Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lively's letter

I am as prejudiced as the rest.

I have been following the demonisation of the guys who came to Uganda to preach an anti-gay agenda. On the one hand, it served my political purposes. I mean, these guys did come to Uganda to bless us with an understanding of their anti-gay agenda. But, though I was here, I couldnt exactly blame them for what Ssempa and Nsaba-Buturo have been pushing for, for a long time.

That is, I couldnt blame them so much, till I got to see a letter that Scott Lively wrote from Uganda. It is here.

He came, to a deeply homophobic country.

He preached a homophobic religion.

And, in his own words, he had such a good time here that.... Well, I am feeling the after effects.

Scott Lively, you gross, interfering man. With all your education, and your allegiance to Christianity, I wish I could absolve you of complicity and guilt in making the Bahati bill. Yes, I do blame my countrymates, for being such ignorant nicompomps. But, from your own letter, you laid the groundwork for the genocide of a people, because they are gay, homosexuals.

You believe in Christ? Well then, I will not curse or abuse you, however angry I feel. Let me just hope that your God richly blesses you for all the good things that you did in Uganda. We should leave him to be the judge of that, shouldn't we?


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Leonard said...

For heaven sake. Have you ever read such puffed up crapola in your life? I´m amazed to note the low quality of this mans intellect and the paranoid reasoning (no wonder he wrote that Pink Triangle Nazi Gay novel that he thinks is non-fiction)...his Seven Points must be some kind of variation of AA´s 12 Steps (since he ¨saw the light¨ after a drunken arrest)...probably something to do with The Oxford Group (puritans) that he has ¨modified¨ for his own fundraising purposes (which apparently aren´t going all that well do to his ¨enemies¨)...this dude instigated terrible actions of hate and loathing (you can see it in his words) against LGBT people and like many alcoholics, and used car salesman and everyday despots can be somewhat clever when trying to ¨control¨...it isn´t judgemental to realize when people are emotionally sick and way off base mentally...in fact, confrontation is often best for dangerous perps who have obsessions, active alcoholic or not, self-will running righteous is often difficult to stop...it seems that Uganda has attracted some very sick men on egodriven tangents that harm other human beings...something is wrong with these guys, or it´s simply a shakey business deal (why were there no REAL bonafide International ¨outside¨ medical¨ experts called before Parliament but only these circus acts?)

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