Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Death Penalty Solution...

One guy asks himself whether this is the solution... to homosexuality...

Some logical thinking is interesting.


Ndorwa Member of Parliament, David Bahati on October 14, tabled a private members’ Bill called the Anti Homosexuality Bill 2009. In it are many clauses but among them is: Any person who convicted of homosexuality should be sentenced to life imprisonment; a person who is found to have aided or procured anybody to engage in acts of homosexuality should be sentenced to seven years in prison. The same sentence applies to a person who keeps a house or a room for purposes of homosexuality.

Promoters of homosexuality such as publishers, producers, or distributors of pornographic materials risk paying a fine of Shs 100m or serving five to seven years in prison.

But the gravest sentence is the death penalty for aggravated homosexuality where the offender commits the crime on a person with a disability or below the age of 18 or when the offender is HIV positive.

People have divergent views on homosexuality just like the solutions to it.

Personally I don’t think the death penalty is the ultimate solution. Many people are incarcerated in Luzira over murder but the media is still awash with murder cases at least according to one local paper that has made it its style to carry a picture of a dead body on its pages every day.

Despite the presence of the death penalty being in place, deaths have intentional deaths have occurred over love relationships gone bad, money etc. and life goes on. And that’s why many countries, with the exception of Uganda which is dragging her feet, have struck the death penalty from their penal codes.

Though I may care about homosexuals existing in society, but eliminating them through death is a totally different thing. I think there are a host of less callous avenues to deal with the problem.

By Bob Roberts Katende, a journalist with The Independent.


It is worthwhile to read the comments that were appended. By mainly Ugandans. How we are loved and un-understood!

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