Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What to do?

The blogosphere was saturated. Now, it has hit the mainstream media. Outside Uganda.

What will the country do?

I dont know. I am an interested party. It is my life on line. And, I am not ashamed to ask that the pressure is kept up. That the screws are turned.
Jackfruity takes on the question. She suggests the US should turn off the military aid. Yeah, we are fighting that, the War on Terror. In Somalia, and of course back at home. And, American money is flowing in. Turn off those taps. I personally think it would be effective. But, will it happen? Not likely. America still needs foot soldiers...!

Stephen Lewis. Ahhhhhh! Firebrand. And, friend of Ssempa... I mean, one of his enemies. Apparently, CHOGM is come again. And, President Museveni is the chair. And, Lewis pulls no punches. He dedicates the whole of his speech to it. The chairing is a mockery of Commonwealth principles.

That speech will have most of our LGBT friends ecstatic. A most passionate indictment of homophobia. Yeah, go on guys. Here is a link to the speech.
I know. We are nentherdals here, in Uganda. We dont listen to reason, especially when the subject is homosexuality. Which means that Ssempa will be ecstatic. The homosexual agenda is not pulling its punches.

I am kind of amazed at the international solidarity. But, the bill, that Bill is so infuriating, that one just has to read it to get incessed. To hell with finessing. Of course, we shall have a backlash. But, for the good of the world, we can suffer a little bit. Expose the homophobes. Let Ugandan leaders understand that they cannot just kill their people, just because they are 'dirty'. Yes, let them know that the price is international distaste.

America's Cultural wars. Sigh.......! Before, it was the war on terror. Now, this one was so covert, I was on the front line but didnt know it. Not at all!
Enough already?.... Oh, well. Like all victims of war, one never ever chooses to be there. So, enough with the whining. But, we have some very interesting allies. Maybe the frontlines are not that well defined! I mean Exodus International. But still, it is good to have some intelligence of the wider war, not the battle infront of me. Interesting. A tug on my mind.... Concentrate!

Just found that my little piece of battle is part of a wider war.

And, a neighbouring country, Rwanda, is actually in the same war. Amazing. Someone asks, why does our money go to people who dont share our democratic ideals but our religious ones.... especially the conservative ones? Subsidising homophobia. What can I comment, there?

So, what will my Ugandan leaders do?

They will condemn me as un-patriotic. Thank you very much, but the idea that I, a citizen have to debate about my liberty, my life is something not meant to shape my patriotism. Or lack of it. So, for any Ugandan who thinks like so.... ask yourself why I have to be more 'patriotic' than you, dear friend.

Ssempa and co will be happy. The international attention. What they are not happy about is the fact that even their allies are not happy. That is why the churches have to continue with their pressure.
Will the govt duck responsibility?

Of course, they will. But, how to let this all go 'quietly'? That may be a problem....!

But, meantime, I keep up the pressure. I have no option.


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