Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fierce Defender...

Of the LGBT community.

Ahem, I think I am misquoting someone. I know enough to do so. Ever considered that a fight to the death can be amazingly interesting. Have a quirky sense of humour, like I do this morning, and, even the blood spilling and the struggle may seem invigorating. Life is, interesting!

Hillary Clinton. She is the one that I was referring to.

Now, I have learnt to go out there and look for mention. It is like trying to figure out what someone else is doing. Sherlock Holmes....!

I think my country, my Ugandan leaders think this thing is going to go away. I mean, can you contrast this story in the New Vision, the Government paper (Uganda to host AIDS vaccine centre) to a similar story that I picked up from AP and posted here. (Anti-Gay Bill may cost Uganda Research Institution). Noticed the difference? I bet you have.

But, will anyone in Uganda know better? Certainly, a few. Maybe.

Diversion, again. Yes, Hillary Clinton, mentioned Uganda in a speech about human rights. Tacked away in its innards. Here. I got it from Towelrod.

"Calling for accountability doesn’t start or stop at naming offenders. Our goal is to encourage—even demand—that governments must also take responsibility by putting human rights into law and embedding them in government institutions; by building strong, independent courts and competent and disciplined police and law enforcement. And once rights are established, governments should be expected to resist the temptation to restrict freedom of expression when criticism arises, and be vigilant in preventing law from becoming an instrument of oppression, as bills like the one under consideration in Uganda to criminalize homosexuality would do."
Full speech here.

Do you think my leaders have changed their mind as to the moral cleansing they would like Uganda to have in the matters of sexuality?

I dont think so.

But then, I am gay. Stullifying factor.

The day is beautiful. Hope you are enjoying it.


I have just noticed, I am actually not following the monies and connections of Langa, Bahati, His Excellency. That story is playing out in the US, fiercely, as more information comes to light. Interesting.

But, I am a Ugandan in Uganda. I am concerned, but, it just doesnt resonate with me as it does in the US. So, they exported the 'phobes and the money. Ok. It is my countrymates that are trying to kill me. I will not exonerate their teachers, their idealogical mentors. But, nevertheless, it is interesting to follow the bigger part of the picture. Here. More connections to the US. Watoto Church is the big Kampala Pentecostal Church, isnt it? Where Scott Lively held one of his seminars, or preacheries, or whatever. Interesting connections. And, seems it is the same story, unravelling. Here.

I love the quote. Hate is not an African Value.

Indeed, it aint.

Not, for that matter, of any other place. But, my American friends surely have some interesting exports! Eh, dont take it badly. I have countrymates who want to kill me in the name of God, Love and morality. To protect the family and children.

Sounds very, very similar, doesnt it?



In the Huffington Post, someone pleads for the defence of the Fierce Defender, on Gay Ugandans' behalf.

I would like to quote some of your Oslo statements to request action from you to back up your words. As you probably know, Uganda is about to pass an anti-gay bill that could result in the execution of many homosexuals. You echoed former President George W. Bush in your Norway speech when you said that "evil does exist in the world." I can't think of anything more evil that killing a person just because they are gay.
I am asking you to speak out against this atrocious bill. I know it is not your style to intrude on the politics of other nations (Iran's election, for example). But as the leader of the Free World and a descendant of a Kenyan father, you have much influence on the African continent.
This human rights issue is global. When one gay person is executed anywhere in the world, we all suffer the loss of life. If we don't speak out, we are condoning the action.
Lives are at stake. As a country we can once again become a world leader of human rights. Even your anti-gay Inaugural Invocation Preacher, Rick Warren has come out against this bill, hopefully not too belatedly. Our American Christian leaders have sent mixed messages to Uganda for years, preaching that homosexuality is a sin that causes AIDS and falsely accusing gays of being child molesters. Is this not an intrusion on another's culture, perhaps even facilitating the passage of this hateful legislation?
We need you to set the record straight and be true to the principles that you adhere to.

very moving, indeed.

Thanks, Ms Dowlin.

from a grateful gay Ugandan.

The Democrats in the US are lining up behind their infuriated voters. The power of participatory democracy. Very interesting. See this article.

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