Thursday, October 22, 2009

Prayers for Uganda

I have been watching a programme on NBS, one of our public TV stations. Was actually channel surfing, when I stumbled across Ssempa's  familiar face. I stopped to listen

The program is Barometer, running every Wednesday from 10:00pm. It is supposed to be a talkshow. I stumbled onto it at about half past the hour. It is supposed to run for an hour, but over-ran the time slot by some good 15 minutes. The title was educative. "Will Prayer and Law Defeat Mighty Sodomy?"
The only lie I have written there is the word 'mighty', but in the course of the show, the presenter actually re introduced the programme like that.
Apart from Ssempa, the other guest was the Hon. David Bahati, the one who has introduced the anti-Homosexual bill 2009.

Being gay, and Ugandan, these are the kind of programmes that I cannot watch. It does not help to wail and cry at the untruths and lies that are being said about homosexuals, because we are homosexuals. And the fact that we cannot talk back, we cannot hit back is something that hurts. Yes, it hurts when I see Ssempa spitting when he talks about homosexuals, like we are the scum of the earth. It actually hurts, not because I cannot ignore it, but because I cannot challenge him.

Except on this blog.

To prevent myself from putting much of my (of course negative) emotion into what was being said, i will, in point form, summarise what was said, by the two guests. I dont promise to have perfect memory. I dont. But I will try.

Pastor Martin Ssempa. I saw the big man spit. Again.... Well, he does that when he describes what homosexuals are. Human beings who use the 'exhaust pipe' for sex, rim the anus, do 'golden showers' and 'brown showers'. I know most of the Ugandan audience was left wondering what the big man was talking about. But, he is Pastor Ssempa, so, he must know. Anyway, here is a summary of his points.

  • Warning all Ugandan politicians. this is the time to get off the fence about homosexuality. You are either pro or anti-homosexual. No middle ground.
  • If you dont support the bill, political suicide. Because Ugandans support the bill.
  • Basic intrinsic values of Ugandans are not negotiable. They include homophobia... my emphasis
  • He is not 'preaching against homosexuals' he loves them.
  • He rubbishes Obama, Gene Robinson, the Archbishop of Cantebury. There views on homosexuality are appaling.
  • The international Homosexual Agenda. France introduced something or other in the UN. Before Obama, under Bush, US was very supportive, but now under Obama, things have changed
  • Some had imagined that because Obama was black, things like these would never happen.....!!!!
  • Homosexuals have lots of money. They use it to bribe MPs, to send to third world countries like Uganda to promote homosexuality. They are going to fight very, very much against the new Bill. They have already started.
  • Europeans and Americans are bribed to come to Africa to promote sodomy. And there are lots of friends of homosexuals.
  • So, the demand, all Ugandans, pray, this is a national pride, a war of national necessity. And it is big. 
  • Anyone who does not support the anti-gay bill, do not listen to them. Not at all. The people who dont think that it is a priority, even obliquely like MP Lukwago, those are the ones that actually support homosexuality...!!!
  • He tells a story of a child that was being raped by his headmaster. These are the stories of the 'ugly' in homosexuals
  • This is time for the leadership of Uganda to the whole world, a time to stand up for the future of Ugandans, and on behalf of our children.
  • A harangue to members of parliament. They must support the bill
  • Exhortation to people to ring their members of parliament and know that the bill is to be supported. Except if they want political suicide
  • He has formed a new organisation (must have a conglomerate by now) called the Family Policy Centre.
  • He gave the phone number, and his email address for anyone with questions.
  • And, he told people to send him money. Homosexuals are fundraising to kill the bill, he preached, so also you, send in money to save it. Send it to Ssempa's phone, you know you can send money on the phone. You can send airtime etc, etc... The money will be used for 'photocopying' and 'transport'
  • Lastly, a prayer in the studio. He prayed for Uganda, for the leaders, for Gene Robinson and Elton John to be delivered from homosexuality and to get women who they can get married to.
I am afraid I got little from what Bahati said. But, I did notice that he is a cute, well built African man. Clean shaven, articulate. And woefully under the finger of the elder, articulate pastor Ssempa.

Did I mention that Ssempa is charismatic? Yes, he is.
But, the charisma seems to fail when he talks about homosexuality. It is a passion, a craving, a hunger. You see a man mounted on a hobby horse that he is prepared to thrash and thrash and thrash. Thank god the time was limited, and the presenter had only overun by 15 minutes.
Ssempa was obsessed. He couldnt talk about Kayanja. Legal reasons... I saw the egg on his face. Suits him, actually. But that is my spite. He was literally crying with passion. This was all about protecting the boy child (it has been made fashionable to protect the girl child in Uganda)... And, by the way, the death penalty is only for aggravated homosexuality... which still includes me and my lover as serial offenders!!!!!. Yeah, I see through the political double speak.
Other Ugandans dont need to fear, but the god forsaken homosexual...!!!

Oh, and I gathered from MP Bahati that the bill has been scheduled to be brought back in Jan 2010. Parliament was too busy, just now, to handle the important matter of the Anti- Homosexuality bill. Apparently it is very, very far ahead in the future, but that gives you time to check in with your MP and tell them how much you support the Bahati Bill.

Ok. I will not let my passion prevail. I have tried to report that as it was presented. So help me the deities that I do not promise I believe in.


PS, I forgot to mention, all those who phoned in were very supportive. In fact they blamed Bahati for softening on the bill. All homosexuals should be killed. It should be capital punishment. About 3 callers reiterated that point while I was listening in. Well, well, well

far to go...

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