Saturday, October 31, 2009


I will pronounce this the most hilarious article of the week. My eyes are dry. I am crying.

Clergy calls for lighter punishment for gays

Ultimate Media
The Provincial Secretary of the Church of Uganda, Rev. Aaron Mwesigye has called for a lighter punishment for homosexuals.

He says the proposal to kill the people engaged in homosexuals and lesbianism is against the God’s gift to life.

He was addressing a press conference today at Namirembe Protestants Cathedral in Kampala.

Rev. Mwesigye also told Parliament on Wednesday that the church supports homosexuals to be imprisoned for life but not to hang them.

Mwesigye says the clause in the Anti-homosexuality Bill 2009 which proposes death as a penalty for homosexuality should be removed.

The man of God says they support the bill because the religious teachings condemn homosexual but at the same time they don’t support hanging as a punishment.

Not my Country

The article in the Monitor was an eye opener in more ways than one.
Not only did it show that there are no crimes on the ground. There is actually no problem of homosexuality according to the Uganda Police reports. Why, because there is no one to complain. And, why should one complain if you have sex consensually?
But, the pushers of the Bahati Bill are determined to have a crime. Of something that me and my lover do in the privacy of our house, of our bedroom.
And, it also opened my eyes. More than usual.
I know, I have flirted with the fact that I am gay in Uganda. Kind of amusing that we are soon celebrating nine years of partnership. Me and my partner. Of being gay, and loving, and being together. Of having our own family. It is exhilarating, living like so, so much against the ‘law’. In sort of secret sin. A gay underground.
But, that fact makes us forget the danger. With the new law, the Bahati Bill, we can be condemned, not from any actual mistake of ours, but because someone, for some reason, suspects. And, the burden of proving we are not gay will rest with us.

Life, it has just become much more dangerous.
As the Monitor article put it, once that law is passed, (and it will most likely pass), Uganda will be one of the most dangerous places on earth to live as a homosexual.
Yet, what have we done wrong?
No need to whine. We have done nothing. Absolutely nothing.
We have just offended the morality of some people. The people who are pushing for this crime that is no crime, for this sin, that is no sin but in their eyes.

Its easy to say that our lives are our lives, that it is our right to be human beings. Nsaba-Buturo, Ssempa, Langa, Bahati, they don’t believe in this. My right of choice in religion is not respected by the Church of Uganda. The good Christians are going to force this thing down my throat. Even if it means that Uganda has to build more jails for us homosexuals. To kill us, as long as it is judicial.
Homosexuals have no human rights. No rights for anal sex, as Nsaba-Buturo so hatefully puts it.
According to Bahati, in that Monitor article, his bill would be justified even if there was only one prosecuted homosexual act in Uganda.

God help us. Bahati, and other MPs are multi-millionaires in parliament, trying to justify the salaries they award themselves. Corruption is a cancer that is eating at the very heart of the country.
But, they have chosen a defenceless minority to pursue. In the name of God. All in the name of God, their God. Poor Ugandans. They follow like blind sheep, being led by duplicitous, blind shepherds.

They will not allow us to defend ourselves. They will not allow us to differ. They have only two choices for us. Prison, or Death.

Ssempa was passionate, saying, ‘not in my Kampala, not in my Uganda.’
Well, it is also my country. It is also my city.


Uganda's Murderous Christians

Caught your eye, didnt I?

Actually, I lifted that title from here. And have just been thinking how apt it is.

You know the final solution bill. Death, or Life imprisonment for any Gay Ugandan. And sundry punishments for any who 'aids and abets' homosexuality. Now, when Bahati, Nsaba-Buturo and others announced the bill, triumphantly, a solution to the problem of homosexuality, they were not ready for an immediate backlash. The world media caught the bill's eye, and they noted that the Death Penalty was included.

I have already written about this. I mean, for the homosexual, the bill envisions only two things. Death, or life in prison.

So, the immediate world wide condemnation caught the good Christians by suprise. But not before some of them had already voiced their very strong support for the bill. Ssempa was soon on TV, saying it was ok. He has voiced his 'total support' for the bill as it is. In writing, and on TV. I personally heard him defending the death penalty, because it was in defence of the 'boy child'

Others followed suit, but, this was before the furor on the death penalty became too much. So, the dear religious leaders started pulling back. Death, was too merciless, said these Ugandan Christian leaders. Rather, let these bad sinners be imprisoned by the state... for life.

If I were lying here, it would be ok. But, as a matter of fact, this is from the mouth of the religious  leaders themselves. Can death as a form of punishment help one to reform? Some people are convicted of murder but after they have been killed, it’s proved they were innocent. What would be done in such circumstances? We should emphasise life imprisonment,” said Aron Mwesigye, the secretary for the Church of Uganda. 

The same sentiment of 'mercy' was echoed by the SDA Church. Yeah, I am serious. Those where his words. I did blog them here.

So, they all go to the Parliament, and express the same sentiment. So, now Nsaba-Buturo admits they might have to 'change' that part of the law.
Oh, it will hurt Ssempa. The boy child is not being protected from the very evil homosexuals. But, imagine that change.

Personally, as one whose life is concerned, I would welcome the death penalty, rather than living in the hell of Uganda's prison system. Sighhhhh!!!! They are never, ever going to listen to my opinion!

So, they roll back a bit, do Uganda's merciful Christians....! Damn, I cant help not hit out at them. They do want me dead, why should I spare them?

But, here is an article that was published in the Daily Monitor today. They had not shared it with us before, but since they have now, I lift it.
It is thoughtful reading.



Efforts behind a proposed law against homosexuality run counter to the Uganda Police’s interest in the offence, official records show.

The annual crime reports from 2007 and 2008 are silent on homosexuality, a felony under the Penal Code Act, suggesting the incidents are so rare that the authorities are not concerned enough to tally the complaints.

 Asked to provide statistics on cases of homosexuality, several police officers said such figures were not readily available. “I actually don’t have the figures,” said Grace Akullo, the Criminal Investigations Directorate officer under whose docket homosexuality falls.

Crime against ‘nature’
The authorities insist homosexuality, which is called “a crime against the law of nature” under the Penal Code Act, is difficult to investigate, as there must be a willing complainant. In recent times, the publicity around some sodomy cases, including those involving pastors in the Pentecostal community, has fed the anti-gay sentiment that makes the proposed law seem relevant.

However, in the absence of reliable facts and figures on the activities of alleged gay recruiters, there is little evidence to suggest that homosexuality threatens the mainstream culture in Uganda.

 It emerged that Ndorwa West MP David Bahati, who sponsored the legislation, never sought the police’s input before producing a document that prescribes the death penalty for the offence of “aggravated homosexuality”. Mr Bahati defended his work in an interview on Wednesday, saying that even one case of sodomy was enough to warrant such a law. “We are not in a hate campaign,” Mr Bahati said. “We are trying as much as we can to protect the traditional heterosexual family. It is under threat. Anybody who says it is minor underestimates the damage being done.”

Yesterday, at a press conference in Kampala, Ethics and Integrity Minister Nsaba Buturo renewed his warning against the gays, insisting the country was “under siege”. He provided no details. “We don’t believe that human civilisation can be defended by having anal sex,” Dr Buturo said. “I am telling these people to leave us alone….We are not joking.”

 The proposed law would “make Uganda a leader” in efforts against gay culture in Africa, Dr Buturo said. “On the issue of homosexuality, let them forget [about human rights],” he said. “The government has started biting.”

Death penalty
Homosexuality remains a taboo subject in many African societies. If passed in its current state, the Anti-Homosexuality Bill (2009), condemned by rights groups, would make Uganda one of the most dangerous places for gay people.

For example, the proposed law prescribes the death penalty if the “offender is a person in authority over the person against whom the offence is committed”. It also proposes a seven-year jail term for someone who “attempts” to commit homosexuality.

Appearing before a committee of Parliament on Wednesday, religious leaders expressed support for the proposed law but refused to endorse the death penalty for “aggravated homosexuality”. Yesterday, Dr Buturo said the government “may have to change” that part of the proposed law.

Friday, October 30, 2009



Dear Partners, Allies and Friends,

As you already know, the "Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009." was recently tabled before the Parliament of Uganda. The Bill's provisions are draconian and among them are;

• Any person alleged to be homosexual would be at risk of life imprisonment or in some circumstances the death penalty;

• Any parent who does not denounce their lesbian daughter or gay son to the authorities would face fines of $ 2,650.00 or three years in prison;

• Any teacher who does not report a lesbian or gay pupil to the authorities within 24 hours would face the same penalties;

• And any landlord or landlady who happens to give housing to a suspected homosexual would risk 7 years of imprisonment.

• Similarly, the Bill threatens to punish or ruin the reputation of anyone who works with the gay or lesbian population, such as medical doctors working on HIV/AIDS, civil society leaders active in the fields of sexual
and reproductive health, hence further undermining public health efforts
to combat the spread of HIV;

• All of the offences covered by the Bill as drafted can be applied to a Ugandan citizen who allegedly commits them - even outside Uganda!

The existing law has already been employed in an arbitrary way, and the Bill will just exacerbate that effect. There is a continued increase in campaigns of violence and unwarranted arrests of homosexuals. There are
eight ongoing cases in various courts. Four accused persons are unable to meet the harsh bail conditions set against them. As a result, Brian Pande died in Mbale Hospital on 13th September, 2009 as he awaited trial.

Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) calls upon you our partner, ally and/or friend to action. Denounce this bill through a protest at a Ugandan Diplomatic Mission in your country on November 9th 2009, where applicable.
Urge the Government of Uganda to reject this Bill in its entirety.

For your reference, please find attached two press statements released by SMUG and Ugandan Civil Society as well as a copy of the bill that was tabled in parliament.

Thank you for standing in solidarity with the Uganda LGBTI community.

For more information, please contact:

Frank Mugisha
Telephone: + 256 772 616 062

Valetine Kalende
Telephone: +256 752 324 249

Gloves Off

Just hit me like a nuclear blast.

I am fighting for my life. Literally.
Yeah, take off the 'parsing', the nuancing, the sleight of hand and words. I as a gay Ugandan, am fighting for my life.
Melodramatic? But, if I dont recognise that fact, I am going to be constrained.

Sometimes, I have been accused of 'whining'. Of over exaggerating the danger to me as a gay Ugandan. Of playing the 'victim' card. Of course I do.
But, it is important for me to understand that the reality is much darker than that.

As I sit here, writing, a bill is being debated in parliament, whether me as a gay Ugandan should be quickly put to death, or I should stay in prison for life. They first have to prove that I am gay. Or, at least, someone has to accuse me. Then, once I am accused, the state apparatus will go into play. The burden of 'non-proof' will be with me. And, I will be in prison as I try to work my way through the corrupt courts.

The chances of that bill passing are very, very high. The political support is so much that it is a done deal. All those who support me are called 'promoters of homosexuality' or homosexuals themselves.

Dark, indeed. Dark....

Indeed. And, it is so surreal, that I can forget it that it is a battle for life.

I have been reading a Monitor article. They are not really 'pro-gay'. But, they are independent. And, with a deluge of articles that support the bill, and, the govt so overtly and covertly pushing that Bahati Bill, they are looking for the other side of the story.

It is a war. I cannot quit. I cannot turn away. It strikes at the heart of what I am, my assertion that I am a human being.
There are no two ways about it. My country mates, fellow Ugandans, are debating whether or not they should put me to death, or imprison me for life, just because of what I am. It is useless to whine that I have done them no harm. The harm that they see is enough for them to decide, the vast majority, that I deserve to die.

I whine that it is baseless. Someone in Monitor took it a bit further. Bahati, Ssempa and Nsaba-Buturo sought to make a mountain out of a grain of sand. They have succeded in scaring most of my country mates. I am the hapless grass and prey underneath their juggernaut.

Here, I have taken and show the Monitor article.  Uganda's Toothless Battle on Gays. It is revealing.

But, suddenly, there is a sense of urgency.

Sorry Princess, dear sis. I have to take off the gloves from now on. This is not a battle that I would like to fight, but, I need to. I need to know that I am fighting my countrymates, who want my life for it.

Sobering. But I need to know, and understand. It is a fight for life. My life.


Churches official response.

Yeah, woke to the fact that the world had got the official response of the churches to the final solution for homosexuals in Uganda.

They are merciful, the Church leaders. Let it be life imprisonment. Not death. Because after death, no one can reform.
And if you are thinking that I lie to call it a Final Solution Bill, check out this quote.'Seventh Day Adventist’s John Kakembo noted that homosexuality has been in Uganda since the 19960s. He called on Parliament to quickly enact the Bill into law, so as to curb the vice. '

Here is the article from New vision

Thursday, 29th October, 2009          

By Madinah Tebajjukira

RELIGIOUS leaders have opposed the death penalty as a punishment for people convicted of aggravated homosexuality.

Leaders from the Church of Uganda, Orthodox, Pentecostal, Seventh Day Adventist, and the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council, unanimously supported the Bill, but called for a change in the penalties.

“Can death as a form of punishment help one to reform? Some people are convicted of murder but after they have been killed, it’s proved they were innocent. What would be done in such circumstances? We should emphasise life imprisonment,” said Aron Mwesigye, the secretary for the Church of Uganda.

Early this month, Ndorwa West MP David Bahati tabled the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Parliament. The Bill provides for the death penalty for people who committee aggravated homosexuality.

According to the Bill, aggravated homosexuality is when homosexual acts are performed with a person below 18 years.

It can also occur when the offender is a person living with HIV or a parent or guardian of the person against whom the offence is committed.

The Bill, which seeks to prohibit and penalise homosexual behaviour and related practices, also calls for the life imprisonment for homosexuals.

Seventh Day Adventist’s John Kakembo noted that homosexuality has been in Uganda since the 19960s. He called on Parliament to quickly enact the Bill into law, so as to curb the vice.

Chwa MP Livingstone Okello Okello expressed fear that the Government might block the Bill.

Ethics and integrity minister James Nsaba Buturo revealed that there was pressure from the international community not to implement the Bill.

Same story in the Monitor, here

So, it is official... The Ugandan churches support. I would be grinning with relief, I mean, I expected them to confuse the issue, but they havent. They just want me out of the community.
They should emphasize life imprisonment. My god!!!!!!

Monitor goes a bit further with an analysis, but then, frustratingly, hides the text for subscription. But, here is the excerpt.

Uganda’s toothless battle on gays
Efforts behind a proposed law against homosexuality run counter to the Uganda Police’s interest in the offence, official records show.
The annual crime reports from 2007 and 2008 are silent on homosexuality, a felony under the Penal Code Act, suggesting the incidents are so rare that the authorities are not concerned enough to tally the complaints.

And, with the fight against homosexuality is coming another fight. Against pornography.
Well, the LRA wants to turn this country into a fundamentalist Christian State. Yes, ruled according to the Ten Commandments. But seems the current govt is making headway on that path!

Here is the fight against the twin evils of Homosexuality and Pornography.

And, I can no longer truly trust UGPulse, not when they can confuse the Australian Senate for the US Senate!!!!!

There seems to be a lot of movement. The international condemnation is undeniable. But, so too is the political, and religious will to go ahead with some sort of final solution for homosexuals in Uganda.

Gosh, reading some of those articles, I feel the hypocrisy. Seems as if Uganda has gotten up and is fighting this Global War on Immorality. All Ugandans united behind the fight, and the world against them.

Arent we the most Moral of all people?


Thursday, October 29, 2009

What do you think?

Would US official support be a plus or a minus?

Just look at this.

(AFP) – 4 hours ago
KAMPALA — If Uganda's recently tabled Anti-Homosexuality Bill becomes law it would mark a major setback in the promotion of human rights, the US embassy in Kampala told AFP Thursday.

"If adopted, a bill further criminalising homosexuality would constitute a significant step backwards for the protection of human rights in Uganda," the embassy's public affairs officer Joann Lockard said in an email.
"We urge states to take all necessary measures to ensure that sexual orientation or gender identity may under no circumstances be the basis for criminal penalties, in particular executions, arrests, or detention."

Addressing journalists on Thursday, Ugandan Ethics Minister James Nsaba Buturo said the country had no intention of heeding the advice of foreigners on the issue of homosexuality.

"They have come to me in great numbers and we are discussing it diplomatically but we are also telling them to mind their own business. They have no mandate whatsoever to come and say: 'Your values are wrong, mine are right'," he said.

Buturo balked at the notion that the proposed bill -- which, among other things, would criminalise any public discussion of homosexuality and could penalise an individual who knowingly rented property to a homosexual -- constituted a human rights violation.

"We are really getting tired of this phrase human rights. It is being abused. Anything goes, and if you are challenged? 'Oh, it's my right'," the minister snapped.

"Anal sex? Human rights. Robbery? Human rights. All sort of nonsense? Human rights," an exasperated Buturo went on.

Asked about donor nations and sexual rights campaigners who have voiced opposition to the bill, Buturo was again defiant.

"We have told those sources we are not going to compromise our integrity. And they are appalled. They cannot believe that Uganda says, on certain issues we are not going to sell our soul," he said.

Homosexuality -- or "carnal knowledge against the order of nature" as it is currently described in existing laws -- is already illegal in Uganda and can be punished with life imprisonment.


And, was it the US Senate? I am not sure, which means....

Inside and Outside Uganda

It has been over whelming.

Humbling in fact. The reaction of the international community to the Bahati Bill. Of course the bill is vile. A viler legislative instrument I dont know. I have almost jokingly called it a 'Final Solution' Bill and compared it to Nazi German. Fact is, despite my crying wolf, this is such a stark fact that I am not embelishing, except in actually giving my hopeless sense of humour free reign.

Got across this article. Uganda's Outrageous New Sex Law. It is spot on. Tries to cover the hullaballoo, with what is happening within the gay community and the anti-gay sentiments in Uganda. More fair than I could ever be. I believe it is Australian Senate that a bill was introduced (and rejected) concerning the Ugandan anti-homosexuality bill. I have been calling out Christians. That is the biggest, strongest and most bitter anti-gay group in Uganda. Though those in Uganda call me anti-Christian, I am relying on some core Christian values calling them out in Uganda. And, I am happy to say that some outside the country are calling out those who believe like they do. Yeah, the bill is NOT Christian. I will continue saying so. And calling them out. Someone calls out on Rick Warren, the one of Saddleback Church, that hosts US presidential debates, and is a friend to Pastor Martin Ssempa, the prominent, anti-gay crusader.

Ssempa is politically powerful in Uganda. He has received various anti-gay awards, in recognition of his fight. And, he is well connected politically, a charismatic, populous speaker.
Calling him out, and confronting him on his basically unloving, unChristian stand hurts him where it is hurts worst. And, I am getting some indications that he is starting to feel the pressure. Please, please, continue the pressure. He is vulnerable. He doesnt understand it, but he is.

Ssempa is vulnerable because, simply put, he doesnt realise that his virulent, anti-gay hatred frightens his backers in the US and elsewhere. And yes, these are the people who will pressure him. They simply dont know what the guy is capable of, in the name of the anti-gay crusade. He is a fundamentalist in that way, and his backers are shocked to understand that.
Yes, Christians like Throckmorton are calling him out, again and again. And, they are asking the question, how Christian is support of this bill? That works. This beautiful, religious country of mine is very, very hypocritical. But one thing 'we' are so proud of is that 'we' are Christians. More Christian than the west which brought the religion. That is why they persecute us, unchristian gays. That is why they are shocked that they are suddenly considered less than Christian, when they want to 'wipe homosexuality from Uganda'.
A headline like this Uganda's Murderous Christians, strikes at the heart of our deeply held prejudices. And forces us to think, much more than when gug shouts on his blog. I am not a Christian, and I am happy I am confortable in my lack of faith. But, that very fact makes me a pariah here. Quite apart from my sexuality. When I tell a person that I do not believe, the double take that almost invariably happens amongst Ugandans is almost the same as would happen if I told them that I was gay. That is the Ugandan psych. We all must have a religion. And I must be less than human, because I dont. Sad that they dont take it as a chance to proselytise...!

Box Turtle is not optimistic that it will work. The calling out on Christians on their basic Christian values. That is possible. But, at the same time, it is the biggest leverage that I see to challenge these bigots.  Because, this is not just a battle. It is a war for their hearts and minds.

One thing that I have been convinced of by this vile bill, is the fact that, I as a gay Ugandan, I will never, ever, be safe in my country, Uganda, as long as this level of ignorance and blind hate continues.
I cannot fight them. I can only convince them that, if they know me, they will know how harmless I am. I am not going to turn them gay.
It is no whine. It is a statement of fact. This is a war that I cannot win, but that I must win.

But that is of what is happening outside the country.
Inside, in Uganda, the Parliament Committee on presidential affairs has been holding hearings on the bill. Yesterday, it was some of the religious leaders, who kindly offered that we should be put in prison, and not to death. That is their pious belief, and hope. We bad homosexuals need to stay alive so that they can turn us to god. I am not joking. I am telling it just like it was. The proceedings were on NTV, a public television, and, they were entertained by one preacher man who apparently 'survived' a gay advance. He actually raised the alarm before he escaped. What vile homosexuals are!!!! Death indeed!

Here are some of the comments from the Hon. David Bahati. You will forgive my 'english'... I was writing too fast, as a fly on the wall...

"We want to state that on 29th of April, myself and Benson Obua from UPC moved to intro a private member’s bill entitled Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009.  It came to house for first reading 14 October.  It came from 2 principles:  massive recruitment of young people, especially in schools, into homosexuality behavior.  It’s not a human rights, it’s a bad habit, and if we don’t act now, provide for preventative measures, then our country will sooner or later be in trouble.  We’ve seen a lot of attacks, especially from international civil society and it’s because not for any reason, but there are issues of accountability for funding and receiving.  More about funding.  It’s not a human right, we believe, because scientific research has indicated that first, on HIV/AIDS--males involved and females involved in homosexuality are prone to getting HIV/AIDS more than ordinary person, 3 times more prone.  Person engaging in homosexuality has reduced life expectancy of 20 years.  As males participate in homosexuality, over 6 years, they spoil their organs and in some cases are forced to put on nappies as children.  This is behavior that can’t go on.  It’s silent and creeping around in our society.  We have information that NGOs are being financed to promote this and existing legal framework, The Penal Code Act mentions “unnatural offences,” but given magnitude of problem, we can’t just leave it to “unnatural behavior.”  It’s not comprehensive or explicit.  Constitution prohibits same-sex marriage.  Why aren’t people fighting that in our constitution?  They want to engage in homosexuality but don’t want to get married.  Why are they adopting children?  There’s an evil creeping into our society, and they want to defend the homosexual family.  The best output of family is when it’s between man and woman."

It is a matter of fact that, as I re-read and listen to this justification for the elimination of my sexuality from beautiful, holy Uganda, I feel like strangling the guy. Serious.
But that murderous rage which he inspires just does not serve me. Please, as you write to him, be courteous. As Jesus said, 'Forgive them, for they know not what they are doing...!!!!!'

Apparently, there is a co-sponsor to the bill. And, this is what they had to say... Some of the things that they had to say.

"We strongly feel that homosexuality is unnatural, and every faith in this country testifies to this and it’s against all common sense.  Anyone trying to defend it has something wrong with them.  It’s causing destruction to this country, and we need to stem it.  Permit me to say we shouldn’t we be deterred from pressure from wherever.  We know there are powerful international NGOs and some from the international community don’t want this to go through.  The Commonwealth is trying to make sure that this strange culture is entrenched around the globe.  We have a fear that if we move ahead to pass, then the international community will deny Uganda aid.  This is some of the tactics being used.  We can do without aid as long as Uganda is morally upright.  So those kinds of things shouldn’t deter us.  Others argue that if passed in present form, it threatens the lives of almost everyone.  This is a big lie.  This bill targets defenders and anyone who works to promote homosexuality, but it doesn’t endanger human beings or Ugandans in general.

That is the state of mind of my country mates.

See, I am not going to embellish it, or comment on it. Other than to pick out this sentence. "We can do without aid as long as Uganda is morally upright."

and, maybe this one

"This bill targets defenders and anyone who works to promote homosexuality, but it doesnt endanger human beings or Ugandans in general" 

Am I a human being, or Ugandan? Not when I am gay... Am I missing something here? Or is it just because  English is not my first language?

Very sadly, this is what the majority of my country mates think.

Sorry for putting a dumper on you. But I believe it is important to see the outrage on the international side, and the self satisfied, pursuit of what is 'morally right' that is fueling sentiment in the country.

And, it is Ugandan MPs that are going to make it law.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009


In holding ones breath, as the stench intensifies.

Bitter, isn’t that?

Ok. Deep breath in, and one out. Calm, calm, calm.

The religious leaders of our dear country Uganda were presenting their views on the bill. They were those from the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and some Moslem leaders. Apparently, the SDA Church is merciful. They don’t want a homosexual put to death, because he or she is a homosexual. So, they want something else. Let it be life imprisonment. Because, from their point of view, taking a life is a final thing. Too final. Rather that a homosexual, who is a sinner like any other sinner, is jailed so that he might have time left on earth to repent and turn back from his or her sins.

Deep breath in, deep breath out. Calm, calm, calm.

Do you know how frustrating it is not to be able to shout to these people that I am NOT GUILTY OF ANY BLOODY THING?????????

I am gay. A gay Ugandan. I am guilty, just because I am gay.

And all the good people of my country, the country's leaders are sitting down to piously decide on which punishment I deserve.
The choice is not very hard. Those who are fierce moralists say it is Death. Death. Death. Those more merciful, say it should be life in prison. Just for being homosexual.....

Dear God in heaven, is this a nightmare or what?

Where was the debate? Oh, apparently, it was at the Parliament Committee for Presidential Affairs, where the public can give their views. And,....

No. I will not cry.

What would these people say if I told them that I am gay, and so they be damned?????

No. That is just stupid bravado...


Wed morning

Beautiful day outside.

Overcast, cool to cold, and still. Maybe no rain this afternoon, but it was there yesterday, and today maybe.

Went out last eve. My lover took me out. Dinner, then a bar and music. Was fun. Good music, good crowd. It is funny how many strangers can congregate and share in the bonhomie, and have fun. Music was a little different from what the others wanted, and I did notice that there were not many kuchus, as I had expected.

But, it was good. And of course, we left early. Before it had heated up. Kuchus are fashionable, always. They show up late.
Had a long conversation with a friend about the bill. He told me he no longer feels safe in the country.
I can understand the feeling. The indignity of a bill by our countrymates, which clearly, and very succintly, plans for prison or death for us, because of what we are. Some kuchus say we shouldnt mind. That it will be un-enforcable. And, of course we have always lived under almost similar, but less harsh conditions. And, we have survived.

Are we safe?
It would be 'ostritch head in the sand like' and ignorant bravado to say that we will be safe. That Bahati bill will declare open season on homosexuals. Anyone who is accused of being homosexual will be guilty until proved innocent.
I have been following the pastor wars. Yes, they are still ongoing. And, it is notable that the Ssempa's and co are still so convinced of the righteousness of their cause in chasing after homosexuals that they are continuing to pull their beloved church apart. I guess it strikes me that, if they are so willing to tear themselves apart to pursue a vendetta against Kayanja, having arraigned, judged and damned him guilty before even any due process, I get a little concerned at the venom of my accusers.

Eh, but those are the clouds of the day. They are there. But, doesnt stop the day from being beautiful!
Where I am is quiet. I see leaves and trees, and a dance in them with the air stirring. I dont see many people, which is fine with me at the moment. Kind of gets too crowded, in this Kampala of ours. Children are at school, and the screaming high voices of their happiness are just absent. Something that I note, because they are always so, er, present.

The burden of anonymity that I have to bear is that I cannot name the places, lest I betray myself. It is a bummer. Sometimes, this picture of Kampala, of the city should have the solid bone of place names and suburbs, so that it jumps out in the mind of a reader, knowing and remembering the particular hovel, or suburb. For example, talking of Kabalagala at midnight, an instant image of bright lights, garrish, people crowds and music blaring out of every roadside shop cum bar. That is what Kabalagala is.

Its near midday, means that I will have to start doing something else.

It is fun, fun the work that I do. I love it. Sometimes, when I am not gripping about it!!!!

Have a fun day, I plan on having one


Another Christian speaks out.

You are asking yourself what I am doing? Trying to prove to myself that not all Christians are bad, and hateful, and bad.
I am trying to prove to myself that not all Christians hate me like those that are in Uganda

PS, the comments are illuminating....


Uganda's draconian anti-homosexuality bill has the potential to destroy thousands of lives.

Savitri Hensman,           Tuesday 27 October 2009 14.00 GMT
Every day millions of Christians pray to be spared from being put to the test. For some in Uganda, where an anti-homosexuality bill (pdf) is being put to parliament, this prayer may be especially deeply felt. This extremely unpleasant proposed law targets not only lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) people but also human rights and Aids prevention activists and people in positions of trust. While some in the church are backing the bill, other Christians face a challenge to the principles at the heart of their faith.

Seventeen local and international human rights groups, including Sexual Minorities Uganda, have condemned the move. "This draft bill is clearly an attempt to divide and weaken civil society by striking at one of its most marginalised groups. The government may be starting here, but who will be next?" said Scott Long of Human Rights Watch. Gay sex is already illegal in Uganda, and can result in long prison sentences. The bill broadens the definition to include any form of sexual relations between people of the same sex, which could result in life imprisonment, and threatens those guilty of "promotion of homosexuality" with up to seven years in prison, an attack on freedom of expression which would also damage Aids prevention efforts.

A new offence of "aggravated homosexuality" would carry the death penalty, covering sex with someone under 18 or who is disabled or in the case of a "serial offender". This also undermines the right of disabled adults capable of informed consent to enjoy intimate relationships, insultingly reducing them to the status of "victims". Any "person in authority" aware of an offence under the new law who did not report it to the authorities could face three years' imprisonment, including anyone who exercises "religious, political, economic or social authority". So a pastor who found out that someone in his congregation or community was gay or lesbian would be required to betray that person to possible imprisonment or death, or risk his own freedom. The bill would not only destroy LGBT people but also undermine others' integrity and humanity.

The law would apply not only within Uganda but also to Ugandans abroad. Some commentators believe it is being used to divert attention from ongoing social problems and intensify repression in the run-up to the next elections.

The bill is a particular challenge for Christians because clergy have helped to whip up fear and hatred and undermine respect for human rights. Nicodemus Okille, Dean of the Province of Uganda, in his Christmas sermon in 2007 as Bishop of Bukedi, reportedly condemned advocates of gay rights as having no place in the kingdom of God. "The team of homosexuals is very rich," claimed Archbishop Henry Orombi in 2008. "They have money and will do whatever it takes to make sure that this vice penetrates Africa. We have to stand out and say no to them." However Anglican Bishop Stanley Ntagali of Masindi-Kitara diocese has recently spoken out against the death penalty for homosexuality, while supporting imprisonment.

The bill also poses a challenge to those throughout the world with economic, social or political links to Uganda. This includes Christian leaders overseas who have helped to give credibility to homophobic Ugandan bishops and pastors while supposedly proclaiming a message of love and justice for all. Some US evangelists have endorsed Pastor Martin Ssempa, an anti-LGBT crusader. Anglican leaders such as the Archbishop of Canterbury have avoided challenging their Ugandan associates' complicity in anti-LGBT abuses while soundly condemning Anglican provinces moving towards equality for all.

Sixty years ago, the Anglican Communion was at the forefront of the drive for universal human rights. Though commitment to rights for all, including LGBT people, has been repeatedly endorsed at international gatherings, and many churches are passionately committed, it now tends to be referred to in vague terms by top leaders. But they will have to decide how to respond to this legislation, especially since their own Ugandan-born clergy and parishioners will be affected. What they do, or fail to do, will affect their ability to witness to a God who does not abandon the abused and exploited. These are testing times.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lively's letter

I am as prejudiced as the rest.

I have been following the demonisation of the guys who came to Uganda to preach an anti-gay agenda. On the one hand, it served my political purposes. I mean, these guys did come to Uganda to bless us with an understanding of their anti-gay agenda. But, though I was here, I couldnt exactly blame them for what Ssempa and Nsaba-Buturo have been pushing for, for a long time.

That is, I couldnt blame them so much, till I got to see a letter that Scott Lively wrote from Uganda. It is here.

He came, to a deeply homophobic country.

He preached a homophobic religion.

And, in his own words, he had such a good time here that.... Well, I am feeling the after effects.

Scott Lively, you gross, interfering man. With all your education, and your allegiance to Christianity, I wish I could absolve you of complicity and guilt in making the Bahati bill. Yes, I do blame my countrymates, for being such ignorant nicompomps. But, from your own letter, you laid the groundwork for the genocide of a people, because they are gay, homosexuals.

You believe in Christ? Well then, I will not curse or abuse you, however angry I feel. Let me just hope that your God richly blesses you for all the good things that you did in Uganda. We should leave him to be the judge of that, shouldn't we?


Turning you Gay

A letter to my fellow Ugandans. No, I cannot, and will not, turn you gay. Because, that privilege was left for whatever deity makes people gay.

I know that as Ugandans, we tend to be extremely ignorant of all things homosexual. Or gay, or whatever perjorative word we use or think about gay people. Our prejudices are extremely deep, and well cemented. We believe, collectively, that gay people are not actually human beings.

Listening to the NBS programme, I was also struck by the fact that most of the people who called in were asking for the death penalty for people such as me. Just because we are gay, or homosexual.
(See, Princess, my paranoia was deeply rooted, and not unreasonable. Fellow Ugandans do want to kill me, simply because I am gay, and it is no joke. It is no whine. It is simple fact)
It is your privilege, fellow Ugandan, if you want to kill me. When you try to kill me, it becomes a bit of a problem... Since I am not suicidal at all. I am gay, not suicidal.

But, being Ugandan, with the usual 'prejudices' for deep seated ignorance, I tend to be embarassed by ignorance on this scale. So, I would like to correct some deeply embarassing 'rumours' and lies that Ssempa and Nsaba-Buturo are ever mentioning, saying that these are facts.

Here are some glaring, but popular misconcepts about we gay people, homos, or homosexuals.

  • We are actually Ugandans. Someone took the liberty to question my 'Ugandanness', and took offence that I misspelt his home villages name. I just had to point out, (rudely, as an angry Ugandan would) that I may not come from his particular corner of this country, or speak his mother tongue, but I still am Ugandan.

  • Our gayness was not from outside.
    It gets old to have our sexuality blamed on 'outsiders'. Whether it is the 'arabs' or the 'westerners' or the 'whites' etc. I know I am gay, not because of infectious infusion from outside the country that i took while young, but I am gay because I am gay. Born so. Blame a god, if you want to. So is my lover, who testifies growing up in the village, wondering whether he was the only one in the world. Dont blame us on other cultures.
    And, remember that the very cultures that you blame our sexuality on, have a history of homophobia. As recently as last century, Nazi Germany was purifying the master race by removing all homosexuals, by imprisonment and death. That is historical fact. And, the Dutch, who are so 'pro-gay' at the moment, also had their pogroms against gay countrymates. The English used to blame it on the French, who blamed the Italians... ad nauseum.
    Fact is, you dont have to blame anyone for my sexuality. We happen to be what we are, and we are a natural part of the diversity that our country is. Please dont blame the 'whites' or others. It embarasses me.

  • Gay for Money?
    I know. There is a cousin of mine who, knowing that I am gay, pesters me for contacts to go out on 'kyeyo'. At least that is what I think he intimates, that I must have plenty of contacts. No, I dont. No,  I am not gay because I was bought.
    Being gay in Uganda is very, very tough. This blog barely explains many stresses... I would not be gay in Uganda for any much amount of money. Yes, like all good Ugandans, I would pretend to be gay so that I get some free money, but, believe me, there is nothing like that. My life is not worth the billions that Bill Gates or Elton John has. And, it is my life, my livelihood, my very existence that is constantly on line as I live in Uganda. No amount of money can buy that. No amount of money can soothe my fear that I will be arrested and start fighting my way through Uganda's corrupt courts. That is a daily fact of life. If the Bahati Bill passes, I am going to be in more fear of life imprisonment and death. Anytime, any day. That is a fact. Would I be gay for that? I tell you, not in my country, Uganda.

  • My being gay is not 'infectious'. It is not an infection that I will pass on by touching you.
    I am very serious. Reading this article, I had that feeling. That where I to get in touch with this Honourable MP, she would fear that I would infect her.

  • We dont recruit.
    So help me gods, we dont. Oh, I have slept with women. That didnt make me straight. And, I confess that I have made passes at straight men. As circumspectly as I could.
    This fear, that we kuchus are going to recruit children is ridiculous. It is so ridiculous that I routinely brush it off. But, most Ugandans believe it like gospel truth. Yes, I know, when Ssempa, Nsaba-Buturo and other anti-gay warriors say it as a fact, many people believe it. But, it is just a big, large, lie. Not a white one. It hurts us a lot. That is one of the reasons fellow Ugandans want the Bahati bill to pass, to make sure that I as a homosexual are confined to prison or the grave.

  • We dont multipy.
    For a member of parliament, a leader of the people, elected (I hope) to say something this ridiculous, I find it unconfortable. And very embarassing.
    I know, Nsaba-Buturo has also said it a number of times. That where will Uganda go when all Ugandans are homosexuals.
    That is like saying that, because Sweden allows gay marriages, all Swedes are gay. Are all Americans gay? Or Europeans? Or other peoples?
    We gay people are a minority. We will never 'take over' Uganda, or the world. We will always remain a minority. We have no 'homosexual agenda' to take over the world. I appeal to you as fellow Ugandans, please dont feel this visceral fear of us making the country gay. It is simply not possible. It is a fear which many people seem to have, that if we are not persecuted, if we are not jailed, if we are not condemned to death, then soon Uganda will all be gay. Even our more gay friendly neighbour to the East, Kenya is not gay!
I am trying to be as objective as possible. These lies should be called out.

I have an ulteriour motive of course. I want to live in peace in my country Uganda. But, I am also Ugandan enough to be deeply embarassed by this kind of blatant lie. Bite me, I am Ugandan!


Opinion in Uganda

I have thrashed to myself the bill so much that I am living in a cocoon.

What I mean, I have already convinced myself that the Bahati bill is not passing, because, in my view, it is very deeply flawed. But, I have to remember that, most likely it will pass. Because we Ugandans are deeply, instinctively homophobic. That is what we have been taught. That is how we reason.

Any opposition to the Bahati bill is being thrashed, and, people look at it and say, are you a homo? Big lil sis did me proud, and she is not having fun. Because she dared to write an opinion that was contrary. Question, doesnt anyone think? Must what the preacher say be correct? Must a person be bad because they are homosexual?

Here is an article in New Vision, written by one of the Members of our August Parliament, deeply decrying and blaming 'neo-colonialists'
See, us homosexuals cannot defend ourselves. When someone does, the immediate reaction is... homo!!! Or, as Princess put it, homosympathiser. And that person suffers the backlash.

Here is the article

Monday, 26th October, 2009           

By Margaret Muhanga

Africa will stay an enslaved continent as long as the Western world provide dime to the poor and hungry and propagates all their wishes.

Our beloved continent is embroiled in persistent poverty that is not about to end.

The dependency syndrome has increased to the extent that the elite who should direct the affairs of the country have betrayed the cause of our fore fathers and become spokespersons of Western ways.

October 23 was one of the worst days of my life when I woke up to read, with disbelief a one-and-a-half page press release in The New Vision titled; “Anti-homosexuality or anti-human rights Bill” by a coalition of civil society organisations on human rights and constitutional law.

What a tragedy for Africans who depend on others for a livelihood. The elite, including the women organisations, that sent this press release and paid handsomely for its publication, are slaves living under neo-colonialism. This is not their opinion or belief, it is their ‘sponsors’ who direct them what to do or say. What a disappointment we are to our society.

There is a quotation I came across that says “God made Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steven… ” This means, therefore, that any act that is done between people of the same sex is un-Godly. Let us not challenge God’s ways. If all of us were to become gay, where would the next generation come from? If spouses of these civil society activists turned gay, would they shout themselves hoarse in praise of their beloved ones’ sexual orientation? What if it were their children involved in this act, would you support and encourage them?

Beware of your actions today. Remember these homosexuals cannot reproduce. They must recruit, and they want our children. That is why they are getting public people like you civil society to present homosexuality as “normal” and acceptable.

They know that the next generation will one day be voters, and they will change the laws so that homosexuals can prey on children and not worry about breaking the law. Beware that it will be your daughter to show up with a female fiancé. It is not only from the religious point of view that Ugandans like David Bahat, MP Ndorwa West, has come up with a law against same sex union. A research I recently came across shows that the consequences of homosexual activity have significantly altered the delivery of medical care to the population in North America where homosexuality is widely practised.

With the increased incidence of sexually transmitted diseases, organisms in unexpected places, simple sore throat is no longer so simple.

Doctors must start asking their patients probing questions or they risk making a misdiagnosis. The evaluation of a sore throat must now include questions about oral and anal sex.

Doctors should also start asking about their patient’s sexual practices and consider how to treat anal cancer, rectal gonorrhea and other diseases.

In America, Human Herpes Virus 8 (called Herpes Type 8 or HHV-8) is a disease found exclusively among male homosexuals.

Researchers have long noted that men who contracted HIV through homosexual behaviour frequently developed a previously rare form of cancer called Kaposi’s sarcoma. Worse still after sometime, men who practise homosexuality get a leaking anus. This means, therefore, that they will be required to use nappies like babies to avoid soiling their clothes.

Are we ready as a country to risk these infections given our poor health services and lack of specialised treatment and human resource?

Ugandans must rise up and fight all sources of evil no matter how much money the West sends. Human dignity must be protected.
The writer is the woman MP, Kabarole

I love this quotation best. It shows how deeply fearful people are that I as a homosexual will take over their world, beautiful Uganda  "Remember these homosexuals cannot reproduce. They must recruit, and they want our children."

So help me the deities, how can I prove that I cannot make people gay? How can I prove to Ugandans that we homosexuals can never, ever take over Uganda?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ssempa's Obsession

Why is Martin Ssempa obsessed with homosexuality?

I am a gay man. I have devoted a whole lot of life on this blog, and, I must seem obsessed too... About my sexuality. Well, it is my story, and, I choose to tell it, like so. But I wonder, why is Martin so obsessed with my sexuality?

I remember seeing him talking on the NBS talk-show. He inspires some bad emotions in me, so, frankly, I tend to avoid sight of him, anywhere. But, this time I stopped and watched him.

Passionate, he is. A man deranged by THE cause of stopping homosexuality. Impassioned.

To Martin, Homosexuality, or STOPPING HOMOSEXUALITY; bold, underlined two or three times... that IS the cause.
My question is, why?

When he was talking, you could not doubt the fact that he is passionate. Spitting when he talked about homos, describing the 'bad' things that we do. The detail he knew was amazing. I mean, I am gay, but the things that he said we homosexuals do was kind of eye opening. Some of them I had only 'read' about them on the net. Honest, he inspired a few naughty thoughts.

But, why has he taken the trouble to go and read deep into gay culture, something which I swear the average Ugandan kuchu is not into? I mean, I am no hetero. but I have seen enough porn flicks (ok, and done a little of that, but let us not go there), to know that heterosexual sex is not all, 'vanilla'.

Fact is, the contrast between Bahati, and the presenter was striking. Ssempa was a man obsessed. He had a passion, whereas the presenter, definitely pro-bill, was, can we say, measured. Even Bahati came accross like so. He had a job to do. And, he was happy that he had done it, presented the Bill. Ssempa was a man possessed.

I have called Ssempa stupid, on this blog. Someone cautioned me that I was letting emotion cloud my perception, and I have been thinking deeper about that. I mean, is Ssempa as stupid as his obsession with homosexuality shows? Why is he prone to glaring, tactical mistakes when it comes to homosexuality? It is like he is a man driven, mad, striving to prove something.

Glaring mistakes?
Well, since I have taken advantage of them, I can point them out.

  • The Pastor Wars. Him accusing Pastor Kayanja of being a homosexual.
    This year, Ssempa was on a roll. A high flying roll. Since well before there were homosexuals in Uganda, he had never had as much success setting the public agenda firmly on homosexuality. He succeded this year. Until he was marred in the Pastor Wars. I have written that it was jealousy which caused the problems. But, was it just jealousy? Ssempa is very, very ambitious, and political, and he knows where the main chance is. Why did he fall into the trap of trying to ensnare Kayanja?

  • Supporting the Bahati Bill.
    Frankly speaking, I think this is also a stupid mistake. The bill is too 'hitlerish'. Too hateful, and out there to be anything but an affirmation of hate. Why do I question Ssempa's involvement? It was definitely there. The involvement. But, he could have continued to hide behind Bahati, and let the poor hapless MP be the fall guy. Whether the bill is passed or not, Ssempa's very tigerish support hurts him, and his allies outside the country. What passion caused him to support it so viperishly?

  • Did Ssempa really read the Bill? Why was he willing to tarnish his reputation as a 'proffessional' Christian? Or was he too impassioned to think logically?

  • The lies he says about gay people.
    Hey, Ssempa doesnt have to lie to cover his hate of us. I mean, the Catholic Church is homophobic. But, as Princess showed, they have layered their (hate to me....!) distaste behind a lot of logical thinking. Or quasi logic. So, why does Ssempa lie? Why does he equate gays with pedophiles? Why does he so conveniently wrap his persecution in a quest for the rights of the 'boy child'? Why does he leave a person with the impression that he detests gay people so much that he is willing to make wild accusations, which a little logic will pull down, and leave one wondering what the hell the man is thinking, saying blatant untruths?

Why is dear Martin Ssempa so wildly, glaringly, obsessed with homosexuality?

I dont know. I have a few theories about that.... But, those would colour my perception if I want to understand Ssempa.
Ssempa is a charismatic man. And, he is a politician, a populist. And he knows how to stir the crowd. All this has resulted in his being a leader, and out there with his wild theories of his world, almost unchallenged. Someone that everyone knows, but who grates uneven for various reasons.

Why is Ssempa obsessed with homosexuality? Uh! Wouldnt I love to know!


A Ugandan Christian Stands Up

To be counted...

Ironic, this is what I was blogging about. No, I am not anti-Christian. I just know a little bit too much of what Christianity is supposed to be. So, when I as a gay person am persecuted by supposed Christian leaders, I cry wolf. Hard. My life, as the Bahati Bill proves, my life and my well being depends on it.

It is curious that Christian ideals should be the protection that I look to. Look at the article below. The Catholic Church's official dogma on homosexuality should be all the protection that I should have as a homosexual in Uganda. The church should be vigorously defending me.

But, how many times has the Catholic church defended gay Ugandans as other Ugandans planned to kill us? Ironically, Ssempa's Inter-Faith Rainbow Coalition against Homosexuality in Uganda must contain a Catholic. They will not stand up to defend this pariah, this evil, this bad homosexual human being, even when their teaching says I exist, and that I am a human being. Why shouldn't I cry wolf, hypocrite, liars, and such?

Lil-big sis has done me proud. Here is the article, as I proudly lift it....

Written by Princess Ikatekit    
Sunday, 25 October 2009 19:04
We believe in different things, you and me. Or perhaps we believe in the same things. Our viewpoints and our life philosophies very often define who we are. I believe in God, for example. And I also believe that gay persons are our brothers and sisters, deserving our love and respect.

Are the two contradictions of each other?
According to Catholic teachings (I choose this because I am Catholic), “Homosexuality refers to relations between men or between women who experience an exclusive or predominant sexual attraction toward persons of the same sex…Homosexual acts are ‘intrinsically disordered.’

They are contrary to the natural law…Under no circumstances must they be approved.” But the Church continues to state; “The number of men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible. This inclination, which is objectively disordered, constitutes for most of them a trial.

They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided.” Finally, the Church calls homosexual persons to lifelong chastity as a means of, “gradually and resolutely approaching Christian perfection.”

 I, for one, consider the last teaching to be impractical and even idealistic. How many adults can be expected to go an entire lifetime without genital intimacy after-all? You, of course, may believe otherwise—but most likely we will agree (if you are Christian at least), that we must extend the tenets of Christian teaching: compassion, respect, and sensitivity to all human beings, whether they are gay or not.

David Bahati (MP, Ndorwa County West, Kabale) has proposed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, 2009 which includes a provision for the death penalty for gay men and women in Uganda. According to the Bill, an individual caught having ‘gay sex’ with a disabled person or anyone under 18, would be subject to an HIV-test, and if found positive would be liable to face the death sentence.

The “promotion of homosexuality” which means the “production, trafficking, procuring, marketing, broadcasting, disseminating, and publishing of homosexual materials” would also be criminal under this law.
“A person who keeps a house, or a place of any kind for purposes of homosexuality commits an offence and is liable on conviction to imprisonment for seven years,” the Bill states.

Failure to report a violation (by friends and family of gay and lesbian persons) would constitute a criminal offence.  This Bill is extreme, to put it mildly. And in a country where the stigma attached to homosexuality or being seen as ‘Pro-Gay’ is bigger even than charges of government-level corruption, I am not surprised by the silence of the general public.

I am not surprised, but I am disappointed that our religious leaders too have been noticeably silent on this issue. They are as silent on the issue of the death penalty for gay persons as they are in situations where gay persons are forced to undergo ‘correctional’ rape. Why?

Does the definition of ‘immoral’ blur between heterosexuals and homosexuals? Must we apply a different understanding to each? If Bahati is as concerned with “protecting the health of Ugandan citizens from the negative effects of immoral behaviour,” as he makes it out, why has he not extended the death penalty to prostitutes, rapists, adulterers, liars and cheats? Reports of sexual molestation in Uganda are attributed more to heterosexual criminals anyway.

And liars and cheats do harm our minds when they scam us of our life savings. Homosexuality is not a disease. You do not ‘catch’ it by associating with gay people. Gays do not “recruit straights.” We seem to forget conveniently that sex, for the most part, is consensual, and when it isn’t, victims do not hold out for repeat performances of these terrible episodes in their lives.

There is no underlying conspiracy by gay people to take over the world as our Minister of Ethics and Integrity insists; there is no need to be urgently afraid of the extinction of the human race because gays cannot reproduce. What is there to fear then from our gay brothers and sisters?

We live together, you and I, because we acknowledge our differences and still manage to find a common ground. We do not summarily shoot anyone who disagrees with us; therefore we cannot simply do away with a fraction of our community because they make us ‘uncomfortable.’

The question here is not whether you believe homosexuality to be a repulsive disease or not, but rather: are you willing to allow us to become a nation that prosecutes some of its people merely because they do not ‘fit in’? Protest the Bill!

The author is a Ugandan student of Actuarial Science at St. John’s University, New York.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Its a very beautiful Sunday.

No. Didnt go to church. Cant go, when I dont believe. My lover didnt go, because he is disillusioned in his faith. But, he still affirms that he is a Christian. And, I support his right to have any faith that he has. Inspite of his sexuality, my lover is a human being.

It rained, in the early morning. Was an excuse to sleep in. And, have sex...! Yeah, the acts which will be liable to life in prison or death. That took up most of the morning. Highly sinful pleasure. Oh, well, just trying to shock you.

But, seriously, I am writing to my country mates who are Christian, and feel that it is their moral obligation to support the Bahati Bill. That means most Ugandans. And, those who believe very strongly in the moral path of this beautiful country of ours.

Yes, I speak to Ssempa, Nsaba Buturo, Bahati, Stephen Langa, Luke Orombi, and all the others. Leaders in Uganda. I am challenging you to speak out against this bill. The Bahati Bill.


Well, let me start by affirming that I am a Ugandan. Why do you want me to run out of the country? Why persecute me to that extent? I am your country mate.

Let me affirm that I am not Christian. But, I think you agree that I have a right to any faith, dont you? And, being non-Christian, it is your Christian duty to try and show me the goodness of the Nazarene. This cant be when am in prison, or dead. Because by then I will be beyond the pale, dont you agree?

Another reason? Well, it is making you look very bad. I mean, why are you persecuting me? You have given some very funny reasons, which I will try to deal with.
I am bad. 'course, I am a human being. There are bad and good things about me.
I am gay. Yes, I admit it. God made me that way. And, I dont think that you sending me to prison or having me killed will solve that. I will remain gay. And, you will allow me the human right to disagree with you, wont you?
I sleep with children. You know, that is a myth which I am being accused of. When I open Bukedde, New Vision, I see many stories of 'defilement'. An adult sleeping with a child. The overwhelming majority of the time it is heterosexual defilement. Now, it would be very wrong of me to say that Nsaba-Buturo is a defiler, simply because he is a heterosexual. Why are you going around saying that we gay people are defilers? Kind of disingenious of you, dont you think?
I recruit. Another myth. I dont recruit. Fact is, I have been living with another man, my lover, for coming to 9 years. Gay life in Uganda is very tough. Yes, it is. And, we are proud that we are making that mile stone. I have not 'recruited', just as simply as I failed to be 'recruited' into being heterosexual.

Do I have to give you other reasons? Ok, why do you want me to be killed or imprisoned?

I have just been looking at the Bill again. I am liable to life imprisonment for each of the following things which are very nicely laid out in the bill. If you dont believe me, get a copy of it, and check it.

  • Kissing the man I love, and who loves me.

  • Making love, having any kind of sex with my lover.

  • If I touch him at all. Of course I do it, all the time. When we want to make love.. and other things. I feel like touching him just now, where he is, standing at the sink, washing. I like going right behind him and hugging him and kissing the nape of his neck. I love feeling his skin next to mine, cool, or fevered. I love the guy... Ok, sorry, I went over board. Serious question, why should you have me sent to prison for doing this very normal, human, loving things?
    Do you seriously believe that I should go to prison for life for loving my man? Is that Christian of you?

  • And, if I touch someone in this way, and he accuses me of doing such a thing, I am liable to life imprisonment. Really, please, how Christian is that?
And, I will be guilty of aggravated homosexuality, and be sentenced to death, if 
  • I have HIV. Imagine, you want me killed because I am a gay man with HIV!!!! I cant believe it!

  • My partner has any physical or mental disability. So, the disabled cannot be gay. And if they are, we who arent disabled cannot love them, on pain of death.

  • When you catch me, I will be sentenced to life imprisonment. If you catch us together, we hope that you will have us imprisoned in the same prison. So, we hope to continue loving one another. But, if you catch us again, we will, as 'serial offenders' be sentenced to death. Again, how much does this reflect the love of Christ?

I am sorry to preach at you Christian. But, I hurt. Because you are hurting me. Lots. You see, I am a human being like you. And, you are using your clout as a majority to persecute me.
Did you see this small piece of satire? The logical conclusion of what you plan to do with this law will be that there will be no homosexuals in Uganda, once this is signed into law by the President. We gay Ugandans will soon be in prison for life, or on death row, waiting the president to sign our death warrants.

Clearly, I dont think that that is Christian of you. Oh, I have seen what Bishop Ntagali said. He believes that I should be in prison, for a time. I beg to differ. He is a Ugandan like I am. I wouldn't want him in prison, even for a 'while', just because he is heterosexual.
No, I don't believe it is okay even to be condescending and say that I dont deserve the death penalty, but I deserve life imprisonment, or imprisonment at all.

Now, I have laid out all these arguments. They might convince you. Or they may not. Here is another reason which I think pertinent.
  • This bill makes you look very bad and bloodthirsty, Christian. How can you say that you love me, and then come up with such a hate filled document? I mean, can Ssempa and Nsaba-Buturo ever convince Ugandans that they love homosexuals? Never. But, you dont have to be in the same boat. If you are Christian, it is your faith, your personal faith. Why are you willing to be lumped with haters?

  • This bill makes Ugandans look really bad in the eyes of the world. You know, there have been attempts in history to kill all homosexuals. Yes, I know, the Mufti wanted us marooned on an island in Lake Victoria. I thought that was crude, but you are even more cruel. After a due process which this bill completely loads against me as the 'offender', you want us homosexuals in prison, or dead. I would actually plead for the desert island the Mufti thought was good!!!

  • Err, the Mufti distracted me. But, this bill is positively Nazi like. I mean, they are the people who once thought that it was okay to wipe out an entire minority. They used legislation, and final solutions, just like this. I mean, they did this for the Jews.... oh, there were also homosexuals who were in the concentration camps. All that is history. Surely, you dont want our beautiful country equated to Nazis? But it is too late. With the bill out, the stamp of church and state all over it, my Uganda is a nazi clone... Yes, I cannot lie myself about that. I actually thought the hate would not reach as far as a bill, tabled in parliament. But, it has.
So, Christian. I am asking for you to reconsider your support for this bill. Will you?

For Christians outside Uganda, I know you can speak better to your fellow Christians in the country. Surely you can convince them that killing of and jailing all gay Ugandans is an act of hate, not love? Just nudge them with a reminder of the love that so touched the Nazarene's teaching.

Christian. You are strong. You have the conviction of your heart. You have faith. It is your faith that I am challenging, even if I do affirm that I do not believe. It is that innate goodness in you that I am appealing to. Oh, you have a lot of political strength. And, I know you can do something.

Just find a way of standing up for and on behalf of this sinner and other gay Ugandans, like Jesus stood up for so many sinners and won their hearts. That is not too much of me to ask you as a Christian, whether you are inside or outside Uganda, is it?