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Shock at M7, Opio Oloya sense, and Kevin O'Connor nuisance.

I never went to journalism school. The headings to the posts become too many.

In Ugandan papers, the shock headline in the Monitor says it all. For me, the shock was that I was supposed to have got a mouthwatering 20 Million US Dollars. I was wondering about that windfall and asking myself where Santa Claus had left that money.... But, Christmas is in two days, not so? I will check under the tree my partner has beautified. It will be there. I expect it.

Oh, the shock headline in Monitor? Museveni has assured the Americans that he will block the bill.

Opio Oloya, a Ugandan living in Canada, and writing a column for the New Vision surfaces in the debate. Once, some years and years ago, about 5, he wrote a column that was supportive of homosexual Ugandans. I remember. I sent him a note saying thanks. I bet it was the only one. Because the response in the country was not so good.

He is a columnist for the New Vision. But, the new vision has a blackout on all news with the word homosexual. Nagenda is special. Political clout, seniour presidential advisor. That is how he managed to get his article published. I bet Opiyo Oloya tried. And, he managed. But in the Andrew Mwenda's Independent.

It is a thoughtful article. Given the things that the pro-bill people have been going about saying that the bill was not understood, he took time to read the bill. Thoroughly. It is here, if you want to read it too. Oloya is no lawyer, but, he reads the English like I do. And his assesment of Bahati and Ssempa, without saying so in so many words is quietly damning.

First, look at rape as rape, and then look at homosexuality as a stand alone issue.  Once you have separated the two issues, keep in mind that just as only a tiny minority of heterosexuals rape girls and women, only a tiny minority of homosexuals rape boys or adult men. Should you choose to make homosexual rape of a boy punishable by death, then you also have a duty to make heterosexual rape of a girl punishable by death.  Both are victims of rape who deserve to see their molesters face the same justice.  It is that simple.
Secondly, once you have dealt with the issue of “aggravated homosexuality” or rape, you should try to figure out what to do with adult homosexuals who fall in love.  Should homosexuals who are not rapists be thrown in jail, sentenced to death, thrown into Lake Victoria or into vat of acid just because they are homosexuals? That is the question before you ladies and gentlemen. You could adopt the US Army model of “don’t ask, don’t tell” by which homosexuals who choose to live in the closet are not bothered at all.
 The italics are mine. And, Opio Oloya concludes his solid assesment with a warning.

Here is what I should warn you about though. Should you pass Bill 18 as it is currently written, be prepared for the avalanche of challenges from around the world.  It will be fierce and sharp. In fact, do not be surprised to see countries around the world immediately enacting laws that will make you, as members of Uganda’s parliament including the president of Uganda, pariahs on the international stage. My suggestion is to work hard to balance what you feel will promote traditional Uganda family values while respecting Uganda’s obligations to international human rights.  You can do both.
You know what I thank Oloya for, what I am really greatful for? It is the fact that he shows that Ugandans are not stupid. Err, but he is in the diaspora, so, he might have already been infected by the homosexual disease that touches everything in the west. Not so?

Opio Oloya, from a grateful Ugandan, thanks for bringing a tiny little bit of sanity to the debate as it is happening in Uganda.

Here is his article, again.

And, in the New Vision, he does his usual stuff. His usual column.

Hey, I bet this will escape everybody's attention.

A Marriage bill has been introduced in parliament. It is for Christians and Hindu marriages. Not for moslem marriages.

Now, what happened to the fact that the Constitution says we shall not have a state religion?

Read on, that is all my paranoia....

I was just wondering where I fall there. Because, this bill definately excludes me also. Since I am a non-believer.
But, I had not read far enough. This bill prohibits same sex marriage.
I think us Ugandans are obsessed with same sex marriages. Sincerely. The constitution says marriage is between a man and woman (or women?) but, I know there was an amendment to that effect. The first in the world. The Anti-Homosexuality bill says that, you get married, you get life time imprisonment. I am telling you the facts. For example, these guys, they would risk life time imprisonment because they got the traditional introduction ceremony.

Do you think we are done?

No. Not more. Grounds for divorce include, you guessed. Homosexuality.

Gosh, Ugandans! You do hate homosexuals!

To recap, according to the constitution of the republic of Uganda, I cannot marry my partner of years. Almost nine now. According to the draft marriage law, I cannot be married, because I am not a Hindu, or Christian. And, according to the draft Anti-homosexuality law, I risk life imprisonment if I so much as try to get married when I cannot.
And, if in any case I get married. (I think it would be to a woman...), my homosexuality, once revealed, would be grounds for a quick divorce.

Ugandans realy, truly hate homosexuals. Here is the article.

It is a fact. The 8th parliament of the Republic of Uganda is majoring in some really absurd laws...!

I absolutely love this cartoon from the Daily Monitor.

I love it, I love it, I love it.....!

Hey, the article underneath it.  I think Kevin O'connor just wanted to say something about homosexuality... You see, once he did the mistake of writing one, and, the online response and abuse from Ugandans was, well, enlightening.

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