Friday, October 16, 2009

Uganda MP proposes Death for Gays.

That is the title of the article on the BBC.

Funny, I thought, when I read the bill, that only (as an aggravated homosexual; I mean, am a repeat offender!) would be liable to death. But, further reading of the bill made me understand that it is not only me. It is also any homosexual. Any gay Ugandan.

As one dumb struck Kuchu told me, ‘even touching dick is illegal’!!!!!! Yeah, it is illegal to touch another man’s you know what, unless unintentionally. Have to remember to caution my doc. He likes doing such…!!!!
And, when I read the bill, again, I realized that the person who will suffer most is the person who is accused of being homosexual. Imagine, as soon as you are accused, a medical examination (yeah, you know what that means), and, a mandatory HIV exam. God help you if you are HIV positive. If you are, that means that it is a capital offence, and you can be remanded in prison (in Uganda’s prison) for upto a year, as the case drags through our slow courts.


I am in a good mood to re-read, and re-analyse this fantastic monstrosity, law against Gay Ugandans.
I have skipped the preamble. A lot of nonsense. And, to the law as it is written.

  • Legally, homosexuality as defined by this law includes the following things in todays English…
    • Oral sex ! (Seems to mean with a person of any sex...! Caution, my heterosexual friends. Nsaba Buturo is angling for your bedroom too!)
    • Anal sex (of course…)
    • Use of any sexual aid on a person of the same sex…! Ever played with a dildo...! good gracious me..
    • touching someone with the intention of…! No groping. God help me if I brush against you in a taxi, and you divine my intention as sexual…! ridiculous.
And, do you know the punishment for these acts of ‘homosexuality’????

Before, or currently, the law says we can be imprisoned from 14 years to life imprisonment. This law wants something worse. And final.

On conviction of ‘homosexuality’. go to jail. No jump out of jail card. Till god us parts from this earth. No few years in jail. No, lifetime in jail. That was mollycoddling us. God help Uganda’s homosexuals.

Then, as if that is not enough, there are those who will be guilty of ‘aggravated homosexuality’ This is defined in todays English as
  • offence above, with a child (below 18years)

  • If you have HIV. God help HIV positive gay men. For them, the punishment is death!!!

  • You are in ‘authority’… means, if you are my adult student and… god in heaven.

  • victim is a person with disability. Meaning if the accuser is someone with a physical or mental problem….

  • offender is a serial offender. God. According to this bill, when it is signed into law, something like this will happen. gug and his lover can have all the sex that they want, out of sight, hidden, in the closet. If we are caught and convicted once, well, we both get life in prison. And, if god help us, and we are caught having sex in prison, we are repeat offenders, and, and, the only punishment to be visited on us is simple. Death.

This thing makes me physically sick. But I have to go through it. Because that is not the whole thing. Oh, for your information, the actual bill that has been put before parliament is Bill No 18, and I have a copy. A few changes from the one that I had. But not lesser nauseous.

god in hell!

I will have to take some time off.


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