

  2. Secondly, huh, 20 Million USD?
    I would really love to get at least a tenth of that. Ok, I will not be greedy, I will settle for much, much less. Christmas is here, and the bills are not completely paid. My lover wants more than I can give him, the usual problems of life. If I had just a fraction of that, I would be really, really happy.
I was going to add a denial about not spreading homosexuality, till I realised that that denial would be confirmation that I do spread homosexuality. By definition, talking the truth or anything about my sexuality is promotion or spreading homosexuality. The Bahati bill has a penalty of some years in prison for that. Seven, isnt it? So, this blog spreads homosexuality. When you sign in and read any of the posts, why, homosexuality jumps out and hits you in the face.

But, the thing that is amusing and hilarious is, Why is it that, in the name of all that is holy and true, why does the Honourable Minister of Ethics & Integrity, Dr. Nsaba-Buturo tell a LIE like that, of a small Ugandan guy like me?

I have been in contact with him. Oh yes, for some time. Sending him some helpful updates. In addition to Honourable Benson Obua Ogwal. So, I immediately sent him a note, saying that I was realy disturbed by the lying Christians of Uganda.

I will let you have a few guesses why the Minister would do such a thing.

By the way, I did notice that Martin Ssempa did mention GayUganda as one of the organisations that spread homosexuality in Uganda. I would have begged to differ, but, I was not consulted about that. See his letter at the Throckmorton blog. Of course, Martin was lying again. But, I am kind of tired, trying to track down all that gentleman's flexibilities with the truth. He surely knows that I am a single human being. But then, that is life.

And, of course, Martin Ssempa has once accused me of conspiring with some friends to kill him and Nsaba-Buturo. Ah, that is for another time....!

Err, in other news...!

The demonstration that I was talking about, article is here.

Ugandan officials say anti-homosexual law will be passed
Groups of Christians today demonstrated in Uganda’s capital Kampala against first world donor countries which are against the anti-homosexual bill which was recently tabled in parliament.
The demonstrations were organized by several religious leaders cordinated by the anti-gay pastor Martin Sempa.
The several groups demonstrated on different streets of Kampala, the capital, after which they converged at parliament where they presented a petition with over 50,000 signatures to the deputy speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga. All those who signed say they support the anti-gay bill.
The demonstrators had placards reading, "In Africa homosexuality is a taboo, Donor countries don’t force Ugandans to love homosexuality" and "To hell with those who support homosexuality."
While presenting the petition, Solomon Sempa said, "The big number of people who turned up for the demonstrations and the over 50,000 sigantures on the petition shows that most Ugandan Christains, and other people at large are against the bill. We are here to show solidarity with members of parliament. We are totally against homosexuality."
The deputy speaker of parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, thanked them for showing solidairty. She said, "I appreciate your efforts to fight against homesxuality in Uganda. We in parliament will play our role so that the bill is passed."
Just as that was going on at parliament, the minister of state for ethics and integrity, James Nsaba Buturo was addressing the press at a media centre in Kampala where he said that Uganda will not be intimidated by donor countries which have threatened to cut aid to the country if the bill is not dropped.
Nsaba Buturo said, "Uganda is a sovereign state. It’s people know what they want. In Uganda we do not support annal sex. If they support it in their countries that is up to them, but they should not make us do the same."
Gosh, talk about whipping anti-gay fervour...!

And, this was in Earthtimes
As the demonstrators were marching to parliament, Ethics and Integrity Minister James Nsaba Buturo told a news conference that foreigners were promoting opposition to the anti-gay bill.

Well, wish you a good day.

I, I will keep my ear to the ground.



Dara said...

If Museveni wants to block the bill that would obviously be very good. It's still despicable that he won't speak about it, but a blocked bill is a blocked bill.

US$20 MILLION! I could certainly use that too! By the way, the Christianist lying is not just in Uganda, I promise you. They use the same lies everywhere, and just keep trying them until they don't work anymore. Then they invent new lies. Hopefully someday they'll run out of credibility.

Erik said...

You couldn't be more right Dara. It's the same lies over and over again, scapegoating gays to distract from real corruption.

Erik said...

I so hope Museveni will do the right thing and speak out publicly against hate and persecution of gays.

From Rachel Maddow, my favorite lesbian:

spiralx said...

gug, you should certainly write to the paper concerned and make it clear that:
a) you're not an organisation!;
b) you never seen even a sniff of $20m;
c) if Buturo can prove it (that sort of cash transfer needs bank accounts, transfer notices, specific dates, etc), you'd be most interested.

They may not print it, no; but they can't ignore you as one of the named respondees.

Honestly, what an utter dickhead that idiot is. Does he seriously think that anyone with half a brain would not expect him to put up or shut up?

(Not that he will, he's like one of those annoying cheap plastic wind-up toys that stop, then start, then stop, then start...)

unused said...

I don't think that article gives Mu7 any haggling room, the Sempas et al will then turn their attention to his exellency, I don't think he'll say no to them! I don't think that article does the president or the those opposed to the bill any favours, if he has to chose between another term and donor money, he'll choose the obvious.

gayuganda said...

Icearc, do you think he would not get a second term for vetoing the Bahati bill?

Sincerely, I dont believe that... Not museveni. Maybe for fighting the Kabaka, but, do the Ssempa's think that they are that strong?

I am an amused onlooker here.

Spiralx, I am writing to the Monitor asap. Copying to him of course....

unused said...

The problem is the Sempas & Langas can collect their flock and park them on the streets of K'la and paint a picture of a false agitated majority which may be hard for No.1 to ignore, given his vulnerability as a result of the Baganda issue. And the president has always avoided the veto precisely because he has been the author and finisher of all bills in parliament, the very presence of this bill had to have had his consent or no objection at the very least

spiralx said...

...which is why I suspect he will - after a quick chat with Buturo about current political realities - "Here, boy! Heel!" - try substituting Plan B.

Haul out the existing law, and toughen it up with extensions. He'll certainly need keeping an eye on in 2010, as will the rest of the pack.

unused said...

This bill is nothin' but an election ruse if it's not passed now, it won't come up till 2013. No.1 is an either an expert at the art of distraction or we Ugandans are too gullible, but at the end of each term, he always seems to conjure up a new mascot. The mascot is the electoral engine, it makes people get a sudden amnesia of their lack of health services, jobs etc. The trick is to be repeated ad infinatum, anyone have a cure or better a vaccine for sudden amnesia? And no..... education is not the answer, one just has to recap the public debate organised by the human rights and peace centre(HURIPEC), Makerere University pitting Dr.Tamale against MP Bahati, and the apparent inability/lack of desire to comprehend of Makerere university students, the intellectual and salient points raised by the good Dr. Another example of how civilisation can not be imparted by education. Bahati could have engaged in a silent mime and still would have got resounding applause. It's just as well that Nostradamus predicted 2012 as a year of catastrophe, could he have seen the events unfolding in Uganda? could these have further galvanised/justified his prophecy?

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