Monday, December 7, 2009

So, what will happen? Part 2

Job is important. Way to earn money, the daily grind.

Yeah, if I am outed, I do understand that, more than likely, my income will drop. Precipitously. Like most working Ugandans, I work at multiple jobs. And, some of them, it is impossible for me to be an out and out gay man. Or, suspected of being so.
Thankfully, it is known at the main place of work that I am gay. Or, it is suspected that I am gay.

Will I be fired if the company is threatened? Of course. Though, I think I may have some cover… But, not real security.
And, it has happened before, some people trying to play burecratic games to remove me. Happened last time that I was outed, very effectively by the ‘Red rug’ stupidity.

That is a continuous threat that I will have to live with. Loss of main source of income. But, with the knowledge that it is possible, I am less likely to be blackmailed about it. Or, be a victim of extortion. It has happened before. With this law, well, life is life.

Check. It would really be ideal to have a completely independent source of income. Independent of the vagaries of my or any employer. Wonder what other people will do? Kuchus, I mean. Most of them cannot stand the threat of being outed at work. That would be suicide, social, even physical.


Well, I think I am, we are relatively safe. Or at least I hope so. But, what is to prevent a spiteful neighbor reporting us to the police? Absolutely nothing.

For almost nine years now, we have lived together, as partners. In the same place, same house. We know it. Maybe the village people know it too. But, it is something than no one has mentioned to me. Except my Dad, of course. Of course, when the bill is law, anyone can report to the police. Anyone. But, they don’t know for sure, do they?
What of the other things I do?

The activism, the blog, the airing of my views as and when I do.

Check, when I do it then, it is always going to be at the risk of an accusation of ‘promoting homosexuality.’

Promise to myself. I will continue the blog, especially if I decide to stay in the country. A grain of sand in the official eye. I will continue talking about the things that are relevant to me and mine. Illegal kuchus. That I promise. To myself, not for anyone’s benefit, but me.

The other things will be much more risky. Will I dare continue doing them? The various things of activism that I do? I know, as soon as the law is passed, dear Minister of Integrity and Ethics, the Rt. Hon. Nsaba-Buturo will be looking for all the ‘promoters of homosexuality’. As soon as possible. He has been very, very eagerly looking for the chance to arrest us. So, most likely he knows who we are. It has been rumored now, for some time, that he has a list. Just waiting for the bill to become law. A list of individuals who are gay, leaders of organizations, and, a list of supporting organizations in the country.

I don’t doubt that, my name is on that list. I cant deceive myself on that.

There is going to be a witch hunt. Sooner, rather than later. That is a given.

Which brings me to the other, very real consideration.

What will happen if I am arrested? If my lover is arrested?




Just a Hoosier said...

I know your considering moving to another country...have you talked to any of the NGO's about possibly you and your partner applying for Asylum in say the Netherlands? I know that is a far cry from the life you live, and would be a horribly cruel decision to place on anyone, but obviously if said list does exist and the fear of a witchhunt is realized then you will likely be targeted at some point Your worth far more alive then dead.

Anonymous said...

Gay Uganda in the Netherlands????!!!!! hhahaha. Well, I don't know what would be more torture: under threat in Uganda or bored in the Netherlands....;-)
Yesterday I saw a documentary on Aljazera about the US military in Africa. Shocking... really... Also Uganda was mentioned and how much the Ugandan army and establishment gains from US military support. Would Uganda (Museveni) risk to loose all that? (Given that Hillary Clinton already hinted on the disapproval of anti-LGBT legislation). Is the US also threatening to reduce military support if the bill would pass? Or is the oil in the region much more important? Probably. Nevertheless, I have strong doubts that the bill will be passed... Let's pray... no, keep fingers crossed because I gave up praying long time ago

Just a Hoosier said...

Hehe, well I've never been to the Netherlands but I've heard its nice. But, I tend to like urban environments, here its just endless stretches of cornfields.
I'll have to look up the documentary. Al-Jazeera isn't big here, except in communities with a lot of immigrants.

That said, I don't know what my government will do. I'm sure the government disapproves of the legislation, but sometimes we act sometimes we don't. But its good to hear that there are doubts. I find it saddening that any country would consider a law the could potentially lead to government sanctioned genocide.

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