Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nov 9

That is the day for demonstrations at Uganda Embassies abroad.

Odd that, in Uganda, gay people would never dare to demonstrate. We would die. Simple as that.

But, the response from outside the country has been overwhelming. Very,. The Bahati bill is excrement, that is a fact. And, those who push for it are in the cocoon of Uganda, not having thought it out. Truly. But then, that is the mentality in our backwater!

Rick Warren has dissociated himself from Pastor Ssempa. 'Officially'. Least, he says that he broke off contact sometime ago. Of course they still believe the same things. (There must be a story there....!!) No wonder Ssempa is now becoming leery of interviews. He has never, ever been shy with the press!

Obama has been petitioned. And, members of Members of the US Congress have written to Madam Secretary Hillary.

Cool, isnt it?

The French Government has officially condemned the bill.

Yes, Uganda is taking a beating on the international scene. Well, dear Museveni should have known it would be coming. And, it is a matter of fact that the bill came as a 'private member's bill' to shield the government from this kind of flack. It is a matter of fact that Museveni is homophobic. Too many statements from him on that issue have been documented. So, how much heat is he willing to take?

It is my country. How much patriotism should I have when my own people are planning to jail me for life, or, for a pretense, kill me legally, just because I am gay?

And yes, though I am not Christian, I am thankful that there are Christians out there, outside Uganda, who are willing to stand up and talk about this travesty of faith. To stand up and tell my dear Christian accusers in Uganda that what they are planning to do is NOT Christian.

Fact is, it is only that language, an appeal to their 'Christianity' that my ever proud country men and women understand. Remember, they are persecuting me as a gay man (death and prison) because I am evil, immoral, unChristian, and other labels. It is Christians who can actually talk them out of this madness. So, thanks for heeding the call. Thanks for speaking to them on my behalf.

I am evil in their eyes. They dont hear my voice. As Nsaba-Buturo says derisively, 'anal sex has no human rights'.
He forgets it is not the anal sex. It is people, Ugandans, who have rights.


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You gay people and human rights defenders in Uganda are not alone! Actions will take place around the globe.

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