Friday, October 23, 2009

Uganda leading…

Watch out Africa. Uganda is determined to show the way…. a new way.

Listening to Ssempa Wednesday night, I could not fail to pick up a few things on the way he thinks. He believes, by revelation or not, that Uganda is supposed to be leading the way.
Apparently, the world has been taken over by a huge homosexual conspiracy. It has taken over the Western world, is currently infiltrating the East. And, it has come to Africa.

South Africa rolled over, belly upwards, and succumbed to this disease of liberalism.

All the other countries seemed destined to follow suit.

According to Ssempa, this is Uganda’s chance. This is the chance of our tiny, God blessed country to show leadership in the world. Thanks were offered to the Archbishop of Uganda for his leadership in the Anglican Communion… and to the Mufti and others, the Moslem leaders. Resisting and beating back the ‘homosexual march’ that will soon engulf the world in catastrophe.

Uganda is leading the way, and Africa, and the world will follow. We will be the first to show that such firm legislation can be made, and followed. That the match of the homosexual agenda can be, and will be stopped.

I wish it was amusing. I wish it was the ravings of a mad man. But here was this fiery preacher, this man with power in the words that he speaks, ranting and raving on live TV, almost crying with the conviction and passion of his beliefs.

Would Uganda follow the way of the West? Would Uganda be riveted to the shirt tails of the west?

No, god had seen fit to give Uganda oil. We are no longer to fear that the west will take away our oil. We have our own oil now, the black gold. And, we are ready to stand up to the match of the Homosexual Agenda and face it down.

It is funny, but we kuchus are the typical, persecuted minority. Undefended, almost too typical. No voice, those who talk out about us spout how evil we are, with no one to say, hold. That is not true.

Last night, on live TV, Ssempa accused us of the usual miscellane; pedophilia, child sacrifice, infiltrating high cycles, corrupting judges, corrupting police, holding everyone in contempt, defiling children, walking around in pupu, doing despicable acts of sex on one another… Seems as if no accusation is untrue when leveled at a kuchu.

Who will believe me when I affirm that the man of god lies?

A dilemma.

This is a crusade, a war to death, and all the faithful are called. I could see Ssempa jumping up and down in his chair, leading, exhorting an army of believers, onward, onwards, over the fence... lemming like into the sea... How charismatic hate is!

I wish it was not Uganda. No, I will leave that doubtable honour to Iran, and maybe Sudan, or Somalia...


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Anonymous said...

Is Ssempa a closet case? Sounds like the man is suffering from a lot of self-hatred, those are often the worst. Keep on! You and all kuchus have a lot of supporters inside and outside Uganda. Even many Christians of different believes, even some Pentecostals…

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