Saturday, October 31, 2009


I will pronounce this the most hilarious article of the week. My eyes are dry. I am crying.

Clergy calls for lighter punishment for gays

Ultimate Media
The Provincial Secretary of the Church of Uganda, Rev. Aaron Mwesigye has called for a lighter punishment for homosexuals.

He says the proposal to kill the people engaged in homosexuals and lesbianism is against the God’s gift to life.

He was addressing a press conference today at Namirembe Protestants Cathedral in Kampala.

Rev. Mwesigye also told Parliament on Wednesday that the church supports homosexuals to be imprisoned for life but not to hang them.

Mwesigye says the clause in the Anti-homosexuality Bill 2009 which proposes death as a penalty for homosexuality should be removed.

The man of God says they support the bill because the religious teachings condemn homosexual but at the same time they don’t support hanging as a punishment.


Leonard said...

¨The Provincial Secretary of the Church of Uganda, Rev. Aaron Mwesigye has called for a lighter punishment for homosexuals.¨

No doubt the Reverend Aaron ought be given a break...afterall, what the Hell is he going to say with the likes of Henri Orombi (and Orombi´s ¨monied American bigoted ¨handlers¨) glaring over his shoulder, he knows what happened to Heterosexual Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo, retired bishop of West Buganda, Uganda, who was excommunicated by this Archbishop Orombi (for ministering to LGBT Anglicans)..pleaszzzz, the whole Ugandan Anti-Christ-Anti-Homosexual Bill caper is one big fradulant mess that NOBODY SANE is going to be able to explain (after the bullheadedness of various ignoramouses quiets down). I certainly wouldn´t want to be left holding the barf bag on this ill-thought-through religious POGROM if I were President Yoweri Museveni (or his wife Janet)...President Museveni was in the ¨intelligence business¨ before becoming President of Uganda, he´s smart, he KNOWS what´s really coming down...this is a potential worldwide mess that only he can STOP...thankfully, Minister James Buturo has done so many absurd things like call ¨expert¨ witnesses such as Holocaust Revisionist Scott Lively to appear before Parliament that Buturo has set himself up for a severe FALL FROM GRACE! Enter the lieing, false-blaming and ugly accusing of your ¨Pastor Wars¨ and you´ve got trouble in Uganda (at all levels of society)...big trouble that can only get worse.

Leonard said...

The more that I think of it, it IS President Museveni and Janet that can show compassion and attempt to unsnarl this mess...all they need do is rethink this witch hunt, save LGBT citizens (our families, and friends from potential/pending danger), exhibit quickly to the World that UGANDA is not a dangerous country and WELCOMES ALL VISITORS (very smart to welcome Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, EVERYONE) shows that he and Ugandans are comfortable in/with their heterosexuality (without putting little tin barbed wire defences/fences around their egos, morals and/or private parts)...clearly the President can RECONFIRM what already IS LAW and that Uganda will not be hosting any Wedding Chapels for LGBT people (just like most of the United States and most of the Western Hemisphere)...President Museveni and Janet might become candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize!

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