Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hate of Gays, Ugandan style.

Truth Wins Out takes on the two Facebook gay hate groups.

Check out the post. And, they have kind of picked out some of the most offensive posts and shown them to the world.
Poor Ugandan haters. They believe that, in the name of Christ, they can hate like that right out there in the world.

Well, on my part, I am really glad that these guys are coming out and speaking the facts as they see them. They are my countrymates. For too long we gay people have been bashed by these hate mongers... It is good that they come out and be shamed for what they are! Each of those groups has more than 1000 fans, if I remember well.

And, by the way, I joined both groups, and vigorously defended myself as a gay Ugandan... But, I was thrown out. Twice, until they figured how to make me stay out..... But, I had done a bit of self cleansing.... No, of course, not abuse.

Just for your info, let me post here some of the posts that are on these facebook groups.... Those things which are posted on Truth Wins out

“going against God’s laws is sinful, against man’s is criminal. Against nature i dnt even have a term for that.

“Gays shouldnt be treated as normal coz they aint. & no one is born gay its a learnt mannerism.”

“Homosexuality should not be allowed publicly in our society. I saw the Norwegian Ambassador trying to justify it using the human rights line but sorry, it won’t work here. Lets fight it and all evil guys!”

“Lets not give them a chance cos if we do so homosexuality will spread like wildfire.”

“where have u heard of pple counselling pervets and lunatics in this world. They are just gross and dnt deserve to be counselled but isolated and hanged, end of the story.”

“AM all for this cause, guys we cant keep letting This vice dehumanize the sanctity of God almighty’s Original Plan!!! ……………AND FOR THE 100000000000000th time, …….God created ADAM & EVE, NOT Adam AND STEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(No Offense to all real Steves out there, you guys are straight)”

“The law is law is long over dew”

“last night a watched a program with a transsexual selling ”her” property and donating money …… he was all changed and dressed like a woman; all made up and i just imagine lots of stuff!!! I imagine whether those guys have the word ‘God’ in their vocabulary!!!! They shouldn’t be arrested either becoz i think that would promote the practice.”

“thoz chaps are idiots i mean even a goat can tell wats female or male…but such humans cant…freaks…they should burnt alive”

“Chaps should be castrated, we don’t want / need them.”

“its long over due. Let them be hanged for sure”

“I have no nice words for them(homos)……….i just hate them with a passion. i wish they could be rounded up and thrown in luzira for life, the better i think.”

“Those dirty perverts deserve no second chance, i completely want them totally banned,. How do those skanks think they came into being human, do they understand the virtues of pro and co-creation…burn dem ciciman…”

“am going to help capturing people! the homos…….”

“I think that is agood idea….it should be considered.”

“the minimum for such idiots cud be life in prison and the most be hanged to death!Thats why Obama disgraces me siding with gays.”

“These are the best words ever spoken about gays. I even fear to say the word. It should be totally abolished in Uganda because God wont even forgive us for one minute if we dare go for its legalisation.
Why were gays born and how they think? Do they ever think of their childhood? Jesus for Christ sake are they people with a think ability?”

“its abt time they kem out wit laws against this practice coz its takin us behind! we cant hav these guys runnin round jus like dat!”

“Those suckers need death penalty”

“tis abt tym”

“Actually we need our own “Guatanamo Bay” once we arrest any of such….perverts!!!”


Hey, now that you have read those comments, written by Ugandans, about Ugandans... gay Ugandans. Some of the writers are Christians who take pride in being Christians.

Do you wonder

  • Why I am so convinced a non- Christian?

  • How come a country in this day and age can write and present in parliament this kind of Genocidal bill?

  • Why I am so convinced that that bill will pass?
And, remember, this is just the tip of the iceberg. About only 4% of my countrymates are connected to the internet. And, they tend to be those who are most well read. Most educated.

Fact is, over the last ten years or so, the Ugandan public have become convinced of the clear and present danger from the 'homosexual international'. And, they are all good, upright Christians. [psss, ask yourself, what has been happening in the world in the last ten years or so?]

Do you wonder why I actually have to FEAR for my life?

No, of course not. For the people above are complete believers in the things that they wrote. They want me hanged, castrated, imprisoned, and will go ahead and inform on me. All in the name of a holy Uganda!

Action point? Go to Truth Wins Out, they are suggesting something to do about this virulency.


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Leonard said...

It would be the same crowd, with slightly different spewing, from the bigot white supremists and neo-nazi dangerous thugs in the United States and Britain...have to fear, ¨fools names and fools faces often appear in public places¨ (of course most of these eternal criminals are cowards, afraid of themselves and operate behind our wonders what they are afraid of if they think we are such sissified freaks?).

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