Friday, November 13, 2009

Andrew Mwenda

Hey, just wondering, just wondering, did Premier Radio station lose Ssempa or, did they just cut him off? The guy was really going on and on and on with his conspiracy theory of how HIV is spread by homosexuals...! Wow, I listen to it again, and I....!

I am glad that Ssempa agreed to that radio interview. We get so few times to catch him in full flare that, well, it was good of him. I am serious. The interview is on this blog again, and, it is fantastic. Beware, dont you hit out at your screen in frustration. He has that effect on me...!

Anyway, back to Andrew Mwenda.
I noted that his article demanded a post of its own. True. And here it is.

First, on Andrew himself. He is a medium sized Ugandan, (means short!), dark skinned. And makes up for the lack of height with the courage of a lion. Serious. This guy does not weigh his words. Not when he is in personal conversation, (his is a loud voice), and worse when he is in a public place... Well, I do know the gentleman.
But, what most impresses me is the fact that this guy will tackle the lion in his den. To date he is in court for some charges of Sedition. Remember this cartoon? Well, it was him in the dock, for 'sedition'.

And, he is still there. He is challenging that law in Constitution court. Maybe he will win. I think Museveni himself is kind of tired of twarting this biteme. It seems to come buzzing up all the time. How he survives the wrath of the state, I dont know.

Anyway, Andrew takes on the Bahati bill, and does logical reasoning a favor. Bombastic, typical Ugandan... That is what I am. But he makes me feel good that I am a Ugandan, while Ssempa makes me feel like running to hide! He is that embarrassing.

(That is from the Independent. Nice bit!)

First he tackles the Christian hypocrisy that is driving most of our gay bashers in the country. Nice one there!

"a friend told me recently: “I think all homos must be killed. My strong Christian values prohibit me from tolerating this evil.”" adding, for good measure, "My friend takes pride in “laying” girls. When I asked him why his Christian faith does not stop him from fornication, he went silent."

And, he makes the point that "The state should not be used to enforce God’s will. Nor should Martin Sempa and Nsaba Buturo constitute themselves into a religious police to enforce it."
I say, Amen to that!

I do love his examples. Clear and to the point. Here is another, following on the above state vs faith thing, "It would therefore be dangerous for the state to visit people’s bedrooms every night to ensure that sex is enjoyed only through the legislated style. For example, should the government investigate whether Bahati performs oral sex or whether Buturo masturbates?"
Gives me some shivers (funny imagery), sinner me!

The article is great, I must say.

But, no less informative are the comments. They are worth reading through, but for some you have to have a strong stomach.
Mwenda is called a homo. Well, any homo lover is by definition a homo!!!!! In Uganda, that is. (Maybe that is why Ssempa fights so hard to identify as a homo hater)

No. I guess I dont recommend the comments. Not all of them... There is little worship at the shrine of logic for most.... So, go ahead and dont read them.

For me, Bravo Mwenda, Bravo, you have done it again, swimming against the tide, but this time, defending homosexuals, you may have bitten off more than what even you can chew! Gay Ugandans are more hated in Uganda than the govt excesses!

But Bravo!


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Anonymous said...

Dear Sir i am a ugandan and i dont agree with you when you say that in uganda, once you are a supporter of homosexuality you are a homo? I know many people who are not considered such even if they support homosexual rights. For example, Dr Tamale is a married woman in a heterosexual relationship and i have never heard her being referred to as a homo? Probably you made this comment in a humouristic way(forgive my spelling)

Equally i dont agree with your statement that Andrew Mwenda tackles the "christian hypocrisy" (which) is driving "MOST" of the "GAY BASHERS" in the country. It seems that you fall in the same trap as Andrew when he uses one example to apply to ALL christians. Remember, there are various types of Christians in the country...we know them...catholics, protestants, methodists, etc there are those who call themselves born again christians, those who were born to christian families and those who just like going to church to mention but a few. Be that as it may, using religion generally to express or support a stand should not be watered down as "hypocrisy". If that were so, then probably i guess none of us should ever comment about anything or what other people say or do even if we disagree based on what we consider to be valid grounds. We all have different world views and understanding on many issues. For some, human rights are all necessary and all should be fought for. For others, some rights are more important and fundamental than others. See Article 43 of the constitution. Therefore for me to be called a hypcocrite because i supported say the abolition of the death penalty but not the right to match in the city square while conversing for votes is i think unfair/

Lastly, Gay bashing means something specific and i dont think it is the right word/term to use for those who oppose homosexuality...even homophobia has a specific definitive meaning that should not be flashed at each oand every body as the feeling suits...

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