Saturday, December 19, 2009

Good News

Ha, got you!

Ok, joke.

But, this is good news, from Rwanda. Uganda, well, we are still watching, waiting, on all your efforts.

The government of Rwanda has come out with a clear statement about NOT criminalising homosexuality. Here is the thing.

The Minister of Justice Tharcisse Karugarama has condemned and refuted reports that government intends to criminalize homosexual acts saying that sexual orientation is a private matter not a state business.
“The government I serve and speak for on certain issues cannot and will not in any way criminalize homosexuality; sexual orientation is a private matter and each individual has his or her own orientation - - this is not a State matter at all,” said Karugarama.
May I speculate? Rwanda is more 'sensitive' than Uganda. They have seen the storm happening across the border, and this 'Purpose Driven Nation' would not like to repeat our mistakes.

They are our brothers. We know them. A lot.

Check this out.

He hastened to add that the government has held a meeting with its development partners on this particular issue and told them their position ‘which is that the government has no intentions whatsoever to criminalize homosexuality.
I think the hullabaloo about Uganda has had some effect. In Rwanda at least.

Here, we are still wondering, wandering...

I wonder, what would be the best way to confront this bill? To kill it, once and for all?

I think it is possible to kill it. With the simplest and most complex weapon that I have. Truth.

Some friends from the Orthodox Church are calling on the faithful and friends to ask the Orthodox Church in Uganda to withdraw its support from the Bahati Bill. Here is the link.


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spiralx said...

That news, I have to say, comes as SUCH a relief! There has been some gearing up in haste for adding Rwanda to the list of 'Bad Countries', and it's good to know they thought better of being so silly.

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