Thursday, November 19, 2009

Round up...

Seems as if there are always lots of articles on the Bahati Bill and Uganda these days.

The most amusing, and evocative was this one in the Monitor. The point was easy. For the Bahati Bill, Return to the sender is the best action. Read it.

And here is an excerpt

Sitting in a cafe in a European capital last week, I was, I admit, a bit surprised when the two gentlemen on the next table fell into a passionate embrace and then kissed, smack on the lips.

I brought my eyes back to my book and coffee in case I was caught staring, but my mind kept going back to the issue of gay rights in Uganda.

If this scene had played out in a cafe in Kampala, and if Ndorwa West MP David Bahati has his way and forces through his Anti-Homosexuality Bill, I would have been required to immediately call the police and report the two ‘criminals’.

Homosexuality is already illegal in Uganda but MP Bahati has written a Bill so strong in its
homophobic sentiments and the sanctions it prescribes, a lay reader of the Bill would imagine that this is the greatest challenge facing our country in our lifetime.

Few things evoke as much emotive debate in Uganda as homosexuality. It is labelled evil and foreign, a virus that crazy white people with their crazy white ways are smuggling into the country with the help of local acolytes. A few reformed converts have turned up to talk of money being sent surreptitiously to local networks to ‘recruit’ young people into homosexuality never mind that there is never evidence adduced of who sent how much money to whom and how it was spent.

In a country of thieves, rapists, murderers, adulterers, etc., the one practice many people can confidently condemn publicly without fear of personal contradiction is homosexuality

I sincerely believe that a kind of dialogue has actually started. Heavily counter weighed, and emotional. But, much better than it was in the country in the days just after the bill was tabled.

In the international press, dialogue continues. It is not suprising, given the terribleness of the bill as it is, and the failure of those who support it to see how bad it is. I am Ugandan enough to feel irked by what I consider bone headed stupidity. But, that is a matter of fact. Here is one persons opinion on it in the New Statesman.

To me, this is a must read report. Yes it is. It just seems to be too close to the truth for me to doubt it. Maybe I am forming my own Conspiracy Theories. Ones that are fitting to me. A Homophobia agenda!
But, it does still explain too much for me to dismiss it like so. And, I am recomending it to you. To everyone, interested in the global connectedness of Uganda's blood curdling homophobia. Here is the links. To the Full Report. To the Executive Summary. It is appropriately titled "Globalising the Culture Wars: US Conservatives, African Churches, and Homophobia" Listening to Langa and Ssempa, I see the real thing. In flesh and blood. Yes I did. Yesterday.

Christians outside Uganda continue to be amazed, and incredulous. About the Bill. Well, I was calling on Christians to act. And, it is Christians who are putting the pressure on Christians here. For their uncharitable actions.

I was very glad that the Church of Uganda has stopped giving out its incediary statements. Yes, they are under scrutiny. And, I expect they know it. No more hate speech, in the name of Christ. I was waiting for it yesterday.

Here are some fighting words from the Canadian Synod of General Synod on Uganda. Please remember, me, when I call these guys non-Christians for supporting the bill, they disdain what I say. Because I am a homosexual. When Christians, indeed, those 'foreign Christians, who they have constantly deviled show Christian Compassion and call upon them to show restraint, in Christ's name. They listen. of course, they call you 'foreigners'. But, they listen. Despite everything to the contrary, they want to live up to their label of Christian. That is why such a letter says so much, in so little. Fact is, it is worth much more than the many words on this blog.
Amazing. They actually call on the Church of Uganda to oppose the bill! Yeah, you do it! Even non Christian me see it is not Christian at all!

Other Christians are outraged that THEIR churches are not coming up with condemnation. And, they are expressing this outrage. Thanks, fellow human beings. You make me feel human. Even when I am a Ugandan homosexual living and working in Uganda.

Williams of Canterbury is under pressure. I hope Sentamu of York feels it too. I feel, in a way, that it is also an opportunity for him. To come up and point at the Church of Uganda and say, you are doing a non-Christian thing, Brother. In COU rhetoric, Williams has been the wolf in sheeps clothing. Does he really have to be pressured into taking a stand?

Here is another article, addressed to Christians to STAND UP and be counted. Is a good one. I love the title a lot. A very Un-Christian Campaign against Homosexuality in Uganda.

The Exodus letter is a particular foil. Why, even Exodus does not support the Bill! That is a shock, to Steven Langa. An unpleasant one. Because he is using information published by some of the signatories of this letter. He quotes them. And, very embarassing that they dont support his bill! Even his allies see that his action is un-Christian. He also quotes Lively, extensively. Yes, he does. This Lively. To Langa, the true intellectual mind behind the Bahati Bill, Lively is THE prophet of his crusade. And he promotes his books. Repeateldy. Even yesterday. (It was the Pink Swastika)

I will always remember Langa's face when he was challenged that Exodus was not supporting the bill. That they were not supporting him, though he was quoting them. And, it was a fellow pastor, I believe, who challenged him. Could he answer? Ha!

And, of course, human rights activists, and LGBT friends world wide continue the pressure.

Thank you. To all.

Yes, we might have a miniscule chance of getting this horrendous genocidal bill stopped. We can try. With your help. Help, Please!


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