Sunday, October 4, 2009

Eyes open, But still blind...

Reading this article, one can be frustrated by the apparent lack of logic. Why are people who are sane and well meaning, so blind to somethings? Why does sex and sexuality have to be so complex for adult men and women? Many questions. The answers are not so many.

Anyway, here is the article.



Homosexuality has been identified as one of the factors that have contributed to high HIV/Aids prevalence among male inmates.

A report released yesterday by the United Nations on Drug and Crime shows that HIV/Aids prevalence in male prisoners is at 13 per cent whereas among the females it stands at 11 per cent out of 490 prisoners surveyed throughout the country in 2008.

This rate is however higher compared to the national HIV/Aids prevalence that stands at 6.5 per cent.

A total of 392 male and 98 females were interviewed in addition to focus group discussions and HIV/Aids testing and counseling.

This was revealed during an advocacy and policy dialogue meeting on prisons health services on HIV/Aids and Tuberculosis in Kampala yesterday. The Commissioner General, Dr Johnson Byabashaija, attributed the high rate among male inmates to  homosexuality. He however, said many inmates are coerced into homosexuality.

“The highest numbers of inmates are normally convicted when they are already infected with HIV/Aids,” Dr Byabashaija said.

Mr Byabashaija said there’s need to educate inmates about the dangers of homosexuality.
He said homosexuality is an offence that carries a two or three year jail term.
Sharing razor blades was also cited among ways the disease is spread.

The Executive Director of the Aids Information Centre, Dr Raymond Byaruhanga, said the country still has a lot to do in the fight against the epidemic given that it is higher among the inmates.

The country has 1.5million people living with HIV/Aids but only 175,000 receive ARV treatment.

Some of the fantastic things which have happened in prison include this. There has always been an HIV prevention programme in prison. Know what they teach? Homosexual sex spreads HIV. So, a young man has a 20 year prison term, and, what should happen to him?

Does he live the hormones outside the prison gates? Seems to be an unreasonable thing. If even catholic priests and monks are not celibate...!!!!!! Why the hell imagine that prisoners would be celibate?

Anyway, there has always been an HIV prevention programme in Uganda's prisons. Teaching that 'homosexuality' spreads HIV. And promoting masturbation.
To prevent the evils of homosexuality, you cant take margarines and oils to a prisoner. Because they can be used as anal lubricants. And of course, you cant distribute condoms to prisoners.

And, most ironically, each prisoner receives a box of condoms on discharge from the prison.....!

Yeah, back, and cynical as ever.



Princess said...

Isn't it true though that heterosexual men are raped in some of the prisons?
I'm not sure how to phrase this without sounding offensive or stupid, but could it be true then that after this some of these men choose to adopt a gay lifestyle?
And I thought prisoners were allowed conjugal visits?

gayuganda said...

Ha princess.

Conjugal visits in Uganda? I dont think so... though the idea was mulled. Some very religious people were against it. They said the loss of sex on part of the prisoners was supposed to be part of the punishment...!

On your other question, when a heterosexual man has sex with another man, does that man become homosexual? Or is it physically impossible for them to do that? Not all sex in prison is forced. Of course not all sex in prison is consensual either. Just like in life outside prison, dont you think?....

Princess, just throw out a few of the 'obvious' notions you hold. You will understand how blind your conclusions have been...!

Princess said...

No, no. The question was not whether he 'became' a homosexual. The question was, is it true that there are some that choose to adopt the gay lifestyle simply because they like it?
Or are you saying that there is no gray line in-between-- that you are either gay or you are not?

gayuganda said...

that is tough....

What do I really mean?

You are a bright gal, lil sis. Better for you to tease out the answer to that. You have had enough contact with me!

Princess said...

It's never easy with you, is it, brother?
Tease out the answer. I will.

Anonymous said...

Homosexual acts are not "giving" a gay lifestyle! Even the money for the wife and the children "becomes" not a prostitution...

Lifestyle and sexual orientation are not the same as a sexual act. At last: long hair for men and hot pants for women today doesn't change the gender! ;)

spiralx said...

Yes: as usual with African policy, there is no clear distinction made between homosexual acts, and homosexuality itself.

Yes, heterosexual men can indulge in homosexual acts, and achieve sexual gratification from them. That doesn't alter their heterosexual nature or orientation.

Similarly, homosexual men can, and do, have sex with women and sire and raise children.

And let's not forget the girls here. Women can do the same.

Because men usually have a more rigidly held definition of what "being a man" is, than women do about being a woman, it is more of a problem , psychologically, for a man to deal with, it seems, than for women. For example, a heterosexual man being raped can achieve an erection. Now that's a purely physiological reaction. But to the man, it mu seem as if he is on some level 'agreeing that he 'wants it'. That can be as damaging, and as distressing, as the physical damage of the rape itself.

The problem over lack of conjugal visits, and lack of condoms, in prisons, is a universal (not just Ugandan) stupidity. Lack of available information is another.

Lastly - princess! - I notice you use the phrase "gay lifestyle". If by that you mean that some male (and female) prisoners adopt the outward trappings of some gay stereotypes, or settle for a tacit acceptance of the status quo (because they have no choice), then you are probably right.

If you are suggesting that homosexual orientation is a "lifestyle choice", which is the calling-card of the Religious Right bigots in America, then I would disabuse you of that notion. It isn't.

Anyone who doesn't understand the difference should get hold of a copy of "Born Gay", by Wilson & Rahman, and read up on the scientific work about sexual orientation.

Princess said...

Spiralx, I used gay lifestyle to mean "engaging in homosexual acts," I was not thinking at all of the gay stereotypes. Very often when people use the word, "homosexual" or "homosexuality," they spit it out and turn the word offensive, and I did not want to offend. I am sorry if that may have made my question seem less clear. You have answered my question fully though, thank you. I am going to look up that book.

spiralx said...

Ok - fair enough! Although I would call "engaging in homosexual acts" - sex!!

The book is detailed, and somewhat technical! But if you bear with it, it does give you a good feel for the genetic and hormonal orchestration that gives rise to sexual orientation (both gay and straight).

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